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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Kang-tae buys two iced americanos and then turns and looks at Moon-young who is looking at another man writing. She says she wants it. Though she could have said that she wants him. He has a pretty fancy pen that he is writing with.

This man looks over and goes up to her to ask if she is writer Ko Moon-young? He looks happy to see her and says it is strange that he sees her here. I am a long time fan of yours. He hands over his business card.

Kang-tae watches this all and looks kind of jealous. The man hands out his card he is Daniel Choi (that is actually his name in real life, lol). 

He asks if this guy is her boyfriend? She says no, she just knows him. He tells her that is good. She says he can sit if he wants, so he sits next to her. Kang-tae looks like he is biting his tongue.

Daniel tells her that last summer their company did their art event. Do you remember it? I saw you from far away and now I see you here.

She smiles and tells him that is destiny. Kang-tae rolls his eyes.

Daniel is smitten and asks to have dinner if she has time. She tells him, yes of course. He hands over his pretty pen and asks for her contact information. She writes her info.

Note: Daniel Oppa, please buy me beef barbecue. Moon-young is waiting for your call.

Daniel gets Kang-tae’s attention so that he can take a photo of them. He holds her arm lightly. Kang-tae kind of mentions it. Moon-young asks, so his hand should be on my waist? She puts his hand on her waste.

Kang-tae looks at her like, really? She tells him to take the photo. He takes several photos and she happily poses for them all.

Later on, Kang-tae tells her that she has good fan service. She says that her CEO told her that if she smiles once then she sells one book. So it is good business.

He starts to talk about how she shouldn’t give hr personal information to people. 

She tells him that the pen was really attractive (but pen and fan sound a lot a line in Korean).

He asks, the fan? He is angry. he tells her to just go. He has a lot to do.

She grabs his arm and asks if he is jealous? He says noOoOoOo I am late because of you! He starts to walk away and mutters that he was not attractive at all, he was just a greasy guy.

She holds up her bag and pulls out the pen that she stole from that fan and says that it is super attractive.


In the kitchen of the hospital, Joo-ri sees that Sang-in is eating there. A delightful take on For Elise plays. Joori and her mother bicker playfully about something to do with something that Joori does not like and how she is the owner of the mortgage. 

The mother continues and says he is a poor guy, he does not know anyone in our city and his business is bankrupt.

Joo-ri looks at him, he smiles and nods back.

She asks her mother why she cares about him? She says that she cares because he is the CEO of the company that Sang-tae works at. She says that they do not have an empty room….are you going to release the octapang? Umma?

Her mother says she will divide it in half. You and Jae-soo divide your rooms in half. She smiles.


Cut to Jae-soo yelling about him having to divide his room half and half! Is the room a chicken! He is moving in today!

But Sang-tae is only thinking about Moon-young walking away with Kang-tae. Jae-soo tells him to stop scratching his hand before he rubs it raw.


Sang-in tries to walk next to Joo-ri around the hospital. He asks if she is angry? he thought she would be sorry since she slapped him. She asks, why my house?

He says it is because she is there.

She tells him that she has someone she likes. He says he knows, that one sided love that you want to quit. But Jo-ri do not be a bad woman. You should meet a man that can accept you as a nice person.

She mutters that she is not a good person at all. He happily tells her that almost all people that say that are actually good people.

Later on, Sang-in leaves to get in his car. he stops him from leaving even though Sang-in tries to leave quickly.

KT – you told Moon-young that if she smiles to a fan that she will sell one book? Hey, writers should focus on writing, she is not an actor or something that should care about fan service a lot! because of your cheap management, she is attractive to anyone and sends heart! Ans lets other people put their hans on her waist! And eats meals with strangers! So how much did you force her to smile so that the tip of her mouth goes up fakely. She looks like the Joker!

He tap-pushes him a few times during this.

SI – What are you talking about?


He storms off. Sang-in wonders what he did that was so wrong? Kang-tae angrily takes off his jacket and keeps waking inside.



Jung-tae goes into the storage room where blankets and pillows are kept. He is looking for Ah-rum. She is hiding inside the laundry basket.

She mutters that her foot hurts. He apologizes and says that someone wanted to play with her. She asks how long they will meet like this? He says that in mental hospitals, love between patients is banned. Except this linen room, eyes are everywhere. Those bad guys. The good thing is that we can enjoy this until we leave.

She says that they are like people in tragic love stories. He holds her hands, her eyes go wide. He says, if you are okay, then let’s kiss!

She is kind of startled, but nods and puckers her lips. He leans in to kiss her. But then they hear someone complaining about changing the sheets again. It is Cha-yong.

Kang-tae comes in and says that he will do it so he can rest. Cha-yong asks, really? Can I take a one hour nap? Kang-tae tells him, if the head nurse finds you then it is not my fault. Cha-yong makes a pallet on the floor and sleeps. Kang-tae leaves.

The two love birds sneak out quietly. Kang-tae is waiting for them outside. They both jump.

he takes them outside.

JT – Please, just ignore us this once! Hyung, Kang-tae hyung nim.

KT – I think I am younger than you.

JT – *Holds his hand and gets on his knees* Just let us love each other like this. *stands back up* People liking people is not a sin.

KT – It is not a sin, it is against our rules.

AR – *cries*

KT – One of you should move to the other wing.

JT – Hyung nim *holds his hands* Please

KT – Just get your treatment and get discharged. When you are out, no one will bother you.

He leaves. Ah-rum cries. Jung-tae tries to comfort her.


Sang-tae gets back to the mansion. Moon-young says hello. He goes to his room. She ends up going in there too.

ST – you should knock on the door.

MY – Can you play poker? Let’s play together.

ST – Mangtae (the doll)

MY – No, poker. 

ST – This is Mang-tae, it is mine now.

MY – It is mine now Kang-tae gave it to me.

ST – *hard time* No, Mang-tae 2007 in May, Kang-tae made it and gave it to me. It is eating my nightmares.

MY – I adopted it in 2020 June. It is mine now.

ST – No, I did not give it up for adoption. It is mine, mine, give it to me.

MY – it’s mine! Mine!

They start to play a reluctant game of keep away where Moon-yong holds the doll away from Sang-tae and he spins around her to try and get it.

He grabs a hold of it and pulls and she also pulls and the doll head rips off. They are both sad about it. Sang-tae is so angry, he tries to hold his temper but he is about to explode. This cannot be good. He finally yells, Yaaaa! and charges Moon-young.

Kang-tae gets home and finds them pillow fighting each other and yelling, Mang-tae is mine! he has her by the hair and she has hm by the shirt and is yelling angrily in his face with a bloody nose. 

Kang-tae just sighs. 

They start to tell him that Mang-tae is mine! Mine! Mine! He should give it up. She should give it up!

They start to pillow fight again. Feathers are everywhere.


They both stop, but they do not let go of each other.

KT – Both of you, give it to me.

No one does.

KT – One – Two – Three – 

They both let go of each other Sang-tae throws the pillow at hr and yells, I hate you, I hate you. He goes inside his closet and mutters, Ko Moon-young writer is a good fighter, Ko Moon-young writer is a good fighter very very good.

Outside the closet, Kang-tae tells Moon-young to give it to him. She yells, YOU GAVE IT TO ME, WHY ARE YOU GIVING IT TO ME AND TAKING IT FROM ME!

He tells her that he told her not to fight against hyung, so give it to me for now. 

She is still huffing and puffing.

KT – Just give it to me.

She spits and throws the head then storms off. She goes to her room and gets under her covers and screams and kicks her legs and curses Kang-tae as s bad cheap guy!

In the room, Kang-tae tells Sang-tae to come out of the closet so that they can change. If you don’t want to come out, just open the door. Mang-tae can’t catch butterflies anyway.

ST – Can’t catch butterflies.

KT – i can’t hear you, hyung.

Sang-tae opens the door.

ST – He can’t catch the butterflies so I don’t need it. Yeah.

KT – That is why I gave it to the writer because you put it away in the drawer. I am sorry I did not et your permission. But it is good to give it to someone that needs it when you do not need it.

ST – Give it to someone else….if you give everything to the person that needs it then what about me? What do I have?

Kang-tae looks at him for a moment and says, hyung, you have me. Not Mang-tae but Kang-tae. 

ST – The writer is alone so she needs Mang-tae.

KT – So, she can have it?

ST – She can have Mang-tae, not Kang-tae. Not Kang-tae. Mang-tae.

Kang-tae looks at him for a moment, then says, okay. Not Kang-tae, Mang-tae. He looks down at the stuffed today that is broken in his hands.

later on, he starts to sew it back together. Moon-yong comes in and says that she cannot sleep because she is so angry. He calmly says that hyung has relented, you can have it.

She sits with a huff and tells him it is hers anyway. Kang-tae tells her not to fight with hyung. Just don’t engage. 

MY – Do not give me orders.

KT – it is not an order. I am asking that favor.

MY – How can I do that. You are a specialist at it. You did it when I cut your hand with a knife. You did it at the bookstore when some kids father grabbed your brothers hair. You did it when your hyung was hitting you on the ground. You just endured it and got hit. How can you do that?

KT – If I endure it then nothing happens. If i did everything without thinking about the consequences, I cannot live with hyung like I am now. Enduring is the only way that I can protect hyung.

MY – That is why we are fated. *happily leans closer to him* You endure well and I am good at exploding. The safety pin and the bomb. We are a set.

KT – *chuckles*

MY – It is fate.

KT – How many fates do you have?

MY – What are you talking about?

KT – Why don’t you ask your attractive fan?

MY – *looks at pen* Ah, this one? How do you like it? It is cool right? The line is attractive. But …. *leans closer to Kang-tae* You are a lot more cooler. *blows on his face*

KT – What are you doing?

MY – So don’t be jealous *lays her head on his lap*

KT – I am not jealous.

MY – I am sleepy

KT – Go up and sleep;

MY – No. Mang-tae is here, so just relax your muscle.

KT – *he is everything but relaxed* Didn’t our director call you, you can resume your class.

MY – He did.

KT – Okay. *nervous* We have a lot of patient requests. Everyone liked your class.

She has already drifted off to sleep. When he finished the doll, he lets her rest on the couch and puts Mang-tae in her hand. Then he sits on the floor next to her and gazes at her. 

He lightly touches her hand butt hen let’s go and looks around. He finally stands and leaves.



Sang-in wakes up and looks in the mirror, startled. Where is my beard! Jae-soo tells him that he cut it.

SI – What! Why!

JS – Well

SI – How dare you do that!

JS – you are half the reason!

They hand fight each other and try to grab each others shirts.

Flashback to Jae-soo playing a video game while Sang-in sleeps. He says he cannot focus on the game with this burden! His gum shoots out of his mouth and into Sang-in’s nose.

Jae-soo laughs at that and tries to take it out. But Sang-in rubs his nose and gets the gum all over his beard. Jae-soo freaks out and then puts shaving cream on Sang-in to shave it off.


Sang-in chuckles about the beard with Soon-duk over breakfast. She tells him that he is so handsome without the beard. Jae-soo, you did a good job. Jae-soo snarls at him and mutters that he was so angry earlier.

Meanwhile, Joo-ri wakes up and wonders why Sung-jae is cleaning the room. She says that she is sharing a room with her so she feels like she should clean. Just look at me as air. Don’t worry about me at all.

Joo-ri is all like, okay….

They all go to eat breakfast together. Sang-in asks her if he looks any different. She mutters that he looks better with his beard. Jae-soo snickers about that.

The mother mentions to Sang-in that Sang-tae might look a little strange, but he is very good at drawing so please take good care of him and I will always give you this meat side dish. 

Sang-in says not to worry. It is a big meal, I do not know what to eat first. 

Sung-jae says that the soup is a little salty.

Sang-in is about to kick Sung-jae from under the table but Jae-soo stops him so they have a kind of foot battle. Jae-soo wins. He adds water to her soup.

Soon-duk asks how Sang-in can become CEO of a company at his young age? That is pretty good. Sung-jae chuckles. Jae-soo tells her that he is the owner of a pizza place at his age.

Sang-in puffs out his chest and says that he is only paying her $200 a month, but soon i will be successful again and repay you for what you have done for me.

She tells him to eat and we can write the contract! They both start to laugh.


Joo-ri asks her mother why she asked what his parents do? the mother tells her that they are going to live together for awhile so I can ask him that. Joo-ri tells her that she is paying him too much unnecessary attention.

The mother says that he is interested in her. 

Joo-ri asks how she knows.

Her umma tells her that at her age she can notice things automatically. 

Joo-ri tells her that if she knows that then don’t give him extra room.

Soon-duk thinks he works hard and looks responsible so whats the problem.

Jo-ri whines that she knows why she is asking this.

Her mother says that is why she is doing it. She also does not like the guy that will not give a pice of his heart to her precious daughter. She also pities him.

Hey, you told me that even if he dumps me that I should follow him to the end of the world.

Hey I am worried that you will follow him to the end of a cliff.


They all get to work at the same time. Soon-duk greats Kang-tae, Sang-tae and Moon-young. She mentions that her haircut looks good.

Moon-young holds Kang-tae close to her and says, he did it. Kang-tae pulls his arm away. Sang-tae asks, did you? Why did you do that? Long hair is better.

Moon-young takes a deep breath. 

Soon-duk tells Moon-young to come by sometime and she will make her a meal. Moon-young says her daughter might not like it.

Soon-duk says her daughter is just like her, she cannot hide her mind. So come over. if you still have energy then you can grab each others hair and be friends again.

Joo-ri sings, excuse me, and pulls her mother away.

Moon-duk asks Kang-tae if he knows about pumpkin seeds. Sang-tae taps him on the shoulder and asks why he cut her hair. Moon-young spins him around and asks if he like Oo-rang-gak-shi (a Korean fairytale with the snail that came to life and cleaned and made meals for him).

Moon-yong pulls him away. Sang-tae runs and puts himself in the middle of them and walks while holding them both.


Moon-young meets with the director in his office. She has her arms folded. He tries to talk to her pleasantly.

JW – Yesterday, I worried that you would not do the class because you were mad at me.

MY – I heard that the patients really want it.

JW – Did Kang-tae says that? Maybe he is embarrassed to say that he threatened me.

MY – Threatened?

JW – To open the class again. Otherwise he would not do any work for me.

MY – *smiles* Why did he do that.

JW – maybe he wanted to see you at work also. Can I ask you a question….do you know patient Park Ok-ran?

MY – yes. She is taking my class. What about her?

JW – I wonder if she is good in the class.


Kang-tae checks Jung-tae’s mouth and Jung-tae slides something into Kang-tae’s pocket. he winks at him.

They go outside and sit on the bench. Jung-tae thanks him for not telling the head nurse. Kang-tae sys that he is still thinking about it. 

Jung-tae tells him that their goal is to get better and leave the hospital so that they can have a proper love. So they will suppress it until then.

KT – That is good, your will to suppress is good.

JT – I am not like you though. If I don’t see her then it is okay. But I see her everyday so I think about it. I try to close my eyes, but I still think about her.

KT – *thinks about Moon-young*

JT- When I see her, I want to touch her.

KT – *Thinks about touching Moon-young*

JT – When I see her smiling at another man it drives me crazy

KT – *Thinks about Moon-young smiling at her fan*

We cut to Moon-young teaching the class about beauty and the beast. Kang-tae looks at her through the window. We still hear Jung-tae talking.

JT – in my head I say no, but I can’t take my eyes off of her.

Moon-young looks at her.

JT – My eyes are on her so my heart follows her, it drives me crazy.

Moon-yong sees Kang-tae at the door and waves. Everyone turns around. He gets embarrassed and walks away. She balls up her fist.

MY – But that is an adult enforcing their message to train kids and teach them a lesson.

Ok-ran smirks.

Kang-tae goes to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water.

MY – Beauty and the beast is a story of Stockholm Syndrome

Kang-tae looks at a picture of Dr. Oh in the bathroom. The picture says, “Its Okay that you cannot control your heart the way you want to”

MY – The beast who lives alone in the castle with a curse trained the woman called Belle in the way he wants her to be. 

PO – is that the story of a good girl who went to jail for her father and started to love the beast and lifted the curse?

Kang-tae goes back to work. He starts cleaning a wheelchair.

MY – The beast was selfish and rough, but was sometimes good to her and gave her a tiny smile. This innocent Belle was moved with his kindness. ‘Ah, I have to embrace this lonely beast, I am the only one who can change him’.

PO – So you say that is all Belle’s imagination.

MY – Yes.

AR – NO! Beauty and the Beast is not that cheap story about one person training another!

MY – Then?

AR – The Power that made the beast into a prince was Belle’s true love! Belle’s love calms down the violent beast. That love embraces that wounded soul. The greatest work that a human can do is love! The truest love!

SH – I am about to throw up.

PO – Maybe her medicine went away, did you take your medicine?

JT – *stands and claps*

Moon-yong thinks about Kang-tae rocking her back to sleep when she had her nightmare.

AR – That love embraces a wounded soul. 

MY – Love….



Meanwhile, Sang-tae happily works on his mural while listening to music. The head nurse comes to him and says that is real art. The hospitals mood changes with this nice art. San-tae, when did you start to draw this well?

ST – Since I was born. I did not try hard. i was born with this.

HJ – Okay, you where born with it. I envy people that can draw well.

ST – Yes, yes.

HJ – Can I put a flower over here.

ST – *slaps hand* Don’t touch, don’t touch!

HJ – Okay, okay, okay, I won’t touch anything. 

ST – *Keeps painting*

HJ – Which song are you listening to? Everyone’s flower?

ST – Yes.

HJ – I like that song a lot. *starts to sing the song*

ST – *keeps painting*

HJ – After you finish this part, would you like to go see flowers over there?

ST – yes.

HJ – This is rally good, super cool.


A white car speeds up and parks int he parking lot. A guy gets out. He looks angry.

In the reception area, the nurses wonder if Ah-rum patient is okay? She is currently meeting with her husband who looks angry. they think that they should see what happens.

SB – he is the one that hits her. How dare he come to see her after getting a divorce. Ah-rum is so good. Why is she even meeting a guy like that.

JR – Well, they were middle school friends so including three years of marriage they have known each other half their life. It will be difficult to just cut him away.

SB – that is why it is scary to get used to someone. What Ko Moon-yong said is true.

In the CCTV, we see the bad guy case after Ah-rum. Cha-yong tries to follow but gets wrapped up in the furniture.

They run outside. 

Moon-young is sitting on a bench outside and sees them. The ex-husband tells Ah-rum that he is sorry, and they should get back together again. I will be better to you. Just give me one more chance.

AR – I won’t be tricked anymore. We are already done! I will have a new life when I leave here.

Ex – *drops to knees* Ah-rum, think about when we were happy! If I hit you again then I will cut my arm.

Moon-young  puts out her cigarette in her drink.

AR – I have someone I like here!

ex – What the F are you talking about?

AR – I will live with him when I get out, so you live your life.

Ex – you already have another man! *pulls hand back to hit her*

But he gets hit by Moon-yong’s drink. Ah-rum runs behind her.

MY – I am sorry (in English) I thought that was a trashcan.

Ex – This is a mental hospital so there are a lot of crazy people around.

MY – Would you like to join this place?

He slaps her, hard, she falls to the ground.

Ah-rum screams. Moon-yong glares at him. The man tells her to stand up. But then Kang-tae comes up and immediately punches the guy hard. The man goes falling backwards.

The head nurse yells that he should stop. Sang-tae mutters, no no no. Kang-tae straddles the ex and pulls his hand back to beat him like he’s in the UFC. Cha-yong runs up to hold his arm. But Kang-tae pulls it away and is about to punch the ex. The head nurse runs up and says no!

Kang-tae is super upset. Ah-rum tells him to stop. Sang-tae mutters that he should not hit. Kang-tae still has his hand pulled back to hit him. But he stops and gets off.

Moon-young is still looking at him from the ground. He walks over and helps her up. 

KT – Are you okay?

MY – No. It hurts.

Their song starts to play. He lightly touches her cheek. They look deeply in each others eyes.

She has a huge rock that she is holding behind her back. She drops it.


The head nurse asks the director what he is going to do. He has his hands cradling his head and says that was self-defense. The head nurse thinks that whatever the reason is, the caregiver used violence against a visitor so he has to go through the proper disciplinary hearing. if Ah-rum did not stop him then something big could have happened. It is not his own problem, it is about the honor of our hospital –.

The director cuts her off and asks the people in the back if they heard her so tell us an excuse.

Sang-tae and Kang-tae are int he back. Sang-tae starts to say an excuse, he says he is his hyung so he will tell him. Then he turns to him and says that he should suppress himself, did you count 1-2-3 or not? You should count to 3.

KT – I will get whatever punishment you want.

JW – Not being fired. That is too much. Discipline is not enough. Let’s pause work for a little bit. No money will be paid while your work is paused. Pack up.

Kang-tae goes to pack in the locker room. The other caregiver asks him if he was drunk or drugged, how can you hit someone? You will be sued. Sunbae, you are good at suppressing yourself.

Kang-tae closes his locker and tells him he is going. He pats him on the shoulder.

Joo-ri runs to him in the hallway and asks if he is really leaving like this? Just say that you are sorry, it was a mistake. He tells her it was not a mistake.

he starts to walk out. The patients run to him and says that he was cool. PO  gives him a thumbs up.  Ah-rum apologizes. Jun-tae tells him to comeback soon. 

He walks out.

Sun-hae wonders why he is smiling. PO says his job is paused, he should not be smiling, he should be crying. But she says no, he was smiling.

He keeps walking out and we see that he is smiling. He thinks about Moon-yong from the moment he met her as an adult. Moon-yong told him, if it looks like you want to run away, then I will grab you and you can run away.

he walks outside with a huge smile on his face and starts to run. He is so happy. He runs all the way to Moon-young who is sitting on a bench waiting for him. The sea is in the background.

He stands in front of her happily. She looks up at him.

KT – I got paused and I wont get paid and I will be sued and everything is screwed up *delighted* You told me that whenever I want, you will kidnap me. *smiles* I want to play with you right now.

He extends his hand to her. 

KT – Lets go.

She looks at him.

Then she extends her hand slowly and holds his. He helps her stand up. 

They both look at each other, both are immeasurably happy.


I mean, *swoon*. Another amazing ♫ episo~ode ♫ and another incredible ending! I love this show so much and guess what, the ratings are increasing! They are at 9% now so maybe they will go up to 10% by the next episode. Their forum on DC Inside (Korean Soompi but way way bigger) has absolutely exploded! Tens of thousands of comments which is amazing.

I cannot wait until next week when we go on a day filled with dating with the two of them! I do feel for poor Sang-tae, he is going to feel all kinds of jealous which is adorable and sad sauce. Hopefully he will learn how to share his brother


English Translation

MY – I feel like I am being trained by you.


KT – Ah, crazy.

MY – Is this the breakaway that you were imagining your entire life

KT – Because I cannot come here with hyung.

KT – I do things I never do because of you

ST – Why don’t you pick up the phone.

KT – If she is not dead, then she disappeared.

ST – Do you like Ko Moon-young better or me better?

MY – Just stop being held hostage by hyung.

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  1. Sebba
    July 12, 2020 / 11:23 am

    I’m so emotionally invested in this drama, I can’t even begin to tell you…perhaps it’s because I’m a caregiver, but then it doesn’t mean if you’re not then these feelings won’t resonate with you.

    That ending when he asks her to run away… (I can’t tell you but perhaps you will understand if I say my favourite Disney film is Rapunzel) Not that I would change my life, not that I regret it in any way. But that feeling, that feeling of wanting to adventure, to wander at my own whim…

    And this, this is why fiction is important. It gives life to feelings, it give voice to words buried deep within a pining and suppressed soul.

    I’m a mess right now, but how can I explain, it hurts a little less…

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 11:44 am

      Yes, Sebba! Well said. I love how they have really built up Kang-tae’s trapped feeling and his constant need to suppress himself and how he never has a chance to speak his mind or act out in anyway. So now that he actually did, it feels like he is on an adventure and he is going on this adventure with the person who he has been suppressing himself from so it is doubly exciting!

      • Sebba
        July 12, 2020 / 1:46 pm

        My favourite OTP are the ones where they both impact on each other, pushing and pulling, inciting change for the better. The ultimate for me is Darcy and Elizabeth. And again here you find that as much as Kang Tae is being affected or emboldened by her presence, she too is being ‘set free’ by allowing herself to connect to people. I think JuRi’s mum understands that she needs that too, like Bruce Lee said, “To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.” Whether it’s a catfight or love, what she needs is to allow herself to care for others beyond the fictional world. And that’s what I love about where this is hopefully going because I don’t think they’re running off Bonnie and Clyde style: us Vs the world. But rather they’re just trying to breathe easy, open their hearts, and thereby expand their worlds. Keeping everyone that’s important to them in it like JuRi, Sang Tae (for Moon Young, her fans) but also allow for their own growth and nurturing. I really need this drama to end well AND I know I say that about every drama, lol but by keeping everyone in it.

  2. Marmele
    July 12, 2020 / 12:12 pm

    This episode was amazing! I felt the weight drop of him when he left the Hospital. He was truly happy. Finally he did not have to simulate happiness but felt it. (KSH is amazing) This week will be long and hard for me, because i have to wait for saturday 🙂 but i will wait with a smile

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 1:13 pm

      YAAAS, I completely felt that weight drop (also I cannot believe how amazing KSH is, that scene when he was eating the noodles and went from happy to sad is *chefs kiss*).

  3. Jane M
    July 12, 2020 / 12:27 pm

    I don’t know – I thought there was some scary foreshadowing in this episode. The two patients who were having an illicit relationship because the rule is they should concentrate on their own healing first has a direct parallel to Kang-Tae and Moon-Young, right? Plus the fairy tale this episode is Beauty and the Beast, which Moon-Young describes as the Beast grooming Beauty. Is she grooming Kang-Tae? I know that Kang-Tae and Sang-Tae need some more separation in their lives to be successful adults, but really, at this point it looks like Sang-Tae has his act together way more that his little brother! And Moon-Young was going to bash that obnoxious guy with a rock so she is far from being healed as well. So – I know – this is the middle of the series and we are in for some pain before we can get to anything like a happy ending, right? But there are so many mysteries still to unravel, and some of them seem to be dangerous. What a ride it’s going to be! Thanks for your quick recaps and I am looking forward to the discussion as the stories of these characters continue developing.

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 1:16 pm

      Oh, I definitely felt a foreboding this episode. Next week might be good at first, but things could all fall apart. it feels to me like she is the Beast and he is the Beauty and is going to be grooming him to stay with her. Would love to hear what other people have to say on this though!

  4. Sarah
    July 12, 2020 / 12:51 pm

    Maybe ok ran is the mom. She didn’t die and just disappeared then continues to haunt the father.

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 1:18 pm

      Ok ran is such a mystery. I am really curious about her. Love this theory!

  5. achie008
    July 12, 2020 / 2:54 pm

    What was that song played in episode 8 not ‘In your time”. It’s not in their OST and driving me nuts looking for it.

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