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Just Dance: Episode 2 Live Recap

The first episode reminded me of stone-washed jeans on a washed out beach. I loved it. I hope this second episode continues the lovely quirky tone!

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We open right at that moment when Seung-chan dances in front of Shi-eun and then asks if this is okay! is it! The teachers asks how he can do that dance.

Seung-chan says that he has Judo club and the time is the same as their club so he kind of just looked at it and learned it.

(But actually he is a bit of a little pervert, he was looking for hair and smelling clothes and peeping in.)

SC – I just hid because a lot of people I don’t know came in and I did not want to be misunderstood.

KH- Why did you sneak peak on kids changing their clothing?

SC says it makes no sense with that cabinet. They all kind of see that, but they want to know why he was sneak peaking the seniors practicing. He says he did it but it was not because he was a pervert. That is what is important! Shi-eun tells him to put his hand on his chest and swear that he never had any sexy thoughts.

He is all like, but, but, didn’t you see me dancing! They basically tells him to dance again so he goes to dance again and all the girls start to take photos of him and video. He asks them, am I a pervert like this! Am I a pervert!

They all think he is a pervert and is actually dancing like a pervert so he is Tempo pervert. But the teacher looks impressed. Shi-eun tells him that she does nto have time for a dance pervert like this. The time rings for study time so Seung-chan asks if he can leae and runs off. But he sighs on the outside.

Inside the dance room, Hye-jin sits on the floor because her ankle hurts. She says she cannot practice. Shi-eun imagines that she is Uma Therman inKill Bill with her sword swinging as she tells Hye-jin that she is okay. But Hye-jin just swings her sword right back.

The teacher pulls them all out and gets them ready to practice. They all line up and start practicing the cha cha cha. he claps and says it is easy right? SOme think it is easy and others think it is difficult. The extras all laugh at Shi-eun who is trying very hard and does not care abotu them. Hye-jin keeps checking her phone.

Finally, practice ends. Kyu-ho tells them who did well and who did not do well. The xtra’s and Shi-eun need to do better, but everyone else did well. So the teacher wants to split everyone up in their level groups. Na-young is with Ye-ji, Young-ji is with Do-yeon (they did not want to be seperated), so now Shi-eun has to be with Hye-jin. It is her worst nightmare.
Night falls and the teacher drops everyone off at school in their van. They all say goodbye as we see where everyone lives. The teacher tells them all that they need to come to school every day for the next three weeks. If they miss a class then it affects others okay? The extra’s say okay okay as they get dropped off and walk off together.

Hye-jin gets dropped off and practices her steps as she walks home. Shi-eun asks the teacher why he is including Hye-jin. But he just calls to Hye-jin who is practicing and tells her that they did not see anything! She rolls her eyes. The teacher and Shi-eun laugh in the car but he tells Shi-eun that Hye-jin might be better than her. DOn’t worry, she can change. You are here so I feel good, please support me as a leader, okay?

Shi-eun nods, okay, and then is dropped off where she picks up the bus. She waves goodbye and heads home. But she looks very tired, one of her shoes isn’t even on all the way as she shuffles back home. When she gets home, her mother is waiting at the table for her. She tells SE that she heard that she told her teacher that she will go to college in Seoul. Don’t you realize anything after watching your sister?

Her sister comes home drunk and greets them.

Mom – Your sister was better than studying than you and we spent thousands of dollars sending her to school. Look at her now.

Shi-eun asks her sister why she told him mom’s telephone number. You did it on purpose! the sister drunkenly tells her that the teacher said she was sick so she had to tell him the real number. They start to fight, but the mother tells the sister to go to here room. Then she asks Shi-eun’s plans.

Movie Director

Cut to Umma ripping up and desotrying all of Shi-euns movie things.

SE – Umma, you live like this because you listened to your mom.
Mom- I did not listen to my mom, that is why I am living like this. So you listen to your mother so you wil not do things you will not regret.
SE – Umma, please let me live my own life.
Mom – Okay, can you just go away from my life? Don’t take my money and don’t eat my food and take off all of the clothes I got for you. Live like that.
SE – I don’t want to, why should I? I am born in this filthy house because of you, so of course you have to give me money. You don’t give me enough money or by me nice clothes. DO you know what kids tell me?
Mom – Just get a job. You went to a girls vocational high school, so there is no high school for you.
SE – You sent me there. I did not go there because I was not good at studying.
Mom – SHut up, I am not worried about anything because you will not be able to go to college.
SE – You don’t need to pay me college tuition! I will go there.
Mom – You teacher told me that you will pass the firt two interviews but you will always be out on the third becuase colleges don’t want to accept vocational school kids. So you should get a job now.
SE – if I stay here and get old, then I will be like you. that is true. i will wear the same clothes as you and live in the same house. Just thinking about it is a nightmare.

She gets up in a huff and storms to her her room. She sits for a moment by the door but then starts to clean up.
She stats practicing dancing.

VO – I am going to run away from this shady place. I will definitely run away from mom who tells me that this is the sunny side.

Shi-eun curls up in bed, her sister comes to her and apologizes for yesterday and then tells her that she is late for her own part time job because she slept late. Which means that SHi-eun is late for school.

Shi-eun hops up and runs to the bus, but she misses it. But Dong-seok and his son Seung-chan drive up. DS wants to give the student a ride to school for missing the bus but SC does not want to give her one, she has strong legs anyway.

SE decides to hop in and sticks her tongue out to SC in the front seat. Appa asks if they know each other. SC says he doesn’t but SE says they do. Appa asks why he is pretending like he does not know her. SC says that she said they played together when they were young but he does not remember it. SE says that they used to live in another apartment and they start to figure out how they know each other from that.

Appa thinks that Shi-eun is delightful, he wonders why he does not remember her. SC juts says that his father is only saying that. But then SE says that she has a funny story, abogi, yesterday a boy came to our class and sneak peaked out dressing room. Appa says it is a pervert guy! Call the police!

SC is so embarrassed and tells Appa to drop him off right here, I want to walk a little bit. SE is all like, why do you want to walk? Appa drops them off and Shi-eun gets out and cutely thanks Dong-seok for the ride.

Inside the car, Appa mutters that “she” showed off that her daughter is so smart, tsk tsk. (Ah, it looks like he knows her!).

So his son and Shi-eun walk to work together, but they argue as they walk to work. Shi-eun runs to her teacher and says that the pervert guy was looking at her, it was so scary! Kyu-ho asks him what did you do to her! SC is all like, I didn’t do anything! Then SC’s teacher pulls him away by the ear. (it looks like the boy and girls school shares the same entrance).

SE tries to show her teacher that she practiced here dance, but it does not look all that great. Kyuho tells her that it looks good but then tells her that she will be late and needs to go to class.

SE happily hops off to class and tries to get the cell phones from everyone as seh walks around with the cell phone box. She talks to Na-young about dancing well and putting it on YouTube ad then talks to Ye-ji about how Na-young does not want to be dance partners with her so they should ask the teacher to change partners.

The two extra girls, Young-ji and Do-yeon happily talk and sit together as Shi-eun gets their cell phones. But the last person is Hye-jin, she does not get her cell phone.
But she does think to herself that Hye-Jin does not skip class anymore.

The teacher comes in and yells, why are you here Hye-jin! Hye-jin is all like, the students came to school so that is why I am here. The teacher does not look thrilled to see hr but just tells her to quiet the students and for Shi-eun to collect the phones.

SE tries to talk to HJ about changing partners for Temp club. In hr mind she thinks that Hye-jin should just quit. She sees her cell phone password

VO – She has a secret. Kyu-ho must know her weakenss, that is why she joined our temp club but she does not want to practice. KH is nice enough not to threaten her to make her practice. Maybe HJ is using KH, that bad trick. maybe I am the only one above her, controlling everything.

Shi-ein takes hye-jin’s phone, it calls DOng-hee. He picks up and asks why she is callingn him first, what o you wnat to say?

SE goes to the bathroom where HJ is and checks all of the stalls. Then she tells HJ that she called that guy that makes her mad. Teacher Kyu-ho wants to keep this secret but I don’t want to. HJ yells, this crazy b**ch! SHe is about to hit SE, but she does not and leaves instead.

However, this did get Hye-jin to go to practice. Kyu-ho is happy to see her. SE whispers in HJ’s ear that she is happy to keep her secrety. HJ says she will kill her. SE tells her You can kill me whenever you want, I want to be ruined by you *very cutely*.

Class starts. One of the girls will be the man and the other one will be the woman. Awkwardness ensues as the eacher tells them that they have to make eye contact. SE tells HJ to look at her, she wants to see her *very cutely*.

The teacher tells everyone to follow the leader. Give me your promise! they all say, Yes, and get started dancing.

Cue montage as we cut back to the classroom where no one is listening to anything but then cut to the dance studio where everyone is working their hardest. We cut back and forth between classroom and studio showing that no one cares about class but everyone cares about Dancing.

In the dance class, Kyuho tells Hye-jin that SE needs to lead her body, just let her do it.

Cut to the girls walking outside down the steps. They talk about dancing and turning this way or that way then they start to do the dance and show each other how to turn. This way! This way! They think they got it so they walk off.

In class, Shi-eun tells Hye-jin that she has to go to practice, there competition is soon. But Hye-jin just leaves.

At night, the spy’s, Young-ji and Do-yeon practice outside. But they wonder why they joined Tempo? They don’t even remember that they are spies to the other club team, lol.

Hye-jin and Shi-eun also practice on the field amidst the sprinklers.

Na-young and Ye-ji practice as well on the steps.

Montage of everyone practicing with their partners out in the field or the city.

Then we cut directly to the classroom, they all look pretty good now! Kyuho plays song after song so that the group will change between dane styles. They are much better than before. But Shi-eun is bad no matter what song is played.

She finally just falls to the ground. The teacher asks her if she likes dancing? SE says she does but her family does not follow her. She memorized all the steps. Kyuho tells her that dancing isn’t all about memorizing the steps. Yu need to feel the rythym, then dance and you will be together. That moment will come. When that happens, then you will feel real dancing.

SE thinks she understands and says that she will practice more. She gets up to leave. The teacher tells her that she should dance when she wants to dance, when she is having fun. SE is all like, okay….and leaves.

She catches the bus home with Hye-jin and asks her why she dances. It is not because she wants to right? Nevermind.

HJ – Our living is F’ed, and people are F’ed, I want everyone to die, but that wont happen until the end of the world. I want to forget about everything. Until I hit my head and lose my memory, that wont happen. But when I dance I don’t think about anything. Do you love your life?

She puts her headphones back in. SE thinks about this.

The next morning Shi-eun goes to the sea by herself and put on music. She starts to dance with her eyes closed. Seung-shan rides his bike along the water and sees Shi-eun dancing alone. he calls her name and asks what she is doing there. But she has her headphones in and is not listening. Plus her eyes are closed.

he gets off of his bike to walk to her. On the peir, Shi-eun thinks about his life. His mother yelling at her and her father being int he hospital after an accident. She also thinks about Hye-jin saying that she does not think about anything when she dances.

her dancing is really bad though. SC walks up and asks what she is doing? He laughs and then goes up to her and taps her on the shoulder. SE turns around, she is so happy to feeeeeel the movements and tells him to dance with her! Hurry hurry!

he starts to put his arms out, mimicking what she is doing, and then starts dancing with her on this pier.

they start talking about her changing her part to the male lead. But she says that she only knows the male part. he tells her that he can play the male part and she should play the female part. So they change the role. But when he holds her hands, he does not want to let them go. She is oblivious and asks him if she was good? Did it look like she was having fun?

He mutters yes. But he is affected being so close to her. She yells, YES! And runs off as he mutters, why am I doing the female part again?
Cut to everyone dancing at the school and doing their final pose. They didn’t miss anything! Whoo hoo!

But then we see Shi-eun’s mother arguing with their boss about their protest. he entire protest team goes out to eat afterwards and starts talking about funny things like why someone is dumped, because of our face! And wearing work clothing and going out on a date and not talking about old things, that is why people call you old.

Shi-eun’s mom ends up paying for all the drinks. Then one of the guys calls her to him and tells her that he will quit starting tomorrow. It looks like it is a hard thing to tell her. She tells him that the ship making industry will not collapse easily. She does not care about those Seoul people talking. But the young guy says that he wants to start over when he is younger, he does not want to stay there any longer. He will just leave. They part amicable. This young guy also has broken arm or something. it is all wrapped in a sling.

The next day at home, Shi-eun waits for her mother to leave before she leaves. Umma starts to head out but she does not leave completely, She is fixing Shi-eun’s shoes and tells her not to wear her shoes folded. People will think that your parents do not care about you at all. Shi-eun says that she does not care, but she does pu her shoes on the right way without the heel folded.

On the bus, Na-young talks to Shi-eun about dancing things. They have two days until the competition, maybe they will win! They talk about how Shi-eun is much better at dancing. SE says it is not because of Na-young, it is because of Park Hye-jin’s help. Na-young tells her that she is HJ’s best friend so you should just go hang out with her more. But then they tease her and says that HJ is behind her! But it is a joke.

Seung-chan is also on the bus listening to them. She asks for SE’s phone number but she says she will not give it to him. Then he asks for Na-young’s phone number but SE says not to give it to him. You know he has bad intensions. SE says that he will ask to be their facebook friend, he likes asking people phone numbers!

Then he asks if Na-young has a boyfriend and says that he can arrange a group meeting with guys. She tells him that she does not have high standards but what about Shin(?) from EXO. he does not have to be super handsome, just cute and nice. SE asks about her friend, what about her? NY starts to say that SE does not look at the height or face, what did you say once, an older man that has the same interest and can talk well?

SC tries to remember all of this about SE.
The teacher opens the locker to show them all of their dancing outfits, they are all excited to see them and grab an outfit. Hye-jin is the last to try hers on. It looks like she is a bit self conscious about wearing her outfit. She might also have tattoos?

In the end, Hye-jin heads out. They all tell her their goodbye’s and wonder where she is going. She is actually going to her part time ob at night and gets into a small accident.

the next morning, the girls practice but then we see Hye-jin come in. She is injured. SE thinks about herself and thinks that HJ just drinks and dates men. But the teacher says that the competition is not important, HJ is injured, that is important. SE and HJ starts to argue about their differences but the teacher tells them to stop.

HJ hobbles around.

SE – I was stupid and envious about a girl getting paid to meet a man.

HJ looks at her and then leaves.

the two spy girls come in and pretend like they are injured so that they will not be in the competition (the hip hop girl told them to do it). Everything is collapsing. SE pretends to kick them and tells them that they don’t have to pretend, HJ is out so they cant go anyway.

The next day at school, everyone is pissed and depressed. But they don’t want to confront HJ. SE is okay saying it is all HJ’s fault in front of her though. HJ hobbles out. NY thinks that SE is crazy, what if HJ tries to hit you? SE says that she never actually hits anyone, have you seen her hit anyone?

In the hallway, the teacher tells her that she does not have to be sorry about the injury.

Flashback to HJ actually being one of those bad kids that gets drunk all night in a club. She ended up beating up a guy that laughed at her. They both go to the Police Station, Kyuho has to go get HJ out of the police station. he gives everyone a drink as a gift and then tells HJ thta all the other kids wanted her to drink with them. She asks KH what he wants from her and speaks to him in banmal. She tells him to go away and not be a teacher to him.

But KH begs all the police and family and teachers to let her go back to the school.

It looks like KH really has hope for HJ, but one look from Dong-hee shows that no one else has hope for her.

In the present, the girls in the classroom wonder how they can probably still do the competition. Is there anyone else that can fill in? The girls in the back think tht they should make KH a high school girls student. But SE actually is jotting down what she will write for her college application. She has the perert story as an idea, but then thinks, ah pervert….She hops up and tells the other girls that she has an idea!

They get his number and text SC to come to the practice room. In SC’s brain, he thinks this si the best text ever and imagines it with lots of cuteness all over it. He steps out to meet the girls and beams when Shi-eun calls him Seun-chan instead of Seung-seung. He waves and walks to the bus but then get pulled in and the bus speeds off.

The teacher is driving, lol. Shi-eun tells him that they need him to be in the dance club competition. You have to do it. They all show him his recording on their phones as blackmail. But he finally comes clean and says that he was there because he is a pervert, you know that right. I can’t be in a dance competition.

But SE just starts to talk about how they need to go to the police station and tell the police to decide this. Otherwise, you can pretend to be a girl and be in the competition. It is a catch-22. SE wonders, if I go there, then who is my partner?

SE smiles and says that it would be her. She is all like, but you are a man part. You want me to be a girl part? I am a man but you want me to wear a skirt! i will die! SE smiles and tells him that it is not just a skirt, you will have to put on makeup and shave your legs and wear a wig.

They all show him all the things that he will have to do and have all the makeup and wigs and everything and put them on him in the car. SE tries to talk some sense into the teacher. The teacher tells him that they will never ever talk about wha happened before if you do the competition.

SC is all like NOOOOOOOOOOOO. While all the girls pull him back into the back part of the van to tease him as the car drives into the tunnel

Fade Out

Super, super cute episode! AH!!! I loved it! I love how they are all in on blackmailing this poor high school pervert guy (even the coach, lol) and how he has to dress up as a girl because he will be playing the girl role and Shi-eun does not know how to dance to the girl role. Is that symbolism? Because I am all behind that.

No preview?

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