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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 9 Live Recap - Part 1

It should be all roses and bubble gum from here on out right? Right? Tell me that we will get some sunshine for our resident cloud who has finally stopped getting rained on. (Or causing the rain? I don’t know my metaphor is not working). I cannot wait to see how this date goes!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang-tae happily runs to Moon-young who is sitting on a bench. He drops his bag and tells her…

KT – My work is paused. *smiles* I am not going to get paid at all and I will be in a lawsuit. It is all messed up. You told me before that whenever I am done, you will kidnap me. I want to hang out with you. Right now. Let’s go. 

He extends his hand to her. She reaches her hand to his and stands.


They take off driving in her car. She asks, where are we going? Overseas? Europe? America? Africa? High heat beats high heat.  Serengeti? 

She looks over at him, he is like a zombie. She asks, what did I just do? Are you thinking about that? He looks up and says no. She tells him that he shouldn’t be. You punched someone and where super cool and offered your hand. You should not realize reality now.

KT – No, not at all.

MY – Lets go to the Serengeti!

KT – I don’t have a passport.

MY – Are you an alien? Everyone has a passport. Maybe Jeju island

KT – I can’t go there in one day

MY – One day, are you joking?

KT – you said the mountains and the field, one day is enough

MY – Okay one night and two days is enough

KT – If we do that then we all should go together

She starts to drive very quickly up a pier. He asks what she is doing. She tells him to answer her quickly. One day with me or overnight with me! Answer me quickly! Or die!

He yells her name and she slams on the breaks.

KT – Are you crazy? How can you joke with your life on the line?

MY – Who says I am joking?

KT – Please, before you do things spontaneously, count to three

MY – Did you hit that guy after counting 1-2-3? Get out. With you I just want to drive and crash

He hesitantly unbuckles and gets out. She backs the car away then throws him his bag and drives off. He looks at her driving back up the pier and chuckles.

She angrily drives off and talks to herself. She asks herself, Moon-Kang-tae wanted to hang out with me, maybe he is joking? Is he teasing me? How can I screw him up?!


Kang-tae goes to his friends pizza place to eat. Jae-soo tells him that he looks so strange right now. Not eating is your specialty and quitting is also your specialty. Punching others and getting paused from work, can you still eat right now?

Kang-tae is eating pleasantly. he says it tastes good. Jae-soo tells him, friend, are you having trouble here (in his head) would you like to get tested? Kang-tae asks if he think he is a little strange. 

Jae-soo tells him that he is very strange. It is a psycho virus. Before Ko Moon-young, when she cut your hand her psycho virus transmitted to your blood and is screwing up your brain.

Kang-tae tells him that he almost convinced him. Jae-soo says that he was about to write a novel. Kang-tae asks what a novel is in English. Jae-soo says nobel is nobel is English, hey, do you think I’m stupid. It is like nobel literature, nobel.

Kang-tae tells him it is novel. Jae-soo says okay okay, my pronunciation is wrong. n-o-v, n-o-v I know, I know.

Then they talk about going somewhere.



Dr. Oh JW sits with  Soon-duk. SD tells him that he is not that kind of person, it is strange. JW says that when you poop, you try not to pass it 100 times, but it exploded and kills everyone. He jokes.

Sang-tae tells him he has no manners, you should not talk about poop in front of the dinner table. And eat your own side dish. 

Soon-duk asks what happened. Dr. Oh says it is like when he hit all the guys that gave her a hard time. Then he tells Sang-tae that Soon-duk dumped him three times when he was young. Sang-tae asks how she dumped him.

Doon-duk says, I told him I DON’T LIKE YOU, I don’t like you, I don’t like you. This oppa was a little cookoo in the brain. I thought he would be slow or a genius so I dumped him.

He asks if she is regretting it now? She says yes, yes (sarcastically) I super regret it. So eat everything and leave no leftovers.

She leaves. The doctor tells Sangtae that she still has feelings for him. Sang-tae tells him to eat everything.

But then Sun Byul comes in with apologies and tells him he has to come somewhere. 


There is a scene in the lobby area about Ahh-rum and her mother. The young doctor and nurse Joo-ri say that she cannot just leave, they need to process everything before she leaves. Wait until the director comes. Calm down.

Her brother is there as well and says that he cannot calm down. We hospitalized her in the countryside to avoid that crazy ex-husband, but he came all the way here? Come to America with me, you can get treated there.

She says she does not want to go there, oppa, you can go. He tells her to be quiet and come.

It is a big scene.

Dr. Oh JW shows up and says, if you are really discharged like this….then you can pay over there. You need to pay. The head nurse holds him on the arm. JW tells them that they need to pay. So the brother says he will pay.

Later on, they watch Ah-rum walk away with her brother and mother. The head nurse asks if he is sure that she should go home like this? JW asks, what can we do? The guardian is not listening.

Inside, Phil-ong pulls Jung-tae to the side to tell him what happened with Ah-rum. JT wants to run after her but PO stops him. Sun-hee is also there to keep the door closed.

PO tells JT that it is not good that he has that kind of relationship with Ah-rum so I will find a way.

Sun-hae suddenly becomes possessed and starts to talk to Jung-tae. She says that he will meet an important person from the west tomorrow. PO asks, a ghost from the west? She says no, an important person from the west.


Back at the pizza place, Jae-soo complains about Sang-in’s sleeping habit. He snores and grinds his teeth, it is an orchestra! I think he opens all his holes when he sleeps.

Kang-tae tells him that he can go to their room since it is empty. He also wants to ask a favor. Tomorrow, make sure my hyung is okay. Are you listening to me? Jae-soo says he doesn’t even have to hear it. Not asking why is a man’s loyalty. Kang-tae thanks him.

Jae-soo asks, do you like me more or hyung-nim more? Kang-tae mutters, do I have to say it? Goodbye. He pats him on the back and leaves. Jae-soo says, I like you also.


In his room, Sang-tae sits on the bed and repeats what is on the TV. Moon-young comes in and tells him that she really hates Dooli and her friends (the TV character). They are living in someone else’s house but they do whatever they want to do. I like Ko Gil-tong (the guy that takes care of everyone).

Sang-tae asks, Ko Gil-tang? Moon-young says yes, he took in all those kids. He is a good guy. What do you think, oppa?

Sang-tae says he likes Gil-tong. He starts to say that his dinosaurs name is Ko Gil-tong actually. It is stitches but it is tears. Moon-young asks, you like him also?

Sang-tae starts to explain everything about Ko Gil-tong. He is the guardian of all those characters and took them in and feeds them and protects them. I am Kang-tae’s guardian also. Guardians are reliable and trustworthy. i am an adult and hyung.

He stops talking and looks at Moon-young. She tells him, we connect oppa, we are a good couple. She holds her hand up for a high five. 

He is hesitant to high five her. She says that they can be besties. He holds her hands and looks like he might be happy to be her bestie.

Kang-tae comes in and tells Moon-young that they can talk.  SO they go to the balcony of her room to talk. 

MY – Did you do that much to only hang out one day?

KT – That one day is my first time in my life getting out of normality.

MY – You look more like a trainer than a caregiver. I feel like you are domesticating me.

KT – I feel opposite. Because of you I do things that I have never done before. Today, I couldn’t hear anything. I didn’t see anything. I was crazy. I couldn’t just stop.

MY – You were not crazy, you were cool.

They look at each other. She smiles slightly at him. He looks at her lips and starts to lean in for a kiss. She swallows and looks at his lips and then waits for his kiss.

But then there is a loud SCREEEEECH! So they stop their almost kiss. He clears his throat and says that they can go tomorrow? Okay. Goodnight.

She turns to the woods and sees that that screech came from a deer. She yells, I will kill that deer! Shut up!



Joo-ri gets up to go out. Sung-jae wakes up and ask where she is going. So they both go out to drink on the rooftop. Joo-ri asks if she has  ever had a one-sided love? Jung-jae tells her that she will never do something stupid like that.

Joo-ri is all like, yeah. But then Sung-jae tells her that, honestly, Kang-tae is a lot less than you. He is handsome but he doesn’t own anything. You are too good for him.

Joo-ri says yes, he doesn’t have anything. He really doesn’t have anything. So I thought I could fill his emptiness. But, what am I doing? Maybe I am drunk. I will take this and go back.

Sung-jae tells her, for me, eunnie, you need a little older entrepreneur kind of guy. Maybe you will have that kind of person around you. Joo-ri smiles and thinks, okay.

The camera scrolls away and we see that the boss is listening in on the steps. He chuckles and tells himself that she deserves her paycheck.


In bed, Kang-tae tries not to think about Moon-yong. But he keeps thinking about that kiss. He tries to give himself a self hug. But he keeps thinking of it. 

Moon-yong is also thinking about it while she holds her Mang-tae doll. 

In the bedroom, Kang-tae sits up in bed, he is still thinking about Moon-young. Sang-tae is happily sleeping.


The doctor sings the patients a song in their classroom (he is actually a famous singer in real life, lol). Everyone happily sings along. The song is “I am okay…I am okay” to an upbeat fun tempo. Its almost like a folk song. Everyone happily sings along.

They stop and Dr. W sees Dae-whan walking out.

In the mansion, Kang-tae tells Sang-tae that he will be back later. sang-tae keeps saying that he and Ko Moon-young writer are besties. We are besties. A similar word to that is (says all the words for best friend). Then he says that Kang-tae’s best friend is Jae-soo, I also have a best friend now.

Kang-tae’s thinks about that for a moment.

Int he hospital, Dr. JW walks out with Ko Dae-whan and asks him if he wants to see his daughter? KDW tells him that she is the same as that woman. The doctor asks, that woman?

He says that they were all tricked by that woman. The devil lives inside her. JW tells him that everyone has two dual things in their mind. But KDW says she is a monster, she killed humans.

JW asks, where is the monster then? He says, I killed the monster. Then his head starts to hurt. He grabs it. He says he definitely killed her, but she came back to kill me. She will kill me.


The head nurse cleans up one of the rooms. But Ok-ran takes her book back and tells her that she is not done reading it. Why are you taking it? She pulls it away. the head nurse gets a paper cut. Ok-ran tells her that she got that because she took someone else’s things without permission. I really hate that.

She walks out.

Later on, Joo-ri asks the head nurse if she is okay? The head nurse says she is fine, it is jut a paper cut. Then they talk about how Jung-tae left the other day and now it is Phil-ong’s turn. But the director signed for Jung-tae to go out. So the head nurse thinks they might have had an under the table deal. 

The head nurse is all like, huh?


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