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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Moon-young walks behind Kang-tae and asks, did you not go to work because you worried about me and we are having a date as an excuses for you to cool me off and calm me down?

KT – It is not a date.

MY – What about all we did today? Is it some? Just something to try out? Did you play me?

KT – * stares at her*

MY – Okay, lets date

KT – Go away.

MY – What?

KT – Go away. Do you know how many times you told me that. Yesterday. Back then.

MY – So what?

KT – Yesterday it sounded to me like you didn’t want me to go away. Before, I ran away. Today, I thought I should be with you. That is it.


Outside at a convenience store, Joo-ri is already drunk with her head on a table. Sang-in is there as well at a different table grumbling about Ko Moon-young.

SI – Ugh, I took care of Ko Moon-young, I took care of you for the last ten years. Ugh. Working for you melted all my intestines. But now you just met that caregiver and are on his side and kicked me out. Me? Yeah, you guys without humanity, just have a good life. I am going to meet the nicest and the best woman.


She rocks her head back on the chair.

JR – *drunkenly* I Can’t do one-sided love!

Looks at Sang-in.

JR – It is your first time seeing a woman with one-sided love that is broken now?

He remembers her from the pizza place.

JR – What? Why not me but she is okay. I can curse. I can show my temper and cause trouble. I can also pretend that I am not a good person. I can be bad.

Sang-in looks at her like he is smitten. He stands to talk some sense into her.

SI – No, no, not everyone can be a bad person.

JR – *looks at him then stands and stumbles to him* Who are you and why are you mattering?

SI – I am not a strange person. I am CEO of Sang Sang Publishing House.

She smiles and extends her hand as if to sit but then swings it to slap him. His head flips around. He gasps and holds his cheek. 

JR – It is your fault!

SI – Do you know me?

JR – Its your fault, you should have stopped Ko Moon-yong. *whines* You should stop Ko Moon-young then she would not come here and they would not meet each other and I would not end up like this. It is all your fault CEO Sang-in.

He thinks back to that voice. Then he remembers that she is the nurses voice he heard over the phone.

She goes back to drink her tears (aka her alcohol).

SI- Nurse Nam Joo-ri ???

She passes out, her head clanking on the table.


Moon-young happily hums and rides back with Kang-tae. She is thinking about him telling her that he wanted to stay with her this time. Instead of run away.

He asks her what she is thinking. She tells him it is nothing.

Then she breathes on the window and draws a happy face on it.

VO – Last night I had a nightmare. In my nightmares, I see my mother. After that dream, I feel really bad. But today, I am pretty good. She smiles.

He is also happy about that and smiles. She keeps humming.



Two of the patients, Jung-tae (the alcoholic) and Phil-ong (the spy) are reading a post that says that the literary class is cancelled for now. Jung-tae is sad about it, he likes the class because it is so crazy.

Phil-ong thought it would be gone since the teacher was strange and her thinking process was horrible. Jung-tae asks him if he is the superintendent? PO hits him in the head.

Ah-rum (the crying patient) is also there and says that she did her homework, this class should not leave! *sniff* I was sure that the teacher would compliment me!

Sun-hae (the kind of shaman) comes around and asks why Ah-rum is crying so early in the morning. Do you have a ghost in you? What is the problem with not getting your homework checked.

Jung-in steps between them and asks why are you yelling at my Ah-rum, shi! Sun-hae asks, are you guys…? Jung-tae pulls Ah-rum away and tells her not to listen to them.

Sun-hae thinks that those two are going to cause trouble.

Outside, Kang-tae calls Sang-tae to see how he is doing. He talks about everything he ate and mentions that they are just sitting. Kang-tae asks, huh? Sang-tae reiterates that they are just sitting.

Then we cut to the mansion and they are literally just sitting. He is at his smaller desk which is facing her large desk and she is staring at her computer screen or something.

MY – Oppa. 

ST – Yes.

MY – Lets not work today.

ST – Yes.

He happily pulls out his books to read.

Back at the hospital, Kang-tae goes to Dr. Oh Ji-wang’s office. he says, I heard you were looking for me. Dr. Oh is cleaning his bookshelf and tells him that he has some questions. They go to sit on his couches.

JW – Does writer Ko Moon-young date anyone?

KT – …I~ don’t know. 

JW – I have a son. Maybe I will introduce him. Don’t worry, he looks like his mother so he is not like me. So should I do it or not?

KT – Why are you asking me?

JW – You live together.

KT – *surprised*

Flashback to Dr. Oh checking the chicken coup and seeing Moon-young drop off Kang-tae and Sang-tae. he heard him tell her that she should drop him off separately (lol, he was hiding int he background in that clip).

Ji-wang chuckles in the present and says that he has seen people so much so he can read their minds almost. Why did you take the day off?

KT – I did not feel good.

JW – Ko Moon-young?

KT – *quietly* Yes.

JW – Sun Byul told me that Eun-ja pretended to be her mother and bothered her, is that it?

KT – It looked like Ko Moon-yong also thought she was her mother, for a moment.

JW – *looks interested in that*

We go to an image of Ko Dae-whan reaching his hand out in his hospital room to Ko Moon-yuongs mothers book series.

VO – Ko Moon-young’s mother, writer Do Hee-jae, the day she finished the last book of the series, she disappeared without a trace.

We cut to a flashback of a young Ko Dae-whan in his mansion and of Ko Moon-yong’s mother sitting at a table. She vanishes.

VO – After five years, she was reported dead.

In the hospital room, Ko Dae-whan tries to grab the last book of the series. But patient Ok-ran take the book. She stares at him and says, you are always one step too slow. He stares at her walking off.

JW – Whether she is alive or not, it was a big issue before.

KT – Is there a possibility of her being alive?

JW – If that happened, for readers like us who wonder about the end of the witch, won’t have this hard time for the past twenty years.

Kang-tae thinks about Moon-young telling him that her mother is always in her nightmares.

JW – It should be shocking and she should miss her. So it could be possibly that she mistakenly took someone else as her mom.

KT – What if it is not missing her, what if she is scared or her?

JW – *leans in, interested*

Someone holds Ko Dae-whan’s chart.  It is Dr. Oh JW. He flips through it.

Then we cut to a flashback where the doctor is talking to Ko Dae-whan.

DW – My wife is smart and gracious and loves her daughter so much, so much. Every night she sang Clementine nursery rhyme. Did she even know the real meaning of that song?

In the present, Dr. Oh JW closes the chart and thinks.

At the classroom, Kang-tae sees the flyer saying that Ko Moon-yong’s class is stopped for now. The head nurse comes up and pokes him. He turns around quickly. She laughs. 

HJ – Are you sad because the class ended?

KT – no. *starts to walk up the hall*

HJ – The patients actually miss it. It was fun and fresh.

KT – it is fun. You should read her novel when you have time.

HJ – No, it is not my type. I like horror or romantic thrillers

KT – I will take water to the calm room.

HJ – Okay.

Kang-tae goes to the safe room to give Eun-ja water and says that she wanted him to date her daughter Next time she comes….

But the patient says that her daughter is dead.

We see a flashback of her smiling daughter.

The mother asks, how can you date a dead girl. I don’t even meet her.

Cut to Sun Byul running into the break room and interrupting a Jenga game between Dr. Kawn Min-suk and the patients. She says that Eun-ja wants a refund. He runs off.

In the safety room, Eun-ja tells the nurses and doctor that she has a very expensive shall that you cannot even buy with a million dollar’s. Her daughter bought it for her with one month of her salary despite their poor surroundings.

In a flashback, her daughter gives her the shall. Eun-ja yells that it is so expensive and she should get a refund.

VO – I was so angry. I hit her back.

We see her doing that in the flashback. She tells her that the shall is too good for someone like her. The daughter says that she is sick and tired of her mother doing this.

EJ – I don’t remember other things too much. 

She yells that she does not need a daughter like you!

Her daughter walked across the street in a way that seems like she killed herself? 

EJ – If I knew that this would be the last moment, then I would never have said those harsh things to her ever.

Kang-tae thinks about hugging his mother at night. She told him that he should be with his hyung until he died. It was a good hug. She told him that she gave birth to him for him to do that. He let go of his hug.

In the present, Eun-jae cries over what she said and says that she is stupid.


That night, Kang-tae goes to see Jae-soo and show him all the drinks that he bought. But Jae-soo is mad and closes the door. However, he still goes to drink with him.

They drink on the rooftop octapang. Jae-soo asks why he is so moody that he can’t even get angry.

Kang-tae lays down and tells him to lay down as well.

KT – Jae-soo, my umma, do you think she is sorry to me up there? Do you think that she regrets things?

JS – Do you want her to?

KT – *Starts crying* Yes….no…. *sniffs away his tears*

JS – *Stands up and yells* Omonin, why did you do that to Kang-tae! Is the sick kid only your kid! 

KT – *cries and laughs* You are crazy

JS – Wait there 60 years, when I see you I will –

SD – you will what?

Soon-duk shows up right then with food. The guys both straighten up. Kang-tae wipes his tears away. 

SD – All mothers are sinners. Even so, you should give your mother a break.

She gives him some fruit.

SD – Back then, raising a kid without a husband….aigoo, for me, I wanted to run away one hundred times with only one daughter. Your mother raised two boys. And Sang-tae is not normal, right?

She opens a beer.

SD – You know that you live as a guardian for your hyung. How difficult and hopeless it is. *She holds her beer to the sky* LETS HAVE A DRINK, ONLY YOU AND ME.

She takes a sip of her beer. Kang-tae eats his fruit, a tears keep softly falling.

Soon-duk goes back downstairs to her daughter’s room and ask if she is awake? Kang-tae just left. Joo-ri is surprised, why did he come alone? What did he say?

SD – You like him this much so why were you piggybacked home by someone else?

JR – Me? When?

SD – Right, it is better not to remember, okay.

She leaves. Joo-ri starts to think back to getting the business card and slapping him. And pulling his hair so much and yelling YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!!!! While he piggy backed her. Oh my gosh, she pulled his hair so much.

She buries her head in her pillow and yells, I WENT CRAZY!

Meanwhile, Kang-tae is riding home in a taxi. He looks at his phone and sees that he has so many missed text messages from moon-young which is basically 

Where are you?

Why aren’t you home? 

When are you coming back?


I am bored!

I will kill you!

Why are you ignoring me!

He finally sends a text back, but he is super drunk so he has a lot of typos. he erases the typos and texts back – Wait.

When he gets back, he sees her sleeping on the steps with er head on her knees. He sits next to her. She wakes up immediately and yells, WHY ARE YOU SO LATE!

He asks, why are you sleeping here?

MY – You told me to wait here! *sniffs him* Did you drink? With whom? Is it Joo-ri?

KT – *drunkenly* Chicken farm son and over sixty year old woman

MY – You are drunk.

KT – *drunk* I was drunk before. But the taxi driver said he was not coming here because this is the scary and unlucky place. So he told me to hope off. I walked so I am kind of awake.

MY – *smiles* Lets drink some more! *hops up*

KT – *pulls her back down* No, this is enough.

MY – I also want to drink

KT – No. You have no limit. I am drunk and you are drunk, that would be a big problem.

MY – Why, are you afraid of me jumping on you?

KT – *thumps her forehead* Hey, just stop acting up

MY – Did you hit me?

KT – You cut me.

MY – You talk back well when you are drunk

KT – *giggles*

MY – I want to pull out your safety pin

KT – Close your eyes

MY – Why

KT – Just close them

MY – Hey, you saw this somewhere *puckers up*

KT – Open your eyes. *holds up a little stuffed toy*

MY – What is this?

KT – A nightmare doll, when you hold this, it will hold all your nightmares in his bag and remove it. So you will have a nice sleep

MY – Is it used?

KT – I made it by myself

MY – If it is handmade, then it is okay.

KT – His name is Mang-tae

MY – Is it Kang-tae, Sang-tae, Mang-tae?

KT – We are three brothers.

MY – Goosebumps

KT – *smiles* actually, my hyung has nightmares like you. Ever since our mother died.

Upstairs, we see Sang-tae sleeping. He is muttering in his sleep.

KT – When hyung ha a hard time, I couldn’t do anything. I could only make this tiny doll.

MY – It looks cute.

KT – Do you want it?

MY – Yes, I want it.

KT – Good night *goes upstairs*

She stays on the steps looking at the doll.

MY – Mang-tae.

She plays with it and looks at the bag on its back.

Kang-tae gets to his bedroom and collapses next to his brother’s bed.

KT – Hyung, are you sleeping? Are you really sleeping?

ST – *blinks awake* Ah, drink smell, drink smell, ewwww. Turns around.

KT – *gets in bed and cuddles with him* Hyung, lets eat jang-pong (spicy soup) at the place we went with mom. You liked the jang-oong from there.

ST – no, you liked it.

KT – You always wanted it.

ST – *Says all the details about Kang-tae always bugging umma about wanting that soup which is why umma bought it for him when she went to the market. It is spicy and tastes good.*

Kang-tae thinks back to eating the soup with his mother and hyung. He says that it is spicy but tastes good. (so it seems like he had a false memory, but now it is the real memory). He says that he wants to eat it over and over.

His m other gives Kang-tae her soup to eat. He asks if she is going to eat it? She says that she wants him to eat it. Sang-tae actually says that it is too spicy so she gives him some water to drink.

Afterwards, the three of them walk off under an umbrella, but the mother is protecting Sang-tae more than Kang-tae. This is the memory that we are familiar with. She pulls Sang-tae close to her and says that he will catch a cold, come on. That makes Kang-tae sad.

But his mother turns back to him and asks hat he is doing, hurry up, it is cold, come one. She puts him in the middle of her and Sang-tae so he will not get wet. She tells him he is all wet, we need to go home and change. They all walk off like that, she asks if he would like to eat Jang-pong again?

In the present, Kang-tae is overwhelmed by the memory. Sang-tae keps talking about the Jang-pong. Kang-tae digs his head into Sang-tae’s back and cries quietly. Sang-tae keeps talking about Jang-pong and how he should listen to umma.

In the past, we see him cuddle with his mother. His mother rolled over and told him, my lovely son. I am really sorry to you. She pulls him close to her in a big hug. He is sleeping.

In the present, Kang-tae mutters, hyung. He asks what? Kang-tae sadly says that he misses Umma. Sang-tae tells him that he wants to eat jang-pong. Kang-tae grips onto Sang-tae and cries.

Meanwhile, Moon-young happily looks at her doll. She throws away the little statue she stole from the director’s office (she literally throws it) and then cuddles happily in bed with this little doll.



Moon-young stares at the flyer. Ah-rum tells Moon-young that everyone talks bad about her. But I dooooon’t! Also, that ajumma is not normal. She always wears the shall that her daughter bought and pretends to be a rich woman.

Moon-young mutters, that bad old man! Go away! She goes through the door and looks for the person. Caregiver Cha-yong sees her and thinks, wow, daebak, big emergency!

He runs to the nurses desk to tell them. The head nurse asks if he is advertising to all their patients so that they will get nervous. 

He says that Ko Moon-young came and did not know that her class was cancelled. All the nurse look at each other and asks if anyone told her? No one did.

Someone asks Kang-tae why he did not tell her since they are close. Joo-ri clenches her teeth and says, they are not. 

So the head nurse asks if no one told her, really? She should be super angry. Kang-tae says that he will go talk to her. Joo-ri looks at him walking away.


Dr. Oh JW talks to Eun-ja about his youth and how he ran a lot and got inflammation in his knees. He should have rested but he did not and lost all his cartilage. So now it is difficult to even walk. He chuckles and tells Eun-ja to not even run even though she can not even walk like him.

They sit on a bench. He tells her to rest when she is sick and cry when she is sad, those things are fine. Then some day you can run again. Your daughter will support you.

He sees Moon-young walking angrily along muttering, That old man didn’t even tell mea nd cancelled the class! Is he taking drugs!

He quickly hops up and runs away. He jumps the flight of stairs and disappears. She sees him and wonders how he is so fast?

But then she sees patient Eun-ja and EJ also sees her. Eun-ja goes up to her and apologizes. Kang-tae tries to stop this interaction.

EJ – You were having trouble since I bothered you.

MY – Not just bothered, fired.

Moon-young walks toward her, she walks away and drops her shall.

MY – Ah, this is expensive, I want it. 

EJ – That is, that is….

MY – Give this to me ajumma. You said that you are sorry to me. You should pay for it. That is a proper apology, right?

KT – *looks at them both* Give it to me. *moves to take it*

EJ – You take it. I have used it long enough.

Moon-young wraps it around her shoulders and says Thank You. She walks off.

EJ – Caregiver, now I feel like my shoulders are a little lighter.

She looks off at Moon-young walking away. he also looks at her walking away.


Moon-young goes inside and looks at the mural. Kang-tae stands beside her.

KT – Isn’t that hot? Your neck will be sweaty.

MY – Fashion is suffering and stubbornness.

KT – Hyung is into one of your books.

MY – I know. The Spring dog.

They keep looking at the mural. A cartoon dog appears and barks happily all around the mural. Then a bus drives by and we go back to Sang-tae explaining the book to Kang-tae on the bus.

ST – A long long time ago there was a puppy who could hide his heart well.

We see the puppy barking all around in the book and various other cartoons from the book.

ST – The dog had a leash tied to a shade tree. He could swing his tail well and bark well so he was called the Spring Dog by people. During the day the dog played with the kids well, but at night he cried. Actually, the spring dog wanted to cut the leash and run around the spring field. But he couldn’t, that is why he cried sadly every night. One day the heart asked the spring dog in a whisper, hey why don’t you cut the leash and run away? Then the spring dog said, 

KT – I was leashed too long so I forgot how to cut the leash.

Moon-yong looks at him. Kang-tae pats Moon-yong on the head and tells her, good job Ko Moon-young.

MY – What about?

KT – you helped me cut the leash.

MY – *smiles*

KT – *smiles*

Later on, she walks off and sees her father sitting at a bench, alone. She starts to walk past him.

DW – you – you will be like your mother, you will never get out.

MY – No, I am different.

She keeps walking away.

She goes to her boudoir area at home, grabs a chunk of her hair, and cuts it off.

Kang-tae gets home and sees Moon-young walking down the steps with her hair cut. It is to her shoulders now. It is all ragged.

KT – you…your hair….

MY – I cut my leash.

KT – *laughs*

MY – *laughs*

At the hspital, the father hears My Darling Clementine being hummed.

At the mansion, Kang-tae starts to cut Moon-young’s hair in a nice shape.

In the hospital, the father walks up the hallway, screaming.

Somewhere in the hospital, a ghostly woman walks around humming the song.

In the mansion, Kang-tae tells Moon-young that he is all done.

Shoot, her hair is super professionally cut with a hard line on the bottom. It suits her. He stands across the room as she goes to the mirror.

She looks in the mirror and is amazed at her new look. A tear falls as she runs her finger along it and takes in a deep breath. She is happy. She turns around.

MY – How do I look?

KT – You are pretty.

She smiles, it looks like a real smile. Possibly her first one.

He smiles as well. 

Another tear falls on her face. She takes a step close to him until they are only a couple feel away from each other.

Fade Out


Y’all, I just love this show so much! I can’t say any more than what I have already said about it, it is just so good. I watch it and love it and feel so great after having watched it. But it still gives me this spooky feeling that is mixed with this tight chest feeling that is also mixed with this floating above the clouds feeling. Ah~, I love it to much.

It was so lovely to see that his memory of that evening when his mother ignored him was a false memory or at least not the full memory. But his brother, who remembers everything, told him what happened in his very Sang-tae way which triggered the full memory to come back and it just filled my heart with so much warmth y’all. Ahhhhhhhh, I am whole.

Also, um, how amazing was Kang-tae’s haircut for Moon-young??? I think he has found a side gig because that look slaps (as the kids say). Can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode! See you all then! i hope everyone is enjoying this show as much as we are ☺️.


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  1. Jane M
    July 11, 2020 / 2:02 pm

    The scene when Kang-Tae’s memories of his mother came back ripped my heart out, and I cried like a baby. Also, how awesome is Ju-Ri’s mom? As a mother myself, I completely understand how the parent and child can perceive a situation differently resulting in mis-matched memories and resentment. Ah – the healing! Now I am a little worried from the previews that Sang-Tae may have some jealousy issues to overcome. This show is hitting on all cylinders for me. It is just lovely.

    • V
      July 11, 2020 / 2:58 pm

      Ugh, that scene just wrenched my heart out in the best way possible. Kim Soo-hyun’s acting in it bout destroyed me. HE IS SO GOOD. Oh Jung-saw was sooooo great in it as well even though he didn’t really say much, he really helped carry the weight of the scene. Sigh, I just love thi show!

  2. Averil
    July 12, 2020 / 1:03 am

    Does anyone know the song that is playing during that scene when they are in bed hugging remembering there mother?

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 11:42 am

      Hopefully it is an OST!

  3. Yemi
    July 12, 2020 / 1:16 am

    I have a theory that the mother really isn’t dead and the mother could possibly one of the patients at the hospital or that lady (the ghost) walking around at night.

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 11:42 am

      I love this theory!!!!!

  4. Lily
    July 12, 2020 / 1:51 am

    I loved this episode SO much. I had a question I’m not sure if you caught this! But on netflix, the translation was he thanked her for helping the mom cut her leash, not his. Of course, I am not fluent in Korean so I don’t know the exact, correct translation. It didn’t make sense to me that she helped cut the woman’s leash, because how would she have known the shawl was from the daughter to demand it in the first place? Was the exact translation she helped cut his leash as in he was going to be more free now? Thanks for the recap 🙂

    • V
      July 12, 2020 / 11:41 am

      Oh our translations could definitely be off since we do them so fast! We would have to go back and check that one.

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