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Jang Ki Yong Instagram Roundup Part II

장기용 Instagram
Part II of Jang Ki-yong‘s (장기용) Instagram is below. Part I is posted here. This one continues to show just how fun-loving and goofy of a person he is. I love all the behind the scenes from his modeling shoots and the random asides in his daily life. The live recap of Go Back Spouses is coming up tomorrow. See you there!

juanxkui The sky I looked up while I was listening to Cha Ji-yeon’s All this time. being sentimental..#Teostudio

juanxkui Tried a froggy jump just because and succeeded on the first try. #Roar#Nice#hwilyuppwillwe

juanxkui #Hungery#Meal#GottaGoHome#Hungry#StartingToBe

juanxkui Sorry for leaving early. #SpicyBlueCrabStew #Fighting! #HappyNewYear #Bowing

juanxkui Relatives who are difficult to meet unless it is holidays. Whenever I see them, I am amazed because time passes by so fast. They already became a toddler, it was like yesterday when I played with my cousins, but they already went to middle school. Funny and amusing. As usual, we left with promising fighting. We will do our best in our own fields for a wonderful gathering next time. #GoingBackHome

juanxkui Finally met each other again. #FeelingHurried #Can’tHelp #AfterNeatly saying bye and tried to get a taxi but it just passed by. Back of the head confidence went down.

juanxkui Fireworks with Whilit noona. hehehe. #Fun #people are making love in all 30 cars parked here #I guess this place is for love #I will remember it #secret

juanxkui Sometimes I want to run without any reason, unexpectedly, all of a sudden. While I was thinking about why I realized that I liked running since I was young. #MiniYong #OldPictures #Remembering #MiniYong

juanxkui Burst of top pose #PhotoBy#Sal-gu #Sal9

juanxkui After a long time?#AhS-nu #Travel

juanxkui Cart rider. a girl in front of me is very serious. I can’t lose. run .#3#2#1

juanxkui Bird festival here. Intense kids march, one kid presented a technique of showing the white part of the eye because he is so excited. He was cute. So wired. So wired, but it is a new world, meeting new birds. Right, this is the place for the bird festival. #NewWorld.

juanxkui Tash!tat-sswi

juanxkui Found a good restaurant! chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp #again chomp chomp chomp #Finally #Dooly stomach

juanxkui It hurts my head #Stop #Stop #Philips #Music saved me in the middle.

juanxkui You are watching a giraffe raise

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