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Just Dance: Episode 1 Live Recap

Live Recap Just Dance: Episode 1
We are picking up the delightful looking high school drama, Just Dance, that appears to only be four episodes. That is a lot of story to get to in 4 hours so I expect movie level pace; let’s get to it!

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Character Chart: Just Dance Character Chart

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We open with the girls and their coach about to step out ontot he stage for their performance. One of the girls turns back to her team, puts on a brave smile, and says, lets go.

Then we rewind to a house.

VO – Before I was 20, I it was just like I lived in a coffin. It is not my fault I spent my life meaninglessly before I became 20.

A mother tells her daughter to wake up so she can catch the bust, but we don’t see anyone yet. Just someone under the covers.

VO – It is all becaue I was orn as Park Shi-hyun’s daughter.

her mother tells her to wake up again and then goes to the room, she sees as letter.

VO – I hope she realizes this with my death, how bad of a mother she was. I hope she is suffering for the rest of her life and realizing how bad she was….but for me.

Mom – I have a huge bucket of cold water here, if you don’t wake up when I count to three…1 …

VO – I don’t have the courage to die

Mom – …….2……

VO – my F’ing underage life still….

Mom -……1…..

Vo – ….has two years left.

She sits up abruptly. her hair is a mess.

Cut to the family in the kitchen laughing at the letter. The sister is laughing and rolicking as she reads it.

Sister – Mom, read this…”my breath smells like rotten corpse, *haha* before 20, I am alive but it is like I am dead. *haha* Before I was 20, I was living in a coffin” *hahahahaha* This crazy girl, what is she even talking about, do you even know what a rotten corps smells like?

Shi-eun takes the letter away from the sister. The mother reads another letter about a field trip as the big sister keeps laughing. Umma tells her that they are both the same to her. But the sister tells the little sister that she laughed a lot because of her. Umma looks at Shi-eun and tells her to eat quickly, you wil miss your bus. But Sh-eun just starts eating toast slowly so her mom hits her over the head with a spoon.

Umma tells Shi-eun that she is filled with vanity. No high school girl goes to Seoul only to watch a movie, does this make sense? Shi-eun tells her that it makes sense, just sign this and call my teacher. Her mtoher just tells her that she has 20 minutes, if hse is late then she will kill her.

The older sister says goodbye to umma and leaves. But the youngest one is still in the bathroom pooping. her mother tells her to poop at school, don’t you know what time it is. (they seriously have a shot of her going on the bathroom toilet). She tells her that she cant go at school and then squinches a bit as she forces her poop out.

then her mother starts to brush her hair in her room. She tells her that she had an argument with her mother so that means she will kill herself now? The daughter is all like, yes, that is what you want. The mother says that she would take her there if she could, but don’t go by yourself, it is dangerous. then they start to talk about the sunabe that handed down the uniform. She said that there are no girls like you anymore. Kids only wear name brands in school clothes even.

But Shi-eun looks like she does not care about those things. Uma starts to do Shi-euns hair. We get a close up of her mothers hands which look tough. Shi-eun holds her skirt and then apologizes for yesterday, she will not do it again, ever.

Her mother finishes doing her daughters hair and tells hre that she shoud go to school. Then the mother heads out but she stops and turns back.

Inside, theh youngest is packing all her normal clothing and stealing money from her mothers things. it is frantic. But she hears something. her mother comes back in and sees her daughter watching TV in the liing room. Her daughter tells ehr to be quiet so she can watch this. Umma is all like, what are you doing? The daughter shushes her.

Umma has this look of, oh no you just didn’t.

Cut to Umma chasing Shi-eun up the street. She catches her and dumps her bag out then finds the money and ticket to Seoul. She shreds it and takes the money back. then she tells her to leave. Her dauhter is pissed but grabs her bag and says she is leaving. However the bus starts to leave right in front of them so the daughter is all like, look, the bus just left. The next one is not for 2 hours. It will still be the same, I amust late.

Cut to the umma driving her car as the daughter runs next to her like she’s Rocky. Umma tells her that she is going to work after she makes sure her daughter is going to school. the daughter yells, this is embarrassing! But umma tells her that she will be out of hr hands soon. the daughter is all like WHEEEEEEN. You will never be aout of my life!

She quickly runs ahead and makes it to the bus. her friends are there and greet her like this happens every single day.
Her friends are Do-yeon andYe-ji.

VO – They are not my real friends. We are just allies sticking together because we could not join any other groups.

Sitting is Kwon Seung-chan.

One of the guys Ye-ji about Judo, she says she quit because of her injury.

VO – She is lying. Loser.

Kim Na-young starts handing out candy.

VO – She wats attention but she can’t get love.

hae-jin asks what they are looking at.

VO – She is like nuclear waste like trash.

Two girls starts fighting playfully.

VO – They are just little micro organisms.

Shi-eun starts imagining something. Seung-chan looks at her.

VO – There is no one I can talk to.

A guy says, hey, would you like to sit here, I am a man so I can let you sit here. Someone else sits really quickly but Shi-eun sits anyway with her eyes closed. She sits on Ye-ji and everyone laughs. But it looks like Seung-chan wanted Shi-eun to have the seat.

Shi-eun stands again and puts her hand in her pocket as they go into the tunnel. She imagines that she has a gun and shoots her bullets into the air. The bullets have curse words on them. She yells, if you slow down this bus then it will blow up! She runs to the front and takes the wheel to drive the bus to Seoul. The bus leaves the tunnel on the way.

But she opens her eyes and is back.

VO – Sometimes I think it was a curse to be born. there are few ways to remove the curse.

1. Go back to the womb and refuse to be fertilized (animation of that)
2. Time machine (back to the future) Go back to the past and keep my mother ad father from meeting. But that wont happen in real life.

She sends texts to herself with everything that she has been imagining. Her friend asks her what she is doing, Shi-eun hides her cell phone.

They get to the school and we see that her mother followed the bus all the way there.

VO – Regretfully, my teenage life is all messed up.

All the kids get off the bus and go to school. They pass by one of the teachers, Lee Kyu Ho, and keep walking in.

VO – Because those old people think they are good people, I won’t let my life be all screwed up like this. I have plans.

We see a snippet of the dance class but then the camera cuts asay to teacher Kyu-ho getting some drinks from the convenience store and then walking somewhere. It looksl ike he bought hangover drinks?

Cut back to the dance class with a team looking very professional and great.

Then we see the mother on strike somewhere. But she goes into her company later to work.

the teacher finds a student smoking, Park Hye-jin, and tells her that she should at least go to class on time.

Another girl starts to drink something out of the fridge, Kyu-ho gets homeand tells her to buy things with her own money. She slinks away, then Kyu-ho puts all his drinks in the fridge.

Cut back to the professional looking dancers cutting a rug in their studio. They look good and are dressed the part.
Shi-eun goes to the head of the classroom to see if everyone turned in something, but the class is crazy and no one is listening so she goes to sit back at her desk. na-young taps her on her back and asks about Hye-jin. Shi-eun says that she is fine, she is not afraid of her at all.

the teacher comes in, Han Dong-hee, and tells them all to bring their cell phones to the front (he has a box) and attention. But no one is listening. However, Hye-jin comes in and tells them all to pay attention, they all stop what they are doing and pay attention.

Dong-hee tells them that their teacher is gone for maternity leave so he is taking over. He calls the roll call to meet with them all and see what they want to do with their life in teh future. the first person is Kim Shi-eun.

Cut to her meeting with him in the teacher office. She wants to go to Seoul but he tells her that Seoul people are going to the country side now, you should have more respect for your hometown. But she sees his application to work for a school in Seoul. He quickly puts it aside. she sighs and tells him that qualified people should be teachers (or people that deserve to be teachers should be teachers).

he is all like, yeah, you can go to Seoul school but your grades are……he looks at the grades……she is an all A student, only 2 Bs. he is all like, wow. But then her tells her that all the people go to school with special grades, you are first tier in a not so good school so it is not that special.

She tells him that she knows. He reminds her that he is the one that makes hr grades, if you want to go to college then you need to study well, but after your fathers death you think that you should study now. You need to get a job, you are not rich. (it looks like this school is a vocational school). he tells her to brign her mom so she can talk to her.

Shi-eun imagines her mother standing at work and turning into a Devil becuase she wants to go to school. COLLEGE! WHAT! COLLEGE! 😡

She asks him why he is bringing her mother into this? He says it is because she is underage, so bring your mother. Shi-eun says that he should jsut give her a good grade, he has never sent anyone to college anyway. He is all like….um….he looks caught so he tells her that he will give her the paperwork, she will have to fill it out. But you have to fill out eveything based on the fact.

She is all like, I know that, facts. She walks out, but before she did she pressed the keyboard and messed up her specialty to a lot of nonsense symbols. He yells that he will call her mother!

VO – Stupid, do you think I wrote my mothers real number there?

She keeps walking out.
Cut to the sister creating a drink at a martini bar. She tells them that their drink it ready! But then she goes outsid and grabs the drink as if she is the customer and happily sits outside to drink. It looks like she opened a beach bar but she is her only customer and she likes it that way, lol.

the teacher calls her instead of the mother (but he thinks she is the mother). The sister is all like, is this that guy that ran away without paying for the drink! How dare you call me! the teacher is all like, um, are you Kim Shi-eun’s mother? The sister is all like, oh no, what do I do! She runs to a quieter area and then tries to pretend like she is Shi-eun’s mother.

Meanwhile, Shi-eun tries to fill out her self introduction application on why she is applying for special case admittance, but she does not know what to write and blames her small town. Na-young and Ye-ji sit with her and try to eat something, but they don’t have anything good to eat. They start to talk about BTS. yeji says they were super bad which makes Na-young stop talking.

Shi-eun keeps keeding the application. She has to write what she learned from different activities at school. NY and YJ start to tlak about clubs, but they dont have anything in common so they stop talking. They try to talk about boyfriends but they stop. Ye-ji tells NY that she does not have to pretend to have a boyfriend, it is okay to have never dated.

VO – it is important to write down things based on how you grew up and write facts……ah, they really like growing up. if they like growing up so much then why don’t they do it.

NY and YJ wonder if Shi-eun has a boyfriend, they don’t think so. They ask if she likes guys.

VO – I don’t care.

SE – of course I like guys! *smile* I hate to share my personal life.

VO – S**t, that was a mistake. (she was supposed to say that last part in her head)

She leaves and everyone heads out.

VO – Even if I tru to pretend, there is always a moment where people figure things out.

Cut to Shi-eun hiding in the bathroom and then calling someone. We are sent to a memory of her on the beach waiting for soemone or watching someone? A lot of people are there.

VO – THere is only one person that deciphered my language.

We see hr meeting a guy on the beach, it looks like love at first sight? It also looks like ti is a movie set?

He also answers the phone in the present with her in the bathroom. She tells him that it is her break time. He asks her if she fought her mtoher again and we actually see him as a vision in front of him. She asks how he knows. He tells her that he knows from her voice, you wont be able to come today right? She tells him no. He apologizes for making her concerned and asks if her mother is really angry? She is about to tell him something about talking to the kids. But Oppa says that he has to go film, talk to you later.

She hangs up and thinks in the stall for a moment, but then she hears Hye-jin and Na-young come in.
One of them asks about Shi-euns clothing? Why is she wearing such an old uniform, is he poor? They think that she never said she is poor. But they wonder what kind of person she is. Should they just hango ut without her? But Hye-ji says that Shi-eun will be alone if they do. then they both leave.

Cut to a dance team dancing. Someone gets a text.

back at the school. Dong-hee tries to teach English but only two of the students are listening. Shi-eun is doing math. Outside, the dance team practices in the field with Kyu-ho but someone says that they will not be able to make it to the competition! Kyu-ho asks them what they are talking about? the studensays that they have to go on a field trip to the company on the day of the competition!

Kyu-ho runs inside to talk to the principal (VP of the school). they get into a tiny comedic fight. Kyu-ho tells him not to block the kids future. VP tells him that they can go to the competition next time. They have no award this year and the club is closed. When you put the members together they always cause trouble and run away. Why dont’ we make a class certificate instead of spending money on an unnecessary dancing club. It is better for the kids future.

Kyu-ho asks if they think he will give up with this childish act? But then they notice Dong-hee sitting right next to their argument. It looks like VP gave Dong-hee Kyu-ho’s desk. VP tells Kyu-ho that he put his desk inthe dance class since he is there all the time anyway. Kyu-ho smiles and tells him he is so thoughtful (sarcastically).

Elsewhere, all the stufents fight for the right to use the studio. Thre is Hip Hop club, Tempo club (Dance CLub), and Judo club. They all try to put their buttons on the board to claim their time in the studio. But the Judo guys are really just watching the girls fight ad looking concerned.

Cut to one of the girls sitting in the Tempo Club with a bloody nose, but she is unconcerned as she sits and writes signs to get new members to go to the competition. It looks like their group suddenly shrunk to 6 people because of VP. (The VP made a field trip to the huge company in the town for seniors so they cannot compete anymore).

They post their sign for wanting members in the Tempo group otherwise their club will close. They will provide meals and snacks.

Shi-eun sees it and thinks about what she needs to write on her college application. This would be perfect. All the thoughts of what she needs to write go through her head about storytelling and facts and her life. She smiles.

VO – For everyone, their life is the main person, first person view.

Shi-eun runs and tells Ye-ji that they should join the Tempo CLub, but Ye-ji says that she does not care abotu clubs. Shi-eun tells her that Dance Sports is sports! You used to be a competitor, right? right? But Ye-ji does not want to do things with her body. he gets up to leave.

Shi-eun is not deterred and runs after her. She says that there are snacks in the club! Na-young says that you did not quit Judo do to injury. We are good friends but I like you more than Na-young. She holds her hands and tells her, lets go.

It looks like Na-young wants to join the Hip Hop grpup but Shi-eun runs to her and tells her that they should join the Tempo Group. NY tells her that they are not popular but SE tells her that she can be the center if she is in it! Lets make the hip hop group regret not keeping a talent like you!

SE says that she will think about it. SE tells her that YJ ate bread and did not give them any. You see, I am telling you first. We are good friends, but I like you more than Ye-ji. She holds her arm and smiles.

VO – Your life needs the main person and supporting people.

SE – Lets run off and eat some bread.

They both run off.

SE bows to teacher Kyu-ho when she sees him and then voices over that it is nice to have support. But then she sees a sunbae on the stairs.

A sunbae is sitting ont he steps as her and another sunbae talk to two younger girls about dating oppas downtown. They tell them to stop that. Then they tell them to join the Tempo club and do something for her. These two girls are all like, huh?

In the present, Shi-eun shakes her head as she looks at those girls and calls them extra. In her phone she writes, Tempo Girls project in the same text message way she has been writing this entire time.

Cut to a fantasy about Kyu-ho begging Shi-eun to lead the girls. SE tells him that she will lead them responsibly! She runs off and tells na-young to be the center and then Ye-ji to not let your life be ruined because you aren’t a judo player. i will not let you be like that. She runs to those two extra girls and tells them that other people say they don’t hve an answer, but I trust you, lets go! Then she gets an award. She tells them that it is not about her, it woul dnot be possible without all our effort. I grew with them!

Then she starts to talk about all the guys that treated her poorlyl like her parents. She looks at the camera and says, I have no parents.

But she is pulled from her fantasy when a soccer ball hits her on the head. It is from Seung-chan. he asks for it back but she yells that he should no do this. So he hops the wall and runs to her, but she throws his ball somewhere else. He sighs and tells her that she needs to pick it up. But SE just tells him about when they grew up and he wanted to be the mom and wanted to trade his robot. that is why I called you Seung-seung not Seung-chon (like calling Johnathan, Jennifer).

he is all like, I don’t remember that. But she just yells that they used to bathe together all the time! Don’t be ashamed of your past! He looks at her and tells her that he is not the same person, he is a real man now! But seh laughs and says that he is still the same Seung-seung to her, the Seung-seung that follows her around all the way.

he tells her that he does not even remember her name, he likes pretty girls, not girls like you. I like people, humans that I can have a commonality with, no more no less! Shi-eun just yells for the teacher. Then the alarm goes off so everyone runs off.

Shi-eun tries to talk about Tempo again to her team, but they don’t get a chance tto becuase class is about to be over. The teacher comes in and tells them that this girls classroom has an old man smell, you need to clean things. But sit, I have something important to say.

Hye-jin gets up to leave.

the teacher is about to say something to Hye-jin, but then everyone else gets up to leave because Hye-jin got up to leave. So the teacher lets them all leave and tells them that he will see them next time. But he walks up to Hye-jin in the hall and tells her that she needs to go to school because then the kids will go to school too. And you should say something before you are kicked out of school and tell the kids where you are going. But it is good for you, you don’t have any parents so they will not tell you anything.

Hye-jin looks at him smugly and tells him that she can give him a present, a naked picture present. A lot of my friends will support me if I say you touched me. You know, an orphan like me. So let’s ruin you life. But then she says that she does not have his number and switches to banmal to tell him to live his life nervously becuase she is not sure when she will send that to him.

She walks off. he finally breathes and thinks that she is not recyclable trash like the rumor.
Cut to the audition, a lot of girls are there to try out which makes teacher Kyu-ho extra happy. He counts them all as he walks in. Shi-eun takes her place in line and prayes that these will all be girls thta she can control.

MOntage of the tryouts. the first girl does a sexy dance. The second girl strettches and can’t get up. Girl after girl keep trying out and he keeps telling them that they are out, out, out. But he does it nicely. But then he starts getting tired and just says, you out, you out, as his eyes grow droopy.

The two extra girls come in to dance, they think they are dancing the cha cha but they dance some type of samba. He tells them that they are out. They are all like, NOOOOOOO we have to be in, please. He is all like, no way, you are out.

No one has passed yet. A dancer comes out and says that no one passed yet, what should we do? The teacher is all like, didn’t you see the line? Let them in. But the student is all like, that is not the audition line, that is the bus line.

Kyu-ho goes outside and asks them if anyone in that line is applying for the audition to Tempo? Only Na-young, Shi-eun, and Ye-ji taise their hands.

Na-young does a dance that is not realted, (You’re in!)
Ye-ji does a Judo throw (You’re In!)
Shi eun just stands there (You’re In!)

They are all in, but they need more people so the extras tell him that they are still there! (Your In!)

Everyone is in, but they still need one more person. Kyu-ho turns around and tells the captain to send them to the workout room to change and to be nice to them. if anyone of them quits then we are out. then he turns back around and sends the kids to go, it’s practice time.

{We have to run off here for a prior engagement, we will be back to do the last ten minutes later on!}
Everyone heads off.

Then we see The huge factory that is in town. Shi-eun’s mother is working hard there welding something together. Four worker men walk around, it looks like one of them is DOng-seok. Shi-young takes off her mask and talks to the four guys, she asks them if this is the first time they have seen her working there? DS asks her if she has any pride? How can you come back to the place that fired you and continue working?

Shi-young asks, do you want to fire me? Then fire me. If, you want to see me at the ministry of labor. They keep walking.

Umma leaves and calls Shi-eun on ehr way home, but Shi-eun is not picking up. The mother says that her daughters liver is outside her body (she is too brave).

Cut back to the Tempo club. they all introduce themselves. Na-young says that she wanted to go to the hip hop club because they were the best in their school so maybe if we win first then they will recruit me. This Tempo club is for losers so it is kind of embarrassing.

The Captain tries not hold in her temper.

Shi-eun introduces herself first. She says that seh is Na-young’s friend. The captain asks why she is joining this club and not a certificate club. SE looks at her for a moment and then says that she want to dance a lot. But she actually does not know how to dance at all.

The Captain breaks her pencil silently.

the next ones come up to introduce themselves. they are all bad. Cut to the last one dancing, he can actually dance and do a split so the captain looks like they might be able to work with this.

the teacher comes in and brings Hye-jin in with him. She will join their club. Shi-eun is all like, NOOOOO. But then she asks, are you really joining? But then they hear some kind of dog sound. The teacher walks slowly over to the locker and opens it.

Cut to Seung-chan sitting int he locker, he is busted! he accidentally sat on a rubber chicken which is what made the sound. The teacher pulls him out and then asks why he is there! Do you like one of the kids? SC is about to say that he does nt know them, but then he notices Shi-eun.

Shi-eun is all like, I think he is about to confess to me. But SC says that he is not! SE does not believe it and says that she will refuse it several times. But SC says he is not there for them! they are all like, give us evidence. He tells them he can’t show them evidence! Does he want to show them his brain.

They start teasing him about his love for Shi-eun. But Shi-eun says that he is not that kind of guy – he is a pervert! We changed out clothes over there! Just confess that you like me, it is better than being a pervert.

He thinks for a moment but then he explodes that he does not like her at all! Ever!

they tell the teacher to search his cell phone just in case he took a photo. The teacher does that but then we see that his father is calling. SC is all like, no, don’t answer!

Cut to his father, it is Dong-seok who got into it with Shi-young at the company. He is looking at Shi-young in her car as he is in his car. His son does not answer.

In the dance studio, SC tells them that he is there for dance! But no one believes him. Kyu-hp is about to drag him back to his school and call his father. But Seung-chan tells them not to call his father, he will kill him! All the girls are all like, you deserve it!

Seung-chan is able to break away and does a swooping dance move with his arms out wide. then he does a well practiced choreographed dance and stops in front of Shi-eun.

SC – Okay! Do you beleive me! Is it good enough Kim Shi-eun!

Fade Out


Wow, I love this show. I love the cool pastel faded look they have with the actual image of the shots which, surprisingly, gives it a high school feel. I don’t even know how it does that, but it feels so high school. The production value is high quality as well. Plus our main character, Shi-eun, reminds me of Kim Sam-soon in high school, which is always a good thing.

I am mostly reminded of Kim Sam-soon because of all the hilarious fantasies Shi-eun inserts herself into when she should be thinking of something else. It is all very well done.

Plus, everyone is quirky! I love that, so much.

KH – The important thing in dancing is having fun. Move your body with the rhythm.
KH – Sejin got injured last night.
NY – What about our competition?
SE – Park Hye-jin, you drunk last night? of course you did.
Mom – You told your teacher that you want to go to college?
SE – Let me just live my life the way I want.
SE – Oppaya, congratulations for your successful debut as a director.
VO – is there anyone that can go to the competition in one day?
SE – hey, hey, hey, I know the way to attend the competition! Daebak!


Korean Drama Just Dance Character Chart

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    December 3, 2018 / 4:44 pm

    oh fuck.. It seems sooo good! So far I’m not dissapointing!

    • V
      December 3, 2018 / 7:26 pm

      It is really good so far. I really enjoyed the first episode!

      • missjb
        December 3, 2018 / 11:25 pm

        I already watched it, and it’s already meet my expectation towards the show. I have familiar with this writers short drama, and i love all of her drama. and if she can keep up the momentum till the last screen, it will be my favourite drama this year. Unfortunately there is no star who will lure common watchers to check out this drama.

        • V
          December 4, 2018 / 6:30 am

          Right, they are all up and comers and it’s only eight thirty minute episodes. But I love it so far! I need to check out this writers other work because the first episode on this one was really good.

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