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Kdrama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Live Recap Episode 6

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Uh oh, Moo-yeon has been spotted on CCTV on the night of the murder. Things are not looking good for him. I don’t think that he is the murderer, but he might end up being put in jail for it. Is that how this show will end tragically? Or is something else going on. If you know, don’t tell me!

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Jin Kang walks up the street to her place and sees Moo-young waiting for her outside her gate. At the same time, Kook found something on a car black box. The car saw Moo-young! It caught his face very clearly.

Meanwhile, Moo-young tells Jin-kang that she is super okay even though she messed up his entire day. Then he mutters about how she is looking at him again with her pitiful look. Cho-rang shows up at that moment so Moo-young makes himself scarce. Cho-rang happily comes up and takes Jin-kang out for a meal. They happily chat about his mothers gomtang and then start eating their food at the cafe.

But Moo-young comes in and spoils the mood as he sits at a table a few tables behind Cho-rang. Yet he is all up in their conversation. CR gets a phone call from his mother who asks him if he caught the criminal. Cr was hesitant to pick it up, Jin Kang asks if his mother needs something but CR says it was just about the criminal. His moms sends him a text saying that she did not make him a naturally shy guy. If you do not at least hold her hand tonight then we are not mother and son anymore!

CR looks at the text in mild alarm but then stries to play it off as Jin-kang asks him if he is eating. They happily keep eating and then walk home. it is dark out now. Moo-young follows them but then turns down an alley. CR tries to hold Jin-kang’s hand, but he is too nervous, however he is able to. But then he apologizes for his hands being to sweaty and pulls it away. jin-kang tells him sweaty hands are nothing and holds his hand. They hold hands and walk until they get to her place.

CR kind of asks if he can date her and then tries to kiss her. But Moo-young is back and stamps his foot hard to get their attention. That ruins the mood for the kiss. CR nervously leaves as Moo-young pretends to tie his shoe. Jin-kang asks MY what he is doing. Moo-young basically says he wanted to ruin their kiss. Did you want to kiss him? Jin Kang angrily says yes. Moo-young tells her that her eyes are the same now, all they say is “I pity you, pity you, pity you.” I want to know the reason why I am so pitiful.

Jkang wants to know if that is it? that is why he is there? He tells her that is not it, I feel like sh*t. She tells him that is good for him. He plays with other people emotions all the time so he should be the one to feel like sh*t. Is this the first time for you? He says it is not the first time someone has looked at him like that or talked to him pitifully, but he did not care about them. They said he did not have parents and his arm is burnt so they feel better about themselves. But you mean that your really pity me. Why?

She tells him that she pities him because he is really pitiful. If you have this much time to think like this then you should think about what you do to others. She turns and angrily goes into her house.
Jkook drives home, he saw Moo-young around his place. He goes inside and asks Jkang if she just saw Mooyoung? She is kind of like, whatever, and kind of pretends like theya re not good friends. She mentions Cho-rong’s mom’s food, it is in the fridge. Jkook asks her if she likes him, he is a good guy right? Do you want to date him???? She just pushes him away and goes to brush her teeth.

But in the bathroom she thinks about Moo-young telling her that she really pities him, she means it.

The next day, Jkook meets with Tak. They talk about Moo-young and how his heart races when he sees him. Do you have feelings when you see criminals? Jkook tells her that he just feels strange when he sees him. They talk about CR going to the emergency room due to his mother getting burnt by steam. That is why Jkook did not tell Cho-rong about it. tak asks him what he is going to do now. Jkook says he will just go ask Moo-young.

Tak is all like, what? You are going to tell him that you saw his name on the blackbox on the day of the murder? Do you think he will just admit it? Jkook thinks he might, he is the strangest person he has ever met, so he might. Jkook tells him that he pretended like it was nothing (when he asked him if he ever killed anyone) but I felt that he was nervous. he also told him that he would want to put the snow globe next to the angel. Jkook says thought he was playing with him, but Moo-young actually starts to say the proper order of the snow globes.

Jkook thinks he put himself inside this game and is playing it. Tak wonders why he would do that. Jkook tells her that is why it is the strangest thing. It is like he has a bit of competitiveness when he is the most in danger.

Elsewhere, Moo-young gives something to the secretary of Woo-sang’s building and asks them to give it to WS. The sister sees him and asks her employee who that person is. The sister takes the package and opens it on her desk. It is the personal wedding beer. the note explains the best way to preserve it – from Kim Moo-young ^_^ . The sister starts guffawing.
On the street, Jkook goes to a building, perhaps Moo-young’s building, but sees Yoori sitting there. He asks what she is doing, she just stands and runs away. Jkook feels a bit awkward with that interaction, but keeps going up the steps.

At the police station, Cho-rang says that his mom is okay his sister and in law are taking care of her. Tak tells him not to be too excited at what Jkook will tell him. CR is so interested, is it something big? he runs off with tak commenting about how cute he is.

Meanwhile, Jkook waits on the rooftop for Moo-young. He shows up so Jkook tells him that Yoori was waiting for him at the bottom of the steps, but she ran away. Probably because I handcuffed her and put her in jail. MY asks why. Jkook explains that she was about to try and kill his sister and she did not regret it. I told her not to do it again, but she did not say yes. Moo-yuong laughs and explains, that is just like Yoori because she can’t lie.

That is news to Jkook.

MY asks why he is there. Jkook asks him what he was doing on September 12th, the day that person died. Moo-young asks him if he really thinks he killed her? JKook says yes, to him, Moo-young is the murderer. So what did you do that night? MY says he went home. Jkook tells him that he went to the villa and a car spred water on him. Moo-young looks alert and tells him that there is no CCTV over there. JKook agrees, there is no CCTV there, people can find that out. But it is different inside the building. How did you know it did not work in the building?

Moo-young told him, Jung Miyeon….and Im Yuri, and the security guard. He starts laughing. But Jkook says that Jung Mi-yeon told him, he pretends like it is a joke, but he always tells the truth because it is more fun that way. MY gets up to leave. Jkook asks him why he uses that good brain to hurt people? MY smiles and says he does not know about that, but why do you use your legs for stepping on something wrong. He walks away but makes sure that he shows off his burn as he does.

Moo-young tells him that it is not his first time seeing a burn. Jkook apologizes and runs off. He hops in his car and think sabout the burn on his arm. Then he thinks about his sister telling him not to be too hard on Moo-young. They are from the same town, Hesung. Jkook whispers – Hesung. But then Cho-rong hops in the car and asks what the big scoop is!

Jkook is lost in his thoughts for a spit second but then tells CR that the big news is actually not that big. He got the SD card that yuri threw away. he gives him the chip. CR says that is not important but Jkook says it is important for him and yada yada yada. But then he remembers MY telling him that Yuri can’t lie. He thinks, that is why she said that she can’t promise it. He tells CR to get out, there is no time. Then he takes off somewhere.
he drives to the hospital and asks to see Im Yoori’s blood test. Cut to him going to see the psychiatrist. He shows he doctor the black box footage from that night Yuri went to the hospital. But then CR sent a text to Jkook letting him know that they are all going to search for a missing child so meet us at *location*.

While leaving, CR tells Tak that the news was not all that great, he just found the black box SD card.

back in the psychiatrist office, Jkook asks the doctor to tell him what drugs were in Yuri’s blood. The doctor tells him that Jorfidan is a sleeping drug. If she followed the proper directions then this is no problem. Jkook says that she had 6-10 pills, is that normal? is she a drug addict?

the psychiatrist pauses for a moment but then tells him that he cannot reveal patient information. he stands to escort Jkook out but Jkook just tells him that he read his book and he knows the girl in there is Yuri. The doctor stops.

Elsewhere, Yuri looks around Moo-young’s place for him.

Meanwhile, Moo-young is greeted by the head person at Eagle brewery, his new job.

JKook leaves and heads to the location where they are looking for the missing child, but he sees that Yuri is about to jump off the building. A lot of people are watching her. Jkook runs to the top to try and get her to stop. But she jumps anyway.

Jkook is able to just grab her hand. Yuri kind of wakes up from this trans and grabs Jkooks hand tighter. But they both end up falling off the roof! Luckily, the police had put up the balloon safety pillow thing (what is that called?) in time. Jkook takes Yuri to the police station, but this time he is a bit concerned for her. She has to sign a police letter, but she can’t write anything. She cries and apologizes to him.

He takes her back to her neighborhood where she finally bows to him and walks off. After she goes into her place, Jkook collapses, maybe an adrenaline dump and crash. Tak comes running up out of nowhere and kicks him, then starts to walk away. However she tells him that he should have let her fall on her own. how can you fall over with her! He says that he knew the pillow thing was there, I can’t just let a kid fall. Tak kicks him again and says that she agrees with him! Then leaves. Jkook smiles and mutters that she is cute when she is angry.
Elsewhere, Seung-ah finds her self drunk and passed out at the old brewery where Moo-young used to work. The friend calls him to come and get his girl. He shows up at around the same time that Jkang does. They look at each other for a moment and then switch positions with Jkang taking care of Seung-ah.

At the chaebol company, Woo-sang’s sister shares the wedding beer with him. She drinks it and says it is called love forever. Then she starts reading him the recipe. WS is annoyed. But the sister continues and shows WS the letter that says it is from Moo-young. She laughs and says that she understands. You are still angry, even after firing Seung-ah’s father. But you asked your love rival to make the beer for the wedding and tried to fire him because he took your girlfriend. Why are you so cute? Good for you since you aren’t busy anyway.

Mooyoung is cuter than you though, he brought this beer himself all the way to the reception desk. Seung-ah is dumped, if you want, you can go back to her again. Woo-sang angrily leaves, but he showed a good amount of self control. When he gets to his car he mutters, dumped?

Elsewhere in the city, Mooyoung drives Jkang and Seung-ah home. Seung-ah is still Kavanaugh level drunk and completely passed out in the backseat. Moo-young tells her that her gaze changed. Jkang tells him to just drive.

They get to her house, MY tells Jkang to leave. But she tells him that he should leave. the mother comes out, there are both still there. MY tells her that her daughter is drunk. The mother just drives her daughter and the car back inside the gates. Mooyoung smiles at Jkang and asks if she was scared she would slap her again? Jkang asks him why he pretends to be a bad person when he is a good person?

Mo-young starts to get a taxi, but Jkang thinks he is stepping too far into the street, she pulls him back a little bit. It is a tiny romantic moment as they look at each other. But he tells her that the taxi passed them by because of her, this spot is really hard to catch a taxi.

MY goes to the station to renew his drivers license. Tak is the officer that meets with him. But as he leaves, Tak thinks about calling Jkook. However she talks herself out of it. But Jkook ends up seeing Moo-young ouside the policestation. It is at the same moment that the little boy they were looking for is reunited with his parents. CR comes out and says that it is great that they found the boy and waxes poetic about that. But Jkook was actually looking at Moo-young. He leaves CR talking to himself and goes inside the building.

Back at Seung-ah’s house, Seung-ah’s mother is pissed. The maid asks why Seung-ah makes her mother that mad, you said you were not going to see him. This is news to Seung-ah…did he bring me here? She goes to her car and watches the black box footage.

At home, Moo-young thinks about the little boy at the police station. He is holding something that he unfolds. It is a child’s drawing of four friends (or family members?).

At an outdoor bar, Jkook tells Tak that Moo-young has a burn mark on his shoulder. Tak grumbles and pours him some soju. Jkook asks him if he is too sensitive. She tells him of course, you are too sensitive, burns are commong, Cho-rong’s mother has a burn even. Jkook says it is on the shoulder though. Tak tries to speak some sense to him. Do you think that he is that – that – ah…so that is why you did not tell Cho-rong that you saw Moo-young on the black box?

Jkook says yes. Tak takes a swig and tells Jkook to get real, you are a cop. You need to respect your partner, do you think Cho-rong is easy. Jkook says no, it is just that he missed a lot of things due to Moo-young. Tak asks him what he is talking about. Kook tells her that Im Yoo-ri is a lefty. Flashback to her trying to write with her left hand at the police station.
The boyfriend gets a not gulty verdict so the department gets an order for a reinvestigation. Kook is a bit upset about it because he feels like he cannot do this, not that he does not want to do it. He drives off and meets with Yuri who is sitting on a bench at a park.

But he thinks back to his meeting with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist told him that Yuri needs time, she needs someone that she can trust fully. She did not have eye contact or smiles from her mother, it may seem small, but that is a lot to children. She never had that.

Kook sits with yuri and tells her that Moo-young told him that she does not lie. I want to ask you something, you don’t have to answer me today though. maybe you did not remember that you tried to hit my sister. You only found out from the black box. that is why you said you cannot promise that. But actually, there is something else that you don’t remember right? It is not good.

Yuri cries and asks what she should do. Kook tries to cheer her up, he says that crying is good, it is good for you. i will get some sun, that is also good for the health, so you can just cry. Go ahead. He steps away and basks in the sun as Yuri cries.

back at home, Seung-ah tells Jkang to hop in her car. She plays the black box for her. Seung-ah is not in a good mood. Jkang tells her that she knows she is angry, you can misunderstand it, but it is nothing. I told him something that maked him mad. Seung-ah just shows her his cell phone. He asked Moo-young if he likes Jkang eunnie. He said yes. So she asks Jkang if she is the same, do you like Moo-young? From when?

Cut to Jkook about to get something from a store, but he sees MY and tries to hurry off in his car. MY knocks on the window and asks him why he is running away. Jkook tries to laugh it off. Moo-young thanks him for saving Yuri but then he asks him why he lied to him. You said you don’t know any police officers in Haesan, but you are from there. Do you really not know anyone there? Kook tells him no. MY tells him he is disappointed and walks away.
MY gets a text at that moment. Jkang wants to meet him right now. They meet where Jkang asks him why he said that about Seung-ah. MY just walks away. He tells her that he does not want to talk about Seung-ah with her. He walks all the way to his place and tells her that she should have cake with him. It is his birthday. She asks why she should. He tells her that he has fun with her and he likes her a lot. He is also hungry, lets eat.

Jkang is still upset. MY tells her, if you change your mind, come back. I will welcome you until the candle burns out.

Jkang runs up to him and tells him that he should tell Seung-ah that it was a joke. It might be a fun thing for you but it is not that way for me, so tell her that. He pulls out his phone and starts texting that it was a joke, he did not mean it like that, he just said it so that he can forget it easily. Jkang runs to him to stop the text, but he sent it to Jkang’s cell phone.

Jk looks at her phone and tells him that she knows why he is a pitiful guy. It is becuase he does not have a heart. He can just play and break things and be happy that he won. So he does not even know that he is pitiful himself. He smirks and apologizes. Then he asks her if he should tell her why she is so angry? It is because she knows it so well. She knows that he was not just joking to Seung-ah. So tell me, you never thought about me at all?


You didn’t miss me?


You weren’t at least happy to see me on accident.


To you, do you think I really don’t have a heart?

You don’t.

He is standing really close to her at this point, but he just tells her, okay, and starts to walk off. However he turns around at the top of the hill and asks her which is more pitiful, not having a heart or ignoring your heart? It is better not to have one. he continues to walk to his place.
Jkang looks affected by his words, but she turns and leaves. However, she passes to expensive cars that look like they are driving to Moo-yungs place. It might be nothing though.

Jkang goes home and sulks, but then she leaves and runs back to Moo-young’s place.

Jkook gets home and turns on the lights to an empty place. He tooks above the dresser and pulls out a small wooden storage box. he opens the box slowly, inside is a lot of old style evidence.

Meanwhile, Moo-young is getting beaten up by a lot of men in black. Jkang walks up on it on the rooftop.

Back at the house, Jkook starts to slowly unfold a piece of paper. It is a missing boy sign. It says this boy has a burn on his right arm and shoulder. He is missing from the hospital.

On the rooftop, Jkang starts to slowly back away from the rooftop as Mooyoung continues to get punched.

Fade Out
Moo-yeon’s background is really coming out now. We know that he is an orphan and now we know that he was missing from a hospital when he was a child. He also showed us a picture that I think he drew of four people. The people looked like kids to me so that makes me wonder, are they his family members or are they his friends? Or maybe they are his parents and a sibling (ie. Jin-kang)?

Jin-kook has a bit of guiltiness over something from his past. It makes me wonder if he tried to find Moo-young but could never find him. That might have haunted him which is why he kept all of those things in that wooden box. Also, how does this psychiatrist play into all of this?

The murder seems like it is about to be wrapped up. Yuri’s future is uncertain because she might actually be the killer even though she does not remember doing any of it. But perhaps this is just a red herring? Maybe she did not actually kill her? I don’t know.


JK – Stop! Why are you hitting him!
Kook – What are you doing these days?
MY – Whenver I see you, I want to do bad things.
JK – What do you do about those people?
MY – Do you worry about me? If I try to do things then I should do it properly.
SA – *Seung-ah gives him a million dollars?*
WS – You said she is your girl, Yoo Jin-kang? Good couple.
SA – If you give him a hard time again, then I will kill you.
SA – Let me go.
MY – I dont’ know if it is love or not, but lets go anywhere.

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  1. Table122000
    October 18, 2018 / 9:04 pm

    Another great episode. It’s clear to me now that Jin Gook, Jin Kang, and Moo Young are all connected to each other and something bad that happened in the past at Haesan. JG is eaten up with guilt about it. Moo Young has that drawing and it looks like a family portrait. Oh man, could Jin Kang and Moo Young be related? Nooo, don’t take away my OTP! Maybe she was just his best friend visiting for a playdate? Can’t wait for next Wednesday!

    • sophhhh
      October 18, 2018 / 11:34 pm

      I thought that too, that MY and JK can be related, but It also seems that somehow MY knows who JK is, and he still likes her, romantically, if it’s like that and they are really related then the plot is getting twisted, but anyway i’m really enjoying the drama.
      Just there is one thing I didn`t understand from the preview, is MY running away with SA? is he telling her that he doesn’t know if he loves her? I can’t wait until next week!

      • V
        October 19, 2018 / 5:24 am

        I think he told her that he did not love her. That part was a bit confusing because they cut away without us knowing what he said. We only saw her crying over it.

    • V
      October 19, 2018 / 5:23 am

      Right! It feels like they are related! It would make the most sense as to why they have similar burns. Though why the burns are on the same side of the body is interesting.

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