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Kill It: Episode 10 Live Recap

Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

We are catching up on Kill It all day today. I really don’t understand why Soo-hyun parked his car right next to the building he was staking out, but that’s just me. Episode 10 is below, next up is today’s episode, episode 11 (but we might take a little break)! Tomorrow is the finale!

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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

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Recap Countdown: this is a quickcap!




We open right when the bad guys see Hyunjin hanging around the outside of the warehouse. Jaehwan tells them to make her leave quietly. But some fool jumps her and they all start to fight for some reason. And t looks like someone is going to try and kill her? 

Soohyun comes run kicking up just a Hyunjin gets knocked out and watches the scene unfold in a partially unconscious state Karate Kid style where Mr. Miyagi beat up all those thugs. But Hyun jib hops up to help.

And then someone stabs Hyunjin??? Good Lord, that was exactly what you weren’t supposed to do.

It might have been the failed assassin that stabbed her, he runs away. Soohyun runs inside to get to the kids he thinks are there, but everyone is gone by then.

Cut to the prosecutor running up the hallway to where Hyunjin is. She is in a super VIP room, her mother is sitting next to her. Hyunjin is awake and checks her phone. Her sidekick tells her that they really need to catch them all! they stabbed you! She casually tells him to find them all. Then the prosecutor runs in right then.

He tries to calmly tell her that they are searching for the people that stabbed her and some other info about the case. Hyunjin tries to get up but her mother stops her, she does not want her to leave the hospital until her treatment is over.

Hyunjin says that she will go home. So the prosecutor takes her home? Nope, she smiles and tells him to take her to the scene of the crime. So she walks up to the scene just like she is normal and has not been stabbed at all. 

He says that there was no evidence found. She casually glances to the ground, easily sees something immediately, picks up and finds out that it is the perfect piece of evidence with a blood mark on it. The earring was the secretaries.

She asks the autopsy doctor to find out whose blood it is.



Meanwhile, Soohyun walks through Hyunjin’s apartment as if she died from that stab wound and he is relieving all his moments with her place. He goes into her room and slowly walks up to her information board where she has all the clues about the case.

This gives Soohyun all he needs, so he goes back to his dark office and looks up the name Go Hyunwoo, a picture of the horticulturalist pops up. Soohyun goes to the plant that he got from the nursery and sees a recording device on it. So he breaks all the plants casually and finds a recording device in all of them.

Cut to his gun room where he opens up his fence gate holding them all in their tiny gun jail cell and pulls one out. it’s time for business.

Then we cut to the scientist thinking about the secretary, when the bottled next to him start to break from gun shots. Soohyun walks up holding the gun out, he is not even trying to hide.

SH – Finally I found you, my client. Where you having fun playing me?

Scientist – I gave you the job and you decided

SH – You should not find the client, that was our deal That is why Do Hyunjin became the target? You used the secretary as bait and now you involve Do Hyunjin?

PhD – I did not ask to kill Do Hyunjin. After the secretary met Do Jaehwan, Do Jaehwan used the secretary as bait for you or me. But Do Hyunjin went there. 

SH – Do Jaehwan asked to kill his own daughter?

PhD – Hey, Do jaehwan put yu in the smuggling ship and wanted to kill you. Do you think he has love to his adopted daughter.

SH – Tell me everything you know about me, and why did the numebered kids have to die.

PhD – Those are the answers you will get if you do the job

SH – Why me? Why did you involve me? *holds gun to scientists head*

PhD – DO Jaehwan who will do anything for money, and you who will kill for money. After seeing you, I realized that you are a father like son. You can’t hide your blood.

SH – that’s why you picked me.

PhD – You could have just refused my request.

SH – You are the same as Do Jaehwan also, you killed your wife and daughter.

PhD – You don’t know anything you just do your job okay! *grips him by the cuff* I promised you that the poeple around you would die one by one if you dn’t do your job.

But then Seulki comes walking up looking all happy. Soohyun pulls her away.

Outside she tells him to let her go. He tells her to stop going there. She wants to know to know if he is jealous that she has another friend. he tells her to be more careful. But she says that they can stop pretending. 

SK – Philip ajusshi took my drawing of the murderer who killed the dead reporter. Why did he only take that picture? i forgave you so you should stop being tortured. Promise to me one thing. Sometimes you are a stranger and I am afraid of you. Promise me that you will not show that side of you anymore. if I see that side again, I will never be able to forgive you anymore. Just – remain as the animal doctor in my building. Okay…your silence is agreement, I will believe it that way. But don’t do anything unnecessary and don’t fight anyone even if they want to fight and come back safely.

She walks away.

He goes back to his clinic and walks around thinking. Then Do Hyunjin calls, he looks at his phone but does not answer.



Hyunjin is still with the prosecutor. They are driving somewhere, he tells her that she should take a one day break. She says okay and smiles but she is actually thinking about Soohyun. He drops her off at her home in the apartment building. he wants to walk her up, but she says she will be fine, so she heads up alone. Soohyun watches her from the clinic, she also sees him.

He opens the door for her.

HJ – How is your hand? I came back alive, you didn’t say anything?

SH – Are you okay?

HJ – I thought you would come to the hospital

SH – I will take you home

Meanwhile, we see the mother sitting in a car outside the clinic. But then she sees Soohyun walking with Hyunjin back to her place. She tells her driver to drive off.

Soohyun and Hyunjin get to her place. She happily rests on her couch. He says he will get her cat for her. But she asks him to stay longer and holds onto his hand or jacket or something like that. He sits after pausing for a moment.

HJ – I see you in unnexpected places, whenever I see you, my heart trembles.

SH – i went to rescue an abandoned dog

HJ – Abandoned dog?

SH – I saw a report that there was an abandoned dog around there

HJ -Please rescue the dog, he is my life saver.

SH – Shouldnt’ you stay in the hospital?

HJ – I prefer home….I can see you also.

SH – If it happens again, don’t step forward. Did you find the secretary?

HJ – How do you know her?

SH – You told me, she is in danger

HJ – Ah, maybe I was really sick

SH – What is the reason you have to find her?

HJ – I told you, she sent me the Han Sol orphanage skull case. She is an important informer so I have to find her. I want to save those kids. Even though they are abandoned, I wand to protect them. 

Flashback about Hyunjin talking on the rooftop about the orphanage.

HJ – Like how I was before, they may be kids who cry. So I want to have a look at it.

SH – if you need anything, call me.

HJ – Wow, it is good to get injured, this happens. You promise that you will visit me again?

Outside we see that Seulki is sitting sadly and hears it all. Soohyun sees her there when he leaves. Seulki goes inside and says that she heard eunnie was there. She also tells Soohyun that he should talk to Philip.

Elsewhere, we see the scientist looking at Jaehwans house.

inside, the mother and father talk. The mother thinks he should not have meetings when his daughter got stabbed. He thinks she is fine because she was discharged. The mother starts to talk about their daughter that was sick and the boy that they had for bone marrow donations. He stayed at their place for a few days. Back then she did not think about it in order to save Hyunjin. But now I think about him. it is even difficult for families to match bone marrow. How did the doctor bring him here? It is a strange relationship. My Hyunjin gave the boy a name, Soohyun. There is also an animal doctor where Soohyun lives names Soohyun.

He asks why she is telling this to him.

She continues that Soohyun is an orphange from Han Sol orphanage and his name is #88. Sometimes I think about him. The father says that they can talk about it later.

the scientist calls Jaehwan and asks why he did that, why didn’t he just kill him only. My wife….my kid….why did you do that? Jaehwan says that the scientist is the one that did it, so turn yourself in and pay for your sins, it is my advice as a friend.

The scientist thinks that Jaehwan is too money hungry, how can he sacrifice kids like this? Jaehwan says it is not just money, all the powerful people in the country beg me to save their life. You will be the next if you ever show yourself in front of me. The scientist starts to curse him and says he will beg him later.

Back at her apartment, Hyunjin texts Soohyun to say that she needs his help. He is right there immediately. What do you need! She is startled and asks if he can drive her somewhere if he is not busy. He quickly says he is not busy. But then he gets a call, he is busy all of sudden and has to go to the police station. But he says that he will give her a ride.

But when they go outside, the prosecutor is waiting with an umbrella. Soohyun and he exchange very weak handshakes. Then we see Hyunjin leave with the prosecutor because he came there to pick her up. She looks at Soohyun as they drive away.

In the car, he tells her that he cannot look at the prosecution report for that case. The prosecutor opened a tiny law office. I am going to see him now, do you want to come with me? She says she will be too busy in Seoul to take care of her arm. But she asks him to call her when he finishes.

She then has a flashback related to the orphanage skull case.

In the office, Hyunjin meets with her team, they are happy to see her and tell her about what is going on with the case. They are also looking into the secretary. She leaves the country often and does not have a car. She has disappeared all of a sudden. They checked her phone record and thinks that her life is just boring. They also ask why that guy was there. She tells him he was there to rescue an abandoned dog.

Meanwhile, Hyunjin is helping a customer who has a cat. 

VO – He is an animal doctor.

Cut back to the police officers staling about the case. They want to get Kim Soohyun’s black box.

Soohyun is in his lair looking at the surgery video. he thinks back to Jaehwan talking to the old man about having a perfect match and how that is difficult. He also thinks of the secretary who told him that he needs to find the kids.



Later on, the prosecutor meets with Hyunjin. He doesn’t want her to work on this case because her family is involved. She is fine with him. But he thinks that she is jumping into this case without thinking. She wants to look at the investigative report he has.

Meanwhile, Soohyun is dressed as a fake doctor and walking around a hospital. he remembers something from the conversation Jaehwan had and heads to the restricted area in the hospital. he puts a tiny camera nearby and then goes into the VIP room.

Hyunjin opens the investigative report and reads it in the prosecutors office. She looks like she is in disbelief.

In the hospital, Soohyun goes into an old mans room and gets out a syringe. The man asks if it is time for another injection? But Soohyun just tells him that he must really like taking someone elses life. The old man tries to touch the alert button, but it is too far away.

Soohyun leaves as all the doctors run up, the main bad guy doctor is among them, he is the 5th target.

in the office, Hyunjin cannot believe what she read. The prosecutor starts to fill her in and says that the scientist is their informer. He was the head scientist and disappeared after murdering his family. if someone is a whistleblower, what do you think your father would do? Hyunjin asks, what if the scientist was wrongly accused of murder?

VO – Everyone was promoted all because Do Jaehwan supported them. All the victims became succesful.

Hyunjin thinks about this in the car and then hears from the autopsy guy that the blood is from the same person. She is in the car with her sidekick. They drive off and hit a car on purpose right in front of her fathers home. Hyunjin pretends that her father would be very upset, is there a mechanic nearby?

The man tells them of a mechanic nearby so they take Do jaehwan’s car there.

Hyunjin then goes inside her family home and tells her father that she is there as his daughter not as the police. She sits and says that she thought Han Sol only had numbered kids. I was lucky. He tells her to cut to the chase. She says that she wanted to be a good daughter to him when she was adopted. The other kids had their parents, but I didnt’ have any. I knew I was the replacement for your real daughter.

he tells her that she enjoyed things normal people can’t imagine. She thanks him for having a mother now. He says that her mother tries to do things, but you don’t belong to the company. Hyunjin says that she does not care about the company, she just wonders, have you ever thought about me as your daughter?

He says never. 

She asks, did you go to Youngpo two days ago?


Abogi, thank you for not refusing me when I wanted to go to the police academy. Also, tells your secretary that I want to talk to her. She leaves.



In the police station, Hyunjin and her sidekick look at the black box footage, but it is all erased. Then Seulki calls and tells her to hurry back, SOohyun is with your mother. It looks tense.

Mother – You got your license outside of Korea? Where are your family members?

SH – No family members.

Mother – Sorry to ask you that.

Flashback to Soohyun and little Do Hyunjin at their place.

Mother – Who gave you your name? Well, that is my favorite name

SH – A noona.

Mother – You said you had no family

SH – I have no family.

Meanwhile, Seulki is eavesdropping outside.

Cut to the mother getting let into the room by Seulki. She thanks her and then she touches Seulki’s neck? And comments on her hiccups. She also tells her that she should drink warm water, not cold water. Seulki then goes to get the water and tells the mother about Hyunjin’s cat. 

Her mother comments on the cat and how Hyunjin always wanted one. But she shouldn’t get hurt. The bell dings so Seuki answers it and several cooks some inside.

In the basement, Soohyun looks at the secret camera footage of the hospital. then he goes upstairs and sees Hyunjin who invies him to her place. Philip and Seulki are there. Seulki says that he invited him because he looked like an abandoned dog.

Philip sulks and says he will leave then it is okay. The mother is still there and looks like a pretty normal mother who has never been crazy. Later on, they all sit around the couch as Philip tells them a story and they all smile. Soohyun tells them that he will leave first.

Mother – does it make you uncomfortable

SH – No, thank you for the meal

Mother – Your sister, can you tell me about your noona?

SH – Okay

But he leaves. So, I guess he will tell her next time.

Hyunjin goes to talk to Soohyun later on in his clinic. Shea sks about his sister and wonders if it is a foster sister? Soohyun smiles and says that she can’t imagine him with a noona. She wonders what he is like.

But then she gets a text and look at the footage of her fathers car that they ran into in front of her fathers house and see the footage of Soohyun zooming at her fathers car and then swerving. 

She looks at him questioningly.

Fade Out


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  1. Tess
    April 27, 2019 / 10:18 am

    What is the story behind the girl who owns the apartment soohyung? She knows he killed her father? She remembers so why did he kill her father or grandfather? Why did he keep her? He went to the warehouse because he thought the kids were their? I thought he was looking for the captured Secretary that dropped her earring ? I have to wait until Monday to watch subs 11&12 thanks for the recap

    • V
      April 27, 2019 / 10:26 am

      There are so many questions with this show.

      I think Soohyun saved Seulki becuase, even though he is an assassin, that shows that he is a good guy and didn’t want any little kids to die because of him.

      I think Soohyun thought the kids where at the warehouse but then, on site, found out from Hyunjin that the secretary was in the warehouse?

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