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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 1

Can Kang-tae come over and cut my hair? Because quarantine is doing a number on it. Also also, I love this show!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang-tae cuts Moon-young’s hair slowly and carefully. She asks, can I trust you? He tells her that he is the only one that can cut his hyung’s hair. She looks like, um…no.

They insert an image of Sang-tae’s bowl hairstyle.

MY – Hyung asked you to cut his hair in that style, right?

T – No, that was my concept, I thought about it a lot.

MY – I don’t want to be a mushroom boy! *stands up*

KT – *holds her back down* Too late, I have the scissors. If you don’t want to have a plug in one spot, then don’t move.

She stays sitting and grumbles. He secretly smiles.

Mini time jump to him removing the sheet around her so she can stand up and look in the mirror. He tells her he is all done.

She stands up and slowly walks to the mirror. She is quietly overcome with love for her new look. He looks at her mesmerized.

MY – How do I look?

KT – You are pretty.

They both smile. He starts to clean up.

MY – I cut my leash so I don’t have to listen to Umma anymore.

KT – So the person you wanted to be free of was your Umma?

MY – Yes, now I am free.

KT – Congratulations.

MY – Don’t congratulate me. I want a compliment (pat pat)

KT – *rubs her head* Good job, I am proud of you

MY – Lets go to the mountain or field or anywhere and play

KT – Like a spring dog.

MY – Yes, like a spring dog.

They both smile and chuckle. 


Elsewhere in the house, Sang-tae gets ready and goes to the kitchen. He is happily singing. Then he stops when he sees Moon-young. He is immediately like, where is your hair? She says, I cut it, how does it look? No no no, long straight black hair to your waist is 100 times, 1000 times, 12000 times better.

She looks like she wants to rip his heart out. He continues and asks why she cut it. Kang-tae tells him quickly, hyung, let’s have a haircut. Moon-young frowns at him like a child.

Sang-tae does not want to have another haircut because they already cut it Wednesday then he looks at Moon-young and says, long hair is better, why did you do that, why did you cut it like that.

Kang-tae tries to kick him under the table. Sang-tae asks, why did you kick me? Kang-tae asks, did I? Sang-tae says yes, you kicked me three times. 

Moon-young grumbles about a cold egg. Kang-tae gives her one. She eats it and then asks for a rolled egg. She puts her spoon out. He pushes the rolled egg closer to her.

She keeps holding her spoon out so he puts one in the spoon. 

Sang-tae tells her to eat her own side dish, don’t act like a crying kid.

Cut to Moon-young angrily walking outside with Kang-tae.

MY – Your hyung really does not have any sense.

KT – He is just honest. Too honest.

MY – Are you on his side because he is your hyung?

KT – Of course, we are brothers.

MY – Hey! *throws something* After work, come home right away and play with me.

He looks at what it is his hands. They are keys to a Volvo. He goes to the Volvo and she happily stands and lets wind blow through her hair.

A new song plays I think. An adorable one. He looks at her as the song plays. Sh turns back to look at him. He pretends to get inside the car.

MY – From now on, please cut my hair. Okay?

KT – There is a hair salon in town

MY – I am like your hyung, I do not like other people to touch my body. You are the only one that can touch me.

KT – *starts to get into the car*

MY – *closes the door* Am I really pretty?

KT – Yes, you are pretty.

MY – *smiles and looks in the reflection* Actually, I also think I am very pretty.

KT – *laughs*

MY – Why are you laughing.

KT – Don’t argue with young, be good friends with him. I am leaving. *gets into car*

MY – Don’t be late, I will kill you if you are late. *closes his door*

She happily waves him off. He pleasantly drives off. She watches him driving away.

He gets to the hospital and looks at the flyer that says Ko Moon-young’s class is postponed indefinitely. Then he goes to the changing room. The other caregiver surprises him after he changed. He asks how he looks and then walks to the other side of the room to look in the mirror.

CY – I am a zombie. 

KT – What happened overnight?

CY – I need skincare. Forget about it.

KT – Patient Ko Dae-whan

CY – What about him?

KT – He caused big trouble last night. He had an episode. He was all in the hallway and his eyes were rolled back and he was going wind. I spent all night. Why does this happen when I am working the overnight shift. Why….



Phil-ong talks while the head nurse checks over Ko Dae-wan. He says he worries about him. Maybe he has a bump on his head. He mumbled all night.

The head nurse asks if he slept at all last night? PO tells her he will skip the meditation class and just sleep. She thinks that is a good idea. She looks back at Ko Dae-wan with concern and then heads out.

She goes to the reception desk and tells Kang-tae that Ko Dae-wan needs his clothes changed please. Kang-tae goes to do that.

Cut to him buttoning up Ko Dae-whan’s shirt. He starts to muter that that woman was singing My Darling Clementine, she is definitely dead. That woman is here.

Kang-tae asks who that woman is. Dae-whan mutters, she is dead, but she is here.


Moon-young reads articles about herself. There are a lot of bad articles. She clicks on one article that says she is taking care of her father with dementia, will she retire like this?

In the comments, the people say she is pretending to be a good daughter and say other bad things about her. We see and hear all these comments appear on screen.

Moon-young mutters that she should kill all these flies with pesticide. Where are all my true fans?

She closes the computer then looks at Sang-tae and smiles. She mutters, I have one here, my true fan.

Sang-tae tells her, if you want to spray pesticide then you need to circulate the air inside. The best is a zapper. It kills them in one shot.

MY – Why do you like my book?

ST – Because you wrote it, Ko Moon-young.

MY – Ah, you like me, not my book. Why do you like me?

ST – Because you are pretty.

MY – *smiles* Which part?

ST – Your long straight black hair that goes to your waste. It was pretty. Why did you cut it, you shouldn’t have cut it….

MY – Meeting end….

ST – We have to start first to “end” we did not even start.

MY – Later

ST – Later? later? Before we die sometime? No no no I have to get my camper.

He follows her out of the room.


Sang-in and Sung-jae eat at subway. She looks happy about it. He asks her about the thing he told her to find. She tells him that he said this was an extension of work so I did it.

He says that checking backgrounds is her specialty! If you didn’t do the background check of the caregiver….

She starts to list all the background information. It is all things about Joo-ri. he is happy to hear about it all. She says Jo-ri started to get to know Kang-tae a year ago, which makes Sang-in happy.

She mentions her appa died when she was little, Sang-in thinks, oh no, poor thing. 

Her mother had a restaurant for workers. He says, aigoo, she suffered a lot.

She is a cook at the hospital. The daughter and mother stay in a two story building that has a lawn and octapang. The caregiver brothers live in the octapang. The pizza guy friend lives in the basement. The landlord gives them free meals.

Sang-in chuckles, ho ho, they are like a Bed and breakfast. Sung-jae asks, do you like that nurse?

He looks caught, he asks, why are you so quick to sense this thing when you don’t have any sense at work? But then he calms down and asks her to tell him honestly, compare me to the caregiver. Who is better?

She asks, as a man?

He says, I am taller and more muscular and have social positioning and experience, aren’t I much better?

She tells him there is one critical thing that he is much better at.


The face. *chuckles*

He grumbles and starts to eat his subway again.


Meanwhile, Kang-tae sits outside on a bench and thinks about Moon-young. He remembers telling her she is pretty and thinks that he is crazy for saying that. He sinks into the bench.

In the doctors office, the doctor looks at the CCTV of Dae-whan wiling out. Then he sees a mystery woman walking in another CCTV. He calls someone to ask to see Park Ok-ran right now.

Kang-tae brings Park Ok-ran in. Kang-tae is about to leave but he whispers for him to stay.

Ok-ran goes to sit in a seat. Dr. Oh tells her that she looks good. She tells him that the medicine they give her is good. So what happened?

JW – i just have a question, yesterday around midnight, did you see Ko Dae-whan in the hallway.

OR – That time, I went to the restroom, I did not see him.

JW – Didn’t you sing a song?

OR – What song?

JW thinks about talking to PO about Dae-wan. PO says that Dae-whan mumbled that he hears the song Clementine. He talks about it over and over again.

So in the present, Dr. Oh starts to sing the song. Kang-tae remembers the father telling him about the song Clementine. Ok-ran scoffs and says she is not the ghost.

JW – Ghost?

OR – That crazy shaman woman talks that BS about that ghost singing at the end of the hallway. But I am not the ghost.

JW – Of course you aren’t. So you didn’t sing?

OR – *angry* No.

JW – Okay.

Kang-tae walks back with Ok-ran. She chuckles. He asks why she is laughing.

OR – It is just that the month I stayed, everyone regarded me as not existing. But now they focus on me. That is funny.

back in his office, Dr. Oh JW keeps looking at the video of Ok-ran. He is trying to read her lips and finds out that she did sing that song.

Cut to him talking to Kang-tae on the roof about why Ok-ran lied. 

KT – I don’t know, but why are you asking me?

JW – Ko Moon-young is the only guardian for Ko Dae-whan. You are the only guardian for Ko Moon-young. it is related.

KT – It is not related at all.

JW – Eat this *gives him something to chew* Chewing something for a long time is good for dementia.

KT – *starts chewing it*

JW – The hospital smells fishy. Let’s keep this a secret between you and me. I hope you look at Park Ok-ran carefully. You are on the same side as the real power of the hospital. Does that taste good when you chew it?

KT – *chews*

JW – *chuckles* So what do you want?

On his way out, Kang-tae gos to the flyer and rips it up. 



Sang-tae is also on his way out. Moon-young asks, where are you going? He says he is going to a Chinese restaurant and pizza house. She asks if he is a food traveler.

He tells her he is going to Chinese food with Kang-tae and then the pizza house which is my job.

She tells him that she is going as well.

So she goes to the Jang-pong place with him and sits with Sang-tae and Kang-tae. 

MY – Why do you come to this filthy restaurant and eat Jang-pong?

KT – Umma took us here often. I liked this Jang-pong so much.

ST – He wanted to eat it every day….

MY – Well, I had a feeling that this was a restaurant with a long history. *smiles*

KT – Eat *happily eats*

But as he is eating, he goes from happy to sad in an instant as he thinks about his mother not eating when they were kids so that he could eat. Moon-young asks if it tastes good? He says yes. But his head is still bowed.

She starts to eat it, but it is so hot so she curses a lot. He laughs. Sang-tae tells her that Capsasin is addictive and removes stress but on the next day you will have bloody poop. Kang-tae starts to laugh more. He drinks some water.

It starts to rain outside. They leave after eating. Kang-tae opens an umbrella for him and Sang-tae and they happily walk off together with Sang-tae trying to touch the rain and commenting about the rain.

Moon-young watches them happily walking and talking. She opens her umbrella to run up to them. She yells, I want to join you!

So she holds her umbrella up over Kang-tae. It looks like Kang-tae is in the middle again just like with his mother. Kang-tae covers Sang-tae with the umbrella and Moon-young covers Kang-tae.

It stops raining and Kang-tae makes sure Sang-tae gets on the bus to go to the pizza place. Moon-young pulls him to walk with her. She says that they can have a coffee. He tells her that his lunchtime is almost over. She tells him 10 minutes is enough.

Sang-tae watches them from the bus.


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