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Kill It: Episode 11 Live Recap

Kill It episode 12 recap
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCNh

Time got the best of us yesterday, so we are live recapping episode 11 right now! We will start on the finale, episode 12, as soon as we finish this one!

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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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Hyunjin hurries into her place and sees a message that says that he doesn’t need it, you were my biggest mistake, #88.

Hyunjin thinks that her father new about #88.

She hurries to her room and starts to look at her list of all the clues. She thinks back to the prosecutor telling her that the person she saw could be on the same side of Ko yeonwoo. She calls her sidekick and asks him if he recovered more video footage. He has not.

She heads out and starts thinking and walking. Taesoo watches her from the shadows. Hyunjin gets into the car belabordly with her injured arm and drives off.

Meanwhile, Soohyun thinks about Hyunjin looking at him strangely. He asks what happened. She said it was nothing but that she has to go say goodbye to her mom. She is pretty stunned and walks off. He wonders about this while sitting alone somewhere in the building. He might be in his lair office.

He gets a call from Seulki who asks where he is and if she should let Philip go like this? Philip is with Seulki at the moment. She asks him why he is so angry at him right now. They start to talk about that. She thinks he should make up with him, he is a nice person even though he is cold hearted. But Philip says he will go to a Jimjilbang. She tells him that she wants that drawing back.

They end up walking right in front of the clinic and arguing about this. Soohyun comes out and tells Philip to give Seulki her sketch and follow him. Philip wonders if he is forgiving him? And hurries off with him.

Meanwhile, Taesoo calls Jaehwan and says that all the han sol orphanage people likve in the same building. Jaehwan tells him to attack Soohyun first. (I think he said SOohyun)

Elsewhere, the secretary is still alive and breaks out of her bindings. But the door is locked. She manages to break out through the wall? She pushes a piece of the wall back and walks through that way. This leads her into the surgery room. She runs out of that room and heads to another door, but then falls as another man walks in laughing.

He asks her if she wants him to rescue her? People always ask him that. then Jaehwan and taesoo come in. They start to talk about all the things going on like how the kids were all taken here and how he will pay for what he did. The only thing she regrets is that she will not see him pay for that.

Jaehwan tells him that he has the power to change this to a good dead and he does not need her anymore. Someone stands her up and starts to pull her away as someone else gets a syringe ready.



VO – You are my only mistake #88

Hyunjin is in her office thinking about everything that relates to the killer which makes her think about Soohyun as well. She gets a call from the sidekick about the case and how they might have an estimated time for the kidnapping.

In his basement lair, Soohyun starts to remove al the photos on his wall of all the people that he was supposed to kill to lead him to his past. he hesitantly removes Hyunjin’s photo and then looks at the blueprint of a hospital. He also grabs a gun from his zoology of weapons in the gun cage. Then he sits and broods about it for a moment as he looks up and around and at nothing in particular.

But, we cut to him talking to Philip at the computer as they look at photos of kids. Soohyun wants to find out if they are alive and what kind of diseases they have and that they need to be at a certain hospital. He asks if Philip can do that. Philip reminds him that he is part of the best hackers in the world. Soohyun tells him that he thinks he knows why the numbered kids should die in the orphanage.

Meanwhile, the scientist remembers what the secretary told him about how they need to keep working on saving the kids. He is at his plant nursery looking up things on the computer when Philip comes up. Philip tells him that he can meet him in person now and that Soohyun does not need him anymore because he knows everything.

The scientist reminds him that he said he would kill people around him. Philip is all like, Soohyun is a killer, you are the one that will die. But then the scientist shows him a photo of Seulki and tells him to make Soohyun do it. Philip tells him that if he does something to her than he will kill him! But the scientist walks away.

In the police station, a man and sidekick work with Hyunjin to solve a case. The man gives them a critical piece of evidence. Hyunjin and the sidekick then start to work on the case. She thinks back to Soohyun being on the scene and tells her sidekick to make a copy of the footage. Then she heads out.

While driving, she also thinks about clues for the case.



her sidekick tells her things about Soohyun’s veterinarians license, it was well done, but it is fake. Hyunjin gets back to the apartment building – clinic area. She goes inside easily and checks the license. She does not have her sling or anything anymore? So I guess she is fully healed, y’all. She walks to the back of the clinic and looks around at all the animal cages.

She is about to leave, but she stops and walks into one of the rooms, the door to the basement lair is open super widely, so she goes into it and sees all Soohyun’s things. His guns, his computers, his lasso’s, everything, She remembers all the assassin things she saw on the rooftop assassin, which are all in that gunology cage.

then she thinks back to the reporter. She has a series of fun time flashbacks with him and then the last flashback were he was dead in the room. 

She hops out of her flashbacks and starts to search everywhere through the room. Nothing is locked, so she has full access. She finds the letter that she wrote as a kid and starts to get teary. Then she starts to call the prosecutor, but she stops and takes a few deep breathes.

Cut to Soohyun driving up to the clinic. he sees her car and then looks inside. After walking inside, he kind of lookd quizically toward the back and is about to walk to the cage room, but then SOohyun comes out. She asks where he went. He says that he had something to take care of. She asks if he went to rescue the abandoned dog again? 

But she says that there was no abandoned dog that day, he came to rescue the secretary, just like her, how do you know her? He says it is the same reason that he knows the foster mom. She thinks it was to find his lost memory. She asks, nine years ago, where you there at that murder in the pension? Did you kill him?

Soohyun does not talk for a long time and then looks at her.

Outside, Taesoo shows up with a couple more assassins and they start to head into the building. Seulki comes out and asks what he is doing in front of someone elses car? But when he turns around, she remembers him from somewhere and starts to back away.

But then she yells, which alerts Soohyun to the situation. SOohyun pushes Hyunjin to a hiding place and chekcs his cell phone that shows the video of what is happening outside from his car. Taesoo is hitting Seulki out on the street so Soohyun runs out and flying kicks him to the ground.

Hyunjin runs out also and qiuickly pulls Seulki up andn runs off with her to the clinic. Outside, Soohyun fights off these guys who all have knives. But then the polcie show up so the assassins walk off casually as if nothing happened.

Philip is hiding somewhere watching and thinks about Seulki’s life beig threatened by the scientist, he thinks SOohyun will kill him.

Later on, we see that Seulki is in the hospital resting. Hyunjin gives her a rice PPD drink to drink and we see her taking a nice gulp. (such a strange scene for PPD). They starts to talk about Soohyun fighting. Seulkii says it was the first time she saw it. Hyunjin thinks back to her karate kid moment of watching Soohyun fighting while passing out.

Seulki says that SOohyun always protected her, he is not a bad guy, he always gives Philip a break. Hyunjin says that someone else will come to look after her, Hyunjin has to go somewhere so she tells Seulki to listen to the person who comes.

Hyunjin gets into her car and gets a text that is the photo of Pavel that she drew. She tells her that the other person did not kill the reporter, this guy is the one that killed him. Hyunjin takes this in and then receives a call from her sidekick. He found the secretaries car and her body in the car. He starts to say all the things he found that are super clues for the case.

Hyunjin drives to the location and looks at the situation. The scientist shows up and hides his face as he walks almost right up to the car to and sees the secretary inside. he is shook. The sidekick thinks that the people left the body here as a threat. 

Hyunjin heads to forensics and talks to the prosecutor and autopsy doctor there. He says that she was drugged to death with anesthesia. But he also found out that a usb was in the earring? It seems like a hairbrush from her house also had a usb in it? Something about a usb is going on. So they look through the usb with the doctor. 

On the usb is a lot of clues to the case with Jaehwan as a main link. Hyunjin says she expected her father was involved, but she can’t believe it when she hears his voice there. Then she calls someone and says that she will send them a voice recording.

Cut to her giving all the cops a briefing on all the clues. She gets all the victims together and all the clues on the clear board as all the cops and prosecutors look on. She starts to connect all the dots for all the cops and how all these cases are related to the Han Sol orphanage case 19 years ago.

They all then sit and listen to the voice recording. It is a Jaehwan and taesoo recording where they talk about the numbered kids.

The prosecutor says that 19 years ago, that company made tube kids to provide organs to the rich and powerful, and now they are doing it again.



But they say that they need evidence, they can’t just use guesses to arrest them all. they need to find out who al the people are. Hyunjin excuses herself. The prosecutor asks if she is hiding something from him? She tells him that she will call him and heads out.

Elsewhere, we see the scientist with a huge knife that he packs up. Philip runs up to him and says that he is the one that tried to kill Seulki! The scientist tells him that people around him will be in danger if he does not finish his job. Philip says he will kill him. the scientist tells him that if he was afraid of dying then he would not even start this work. Philip warns him not to come near the animal hospital again.

Meanwhile, Soohyun hurries off and remembers that the rich people had surgery the same day their adopted kids. He thinks that is strange. Soohyun punches the accelerator.

He gets to some hospital and walks into a room where there is a lot of science-y looking things all around with jars and tubes that are bubbling and connected to another jar and bubbling tube. He leaves that room and walks into another normal looking science room where a man asks what he is doing? Soohyun says that Do Jaehwan sent him. 

The man is all like, ah, okay. So he starts to tell Soohyun about all the things they did. Like removing some genetic problems. When they did that, sometimes the kids would get blue eyes. Soohyun asks where the kids are. The man laughs and says they are somewhere. They aren’t my kids. Soohyun is instantly pissed, though composed. 

He asks the man something about the schedule with the old white haired mans transplantation. This makes the scientist man look alarmed so he walks away. Soohyun also leaves.

Cut to Jaehwan talking with the doctor about evil things. The doctor thinks that one of the numbered cases is ready. They wonder if they should move forward even though #88 is on the prowl. Do Jaehwan thinks they have to do it. They then start to talk about how Jaehwan’s wife wants them to make Hyunjin head of the company. Jaehwan is all like, my wife is crazy so don’t worry about it.

But they get a call from Soohyun whi is back in the very science fiction looking room. He tells them that he will give them a chance. If anyone knows about that video footage, then you will be in trouble. But they say that they have power to make people believe that his video footage is fake.

Soohyun plants a bomb in the science fiction room and sets it for 3 minutes. He watches the timer tick down to one minute and then starts to walk out.

In the stairwell, he tells them that this way is better than killing kids that are already alive. The doctor realizes, he is in the hospital! Jaehwan stands up, 88! Aish! NO! NOT THE CHAIRMAN!

All the thugs run to the chairman, they think he is the target. But it isn’t him, then the bomb goes off in the science fiction room. The bad guys are pissed. The doctor looks like his entire lifes work is gone. Do Jaehwan says that he will make sure no one finds out.

Soohyun is still walking out via the corridor when another killer sees him. 

Soohyun drives off as we hear the news of the fire and how no one was injured or died but all the research is gone.

Jaehwan throws his glass in anger. Taesoo gets a call and tells them that Do Jaehwan is not available right now. Jaehwan sits at the couch and they open a case. It is a gun. Jehwan asks him if he thinks he can use it? Go to the place with the numbered kids and protect the numbered kids first.

Taesoo says that he already sent people to protect them. He will protect Jaehwan because Jaehwan is the only person who treated him like a human being, give me a chance to regain your trust.



At the same time, Hyunjin runs into Soohyun’s basement lair and looks around for him. he is not there. She looks at all his keepsakes that remind him of her and then sits and opens the computer at his desk like it is her place. She starts to look through his computer that has no password protection and sees all the photos of the numbered kids charts. She also sees the video. Stoic tears start to fall.

Meanwhile, the fabulous assassin tells the other assassins that this is an emergency, they have to move the kids.

They tell one of their most prized kids that she is about to be adopted, congratulations. Then they escort her out.

Soohyun is watching from the shadows. he coems out and starts to walk to the assassins room. The assassin sees him on his computer and casually tells his assassin people that they have a guest.

Soohyun walks up to the assassin, the assassin stabs him with a syring. Soohyun hits him away and asks where the kids are. If he brings them to him now then he won’t kill him.

The other assassin come in so a fight breaks out, but SOohyun takes them all out easily and stabs the assassin with a knife. it looks like they all might be dead? But maybe only the head guy is dead and the others are knocked out.

He leaves and finds the numbered kids who are next door. They are all durty and grimey and cowering on the ground as Soohyun looks at them. They ask him to save them.

He looks at all of them stunned.

Fade Out



Why are these billion dollar test tube babies all filthy on the floor in pneumonia inducing conditions and getting beaten repeatedly? Shouldn’t they be in the most pristine and emotionally pleasant environment in order to keep their organs in as perfect a state as possible? Like, they should be eating all alkaline organic food with personal chefs in temperature controlled rooms.

That is just one gripe, this entire drama is out of wack, nothing adds up, clues fall into your lap, injuries are cured overnight, it is just….sigh. Let’s see how it ends!

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  1. Tess
    April 28, 2019 / 8:54 am

    It’s KDrama !! I have learned to love every – don’t make sense moment – in K Drama world 😁 I really like this show, even when it don’t make sense, at this point everyone are brother & sister😁

    • V
      April 28, 2019 / 10:20 am

      LOL, yes!

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