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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 9 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Kang-tae asks Moon-yong if she is ready and says that he is coming in. He opens the door to her room and sees her in a Carrie Underwood or Breakfast at Tiffanys-esque look with a black and white sun dress and huge black and white sunhat on.

She walks to stand in front of Kang-tae. They both look at their outfits. He asks her if she is going to a costume party? She asks him if he is running away overnight?

KT – Don’t you have anything comfortable?

MY – Clothes are comfortable when you take them off

KT – Don’t you have anything normal?

MY – I don’t like normal

KT – Why?

MY – Because it is normal

KT – Why don’t you at least wear comfortable shoes

MY – What do you have? *rifles through bag* Snack food? Are we refuges?

KT – We will get hungry when we go out.

She takes out tons of snacks from his bag and a medical kit.

MY – Are you going to see a patient?

KT – Just in case.

MY – Hey, don’t show off that this is your first time traveling. You just take care of me.

She pulls him close to her by his shirt. His phone rungs so he picks it up. She yells, don’t pick it up. Who is that! He excuses himself.


Kang-tae meets the head doctor at Subway. Kang-tae asks what the urgent thing is? The doctor says he cannot talk when he is hungry. Do you have an appointment? With Ko Moon-young?

He chuckles and tells him that he said he was a specialist in reading people.

Kang-tae asks, can I ask you something? What does this person think when she wears overly fabulous clothing? Is she….showing off herself?

JW – Opposite. She is protecting themselves. It is almost like armor. So you protect her well.

Kang-tae did not expect that answer, he looks stunned.


Back at the mansion, Sang-tae sits at his desk and Moon-young sits at her desk. He asks when they are going to have the meeting.

MY – What kind of women does Kang-tae date?

ST – nurses, patients, my teachers, and ajummas

MY – I mean, what kind of women does he like?

ST – He does not like women

MY – Does he like me?

ST – He only likes me. I am his favorite person. He only plays with me.

MY – That is why he does not like the fun of hanging out. I should play with him properly.

ST – no, I gave you Mang-tae so you should play with Mang-tae. i will play with Kang-tae.

MY – So I cannot play with Kang-tae?

ST – He only plays with me.

MY – Do you like Kang-tae also?

ST – Yes, he has pretty eyes

MY – Have you ever hated him?

Sang-tae stops for a second and looks around.

MY – You did, when did you hate him? …. Are you not going to tell me?…. Oppa, do you know that fairytale, the Kings Ears are Donkey Ears?

ST – Yes, he shouted at the bamboo forest, THE KINGS EARS ARE DONKEY EARS.

MY – that is right, if you are the only person who knows the secret then you will die with stress. You should tell it to someone. When did you hate him the most?

Sang-tae starts to play with his fingers, then is saved when he gets a phone call from Jae-soo and leaves.


The doctor tells Kang-tae that Moon-yong might be scared of her mother and not miss her mother and Kang-tae wondered. But he cannot 100 percent trust a dementia patient. It is possible though.

Kang-tae wonders, what if she really isn’t dead, just disappeared.

The doctor thinks that she will come to see her husband or her daughter. Hopefully it is just me worrying about this. But just in case, please protect writer Ko moon-young.



Cut to Moon-yong and Kang-tae in the car. She tells him that his hyung is very calculating. He has clear give and take. There is nothing that is free. 

KT – Is that why you two became besties? Because you are similar?

She turns on the music instead of answering.

In town, we see that Jae-woo gave Sang-tae a ride back to the town house. Jae-soo tells him that it is good to come home right? Ajumma will make Samgyupsal. 

Sang-tae asks him why he is following him. Jae-soo tells him it is to hang out together. Sang-tae tells him, no thank you. Jae-soo is all heartbroken. How can you tell me to go? I closed my store and took Alberto to the top of the mountain and came back. 

Sang-tae tells him that no part-timers want to hang out with their boss inside their house. 

They both go to the top and see a huge red circular container. Jae-soo wonders what that is , is ajumma making kimchi? Sang-tae tells him that is a winter thing.

Then they see Sang-in come out of the huge tub. He is either taking a bath or he is cooling off. 

Jae-soo asks him what he is doing in broad daylight completely naked? He says he is just enjoying his time. He usually goes to an overseas resort but he is here so he is doing this. Do you want to hop in?

Sang-tae says no  no no no and heads downstairs. Jae-soo follows him.


Moon-yong asks Kang-tae where he is going. He says he is going to a mountain and field, but the mountain first.

They get to a long suspension bridge. 

KT – Wow *happy*

MY – Wow *scared* Is this the thing that is out of your normal life that you dreamed off? Are we jumping together on a string (bungee jumping). 

KT – Would you? *chuckles* Lets go.

MY – NO.

KT – Why not?

MY – I am scared.

KT – *chuckles* That is funny that you say that

MY – Are you having fun? Do you think crossing this bridge is that fun?

KT – I wanted to come somewhere high and open. I can’t come with hyung. It is good, I am here now so let’s go.

MY – You can’t hang out with you hyung like this? Okay, let’s do it. But you have to give me a piggy back ride.

KT – You stay here, I will be back

He starts to walk on the bridge and chuckles. She curses that he should give her a piggy back ride!

She starts to walk out and says it is shaky! He says it is shaky. She asks him to wait for her. He tells her to sing if she is scared. So she stars to sing, but her song is horrible. He tells her not to do that, it is too scary. She says he is going to get it.

they get to the other side. She tells him she is hungry, what are you going to feed me?

KT – In the mountain, squid sushi.

MY – What?

KT – Let me see if there are good restaurants around.

MY – Stand over there, I will take a photo of you.

KT – You said you are hungry.

MY – Just come.

He sits and smiles to take a photo. She tells him to pick a cool pose. He is super uncomfortable doing it. He finally says he isn’t doing it anymore. 

She tells him that she will take a photo with him. You need to smile and not cry. So they start to take a ton of selfies. But he gets another call. 

they end up meeting patient Jung-tae and patient Ah-rum at a countryside house. They are happily eating watermelon when Kang-tae and Moon-young walks up on them.

KT – What happened?

JT – Ah, so…

Flashback to PO asking doctor JW to send Jung-tae instead of him on the day out. Then we see Jung-tae getting out of a taxi and meeting Ah-rum. They ran off together.

JT – We came all the way here.

The taxi dropped them off on the street. 

JT – after paying for the taxi, we don’t have money to stay anywhere. 

AR – We have no money *chuckles*

KT – How do you know my phone number?

Jung-tae holds up the emergency contact list.

We see anther flashback of Sun-hae stealing the list from the nurses station.

JT – You are the closes to me among the people on the list.

KT – you should not meet patients outside

JT – I know it is against the rules, so can I borrow money for a room? It is difficult to come out. i will just spend time with Ah-rum today and go back tomorrow.

AR – They accept credit cards

KT – No.

JT – Why not! This is because of you, you said I should stop liking her because dating inside the hospital is banned. But when her ex-husband hit MY – what did you do hyung?

AR – Yeah, he didn’t stop

KT – Back then….

JT – Because of that one punch, Ah-rum’s family came and we are separated and she is out of the hospital. So we can’t have one night?

AR – it is so baaaaad *tears*

Moon-yong comes back around and says that she got the room next door. She gives him the receipt. Kang-tae pulls her off to talk.

KT – i told you we have to go back at night.

MY – Are you Cinderella?

KT – you go back

MY – They will run away because the woman is going to America soon and the man has to go back to the mental hospital. Look at their eyes, do you think they will be separated? rationale will never win over desire.

Kang-tae looks at them and sighs.

MY – Are you going to let them run away? Or are you going to separate them cruelly? Just today, let them spend time together and you can take him to the hospital, okay?

KT – *looks at her* My work is paused. I am not doing it.

He starts to walk away, but stops and looks back at the happy couple. Moon-young looks at him and smiles.



Everyone easts together at Joo-ri’s place. So all the people renting and the Joo-ri and her mom are sitting at a table. 

Sang-in tries to feed Joo-ri she tells him to just stop. He puts it in her mouth anyway, lol.

Sung-jae asks how Sang-tae’s work is going with Moon-yong. Sang-tae says they will do it alter which means before they die. Sang-in asks, what???She wants to do it later??? Aish!

Soon-duk asks if they are close and tells him to come with her later. Sang-tae says they are best friends. 

Sung-jae wonders, maybe Moon-young and Kang-tae went on vacation together?

Joo-ri looks bummed.

It is all awkward right now, lol. 

Jae-soo finally tells Sung-jae that she has a good imagination. Sang-in agrees and says that she should be a writer! Hahahaha. Then they talk about drinking beer.

Joo-ri and Sang-in go out to buy beer. Sung-jae asks him to buy her a coffee too.

On the walk back, Joo-ri tells Sang-in that they might be together, Kang-tae and Moon young. He tells her they might, but that is not important because you are with me now.

Joo-ri says that she knows why Moon-young keeps him around for a long time. Sang-in asks, is that a compliment? It is actually not her that is keeping me around. i am sticking with her.

JR – Why?

SI – because I can’t leave her alone. She is so lonely but she doesn’t want anyone to know about it so she pushes people away. She is a strange kid.

JR – They are very similar. That is why they are attracted to each other *teary*

SI – Joori, there are many many reasons why someone is attracted to another person. maybe a pretty smile or cursing after drinking and changing 180 degrees and slapping someone without noticing. *laughs* Kang-tae should have found the reason from Moon-young.

He keeps walking on. She thinks about that.


Kang-tae sits on the pyong-sang outside looking all sorts of worried about the patients. Moon-young comes with some food and tells him that the owner halmoni made this for them to try. She made it herself.

Moon-young pours some of the tea syrup that the halmoni made. She asks if Sang-tae called yet? Kang-tae gets up and says that he will call him.

So he goes to call him and asks if he ate? Sang-tae says samgyupsal Kang-tae says he should  be full, what are you doing now. Sang-tae asks what he is doing? When are you coming back?

Kang-tae tells him he will be very late, I will be out overnight. Don’t worry about me. Be sure you have the mosquito net. Do not sleep on the floor and be sure to put the fan on rotate (he puts the fan on rotate). Be sure to call me if you cannot sleep.

Sang-tae tells Kang-tae to call him if he is bored. Then he hangs up.

Kang-tae walks back around looking a bit miserable.

MY – Ah, your face looks like a face I saw in a drama.

KT – What?

MY – The guy that had an affair and left the wife at home.

he sits and drinks the tea.

MY – I do not want to be the second, I will be the first.

KT – You guys can’t be besties. Hyung was happy that he was besties with you.

MY – Well, I like your hyung, he is cute.

KT – My mother wished one thing in her life. For hyung to have a friend. A real friend who connects. Just one friend.

MY – I used to have one. One friend.

Cut to Joo-ri looking int he mirror in her room She pulls out Moon-young’s book to read it and we go to a flashback of lot of kids mocking a little Joo-ri. She starts to cry.

MY – She was afraid of her classmates.

Moon-young comes down and all those kids are quiet.

MY – Those kids were afraid of me.

Joo-ri starts to follow little Moon-yong around. Moon-yong tells her to go away. Joo-ri asks if they can be friends.

MY – I was happy because I wasn’t bored.

They play together.

MY – And she was happy because kids would not bully her. But…

Joo-ri starts to make other friends.

MY – She did not want to have only one friend. She wanted to be everyone’s friend. I did not like that.

KT – So did you do something bad to her?

MY – Yes, I thought if she became lonely again then she would be friends with me again only.

Little Joo-ri goes to sit with some of the kids but they all get up and leave. She tries another group and they all left as well. She looks at little Moon-yong. Moon-yong smiles.

MY – But that wasn’t the case.

Joo-ri adds water to something and Moon-yong comes close to her. She tells her to leave her alone and throws her paint on her and cries for her to please go away.

Int he present, Joo-ri sits in her room and reads the book.

MY – the friend who connects does not exist.

KT – Just be friends with her again.

MY – no.

KT – Why not?

MY – I have a bestie. *scoots closer to him* and you. Ah, your cheek *touches his cheek*

He jumps away and falls on the ground.

Inside one of the rooms, Jung-tae drinks the tea and thinks that this is alcohol. Halmoni said this was just syrup. Ah-rum grabs it to tell him not to drink it! He says he is not drinking it, I spit it out.

But we see that Kang-tae drank it and is all passed out in he and Moon-yong’s room. He wakes up to see Moon-yong turning off his phone. he mutters drunkenly and tells Moon-yong to go to the other room and send Jung-tae there.

She tells him that they are a couple that is going to break up tomorrow, just give them a break.

He is about to roll over but she tells him that she does not want to see his back. He smiles at her. 

MY – You smile well when you are drunk, like a dummy.

KT – it is fun to be with you. I keep smiling.

MY – Hmm

She sits up and then we go outside so we only see them in their silhouettes and she hops on him, lol. He tries to run away, she tries to grab him. The camera scrolls to show the patient couple who are sitting outside now and talking about love and how love is about enduring for a long time. Ah-rum smiles and rest her head on his shoulder.

back inside, Kang-tae has finally held Moon-yong down. She says he wins, just let me go and I will sleep. 

He lets go of her arms and she immediately tries to hop on him again. So he pulls her close to him and holds her tightly so she can’t move. He tells her please, let’s just sleep like this.

MY – if you pat my head. I heard that if you pat someone’s head then they can sleep well.

He reluctantly and hesitantly reaches a hand to pat her on her head. She happily cuddles into his arms and closes her eyes. He also closes his eyes.

later on that night, he sits in the corner while she sleeps. He is talking to himself.

KT – I told you, I cannot stop myself anymore. I cannot run away anymore.

He closes his eyes and tries to sleep.



Sang-tae slept on his desk that night. He mutters in his sleep, don’t go, don’t leave…Kang-tae.

Moon-yong wakes up and goes looking for Kang-tae. She walks outside and looks around.

In his house, Sang-tae wakes up all teary and sweaty and muttering, don’t leave me. He calls his brother and looks around. His drawing is of three people on a camping trip. They are all in a camper.

In the countryside, Moon-young finally finds Kang-tae walking around. She asks him where he went. He says he has something he did not give her before. He shows her some flowers.

She smiles.

KT – This time, do not step on them.

MY – They are pretty.

KT – you are also.

They both look at each other pleasantly and share a nice moment. Then he leans in and kisses her lightly. Her eyes grow bright. He looks at her, wondering what she is thinking. She smiles. He relaxes. A lovely song plays in the background.

She turns into a little kid looking at him. Then she turns a back into her adult self.

They walk back to the pension. the halmoni that runs the place says that they other two left early the next day. But their shoes are still there. Then Jung-tae comes back around. He is a bit teary eyed.

Flashback to the couple walking away. Moon-yong gave them a pile of cash to run away if they wanted. But Jung-tae stops and tells her that it feels wrong. If we run away then it will make our love cheap and cowardly. She asks what he is talking about?

he says that when he sees alcohol he feels like he is going crazy. it was difficult to stop yesterday. Without you I would have just drank it all like crazy. I am not strong enough to take care of you yet.

She cries and tells him that they can work on it together. He holds her and tells her that he should be the one that gets over this. I will do it. I will be healthy and come to you. So just wait for me.

Int he present, Moon-yong an Kang-tae drive him back to the hospital. Jung-tae cries in the car on the way.

They get to the hospital. Jung-tae gets out and goes inside. Moon-yong thinks he is dumb, why did he let the woman he loves go. Kang-tae explains it is because he likes her so much. Sometimes you have to send the person you love away because you love them so much.

Moon-yong thinks that is BS and says that she will never let him go. He tells her not to be so sure, you don’t know what will happen (uh, oh, that does not sound good.). he gets out. She tells him to come back quickly. (uh oh, that also doesn’t sound good).

Inside, Jung-tae tells PO that Moon-yong and Kang-tae came together. Jung-tae tells him yes, that important person from the west was him. Caregiver Cha-yong over hears them.

Jung-tae says that they ha a good memory because of those two. PO think sthey might be dating. Cha-yong whispers that that is daebak.


Kang-tae goes to his brother and tells him that it looks great. Sang-tae asks why he did not pick up the phone? Kang-tae checks his phone and says that the battery must have died. Did you call me?

ST – Yes, 4-9-17 times.

KT – Why, what happened?

ST – Where did you go?

KT – I told you, I had an appointment so I went to Seoul

ST – Alone?

KT – Yes, alone. Can I get you new water?

ST – I will do my own work….I will do my own work

he walks away to get his own water. Kang-tae looks at Sang-tae’s bag. His drawing book is in it so he kneels to look at it.

Meanwhile, Cha-yong bursts into the storage area and tells the nurses that he has big news! But keep it a secret.

Outside, Moon-yong keeps waiting in the car. She thinks that she is so hungry, why isn’t he coming. So she unbuckles to go inside.

Cha-yong keeps spreading the rumor around and tells the young doctor about it. He tells him to keep it a secret. Moon Yong-tae and Ko Moon-yong will get married soon! It is true, Joo Jung-tae saw them traveling together and they slept int he same room.

But Sang-tae was int he bathroom! Oh no! He comes out and starts to clean his hands.

At the mural, Kang-tae looks at the camper drawing. The head nurse looks over his shoulder and says that it is really good. Did you go on a trip in a camper? he says no and pus the drawing book up. She asks if he met patient Joo Jung-tae? He says no.

But Sang-tae tells him he is lying. Kang-tae stands.

ST – Hyung told you not to lie.

KT – Hyung, what is it?

ST – Do you like Ko Moon-young writer better or me better?

KT – Why are you asking me that?


Nurse – Of course hyung!

KT – Of course you hyung


Everyone starts to look at them.


KT – It’s true


He throws the water on Kang-tae. Kang-tae says it is not a lie. I am sorry, I was wrong I will never do it.

ST – Hyung should die, hyung should die, you said without me you told mom all the time that without me i should die, that is why you put me in the water. I said save me but you ran away. You wanted to kill me every day! *sobbing* MY BROTHER WANTED TO KILL ME. EVERYONE MY BROTHER WANTED TO KILL ME!!!!

Kang-tae falls on the ground in shock and starts to cry uncontrollably.


Everyone is staring and is concerned. Kang-tae starts to mumble and cry and blubber that this isn’t true, it is not true, but he can’t really form any coherent sentences.

Fade Out


Aw, man! Talk about feeeelings! Moon-yong asked Sang-tae if there was ever a moment he hated his brother and low and behold, Sang-tae basically exploded that moment all over the hospital lobby.

I mean, I can’t really hate him for it considering that Kang-tae did routinely tell their mother that he wanted his brother to die and actually was about to let him drown in a frozen lake/river, so there’s that.

I think this is good for Sang-tae to get it off his chest. Though it hit Kang-tae like a bag of bricks, geez, someone give that kid a medal for his performance! I could truly see the acceptance of what he told his brother as a kid filled with his regret about it and his need to fix that misunderstanding all at once. There was also a touch of truth in it too though, it’s almost like he was super crying because his life would be so much easier if his brother wasn’t in it and he thought that as early as today. So yeah, lots of emotions for Kang-tae to unwrap.

The preview looks like they will all go into therapy land to try and get this all sorted which might make them move out of Moon-yong’s place. I can’t wait to see what happens, though, granted I want it to be back on the up and up soon so we can all have fun times together.

See you tomorrow!


English Translation

KT – Why did you save my life? Why didn’t you let me die?

JW – Just survive. You never know maybe one day hyung will save you.

KT – I had a dream

MY – What you just told me sounds like you are begging me to grab hold of you.

MY – I miss….

JW – he knows a lot about Do Hee-jae or….

Note in book – Younger brother kills older brother

OR – Should I kill him?

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  1. Marmele
    July 18, 2020 / 12:45 pm

    Oh my poor Heart! I feel for every single one of them.
    And yes KSH is a bullet trough the heart when he cries-
    the ending was quiet heartwrenching with both brothers
    in that scene.

    I was so happy he kissed her..and that colleague of his is a
    tattling snake! Ahh!!!

    • V
      July 18, 2020 / 1:42 pm

      I wanted to shake some sense into that colleague! He made me so mad!

    • V
      July 18, 2020 / 1:43 pm

      Super roller coaster today. I enjoyed the entire thing.🥰😭🤗

  2. Gita
    July 18, 2020 / 1:04 pm

    Laughing, hugging, kissing, then… Crying. It was a roller-coaster episode for KT. So heartbreaking 😢

    • V
      July 18, 2020 / 1:43 pm

      Yep yep yep!!!! I was hanging on and enjoying it!

  3. No Longer a Kdrama Newbie
    July 18, 2020 / 2:14 pm

    Hey V. It’s so great to see you recapping this drama.

    Your take is completely different from mine.
    Whilst I can understand that SangTae felt hurt by his brother wanting him to die when he was younger,
    I feel like what he did at the end of this episode was malicious. He did it to break GT down. Which is all part of the ownership that he feels over him. I think he had been feeling threatened by GTs relationship with Ko MunYo and the lying tipped him over the edge.

    In my view, he knew exactly what he was doing at that point & poor GT had his worst nightmare come alive in front of everybody. ST literally told a twisted version of what happened. GT never pushed him into the lake & HE WAS THE ONE WHO LEFT HIS BROTHER TO DIE.

    He’s a sweet character & we love him to bits but there may be a dark underbelly that we are hesitant to explore with him.

    • Marmele
      July 18, 2020 / 2:22 pm

      You might be onto something… The Brother might be manipulating Kang Tae.
      Hmmm.. i am indeed hesitant.. i need to rewatch now 🙂

    • Su Min
      July 19, 2020 / 6:36 am

      I couldn’t really understand why he had to scream and ‘announced’ to all the other people around, it was malicious but if i understand it as a kid screaming and claiming rights over his favourite toy (that he has for so many years), then yea, i kind of get ST’s reaction.
      I agree that ST felt some kind of ownership over GT and i think GT was constantly tied down by what his mum has taught him, guilt and family ties.
      I always felt that it was the way his mum brought both of them up. Not to say his mum’s bad, but perhaps their mother just didn’t know that she has to teach them to be both independent, yet supportive of each other. This strong dependence and ownership just wouldn’t work out now that both of them are adults and i’m glad that at least the problem has surfaced and once they get through it, their life will be so much better!
      It’s so sad that all of them has been through so much!
      Impressive acting though, love the many layers in one scene and the way the plot’s unfolding through the episodes!

    • V
      July 19, 2020 / 1:00 pm

      OMG, YAAAAAS, I can see how it can be malicious tooo! I had not thought of it this way! He does know exactly what happened so he should know that he was the one that fell in and he also knows that his brother jumped in and he should also know that he is the one that ultimately left his brother there. Ooooh, good insight!

  4. Jane M
    July 18, 2020 / 3:49 pm

    I can’t believe Sang Tae is manipulating his brother, but I do think all of the characters in this drama have unreliable memories – well, maybe with the exception of Song Tae. The scene on the frozen pond is too stylized to be what really happened. Water that cold would have been impossible to survive for more than a few minutes. So my guess is all 3 of our main characters witnessed that event and each of them have partial memories of it. But, oh my heart, it is still taking me some time to stop crying after that incredible ending! I have no word for how well the lead up and actual portrayal of that catharsis played out. What a story this is! And how beautifully it is being told. I KNOW that in the end the 3 of them will happily ride off in their camping car together, but there are some major bumps in the road to get over before that.

    • No Longer a Kdrama Newbie
      July 18, 2020 / 5:11 pm

      Yeah I watched it again – it was harrowing and unpleasant and heartbreaking (such powerful acting) & I’m even more convinced. ST wanted to tie his brother down. He did what he did on purpose. It was to punish GT and also to clip his wings. The exhibitionist nature of it. Screaming like that for every to hear? Yeah, that was malicious.

      It would have been totally different if he was screaming at his brother and asking why he left him to drown but that’s not what he did. He was literally telling the world to come hear the spectacle.

      ST doesn’t see that GT is in pain because of him. He only sees that they are brothers and they belong to each other. My heart breaks for GT.

      Hmmmm interesting comment about the selective memory thing, I wonder if that plays out. I’m still curious about the butterflies and the role they have to play in all this.

    • V
      July 19, 2020 / 12:58 pm

      It was so good! And I love how they tied it into the story of the King with Donkey ears!

  5. Sebba
    July 19, 2020 / 3:50 am

    If anyone else is interested the theme of caregiver in Kdrama check out Catch the Ghost – another favourite of mine that handles those feelings of responsibility vs freedom really well. Again the performances of the main leads in that are spectacular.

    • V
      July 19, 2020 / 12:56 pm

      Ooh, thank you for the recommendation!

  6. Joanne Wabeke
    July 19, 2020 / 3:56 am

    GT has been caretaking his brother for many years, it is a tough job (I’ve done it) and he has traded off much of his youth/personal life doing it. Sang Te doesn’t like GT having a relationship, he feels threatened by it and so he lashed out at GT. GT deserves a life of his own regardless of who it is with. I see this as a pivoted point for both, GT needs to get his own life and not feel guilty about it and Sang Te needs to move into an adult group home and get his own life too.

    • Sebba
      July 19, 2020 / 4:23 am

      Agreed. They’ve handled this really sensitive topic so well with all it’s layers. It’s getting past that guilt. It’s hard and sometimes I feel that we don’t allow ourselves to get past that guilty purposefully as a kind of punishment for having those feelings of wanting your own life in the first place. Plus after so many years of building even nurturing that codependent relationship, it’s hard letting go – no matter how intense that feeling of freedom gets. I like what you said about Sang Tae moving on too because you’re right even his life has stagnated in their relationship and Gang tae moving on will allow Sang tae to move on to. It’s harder for him to understand but if both the brothers can move past their feelings of fear and embrace the change that could come their way, it will be so good for both of them and their relationship too. Ah! I love this show so much.

    • V
      July 19, 2020 / 12:56 pm

      It is a turning point and overall good for both brothers to get this out and move forward.

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