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Kill It: Episode 1 and 2

Kill It recap episode 1 and 2
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

We have finished the first 4 episodes of Kill It, so I am about to post all 4 over here. But to keep the number of posts to a minimum, I’ll post two episodes in one post. Then moving forward, I’ll post each episode as one post.

This was originally on our Patreon, but we are way behind in posting and we aren’t sure if we can do it live (OCN is hard to pickup) so we thought it would be best over here on lovely Drama Milk. But we did find several Kill It behind the scenes videos that we plan on posting on Patreon!

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Kill It recap episode 1
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

Y’all, this show is so all over the place! I kind of love it. We have a Dart-champion ballerina detective and an abandoned animal veterinarian assassin. I think they both might be Russian-Koreans. Things don’t make sense but it is done in a way that makes me love it.




A little boy runs through the woods in 2001

VO – Rule #1, never tell your identity of your client to anyone. Rule #2, don’t leave any witness. Rule #3, stay alive.

He jumps and rolls behind a tree and pulls out his gun.

Soo-hyun – I heard the person who wanted to kill me was my father. I was abandoned with a lost memory. Pavel picked me up like an abandoned dog.

Pavel – Rule #2, never keep any witness alive.

There is a dog that came up to the boys shooting location. Pavel told him to shoot it. But it looks like he doesn’t, he puts his gun down. Pavel pulls his out to shoot it but the boy stops him. 

Cut to Pavel tying the boy up to a tree, he tells him to bring it to him. Then he walks away. a long time later, the boy has broken out of his bindings and sees a huge wolf-dog standing in front of him, it is the one that did not kill. It’s eyes are right in front of him. They stare at each other with their matching blue eyes.

2017 BUSAN

Soo-hyun is older now and is walking through his home as he gets ready to leave. He has contact in now that make his eyes brown. He grabs a bag and heads out.

Cut to an expensive mafia looking condo. Soo-hyun is there fixing something and looking around. One of the guys tells him good job and starts to lead him out. He asks how long he has been in Korea and if he can talk. Then he tells him to keep the secret and leave.

Meanwhile, Pavel walks through his home, but he looks confused and disoriented. His hair is all grey now. He turns his head and checks a radio or oven or something. Then he hears a dog barking and turns towards it. There is also a tiny beeping or alarm sound, he turns to that and looks out the window. A man in all black is on the phone at a car. He takes off his rosary beads and puts them on the bookshelf. Then he pulls out his gun.

Int he other room is Soohyun. Pavel has forgotten him and starts to shoot at him. Soohyun tells him that it is him, you forgot me again! Stop shooting! But Pavel keeps shooting.

PV – Tell me who sent you. Even if you do, you will still lose your arms and legs.

Soohyun holds a gun to Pavels head and tells him rule #1 to try and jog his memory.

They start to fight and Pavel is able to stab Soohyun in the shoulder. But Soohyun is able to flip things around and puts Pavel in a choke hold that makes him pass out. He even tells him to pass out if it is difficult.

Pavel wakes up in bed though he wakes up as if he is still struggling to break free. Then he realizes that he is in bed and everything is fine. So he turns to his drawer and looks at something that he pulls from it. It is a picture. 

Flashback to little Soohyun looking for a photo in a drawer. He finds it, but Pavel takes it from him.

PV – Rule #2, never keep a witness alive, no matter where you are or who you are with, they will find you.

He rips the photo apart and tells Soohyun to act wisely. Then he walks off. Soohyun seethes in anger as he pics up the photo and stares at Pavel.

Pavel remembers this in the present and tears up.



In another room, Soo-hyun dresses his wound on his own and talks to one of his assassin friends, Philip. Philip is preparing new guns for Soohyun and also chats to him about his last job as well as suggests more jobs in different countries for him to go to. Soohyun isn’t interested, but Philip thinks that this is a great job.

They also talk about how it is a huge issue if a killer has Alzheimers. Soohyun tells him not to make any issue about it. Philip tells him to consider the job one last time. But Soohyun hangs up.

Later on, Soo-hyun sits on the couch looking at something. Pavel sits at the table and talks to him about the target he is looking at on computer. They are talking in English.

Pavel forgot about the target so Soohyun tells him that he should just accept his condition. Soohyun mentions that he can do the job alone. But Pavel says that he can handle it himself. Soohyun says if he was 11 he would be scared, but it has been 17 years.

Pavel tells him that he wanted to show this to him just in case he lost his memory. He gives him the photo and says that this could be your family. Soohyun looks at the very old photo quietly. Then Pavel gets up from the table to walk out.

SH – You are my family, not those people.

PV – i am not sure if you have your memory back or not. But the person who asked me to kill you was your father.

SH – Why didn’t you kill me back then?

PV – Just go. I never should have brought you here in the first place.

SH – Well, it is too late to regret. Pick the one you like, I like Bloodybostock(Vladivostok?). 

This is one of the places that Phillip was talking about where Soohyun might wrap up their offices.

Pavel goes to his room and looks at photos of a beautiful cottage. He sighs.

Soohyun goes to his room and looks at the photo Pavel gave him. He thinks about Pavel telling him that his father ordered him to kill him.

Then we go into a flashback of little Soohyun running in the rain with a car chasing him. He wakes with a start and heads out.

Cut to someone zipping through the streets and changing gears in a super classic car.

In the woods, we see Pavel setting up his sniper rifle and ready to shoot one of the Russians. But his finger starts to shake. When it stops shaking, the target is gone so he goes to the building and takes out one of the guards by hand.

Soohyun gets there and sees that Pavel is inside the mansion acting like he works there. But someone sees that he is an intruder and goes to attack him. Pavel is able to defend himself agains this guard. But the guard alerted the other guards who all come in to attack Pavel. 

Pavel is about to get run through with a knife, but Soohyun comes in blasting and takes out several of the guards. However, one of the guards is able to take Pavel with him out a back door.

He beats Pavel up in the back and torture him a bit as they ask him who sent him. he tells them to just kill him. So they shoot him.

Meanwhile, Soohyun crawls through the air-vents with a huge wrapped bomb of C-4 or something. 

Outside, the man that was swimming goes back inside the building. Soo-hyun attacks him. But then it cuts to him running to Pavel to take him out of the building. Pavel is still alive so Soohyun tells him that they are both leaving alive.

Inside, the Russian man sits n his couch, dead-dead. But none of his guards know he is dead so they line up behind him and wait for instruction. That is when the bomb tings and then goes off.



Outside, Soohyun is able to get Pavel to the car. Inside, one of the guards is still alive.

Soo-hyun and Pavel get home where Soohyun tries to save him. But Pavel asks him what he thinks the fate of an old killer with dementia is? Pavel says he can save him and he can lead a normal life. But Pavel tells him that he is sorry that he raised him like this. His breathing is belabored as he tells Soohyun to live like the people in the photo, not like me. Promise me.

He holds his hand to his chest and then does.

Soohyun tells him that he knows, just stay alive, just breath. But he is gone.

Scene change to his friend, Philip looking at his phone and then falling in bed. But he notices a woman in his house and looks up. Um, do I know you? The woman asks about her request? What about it? She tells him that this is 20% commission. Phillip tells her that it is very attractive and decides to call Soohyun.

But Soohyun is not picking up the phone. So the lady texts something on her phone and sends it to Phillip. She tells him that if he sends that photo, he will get an answer. She walks out and pats him on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Soohyun is looking at Pavels old chair and remembering happier times together. It looks like he has returned from his funeral. After looking at the chair for a moment, he walks out.

Back with Philliop, the situation has gotten harsh as thugs try to break into his place. He hurries to his computer to tell Soohyun that the Red mafia has found him, run away. he also sent him the photo. Soohyun wants to know what that is, Phillip tells him that he will explain it to him later, just run away.

Soohyun runs away with the wolf-dog. One of the mafia guards from before, K, tries to fire his gun at him, but stops.

When he gets to a safe spot, Soohyun talks to Phillip about the photo. Phillip tells him that this person wants him to do a job for her. With every job done, she will send him a photo from his past. Soo-hyun tells Phillip to find a place he can stay.


In the woods somewhere, a Korean man moves to shoot a wild animal. Soohyun runs out and does some kind of acrobatic move to send the man flying over the cliff while Soohyun dangles from a rope and looks at him. He then goes to the bottom where the man is and gets out a syringe. He then takes a photo of the man and walks away.

Elsewhere, we get the first look at HyunJin. She gets word that a man is found dead. He might have slipped from the cliff, but it could also be drug related. Hyunjin goes to the scene and inspects it. She is able to reconstruct the scene in her head by looking at different markings on the top of the cliff.

At the bottom of the cliff are all of the police and news people. Hyun-jin goes there and introduces herself as the police inspector and asks one of the guys what he found. He says it was nothing special. There is no possibility of homicide, it is suicide or a misstep.

But Soohyun looks at him and says that it looks like he feels like he was betrayed. Look at his facial expression, his eyes. The man thinks that might be true, he fell so it was probably painful. She asks if there is a drug that keeps his facial expression?

Another man comes up and asks if she reads facial expressions? Hyunjin extends her hand to shake, but the other man looks like he is friendly-annoyed with her and doesn’t shake her hand. He kind of taps it like a loon. She tells him that this is her case and then orders them to do things for her because she out ranks them. She also tells them that she wants another person to do the autopsy, the man is shocked, the butcher guy? She smiles and nods.



In an office somewhere a mysterious man talks about Hyun-jin’s resume. He says that she has an interesting thing on her resume, she went to Russia to learn ballet, but became a policeman and has the world championship in darts. She says that this man is the victim of a serial murder. The other man asks if if wasn’t about drugs then? They say that it is strange, but she is from the main branch, so there should be a good reason.

In the street somewhere, Soohyun is about to help out a deer that is limping away. Hyun jin drives up on him and says that she can help. She grabs the tranquilizer dart-bullet and throws it at the deer with her hand. It hits the right in the tookus. Soo-hyun looks at her impressed.

They go up to the deer, she tells him that he should cover the deers eyes so it is less afraid. He goes about his business and puts the deer in his car. She tells him that he should say thank you since she helped. He tells her that she can send the receipt to this location. But she is annoyed now and leaves. On his card it says that he is an animal doctor that specializes in abandoned animals.

She drives off but gives him one last look.

Cut to her debriefing everyone at work about this case and the other homicide cases that look related. She found the injection behind the mans ears. Her boss asks if she has any murder suspects? She starts to show a reporter notebook that was murdered 9 years ago. Everyone in that notebook is dead.

She starts to list the dead people. Like the head of the fire department and the gangster boss. They are all unsolved cases. The boss asks for evidence. She says that his name was in the list so she guessed he would die in the same way, and it happened.

That man from earlier starts to laugh like a crazy loon. He says this is funny, do you like movies? All the unsolved cases and a death note? Hahaha. 

She throws a pen like a dart and it hits him right in the mouth. He pulls it out looking stunned.

In the city somewhere, a woman is screaming on the ground at a man who looks like he roughed her up for college money? She wont give it to him. He is about to hit her again but Soohyun stops him and orders food (this is a restaurant I think). He walks off.

Soo-hyun goes back to work when Kang Seulki comes in. It seems like they know each other and she likes him. So she pesters him about the scarf he has that belongs to Hyun-jin. He says it is just a woman’s. She tells him that it is her grandfathers memorial day so she does not want to go to school, she is too sad. He tells her to just leave.

In the office, Hyun-jin talks to the “Butcher” about the autopsy. He found another drug deep inside him. It is an already used drug. Hyun jin asks what else he found. he says he found cocaine. The murderer is related to the drug cartel. The dumb officer comes in and says that from their evidence, they found the murder suspect. They run out.

But it looks like Dohyun jin is not happy with the results.



Cut to the abusive restaurant husband being arrested but the dumb police officer. The wife asks if her husband is a murderer? This is a mistake, he is bad but he is not a murderer. The officer tells her that they have evidence.

In the police station, the husband takes out some drugs to inject himself with it, but the cops stop him.

Elsewhere, Soohyun looks online at the next target perhaps? It is a nice house at an address in Seoul. he takes off to that location on a motorcycle. He opens the gate to the house, it looks abandoned. He walks through the courtyard and goes inside where there is all sorts of weird looking lurid wires hanging from the ceiling and kid mannequins or statues everywhere with neon lights blinking on and off. There is also a cell phone in front of one of the kids. 

He picks it up and sees the next target. But he hears a beeping. There is a bomb nearby he immediately takes off and jumps out of the house just in time. His phone rungs.

VO – First, if you want to find the mother and daughter then they will die. Second, if you want to find out who your client is, the mother and daughter will die as well as you.

Cut to the police team. They are all congratulating each other for finding the murderer. Hyunjin is left out and doesn’t really care as well.

One of her colleagues comes back from the group dinner and says that he has bad digestion, then he asks her if she thinks that guy is the murderer? She says no. The colleague says that is so true, a stupid person wouldn’t even put the bag with all the evidence together. But Hyun-jin says that they have to make him the murderer so the real murderer will think that we are away from the case. The young guy asks who she thinks the murderer is? Though it is rhetoric.

Cut to Soo-hyun doing pull ups in his hideaway.

Then we change scenes to the abused woman in the restaurant. She is checking on the news online when Hyun-jin and her sidekick come in. Soohyun watches from the window. Hyun-jin asks her if she would like her to look for a family violence center? Your daughter will be sad looking at you. The mother says that her daughter left a long time ago, she is not sure where she went or when she will come back. She can’t leave there because of that.

The sidekick’s belly starts to grumble. The woman tells him that they can sit and eat if they are hungry. So they do.




Hyun-jin talks to a real-estate person about the owner of a certain building. The owner is a high school student. The man says he does not know what is really going on with it, maybe they are just rich. it looks like she might be looking for a place to stay.

She meets with the Butcher police officer later. He says that when the body came in he had a phone call from a super important person that told him to cover it up as usual. He says he recorded everything and smiles. Then he asks if she is really okay? She asks if it is dangerous that super high people are interested in this case? That is also why they need to be involved in it. It also is because of Hyuk’s case (we don’t know who Hyuk is yet). Hyun-jin says that people in Hyuk’s notebook are die the same way.

it looks like Hyuk is a sunbae to Hyun-jin. The Butcher tells her to forget about the case. He also wants to reveal Hyuk’s cause of death, but they are alive and he worried about Hyun-jin more.

She tells him that she just need a witness.


Hyun-jin removes the blanket off of a person and sees that it is a man, it might be her sunbae. She falls to the ground. Then she sees a little girl with stitches on her forehead. The EMS team take the little girl away. Cut to Seul-ki cleaning her face. She is the only witness. She finished cleaning her face and puts her bangs back over her scar on her forehead.

That night, Hyun-jin hits a cat while driving. She stops her car and goes out to inspect it. But doesn’t see the cat. She does hear it though.

In his veterinary clinic, Soo-hyun looks at Hyun-jin on his computer. It looks like she might be the next target?

Soo-hyun grabs the cat from the bushes and runs off with it.

In the clinic, Soo-hyun prepares the injection.

In her car, Hyunjin makes the cat nice and comfy and then remembers the veterinarian she used her dart skills to help. She looks at his card and drives off.

Cut to her holding the cat in her hands standing in front of him in his clinic.

He turns around and looks at her, the next person he is supposed to kill.

Fade Out



So, this show is cray and I love it. How can a person walk in on an assassin with her cat and he does not notice until she is right behind him?

Kill It episode 2 recap
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN




The two go back to the surgical room and put the cat on the table. Soo-hyun goes right to work with a clipper to shave all the hair off. Hyun-jin is in the background looking worried. Seulki calls but he does not answer. The situation is tense as Soohyun shows Hyun-joo how to do CPR on the cat. They compress the cats chest, 1-2-3-4-5 while Soohyun injects something.

Hard breathing throughout as the situation grows super dramatic. They are trying to save this cats life y’all and working hard at it.

Finally, the cats heart beat is back and strong. They wrap a bunch of bandages around her and then head out to the front room.

Hyun joo thanks Soohyun and says that she remembered him from the deer. He says it is okay with the money, don’t worry about it. Then they start to talk about all the abandoned animals around his shop. He tells her that dogs will never forget who abandoned them. She thinks that isunfair, only abandoned ones won’t forget?

But then she asks what Katalcalling? (I think this is the sedative?). He also says it is some kind of sedative. You will die super slowly and still have consciousness if given too much. But then they are interrupted by Seulki who comes in and asks if it is too difficult to remember Grandfather ~. But then she sees Hyun-jin and asks who she is.


Hyunjin goes repelling off a cliff in order to know how the real murderer felt when they did it. Her sidekick guy is there and asks her how they knew to come up there.  She tells him what she thinks happened and we see a flashback of what actually happened. The sidekick thinks that guy is crazy risking his life like that to kill this one guy.

They keep talking about the case as they walk away. But the sidekick asks her if she thinks the note predicts all the murders? She asks him what he thinks? Sidekick wants to know how the reporter knew what would happen. Hyunjin says that the reporter might not have known about it at that time (the reporter that died 9 years ago). 

Cut to Soohyun in his studio. He is looking at photos of his targets and shredding them. The last photo is a picture of Hyunjin, he keeps this one on his desk and then goes to a wall and puts up a photo of an orphanage. It looks like he adds pictures after killing each target. Right now he has 5 pictures and they all look like they are orphanage related. A voice over says that he might find his past.

Scene change to a brighter room where Seulki is looking around a place with Hyunjin. It looks like Hyun jin is helping her out? Or maybe she is looking around the place to get a room? Hyunjin checks the water moisture and pressure from the pipes and walls and Seulki is annoyed that she is checking everything. She even splashes water on her. 

They go back to Soohyun’s place where Hyunjin says all the things that are wrong with the house and Seulki gripes with her about it. Seulki actually does not want Hyunjin to live there because she nitpicks everything. But Hyunjin says that she already gave her the downpayment, if she does not move in because the owner changes her mind then we will go to the courthouse and you will have to pay me double. Goodbye.

She walks out. Seulki is upset that Soohyun didn’t help her out and just sat there. He basically does not care and goes about his business.



Cut to Hyunjin moving in to the place and getting her boxes and things all situated. She takes a break for some home made drip coffee that the camera loves to focus on for a moment. Then she looks up and checks her clear board that has all the details about the murder mystery. She goes up to the board and starts to write who the suspect is, but she erases it. Then her mother calls.

She looks at the phone but ignores the call.

In his office, Soohyun is extra happy looking at the cat that is all recovered in his clear animal cage. He pets the cat for a while and cuddles with her, but then a little kid comes in and says that his JJ might die. 

Cut to Seulki happily looking at her phone as she walks somewhere. Then we see Hyunji show up at her building and try to get on the elevator, but it is busy or doesn’t work. Hyunjin asks her what the reason is that the elevator does not work on the first floor? Seulki says that it works only for her. Hyunjin tells Seulki that she can give her a ride to school if she wants. But Seulki says no so Hyunjin drives off. Seulki yells after that she has to ask 3 times for Koreans! Then she starts walking. It looks like thugs are following her.

Hyunjin calls her sidekick and asks him to search the black box of a car or something like that. He tells her that he did what she wanted based on a search and found out that it is Kim Jungshik.

Cut to Soohyun walking up the street with his ambulance kit. The little boy runs to him happily and gives him a treat (I guess Soohyun saved JJ already). But he sees Seulki in trouble with the thugs who have driven up next to her. It looks like one of these thugs is her uncle?

They are giving her a hard time and are about to kidnap her. Soohyun looks like he wants to save her, but Hyunjin comes from behind and tells him to call the police, she will take care of it. She also asks him what is in the bag and takes out a canned drink. 

Then Hyunjin tells the men and the uncle to stop what they are doing, the police will come in 3 minutes. Should I give you some advice? Stay silent and find a good lawyer. They tell her that she is a pretty girl that does not understands. She throws the can at the car and hits the rearview window off. Then she throws another one and hits the uncle right in the face.

Soohyun looks impressed. he also starts to help out with the fighting though she is doing most of the work. The uncle runs away along with the other thugs and Soohyun lets Seulki out of the back of the car. She gets out sniffling and tearing up from the ordeal. But instead of comforting her, Soohyun gives Hyunjin the once over and Hyunjin does the same to Soohyun.



Elsewhere, Chairman Do Jaehwan walks thorugh a very impressive house that looks like it is his. he asks his secretary what happened to the murder case? The man says that the guy became the murderer. But JaeHwan is upset at something about his wife.

He goes to his wifes room. She is throwing a huge scene and destroying everything. She wanted to make her daughter the best ballerina in the world, but her husband ruined everything. He takes full responsibility and says that their daughter is coming back. But the mother says that she does not pick up her phone calls, is she really coming back? Her husband tells her that she can take a nap and then seh will see that her daughter is back home.

A beautifully chic doctor comes up with a syringe to give to the wife. Later on, we see that this chic doctor and the husband might have a thing going on between the two of them. But they are interrupted by the assistant. They start to talk about the pharmaceutical company having trouble in the city. Then the chic doctor leaves.

The assistant-secretary tells Jaehwan that he is looking for the similarities in the murder cases, but there is only one link (they don’t say what). Appa stands and asks if Ko Hyun-woo’s ghost came back from a man who died 19 years ago? The secretary apologizes. The father tells him to bring his bones back, he wants to check it out himself.

Cut to his daughter at work. She is talking to her sidekick about the black box footage, he tells her that it was removed She hurries off to the restaurant. The wife looks pretty happy at the restaurant and says that she is making a lunch for Seulki. But Hyunjin seriously asks her what happened to the black box? The wife pretends like she does not know. 

Hyunjin tells her that her husband was home when the accident happened, so why say that you don’t know? The wife says that he hits her so it is better not to see him. hen she gets a call from her daughter. She is shocked and concerned to hear from her and frantically asks her where she is at right now.

Hyunjin leaves and tells Soohyun that the daughter came back so they are talking on the phone. Sh eis right outside the store. She gives him the food that the wife gave to her, he takes it and leaves without any other words. She follows him as he walks around the city.

He walks and the snow starts to fall. She catches up to him as they walk along the pretty creek in the middle of Seoul. She wants to walk with him but he tells her to walk away herself. She sighs and says that his answer is like he is a 10 year old. She walks ahead, but then says that it feels like he is following her.

So we cut to them walking side by side with snow falling on them. She says that the morning was scary right? She also apologizes for throwing his can. He gives her another can from the bag. They head back to his office where Hyunjin sees that the cat is fully recovered. She is happy to see her.

Then she sits with Soohyun and asks if she is giving the lunch to Seulgi? He says she picks it up. He asks her why she helped Seuki? Hyunjin says that she is a police woman so she can’t ignore that. He asks if she would have ignored it if she was not? She just smiles and says that he looks like a warm person with how he treats animals. Then she asks him about his relationship with his landlord. She heard that Seulki was abused due to her inheritance. If I am correct, then you knew everything and take care of her? How much do you know?

HJ – I checked all her reports, she had to move several times because of her relatice and all her abuse.

Suleki comes out and breaks something then yells at Hyunjin for checking her background. You are nothing! Then she storms out to the elevator. Hyunjin rides the elevator up with her (even though it does not stop on the 4th floor). She says she will walk to her floor from where it stops.

They get off and Seulki asks her if she pities her because she is an orphan? Seulki says that she does not pity her because she owns this building. She just tells her, don’t become a bad person. But Seulki says that she doesn’t know anything, all her relatives come to her to take her money. She does not understand anything.

They keep arguing about this. Seulki does not want Hyunjin to be in her life. Hyunjin says she is the person that rescued her and she is an adult so she can matter in her life this much. But Seulki just tells her to leave her alone and goes inside.

Hyunjin walks down the stairs and sees Hyunjin going into his room. She chats with him in the hallway and says that Seulki looks cuter the more she looks at her. Soohyun tells Hyunjin that her advice to Seulki sounded like she was attacking her. Jin asks if she did something she shouldn’t have done? Soohyun tells her to not do anything for her, just forget about her.

Hyunjin says that she does not have fun with others pain, she thinks she is mistaken. She thought they had different objectives, but they are the same. She says that he has an interest in abandoned animals and she has an interest in abandoned people. The looks at him for a moment and then leaves.



Seulki goes to talk to Soohyun that night and says that he is always on her side right? She is too much, right? Soohyun tells her to go back upstairs.

Elsewhere, Phillip gets home and sees that his house has been searched. he checks his security camera and sees that two men searched all around. He calls Soohyun and asks if anything happened to him. He wanted to check just in case he made trouble. But nothing happened to him. Soohyun asks Phillip if he can find a stranger for him. Phillip does not look interested. Then Soohyun asks why a person would fight for another person. Phillip says they will do it for money, only for money. They hang up.

Soohyun goes to his wall and puts Hyunjin’s photo on it. It is dramatic.

Outside in the hallway, Hyunjin awlks to the elevator and looks confused about something. She goes to the elevator and sees that it is working, but she wonders if it will fall to the ground. She gets in reluctantly though curiously.

On the first floor, Seulki starts to call Hyun-jin eunnie as she asks Soohyun about her. She was calling her ajumma yesterday so Soohyun comments about it. Seulki says that she is too pretty to be called ajumma, then she sees that Hyunjin has left and frantically asks about giving her something as she peeks at her from inside.

Hyunjin goes straight to work and starts to try and prove the husbands alibi. But the case is closed. However her sidekick says that they can prove it together. They check the CCTV footage where Jin comments that the husband looks like a super drug addict, but the person on the CCTV does not look like one. And can a drug addict climb down a cliff themselves? Sidekick asks if they can convince a judge about it?

In the police offices, the other cops are involved in a gangster case. They all sit around a table as the annoying cop explains it all. Seulki starts to explaina ll the details about sextrafficking in Korea with drugs. But then her father calls so we cut to her frantically driving home. (though safely driving home).

Cut to her at getting a dress put on by her mother as all their servants stand around (maybe a flashback). Her mother thinks she is too fat right now because the dress does not fit. This dress is so tight y’all and shows Hyunjin’s rail thin figure. But her mother still thinks she is too fat. She tells her that she will send a dietician to her house. Then she stands in front of her daughter and tells her that she is her perfect daughter. It is kind of a creepy yet loving moment as if the mother treats Hyunjin as a porcelain doll.

Then we see Hyunjin as a little girl in a pretty dress. She is in the same room and looks at photos of a girl whom looks like she might have been very sick and perhaps died. There is a photo of the ballerina above the photos. The father comes in and says that this ballerina is her and her mothers favorite ballerina. This ballerina is a Russian ballerina that might actually be super famous in real life. 

The mother comes in and asks who this person is. The girl says that she is their favorite ballerina and also says that dance that the ballerina does. This shows the mother that this girl is really get daughter so the mother smiles and hugs her. Okay, it looks like this mother might have gone insane after experiencing a loss.

In the present, the father tells Hyunjin over the phone that her mother is unstable and has taken a sedative. That is why Hyunjin hurried home right away. Her father told her to take care of her mother, don’t do anything other than that.



She gets back to the building and sees that Soohyun is treating a hedgehog (lol, so random). She smiles and then goes to the cat and tells her that her name is Bom (Spring) because we met in the spring. She picks Bom up and cuddles with her. Soohyun comes to her and says that the progress is good. She says it looks like it and asks if he is going home.

Then we see a flashback of them talking last night about Seulki and the advice she gave her. He told her not to worry about Seulki or do anything dangerous regarding her.

In the present, Hyunjin tells Soohyun that they shuold fight formally, talking is not her style. Cut to them standing in front of an arcade with a lot of play weapons. She tells him to pick his gun, she picks one also and says that the loser has to listen to the winners wish.

They start to shoot in this shooting range thta is a BBguns hooting range? There are neon lights all around as they go to town shooting these targets as well as cans next to the targets. At the end, it looks like Hyunjin won. She tells him that they bet, but he says that he did not bet, so lets go.

Hyunjin smiles and asys that she wants to make fun of him. Cut to them walking back along that same creek. She tells him that it looks like he is good with a rifle and thanks him for spending time with her. Toay she felt like she did not belong there and asks about Seulki. She knows that she does not have to worry about her. She also thanks him for cleaning around. But he says that he did not do it.

Cut to their building. She says that this was really unexpected and thanks him anyway. She wants to give him an airplane keychain but he does not take it so she keeps it and goes inside.



Inside, Soohyun is at his desk when he gets a photo. He calls Phillip who is in bed with a lady and looks at another photo that Phillip sent him on messenger. He asks him what this photo is about. Phillip tells him that he is doing fine friend, my friend is so kind. But Soohyun says that he is not in the mood to joke around and tells him about the photo and the messenger that is in Russian.

Phillip starts to talk about Karimov and how Russians revenge does not end until they kill whoever they are targeting. Soohyun wants to know the address (of something) and then hangs up. Phillip is a bit annoyed that he has to get out of bed and work again.

In the morning, a young police detective drops off a camera and then runs back to the stake out location where Hyunjin and the other cops are waiting. It looks like the young cop is the sidekick. Something went wrong so the young cop tells them. So the cops think that they can’t move forward because the thugs will know who they are. Hyun jin tells them that she is new, so she can do it.

She goes to the building looking like a catalogue model for a cell phone uniform and knocks several times to be let in. She tells the first guy that she had a report that their cell phones don’t work. he tells her to work outside but she holds the door and says she has to check the machine inside. So he lets her in but mentions that she has to work quickly.

When she goes in, she sees the other thugs who look super scary and maybe high on something. The cops check her secret camera footage and see the faces of the men and then compare them with their records.

It looks like this is the sextrafficking ring that they are trying to bust. The women are all drugged but they are in another room. However, one woman falls into the hallway and tells Hyunjin to rescue her. Hyun pretends like this woman is their friend and she is super drunk. then asks how she can get upstairs. Karimov (K) is there as well.

Elsewhere in the building (I think) Soo-hyun breaks in. But one of the mafia people wakes up and holds a gun to his head. Soohyun fights him off easily.

In the hallway, the thugs tell Hyunjin that she asked her to save her, didn’t you hear? Hyunjin says that she heard, but she has no way to do it. The thugs approach her menacingly and then the head one laughs and tells all the other thugs to come out. They drag the woman out and then try to inject Hyunjin with a drug. But she is able to keep tht from happening. However, she has to try and fight her way out and she is super outnumbered

Soohyun shows up at the right moment to beat up everyone. The cops on the outside also try to hurry in to help. They are able to rescue Hyunjin and all the women. Soohyun is in another room fighting thugs, the cops don’t know he is there and maybe Soohyun also does not know that he is there.

Hyunjin runs to the roof where K is and tells him to freeze. But K has a gun and pulls it out to shoot her. Soohyun swoops in and pulls Hyunjin out of the way.

Slow motion twirl with eye contact as they share a moment.

Soohyun then pulls his gun out and shoots Karimov.

Hyunjin looks at him as he looks at Karimov.



Is this show is so bad that it’s good? Shout out to that super adorable hedgehog that made his TV debut.


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