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Just Dance Episode 3 Live Recap

Kids sitting on a rooftop, Episode 2 Live Recap for the Korean Drama Just Dance

Only two days left on this 4 hour miniseries drama. It is an adorable take on a small town high school were the kids just want to dance (or don’t want to dance and just need an extra curricular to get into college? It’s complicated). Everyone has their own reason as to why they are in Tempo Club. But they all end up loving it.

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VO – Next up are Tempo Girls from Goejae School!

The team walks out on the stage. Seung-chan is dressed just like one of the girls while Shi-eun is dressed like a boy. he tells her that no one will believe this, but she just tells him to go along with it!

They start to dance. No one in the audience things that he is a girl, his legs are so strong. But he is the best one, lol. However he falls because he is not used to the high heels and then someone else gets Judo thrown. But then smoke fills the stage. Everything has gone wrong.

The judges tell the audience that there are technical difficulties, please wait. Shi-eun walks to the side and says that she quits. But her team tells her to come back. So she oes back and they start dancing again. The motion slows and a lovely song starts to play as they keep dancing. Everyone is in to their dance and they finish. But they became a bit of a joke as the audience tells them, “Good job” “Do better next time.”

At home, Hye-jin wants to text to ask if they got the award. But she doesn’t. 

At the competition, the team sits in the audience as all the other people compete and then it is time for the award ceremony. Shi-eun goes outside. Seung-chan goes outside to try and comfort her but doesn’t really gets a chance to as he is barely able to say her name when she says, “I know” and leaves.

Shi-eun goes straight home but can’t go inside because the door is locked and her mother con’t hear her knocking. 

She walks to the bridge and yells, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING ME?

The next day, Hye-jin writes a letter to explain why she injured her leg. She has a part time job.

ye-ji is at home, her mother tells her that she did not win the competition so she shuold prepare to get a job. The camera scrolls all Ye-jin’s medals and awards.

In the bus, Na-young complains about how it is all the other kids fault, she was perfect. But in the background some kids say that Yang Na-young is so pretty on Instagram. But they actually don’t recognize that she is on the bus with them.

The two best friends Young-ji and Do-yeon meet with their thug head sister. She tells them congratualtion for ruining the competition. But the two girls just cry pitifully.




In class, SE sits next to HJ and asks why she is not asking how the competition went? HJ tells her that it is obvious. Then she tells her that she can go to the backseat. Today they move seats? I don’t know but Hye-jin moves SE’s desk closer to her desk. SE doesn’t want to and calls her crazy and throws her sorry letter away in the trashcan.

Hye-jin hobbles off.

Outside, the VP sees KH and asks how the competition went? You got an award right? Of course, silver? Gold ? Grand Prize?

In the boys high school a lot of guys are laughing at “that” type of girl in their high school. Seung-chan looks at them and asks how they got this!

Int he girls high school, the VP of the school announces that they are cancelling Tempo Club because they have not won anything in a year. they will open an accounting class instead, it is good for getting a job in the future.

Shi-eun picked up the sorry letter and might have read it, it looks like she feels bad. The teacher is in front of the class and tells everyone to turn in their cellphone. But NY is looking at all the comments about their performance and yelling. She is so mad at all the comments and is throwing a temper tantrum about becoming laughing stocks. She yells at the teacher to just take her phone away.

Shi-eun ends up going to the teachers office for a conference. Dong-hee immediately starts to talk about how teachers are too easy on the questions. He is looking at all her grades and thinks that they gave good grades to everyone. he thinks the teachers should give hard questions for the final. SE asys she knows everything but he isn’t listening to her. 

he asks if she did not study hard because of the Tempo club? SE says yes, she acknowledges that. He asks if he should talk to her mother about it. She says no.


But all is not lost, the Tempo Club wants to continue the club and starts to raise money and awareness of the club on the streets of the city. They have their banners and tells everyone they see about the Tempo Club, their spirits are up.

While walking, Shi-eun sees a flyer for film talent competition finalist. It looks like her crush is one of the finalists. She calls him and asks why he did not tell her about it. Do you now want me to see it? he tells her that it is not it, you might get yelled at by your mother. i don’t want that to happen because of me. She gets off the phone and looks at her team that is happily talking together at a table and eating.

SE – What are you going to do after graduation?

NY – I will be a fashion model and open my own shop online.

YJ – I will open a cafe after saving money

NY – is your dream to also own your own store? yeah, for you if your boss yells at you, you will destroy everything.

SE – Does anyone want to leave and go to Seoul or near Seoul?

VO – Why do we have to go there?

SE – Well, not a 4 year college, but they have two year colleges.

Everyone talks about how they don’t want to study, I hate studying.

VO – These kids are so bright, but it makes me sad somehow.

One of them asks SE what she is going to do, she gets up and says that her mother told her to go home.

VO- Their future will not be bright, they don’t know that. Seoul is not dangerous, the dangerous place is here. SE runs and catches a bus to Seoul. It looks like she is catching nan overnight bus to Seoul?

It looks like she might be going to see her crushes performance. She gets a bouquet of flowers and goes to see his film. But it looks like the film might not be all that great. Everyone is sleepy and some people might have started to leave. Her ccrush goes to the front with two other people. he sees her. 



he looks a bit awkward and says that he is the director, thank you for helping make the movie. We worked hard from winter to summer. SE starts to imagine herself as her crush as if she is giving this speech.

Later on, she meets him afterwards. He says he was a bit surprised to see her, she did not have to come. I told you not to. She gives him flowers.

She asks if he can buy her delicious food so we see them walking and holding hands. He tells her that she can ride the bus and subway herself. She mentions that she is not a little kid and asks if she is looking down on her because she is underage. She switches to jongdaemal. he asks why she switched to jongdaemal. She tells him that it is because it is hot. they feel a bit awkward.

They go to the cafe. 

VO – I did not love him. I loved my image of him.

SE – Well Oppa, I thought about it.

Crush – Shi-eun, don’t come to Seoul, don’t make your parents orry. You ar a senior and I will be biusy soon. You understand?

She nods and says that she wanted to say it as well. He says that is good, he was nervous about how to start this conversation.

Cut to the crush and Shi-eun at the bus stop? He wants to give her money but she says that she has some. They say goodbye. She tells him that she thought he was her lighthouse, showing her way. But today, I realized that I do not have to rely on my lighthouse.

He kind of mutters thta it is his fault. But she cuts him off and says that she was the one that wasn’t truthful. Then she walks off.

Later on, she looks in her wallet and takes out her crushes picture. She throws it away. But actually, she gets stopped by police officers for being a student. They ask her if she left home. SE says no, she is ust hanging out.


Cut to Shi-eun’s mama showing up and asking about her daughter that was lost in Seoul. Shi-eun is so embarrassed. On the way home Umma tells SE that the crush is a bad guy, how can he seduce a high school kid. But she also tells her daughter that she needs more pride, you crazy girl.

But Shi-eun kind of defends him and says that he was the only person in the world that understood her. But the mother says that he was probably not truthful about it. how far did you go with him? Just tell me. Of course a man would approach you. No one would like you. i am living with you because you are my daughter. SE says she hates that she is her mother also.

They start to fight in the car. umma tells her to give her her cell phone. I am going to call him and yell at him. SE throws her cell phone out the window becuase her mother wanted it. It shatters. her mother lets Shi-eun out of the car and drives off.

SE walks the rest of the way home (I think they were in their neighborhood). When she gets home, Umma tells her that she has given up on her. When you become an adult, whether you go to college, get a job, or get married, just leave the house.

SE listens and then goes to her room and plops on the bed.

SE – Does she think that I will say I am sorry if she says that?




Seung-chan sends a text to Kim Shi-eun while on the bus. Then he sees her getting on the bus. She walks up to him and tells him about his beard. he says he can’t help it, if the school finds out about that then I am out. A guy dressed up like a girl and danced with girls and I was the woman part. Do you think they will take me as a real man? I am not like what you think.

SE – I know, you are a man.

SC – No, I just don’t want you to take me as a timid guy.

SE – I know that is true, I have known you since you were little. I know that you are a timid guy. But that has nothing to do with you being a man.

SC – For that kind of personality, guys will make fun of me.

SE – You also?

SC – Before, when I was little.

SE – Who did it! Crazy guys drive me man.

SC – Why are you angry?

SE – I don’t know.

SC – You also mocked me as Seung-seung

SE – That is just…well, okay I will take care of it, if anyone gives you a hard time, just tell me. I will get your revenge with words.

SC – Okay, but why dont you check my Katalk?

SE – My phone is all broken.

SC – Then you are not ignoring me?

SE  – Yeah, don’t talk to me twice.

SC – Sit down, your leg hurts, just sit.

SE – Okay okay, I will sit.

SC – I am giving it to you specially. *laughs*

SE – Why are you laughing?

SC – Because I am giving it to you specially.

They get a bit awkward between them and SE starts to talk about SC ruining her mood this morning. SC smiles.

At school, the Tempo club starts to pack up and leave. The upperclassmen clean everything out. They aren’t mad at the girls they are just a bit bummed that tempo Club is disbanding.

But actually, it looks like the other girls were able to get the money to keep the club? They needed $2000 and it looks like they got it, but actually there was a mistake, they only got $200. then they hear their names over the speaker. All of their names. they wonder what is up.

Outside, Seung-chan sees his father show up and freaks out, he runs to the building.




Seung-chan goes inside the school and sees her father. He immediately starts to explain everything to him.

SC – I usually don’t do it but…women…girls….

SE sees all of this and yells, Seung-chan’s father! She runs to him and tells him that it was all her doing, liking dancing is not a sin right? Dancing is great, it is good, it is…..(what should I say to convince him? Cute…..nonono…..cool……nonono)….SEXY!

Seung-chan tries to stop her. Appa asks why he is there. The both of them are all like, um…

Cut to Seung-chan’s father meeting with the VP and coach Kyu-ho. They say that they support the community. Your dance team went viral online. KH tries to explain that. But Dong-seuk tells them that they need to support all kids, not just the best kids. that is real support. The VP says, yes, I agree. KH and everyone looks at him like…..shut up. But VP says that they hav a limit to what they can support.

DOng-seuk tells them thta they will support the club, but you need to perform at the company event. Everyone is happy to do it even though VP says they are not good.

Cut to the performance video. Dong-seung asks who that tall one is, she is not here. They all say that she skips class often and is not there. DS thinks that she looks familariar. DS starts to talk about an internal scholarship program. they would like to support anyone who wants to go to college from this vocational school also. Shi-eun raises her hand, me me me me me!

Later on, Ye-ji wonders if they can do well this time? They did not get an award even though they worked hard. hwo can they win. Na-young says that it was her fault, she was greedy. Everyone says that it was all their faults for their own reasons. Coach is happy to hear it. He tells them all to come. it is the end of the term. We need to decide if we will have the same couples or different couples.

But the problem is that hye-jin is not coming to school anymore. She is literally not coming at all. Shi-eun talks to the coach about it and says that it is her fault. She did not know that she had a part time job. Is she really going to go to juvenile detention? the coach says no, he will bring her back.

SE ends up sending Hye-jin a KaTalk over the computer apologizing for misunderstanding her. Hye-jin is at SE’s sisters beach bar hanging out. She gives her free drinks on the house. But seh accidentally checks the message which alerts the person who sent it that it was read. Shi-eun is happy about that.

She smiles at the computer and then rejoins her club in practice.

VO – Now I realized.

Scene change to Ye-jin’s home

HJ’s mom – What are you going to do with dancing all day?

YJ – Mom, it is not dancing , it is sports, Dance Sports, and I am going to continue it.

VO – The source of my energy is not optimism but pessmism.

We see Do-yeon’s family problems. Their family has no customers at their business. Do-yeon leaves.

Young-jileaves her home due to her family problems. Her father tells her that she needs to make money. She tells him that he needs to make money if he likes it so much.

VO – It is not hope, it is depression.

Young-ji and Do-yeon meet outside and run off together.

VO – We have to move forward embracing this uncertainty.

All the girls leave practice together and see Seung-chan standing outside. He is waiting for Shi-eun.



SE asks if his father figured it out? But she is joking with him. he says he is screwed, he can’t come to school anymore. SE laughs and says his fathers company came to school to talk about the scholarship. SC says that his heart dropped, don’t play like that. But she says she is not plaing and not to worry, just study okay.

She turns to leave but he touches her arm and says that he can walk with her. They start to walk. he asks her if she wants to catch a movie with her? Get In? She says she saw it already but he says that it isn’t out yet. Then he tries to make more small talk about getting a job after graduating. She asks why.

He says that he wonders why she went to vocational school since she is good at studying and is smart.

She says that she went there on purpose to get high grades to go to Seoul. He tells her that he is going to Seoul too. But they continue talking about company merger things with his father and stuff. 

They get to an area were they have to split so he tells her to take his phone. She says that she is okay but he wants her to take it and asks if she will watch a movie with him Sunday? She says okay. He is so happy and says that he will Katalk her later.

he leaves but then all the dance team comes out and yells, DAEEEEEEEBAK! YOU WILL SEE A MOVIE TOGETHER!

They alla start to talk about all these things thta make sense now that he asked her out. Shi-eun tries to tell them that she does not care about that kind of guy. But they tease her about how he is a good guy with a nice personality. What if he tells you that he loves you! SE says that she will look like a beggar when she meets him, then he will know that I don’t like him!

But the girls just chase her yelling I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!


it is date day. SE wanted to wear something horrible but it is laundry day so she only has one dress she can wear. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

She goes to the movies. Seung-chan asks her why she is wearing a dress? She tells him non chalantly that she had no other clothes. So what movie are we watching?

SE – It is about a story wher a guy and girl knew each other for a long time. The girl likeed the guy but the guy didn’t like the girl, but in the end he likes her. It is that kind of movie.

he is so happy to explain this to her. But she says that she does not like romantic comedies. He is all like, yeah, me either. i like manly action thrillers. he asks her when her birthday is. They end up having a 10 month age difference so he ells her that she is like his dong-saeng. 

She tells him that she hates it when people brag about being older. his face falls and he tries to say it is not him. 

they go to a cell phone case shop. he wants a pink case but asks for a manly black case but when he bends over we see that he is wearing redish pink undies? SE laughs a bit and says that they can get pink cases, he should get it to because it is couple price.

They both walk away with their white-pink cases. He is so happy to have this case and smiles brightly as he walks away.



While walking, they talk about what kind of girl he likes and if he has one. He says he has one. She asks why he likes her

SC – Because she is a woman but like a man. Strong and well built and honest and confident and cool.

SE – Normal people don’t like those women.

SC – I just like her, there is no normal or not normal.

SE – What about you? What kind of men do you like? Do you like someone?

SC – I thought I did, but I didn’t. And he did not like me as well. Dating is just picking an okay person nearby and moving on, that is it.

SE – Hey Kim shi-eun….I have to tell you something.


SE – Smart person? Well….the smartest guy in class has a girlfriend so this midterm I was in…

SC – THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH STUDYING WELL. Even when I explain it to you you dont’ understand it. I don’t like white skinned baby face guys. I like dark skin tough guys.

SE – Okay…..but I am not sure if those kinds of guys will like you….

SC – Okay friend! I had fun!

She walks away embarrassed and uncomfortable looking.


The girls all chastise SE about why SC is not taking the bus, it is because you dumped him? SE tells them all to shut up.

They keep mocking her wherever she goes. SE also sees tht a lot of girls hit on Seung-chan all the time. A girl asks him if he has a girlfriend, he tells her that he does not have anything like that.

In the dance studio, SE says that she hates him. But the girls want to know the truth, you like him at least a little bit right? But she says that she does not like guys that confess and get dumped and meet someone else. That kind of cowardly guy that cannot even propose to me.

YJ – You showed zero interest in him. What kind of guy will be that courageous if you pay zero attention. you need to give him a little room to show that you like him.

SE thinks about this and texts SC on KaTalk to ask what he is doing. At night he texts back and says that he is going to bed. It looks like he is a bit cold to her now.

At school the next day, she waits to see if the soccer ball will come across to her side. It does so she picks it up right away and give sit back to Seung-chan. Their hands touch when she gives it back. He wishes her luck at her performance. He asks who else she is telling. She says that she is only telling him about it and asks if he confessed to that girl.

He says no, she doesn’t like someone like him anyway. I can’t just say I like you to someone that doesn’t like me. I shuoldnt’ do it anymore.

SE – But does that mean that you still like her?

SC – Yes.

SE – Just because it is not the ideal time does not mean that she does not like you.

SC – Really?

SE – Yeah, you are a cool guy that dances well. maybe…I don’t know…I might try to hate him but…..maybe I could like a guy like that. See you at the performance.

SC – Okay…..well…..Shi-eun….can I tell you something tomorrow after the performance?

SE – Okay. *smiles*

He happily jumps back over the fence and gets back to school.




It looks like Shi-eun might get fired. One of her colleagues is telling her that it might happen. The company is uncomfortable with her so they might have to accept a few more people getting fired. Shi-eun says that she will accept it, lets go see the people from the main office.

Meanwhile, the girls all show up for the performance at the company. SE texts SC to see f he is there. Then seh peaks in on the company workers. One of the workers is a sunbae from the Tempo Girls club, she looks tired and sad.

Then someone pulls Shi-eun away.

Inside the meeting area, Kyu-ho says that they will not hav a performance here. 

Inside the cafeteria area where the performance will be held, Dong-sae says that this is not the best place for the performance to happen. But Shi-young’s mom comes in and begs him not to fire anyone else.

However Shi-eun gets pulled into the cafeteria area. her mother yells at her abotu what she is doing? You shouldbe studying. SE tells her that that ajusshi over there is helping them and says that she did this for college. She storms out. SY yells at DS abotu this and asks why he is doing this!

DS says that SE was super happy when he told them that they can support their performance. Even if it is somewhere like this place.

Outside, SE sees SC, he is there to see her. h eruns up to her, but her attention is distracted by the team leaving and also her mother having to kneel in apology to one of the managers. She walks runs.

Everyone watches as she runs through the water until she sinks to the bottom.

Fade Out



It feels like everything that could go wrong, went wrong in this episode. Hopefully everything will go right in the next one. You know, since it is the finale.


SE – The girl you like isn’t the real me. I am not strong or honest, I am just trash.

SE – Did you guys see my KaTalk?

VO – Why is she angry? She did not do anything well

HJ – Well, you guys are great, you never lie and only think about good things.

KH – Later, in the future, you will think, “ah yes, this was fun with my friends, we had a good time.“ So lets make it memorable.

VO – Is he Kim Shi-eun’s “some” guy?

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  1. missjb
    December 10, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    Man it’s so heartbreaking. She want to open up with him. But it end up his dad is the cause of her mom losing her job?…

    • V
      December 11, 2018 / 9:08 am

      Right, this show went super depressing super quickly. It looks like the father is somehow involved with the mothers job but not directly involved?

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