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Jang Ki Yong Instagram Roundup Part III

장기용 Instagram
Part III of Jang Ki-yong‘s (장기용) Instagram roundup is below. The Instagram Roundup is where we go fishing through someones Instagram (a famous persons, natch) and try to find some posts that are interesting and tell us a little bit more about them in their everyday life. It’s basically my excuse to myself to get lost on Instagram for several hours.

We went way deep into Jang Ki-yong’s going all the way back to 2013-2014 in this 4 part roundup. You can find Part I here and Part II here. Part III is below, enjoy!

juanxkui Cherry blossoms blossomed so pretty. Finally the Spring is starting. Sniff~this is the smell of spring. Sniff. #Smell #NostrilIsOn #OffIsLater

juanxkui First nail job in my life. I feel like my fingers were reborn. Except the fact that the nail technician tried to remove my finger with her high level techniques as if she was sharpening a pencil. It was a little embarrassing at the beginning as a man, but it was a wonderful experience.


juanxkui Even though the bus seat was like a volcano, we overcame it with our passion, vigor, fighting. #clam soup, seafood soup, crap soup, kimchi soup #Let’s eat soup tang tang tang (tang=soup) #breathe hard #dum dada #ye

juanxkui Yul noona’s opening balloon. Acting guidance. Apply it right away. Increased adrenalin after eating. My veins on my forehead became more noticeable and at the same time, a little bit of dancing time.

juanxkui #Jillstuart

juanxkui With Shittang and Yul nuna. We found a good restaurant. I want to shoot Gourmet road. A place you can enjoy food #ung kik kik #Want to maintain this Dooly tummy. #Please

juanxkui #Moving chorus #Harmony #Is this the haven? feel?

juanxkui Sudden photo shoot. We top posed with a New York feel music beat, while we were in passion and fighting, Miya noona’s top pose captivated us.

juanxkui #Gun-san #Arrived at Chung-song #With Yong-am hyung before bed #Will climb a mountain after a few hours #After a council #Departure for sparing #Bye

juanxkui Relaxing Sunday. Picked our menu with feeling of a holiday. Didn’t last long, a shower. oh oot #i can’t stand it.

juanxkui At Daegwallyeong with horse bros. Tight muscle fighting. This place is really ?

juanxkui Mybro

juanxkui This is why people say its green-green #taste like #honey#weather

juanxkui Some music I downloaded before. It has a fighting beat. I was determined to maintain my calmness, but my body is already dancing with the music. My lips are endlessly moving. I can’t control my neck. Front-back side-side back-side one-two one-two. It is the right moment #right moment

juanxkui Came to Woo-jae hyung’s house. It’s just like a pension (B&B). Left with a good nights sleep. #Gumone

juanxkui Ah, I saw Ju Woo-jae, that hyung while walking on the street. I wanted to take a selfie together since I am his fan, but I just raised my thumb for a cheer-up and left because he looked busy with something. He looked cool.

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  1. fa
    June 2, 2019 / 2:24 am

    just wooooow i think its a blessing to see his ild posts through this platform thanx for keeping this treasure *-*

    • V
      June 8, 2019 / 6:59 am


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