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Just Dance Episode 4 Live Recap

I think today is the last episode? If it isn’t then we will be back next week! But if it is, then I hope they give us some kind of happy ending. Like, at least the Tempo club can continue?

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Shi-eun wakes up in bed. She checks her phone and texts Seung-chan to meet at the coast. Then she pretends to sleep again as her mother checks on her.

Later on, seh wakes up for breakfast. The sister says that their mother gave her pocket money and made her some toast. Shi-eun goes to the show store and buys a new pair of shoes. The salesperson tells her she looks pretty and asks if she is a student? you look like a young lady. My daughter is still a tomboy. I will give you a discount.

SE says she does not have to give her a discount, then she leaves. She leaves her old folder shoes behind.

She mets Seung-chan at the spot on the sea/cove where they danced. he tells her that she looks pretty today. She apologizes about yesterday and says that she forgot that they were supposed to meet. He asks her what happened, he worried about her. She asks what he had to say.

SC – As you noticed, I have liked you ever since we were little…..I haven’t seen you since middle school. You don’t know how happy I was (when I saw you again). I thought you forgot about me. When you called me Seung-seung, I was embarrassed and yelled at you. But I liked being with you during Tempo Club. I thught it could be like fate. You told me it could be like one person liking the other. I thought about that. Maybe I just want to have a girlfriend like other guys. But after thinking about it and nothing else, I can’t imagine dating someone other than you. I know I am no one special to you but I will try hard to be cool and nice.

SE – Well….you….like me? Why do you like me? 

SC – Oh?

SE – You told me that you like the opposite style than me. Did you misunderstand? I wanted you to be nice to that other lady. I did not mean it. 

SC – If I did something wrong to you, can you tell me?

SE- You did noting wrong.

SC – Did I make a mistake and make you mad? I am sorry. Tell me. I am sorry.

SE – Nothing like that. DOn’t make me say it again.

SC – Why did you look at me like that then?…..no….there is somthing I don’t know about you.

SE – i am sorry I made you misunderstand

SC – You don’t have any feelings? Tell me you played m then.

SE – It is better for me to give this back to you….here….dont ignore me because you are dumped, we can become friends after some time again.

She holds out her hand to shake his. But he turns around.

VO – Anyway, you don’t like me.


SC – That person is strong and honest and confident, I like her.

VO – You like the illusion of me, so it is okay. I don’t have to return my true heart to that cheap illusion of yours.



SE goes home and blocks Seung-chan from her KaTalk. Then she puts her head on her desk.

Elsewhere, Kyu-ho talks to Dong-seok. DS says that they had a bit of miscommunication. I will talk to you school so we can give you the scholarship. (The sign on the awll says “communication”). KH tells him that he does not want to recieve that money. There is something among adults. He does not know what that is, but he hopes the kids don’t get hurt anymore.

KH goes to the bank to can el his account. He says he has reasons and asks if they can give him a check card that is easy for high school students to use.

At school, the Tempo team waits. KH comes in and tells them they should have a samgyupsal party. The girls ask what happened with the company. KH tells them that there was a mistake, but they will give us the scholarship anyway. The girls are so happy and head out to eat samgyupsal on the roof with KH.

KH says that they can do individual competition but not a group competition until later. He tells them that they aren’t that good right now though, they need to learn higher skills. if they want to try then he can teach them. 

they say that they need to get any reward before graduating. They need it for their pride! Cheers!

Later on, The coach says goodbye to them all and gives them taxi money to get home. They joke that he is dumping them because he has a date. KH stops SE and asks if she went home okay that day? She says yes. He kind of wants to ask her about her mother, but decides not to and tells her to go home well.

The next day they all head out to a dancing competition. It looks like they are there to watch only. The girls think that they are way worse than these people, what they did isn’t even dancing compared to them. But the coach says that they can do it, they just need to practice for 10 years. 

it looks like these people dancing are adults. The girls are all drawn to food and leave. KH still watches with SE. KH asks if SE would like to dance with him? SE is all like, no way. But he tells her that it is cool to say that you had a couple dance with your teacher. SE is all like, okay, lets do the Tango.

They all head out to buy shoes and their uniform for the competition. They all get measured and joke about who has the smallest chest. Then they joke about what KH will wear. Then they joke about Hye-jin and what she might wear when she comes back.

Later on, KH has a professional come in and show the girls some dance moves. Then, later than that, KH and SE practice the Tango, but KH throws his back out. SE gets on the computer and checks something (her KaTalk?). then she walks around the city later and sees someone that looks like Hye-jin but it isn’t Hye-jin.

At school, all the teachers gather as VP yells at KH about Hye-jin not coming to school. VO thinks that KH is forgerizing Hye-jin’s attendance. Dong-hee is there as well and has to vouch that Hye-jin also went to class. But then Dong-hee gets a text that he passed the first resume level of his interview. VO asks DH to be the first level class teacher and DH stands up and says, NO I REFUSE.

Outside, KH and Dong-hee sit and talk about Hye-jin. DH asks why Hye-jin can’t go to the foster facility. KH mentions that DH has something on him.



DOng-hee goes to Shi-ra’s bar and tells her that he heard she sells drinks to underage kids. Shi-ra says that she did not sell it to them! I gave it to them free! Dong-hee rolls his eyes and tells her that this is not good. But Shi-ra thinks that bad kids will be bad no matter what.

Hye-jin shows up at that moment so Dong-hee talks to her about how he does not want teacher Kyu-ho to go to another school in his old age because of her. Don’t you trust him? But HJ just says that KH is a pervert, that is why he wants to teach girls to dance. DH just asks if she wants to go to school or foster care? I will count to three.

He starts to count.

Cut to Hye-jin showing up at school. She sits in her desk next toShi-eun. Dong-hee goes to the front of the class to teach. he tells the class to be quiet. SE asks HJ if she is joining them for the festival? They have her clothing. SE moves their desks together this time.

In the teacher office, DH tries to work. KH looks at him as if he is in love with him. DH is all like, I just did that becuase she should come to school and you would have to go to another school so I just did that. KH tells him that he likes him that much, it is a one-sided love. DH tries to make it seem like it was no big deal to find Hye-jin. But KH is pretty happy about it. Maybe HJ thinks about him a little bit since she did end up coming to school.

Later, KH drops all the girls off downtown. They end up going to a karoake bar. Afterward, they ask SE why she dumped SC, is something wrong with him? One of my friends told me about him. He is quiet and has a strong personality among guys. 

Cut to SC looking bumbed in school. His friend tells him that he did n ot do anything wrong, she just played with you. But then he gets in trouble with his teacher about using KaTalk.

The girls tell SE that all of that happened because of a woman. He cried even. Was that woman you?

SE tells them thta it was not her, actually she is the one that got dumped. Think about it, why should someone like SC date someone like me? All the girls give her a big hug and tells her that they love her and tells her that she should say she loves them also. But some other ones says that this is not her personality. But then they see some of the workers from yesterday and recognize that ajumma (Shi-young).

SE kind of hides a little.

In class, Dong-ha tells SE that he talked to her mother, she is considering sending yu to college. She will be here today. All the other girls start to talk about seeing what her mother looks like. SE runs out to the bathroom and calls her mother. Are you coming to school? Umma tells her that she might be too busy today, can you tell your teacher? Lets hang up. Umma gets back to work.




Shi-eun cries in the back of the club secretly. Hye-jin notices but does not mention it to anyone. While int he back, SE thinks about her conversation she had with Dong-seok.

VO  – I lied to him, I was embarrassed and wanted to hide. If I tell the truth, nothing will happen. I already had many chances. I made the same mistake many times. The one that ignored the chance was me.

Hye-jin turns up the volume on the music so it can drown out SE crying and keeps all the girls from changing it.

Later on, SC taps on SE’s shoulder outside. She tells him that he is back. He says that he is okay now. He became okay. She asks, already? Did you really like me at all? He says yeah, how can my heart cool off this quickly? She jokes that he should stop eating and cry and all those things. But he just says that they didn’t even date. She asks if he hates her because she dumed him. But he says that he should not hate her, as she said, she did not play with him, she just didn’t like him.

he hops on his bus and says bye.

The next day at school, Ye-ji finds SE and tells her that it is Na-young’s birthday today! She thinks we will throw her a birthday party but we didnt’ prepare anything! They decide to buy a cake and presents before practice.

In practice, Yeji asks NY how she knows that she quit Judo for a reason other than her injury? NY says that she does not know. But then someone gets a KaTalk. They wonder who’s KaTalk this is.

Cut to SE pickign out a gift




SE gets to Tempo CLub and sees that everyone has been reading her KaTalk. it looks like this is the KaTalk where SE tells herself how stupid everyone around her is. They are all pissed. All her lies are out. Now they know that they were only being used so that SE can go to college and lied to them all about making friends.

You get depressed when you see us? We dont’ have hope for our life? How can you think that when you see us and smile? Na-young never said why she quit judo and that I don’t want to do Tempo together with them and that you are more friends with Ye-ji or more friends with me? Did you ever think that we are real friends?

SE – Of course.

YJ – Listen, the problem is that you keep lying.

SE – I am not lying.

YJ – We just want you to apologize to us, that is it! Ugh, it is not worth listening to her.

Several people leave.

SE – (Sorry kids). Okay, I will leave Tempo if you dont’ like me.

NY – We are not asking you to leave Tempo!

SE – (I will disspaear from you guys).

YJ – It is okay. We checked. You never thought we were friends. You pretended like you were good, but you are actually a bad guy.

SE – No, if you say you dont’ like me then I will leave Tempo.

NY – Ah, lying to the end. You are still acting like the victim! that ajumma at the performance that fell on the ground. You guys saw, that ajumma is your mother. Why don’t you say that? tell us!

SE – Bye.

She leaves and runs right into Seung-chan. he grabs her hand and tells her, that person that argued with my father…is that your mother?

SE runs off.

VO – Running away does not work. Whatever I do, I am at the bottom now.

SC runs after her.

SC – Hey, SE.

SE – Yes, she is my mom. She is an irregular contract worker. I ignored her becuase I was embarrassed. Because it was all a lie that I did not tell you things. the one you like is not the real me. I am not confident or strong or bright or honest. I am just trash.

SC – SE, how can you do this to me, so you lied to me for everythin?

SE  – I am done talking.

SC – Hey, don’t you feel sorry to me at all?

SE – Why should I be sory to you?

SC – Huh?

SE – You fantasized about me and liked me. I am not like that so it is funny for me to apologize to you.

SC – You lied to me.

SE – I lied a little, but I only did one thing, I ignored my mom. the one I should apologize to is my mom. I do not like you. You are not the one I like anymore.

She walks off. While walking away she sees her mother standing in the protest group.



Elsewhere, Hye-jin is at home with her grandmother. She asks if she really can’t conact her mother. Grandmother says that her mother tried to erase her from her life. She does not look for you. Giving birth does not make you a parent. Just don’t think of her and live your life.

Hye-jin goes outside and looks for Kim Eun-young on her cell phone. Maybe that is her mothers name.


Seung-chan waits for SE on the bus, but she does not show up. So he waits for her outside and they walk to school together. They talk about her arguing with her friends. SE does not care. He apologizes about fantasizing about her. She picks her bugger and flicks it. He tells her that he is not the kind of guy she thinks but no guy would be okay hearing those things. She ignores him. He asks if she hates him that much? She tells him that it is not just hate, she super duper hates him. She would want to take a shower after a month and get super dirty and dance in front of you. I hate everything about you. I want you to die.

He tells her, okay, but you should take the bus, I won’t take the bus.

In class, the Tempo club girls ignore Shi-eun.

Hye-jin does not ignor her but does not acknowledge her. The teacher tells them all that it is club time so they all leave.

The club members go to Tempo Club. They happily dance. But they stop when Shi-eun shows up. SE apologizes to them all about what she did. 

VO – At the begining I looked down on everyone. But after thinking, the reason I looked down on you was because I also was not good so I put myself above you…..You don’t have to say hi to me at school. Without me, we won’t be able to do the performance so I will jsut finish this performance and leave the club.

The teacher comes in and asks what is happened. Did something happen? the girls say no no no, lets practice.

Cut to the classroom. Hye-jin gives Shi-eun some food and tells her that they should eat together. She basically says that she does not have friends either and only hangs out with her “friends” because they all talk bad about the teacher and their parents and became friends like that. But now, when I think back, it is okay since I had friends. 

SE sits up and thanks HJ for the bread. The other girls come in mumbling about hwo full they are. SE leaves.



SE dances with the teacher to prepare for her Tango, but his back is thrown out again. All the girls run to his side and then we see him at the hospital surrounded by his team. they have two weeks for the festival. KH thinks that they need to recruit Kwon to join again. But SE does not want Kwon, anyone but Kwon! All the other girls dont’ want to help her, But Hye-jin says that she will help.

They start to practice. the stand in teacher tells HJ and SE that their physics are too similar and HJ is not strong enough to hold her.. But HJ thinks she can do it, she is strong.

Cut to Seung-chan showing up to dance with Shi-eun. He says he is there because the teacher asked him to be. He does not want to dance with her, he just wants to dance.

They start to dance, he is pretty good. But SE does not want to make eye contact or anything. SC tells her that she has to make eye contact, he also does not want to look at her he does not want to touch her, but he has to do it for the dance! She tells him fine, she will do it.

They start to dance again. he is pretty pissed, but he is still good. 

They leave the practice and another man comes into the studio. 

the next day, that guy is in the dance practice as a Dance Sports person. SE does not want to do the dip. The teacher tells her that se needs to. SE wants to cancel it. 

Cue more dancing. We see a lot of SE’s and SC’s showing up to show us how much they practice. It looks like they are trying to develop their feelings for each other. But then KH shows up again with a back brace. But SE is upset and says that she does not want to do dance sports with KH anymore! She runs out.

She walks along the street by herself. But then she hears some other girls running up and tries to hide from them. however she also sees some other guys walking up, SC might be with them. They happily chat as SE hides. 

But he walks right behind her and tells her that he saw everything. he says that she is not as good as he expected, he is disappointed in her, she is not that pretty and speaks badly, she is really bad, I hate you but, I keep regretting it. I regret guessing your parents job and looking down at your mother and all that. I want to go back if I can. I think about it 100 times. But I can’t go back. I am confused. I dont’ know why I do it!

SE _-wha are you confused about?

SC – I think I still like you.

SE – You like me? F-you. I hate myself this much, how can you like me? I am having a hard time. When I see you I want to disappear because it reminds me of before. Please, I beg you, dont’ show up in front of me.

She leaves.


SE eats at home with her family. She asks her mother to come to her performance. Her mother says she is too busy. SE tells her that she did not even tell her when. Umma says she doe snot want her to come to her school anyway. But SE says that she wants her to see it. Umma says something else, maybe no? SE leaves.

Big sister tells umma not to do that. SE is telling her sorry in her own way. Why don’t you accept it. It is so long this time.

At school, the dance team prepares for the performance but SE is not there. HJ gives them all a talking to and makes them feel bad about if they ever think badly about anyone. Then a little girl comes in and says that she is replacing Kim Shi-eun to be in Tempo CLub. Shi-eun asked me to. She said she can’t perform because of her personal issues.

the team looks sad. YJ tells NY that they did talk bad about her uniform, that she is poor and things. Maybe we did not think about her as a friend and were bad to her as well.

The coach comes in and tells them that they did not tell Shi-eun about the performance! But Shi-eun is with him and says that she is the one that forgot about it.

They start to practice for the stage but are a bit stiff. KH has to talk to them. He tells them thta this is a school competition on stage. 

VO – It is your first time on a proper stage. It is not a competition. It is just a school party. There are no grades. After you graduate….ah….thta time with my friends….I had fun. You know, let’s just make it a memory that you can look at in the future, okay? Smile. If your heart is uncomfortable then nothing will work.

They all agree and put their hands in. they all tear up. KH tells them, fighting! Tempo fighting! They all yell, fighting!

Then we cut to them waiting to go out. they are all friends again as they look at each other with support. Then they are called out to the stage. Umma and sister came as well.

the parents all cheer as the girls come out. Then they oooh and ahhhh as they start to dance.

Dance scene.



They dance to a few different songs edited together.

Everyone looks like they are having a good time.

they finish to cheers from everyone. The girls all shout and yell in the back and tells SE that she has to change her clothes to dance with Seung-chan! Hurry! She runs off to change.

In the audience, her mother sees her and thinks she looks so pretty and then notices Seung-chan’s father in the audience.

Seung-chan comes out on the stage and walks to the center. He stops in the middle and looks at Shi-eun.

Fade Out



Okay, it looks like this might not be the last episode? We have a preview so it should be continuing. But the preview could be an epilogue? I will just call it a preview.

We are so confused. Did they extend it?


SE – SO, NOW WE ARE dating right So, um, what should we do?

SC – I have a plan.

SE – Hey, just do it.

SC – Now?

SE – ALready?

SC – that does not matter

SE – It’s our first kiss, we should not do it somewhere like this.

SC – I am talking about holding hands, I did not know that you are that kind of man.

SE – It came to my mind!

KH – We have the result, we are…..

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    where is the recap?

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      Haven’t gotten started yet. About to start.

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    December 11, 2018 / 6:52 pm

    I thought it has 16 episodes? according to wikipedia and asianwiki 🤔 I hope you’ll continue to recap this drama until the end nevertheless. Thank you for your recap, as always V 🙌🏻

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 6:05 am

      We are so confused on the episode length on this one. After searching for it a bit we think we might have found out that it ends on December 25th. So that would put it at 16 half hour episodes and 8 one hour episodes. ☺️☺️

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