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Kdrama VIP Increases its Second Episode Ratings to 7.6%

Behind the scenes of Korean drama VIP
Behind the scenes of Korean drama VIP, image @nara0318

We still have yet to watch VIP, and these ratings numbers definitely make us want to hurry up and do it. VIP premiered at 6.8% Nationwide in Seoul and increased its ratings to 7.6% in episode 2. The Seoul ratings are even higher, showing premier numbers in Seoul of 7.8% and 8.2% for the first two episodes, respectively.

I have heard mixed reviews on VIP, some people say that it is a good dark drama ala the opening episodes of Misty (though we all know how that drama ended) and others are saying it is on the slow side. But not slow paced and bad, more on the slow paced and good side.

Another issue people who even love it have is that the actual look of the drama is dark. Like, they need to turn on the lights in some of these shots. Even morning shots with full daylight look dark. So that is something that we are going to be look at while watching. Is it slow and does the darkness of the actual cinematography take us out of the show or pull us further into it. Hopefully we can find out tonight, because we’re ready to check out all the hype ourselves!


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