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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Live Recap - Part 1

I love the live together shenanigans. That is one of my favorite tropes of romantic comedies and especially Korean dramas! So bring on the watching-you-sleeping and taking-care-of-you-through-the-night because I am here for this!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang-tae wakes up and starts walking to Moon-young’s room. He hears her crying through the door and opens it. Then he sees her basically super duper crying and runs to her side.

He wakes her up, she frantically tells her to run away! Run away, right now!

He doesn’t know what to do so he pulls her into a big hug and says that he wont go away. She sniffles and cries in his arms. 

Time jump to her sleeping in bed. He is wiping her face softly. He runs a finger around the crown of her hair.

Then morning comes. He slept beside her bed. He wakes up with her looking at him. It appears that she does not remember anything. 

MY – Why are you here?

KT – You had a fever

MY – What did you think while you were sleeping next to my bed?

KT – I will take hyung to his part-time job and get some medicine.

MY – I didn’t do anything wrong. She pretended like she was my mom so I told her that my mom was dead.

KT – Okay. I understand.

He walks out. She looks at the water bowl he used to dab her face.

Then we see Sang-tae’s dinosaur and satchel and a new children’s book next to it.


Cut to Sag-tae who is repeating in his mind how to take the bus. Kang-tae comes in and tells him to stop memorizing it, just clean up. I will take you to Jae-soo’s. 

Sang-tae says he can go there alone. He keeps memorizing the route. 

Kang-tae says, I know, but I need to go to town also. 

Sang-tae asks, don’t you need to go to the hospital? 

He says he is going to take a day off.


Dr. Oh Ji-wang and Dr. Kawn Min-suk are looking at the computer screen at the CCTV of Moon-young and patient Eun-ja right before the patient passed out.

Eun-ja is currently laying in a patient bed in a padded room.

Dr. Oh meets with his tam and tells them that they have the possibility of this patient waking up from this delusion. So let’s see what happens. One of the doctors asks, Director, you should think about what to do with writer Ko Moon-young.

Dr. Oh tells him that they should hear what she said to the patient. Sun Byul says that she should have said that her daughter is dead, to her face, that is why she passed out.

The head nurse asks, how does she know?

Sun Byul thinks that Kang-tae told her. They are good friends.

JR – They are not good friends

Everyone – *Looks at her*

JR – You guys know that he is not the type of person that will talk about the patient.

CY – A lot of things happened after writer Ko Moon-young came to the hospital. You should not leave her here.

Two people agree with that. Sun Byul nudges Joo-ri to agree. But Joo-ri does not, yet.

The head nurse tells Dr. Oh Ji-wan to make a decision and stop spreading his dandruff everywhere. So he tells them that they can pause her writing lesson for now until they find out what happened.

The director wants to meet Moon Kang-tae, but the head nurse says that he is taking a day off.

Joo-ri looks up at that.


Kang-tae rides the bus with Sang-tae and asks why he doesn’t just stop working for Jae-soo’s store. You do a lot since we moved here. You are painting the mural and you are selling pizza and now you are illustrating a book. You are very busy.

Sang-tae tells him that being busy is not bad. Kang-tae agrees but says that he can get sick if he works too hard. Hyung tells him that is BS. Kang-tae is all like, what?

ST – When you are sick, you make a dog sound. Not me, but you. *makes a dog whining sound, a halmoni turns around to look at him* Hello. *halmoni turns back around*

KT – Do I make that sound? That is strange. i am not sick. I don’t have that many side jobs. I am not sick. *smiles*

ST – It hurts my heart. The body is innocent so when you are a sick you cry. But the heart is a liar so when it hurts it is quiet. Then, when you sleep it starts to make a dog sound and cry *dog whining sound*

KT – Hyung, do you like this book a lot?

ST – Yes, it is Spring Dog book by writer Ko Moon-young.


They get to the pizza place. Jae-soo tells him they are not open yet but then Jae-soo sees that it is Kang-tae and Sang-tae.

Jae-soo throws his towel on the ground and is about to hit Kang-tae for not telling him that they moved in with Moon-young! But Kang-tae gets a call and smiles at Jae-soo then heads out.

Jae-soo jumps when Sang-tae tells him, hello Jae-soo. He is already in the kitchen area getting ready to work.

Outside, Kang-tae tells whoever is on the phone that he does not feel good today. The person on the phone is Sang-in, he wants to know all the details about how Moon-young is doing. He does not feel good that she is not picking up his phone calls. I worried about her all night.

Kang-tae cuts him off and says that he will tell her to call him soon. Goodbye.

Sang-in is at a cafe with Sung-jae and complains about Kang-tae now explaining anything at all. That is so rude. 

SJ – Yes, it is better to be a little loose for a person, but he is too strict. His physique is my style. *smiles*

SI – *yells at her*

SJ – I shouldn’t have come here if I knew how to read things

SI – I am sorry, it is my fault. I will go and see Moon-young and you pay for the food okay? Just drink a latte at the cafe.

He heads off, she happily says good bye and grabs the money he left. But he only left enough money for his food. She frowns and wonders if she should change jobs.

Sang-in gets in their company car which is a tiny old hatchback or something like that that does not start.



Moon-young things about when her mother brushed her hair. She told her that she has beautiful hair like her and should never cut it. Moon-young said that she was tired of it.

Her mother says she should never cut it and tells her to answer her. ANSWER ME. So Moon-young says, yes umma.

In the present, Moon-young is about to cut her hair but stops when she hears a woman says, “Save Me” she throws the scissors into her mirror and breaks it.

Sang-in shows up right then and hears it. He runs upstairs. She tells him that she wanted to cut her hair but she can’t because of Umma. He asks, are you having that nightmare again? When did it start?

She looks at him and says, the first night I arrived here. 

He looks concerned then gets out her things to pack them and says that she should not be here! Let’s go back to Seoul! 

She casually tells him that she warned him not to touch her things.

He yells that he will drag her out even if he has to give hr a concussion. He knows how she will break after having that nightmare. When you first came her following that caregiver and talking about red shoes, I did not feel good about it! I did not feel good about you two from the beginning.

She grabs something to hit him in the head. he stops her like he has done this a lot and tells her that he has spent ten years with her, I have that much sense. He grabs the lamp away and tells her to come with him.

He starts to pull her out. She says stop, I will kill you!

He tells her, okay, I will die if that is how you leave.

She holds on to the stair railing. He tries to pull her away.

Kang-tae comes up and yells, what are you doing!

He tells him that it is none of his business.

Moon-young pushes Sang-in when he is not looking which sends him flailing in slow motion as he falls backwards down the steps. Kang-tae is also walking slowly up the steps. Sang-in looks frantically towards him as he keeps flailing in slow motion backwards down the steps. Kang-tae just casually walks by him and turns back to look at him.

He finally catches him at the last minute like he is a princess and pulls him up. Sang-in rests his hand on Kang-tae’s chest like he is a knight that he is swooning over.

But then he snaps out of it and covers his chest with his jacket. Then tells him that she is coming with him! Now pack up and let’s go. He extends his hand to Moon-young.

Kang-tae slaps it. 

SI – You hit me????

MY – Just kick him out.

SI – You are pretending to be weak???

KT – Don’t do that for a person who does not want to do it. But you used violence first.

Kang-tae twists Sang-in’s arm behind his back and pushes him out the door. Sang-in knocks on the door and yells that that person beside her does not know her. I am the only one that can help you and take care of you.

But they ignore him.

The camera scrolls to his old old tiny car. Their publishing house sign falls off the side of it.

Inside, Kang-tae tells Moon-young that she should lock her door when she is at home. She asks, do you think anyone can harm me? i will harm them.

He sighs and says to still lock the door. It is dangerous to be careless, you told me that. He gives her the medicine.

MY – If I had this whenever I had a fever then I would already be addicted to drugs. It is not about the medicine.

KT – Why don’t you cool down with fresh air?

Cut to the two of them driving around the mountain together. She looks at the sea as they drive and hums something. Then she rolls up her window.

MY – I like this

KT – Where do you want to go?


KT – *rolls his eyes* What do you want to eat?


KT – *Sighs and pulls the car over* You are not listening.

MY – Okay, today I will follow my doctors order. What should I eat?


Sang-tae works at the pizza place. Jae-soo tells him to come look at him. Now tell me, what is later? (KT said he would call later)

Sang-tae says it is anytime before he dies.

JS – But we spent so much time together, he shouldn’t be like that.

ST – How much is the time together? One dollar, two dollars?

JS – When I was twelve, I met you and Kang-tae.

ST – Yes, Jae-soo chicken restaurant

JS – Yes, I am Jae-soo Chicken. Kang-tae was a part-timer. I was one year older than him but he never called me hyung. He only gave two chicken legs to you.

ST – I only eat chicken legs.

JS – I envied you. I wanted to have a dongseng like Kang-tae. I told him to call me hyung. He said, I don’t need any more hyungs

ST – I am really his hyung.

JS – I realized, ah, he needs a friend, not a hyung

ST – I also need a friend.



Kang-tae and Moon-young eat at a BBQ place where you cook the food at your table. She starts to eat the meat. He says that it is not cooked yet. She tells him, it is okay, I have a lot of meat inside.

So she eats one then tells him that she cannot control herself in front of feed. I eat and eat and eat and am still hungry. Because I am an empty can. She looks at him.

He looks at her, that is what he told her before.

He clears his throat and apologizes.

KT – Sorry, back then it was nonsense.

MY – Well, it is true.

KT – No, you are not an empty can.

MY – If I am not then…

KT – Well….a thug? *chuckles* Eat, eat, it is burning.

Back at the pizza place, Jae-soo keeps talking about hyung and how h always sold chicken. Why do you think I did it? Sang-tae says it is because he had a chicken head. So you won’t sell it.

Jae-soo says, okay, you can’t sell chicken heads. Hyung tells him, you can’t. Jae-soo tells him that he did not want to sell chicken. I was so sick and tired of the smell of chicken, but that business was the easiest to open and close because I did not know when my friend would leave *pitiful whine* but this time felt different so that is why I got all my money and loans and changed my restaurant to not a chicken place *sobs pitifulls* but he said bye to meeeee, whyyyyyy….because he likes that psychopath Ko Moon Young more than his 15 year friend, meeeeee.

Sang-tae is so uninterested in this Ted Talk and says that that is not the case, I signed a contract with moon-young so that is why he came with me.

Jae-soo holds Sang-tae’s face and tells him not to trust Kang-tae too much or you may end up like me.

Sang-tae’s cheeks are all squeezed. He asks, end up like me?

Jae-soo continues and says it isa  dog chasing a chicken. He sobs and walks off. Sang-tae wipes all his sobs off of his face and grabs some sanitary wipes and cleans his hand and face.

Sung-jae comes in right then. Sang-tae welcomes her and then goes to the back.

Back at the BBQ place, Moon-young keeps eating. She asks Kang-tae why he is not eating and is only giving her all the food. He tells her he does not have an appetite.

MY – Did you masturbate last night?

KT – *spits out drink* what the f?

MY -You don’t have any desire, you don’t want to eat, you don’t do anything. You aren’t caring about anything.

KT – It is not, not caring. I am suppressing.

MY – Why?

KT – Not everyone does everything they want, like you.

MY – Don’t suppress, that is not difficult.

She leans forward.

MY – Your safety pin, do you want me to pull it out? I wonder what happens when you explode and do no suppress anything.

He thinks about that.


Joo-ri gives Sun Byul instructions on hospital things. They are at the reception desk. She gets a text from Jae-soo. We hear his voice.

Text: Hyung came to work fine. He is having fun with Ko Moon-young’s publishing house person.

Sun Byul eavesdrops on it and asks what that is. Joo-ri puts her phone away and pretends like it is nothing.


Cut to Sang-tae drawing while Sung-jae explains something to him. She says, let me explain it one more time. Moon-young is the CEO’s muse and as an art director you are my muse.

He mutters, okay. But does not look into this conversation. he is mostly sketching something. She says that she brought illustration references that might help their writers next work.

But his beeper goes off so he says he has to go to work. I am going home. Talking about someone else’s business about other business is nonsense. We should talk about our work later. Later means sometime before we die. Jae-soo, this is my present.

He leaves.

Jae-soo looks at the picture that Sang-tae drew. It is of a dog that was chasing the chicken and looks all kinds of spooky.


Moon-young and Kang-tae walk along a promenade that cuts across water and has a fountain. It looks like a city park. She asks why they are walking. He says it is nice to walk and clear your head.

She asks, okay, it hurts my legs and I also think it is wasting time.

He turns around and says we can just go but she extends her arms and asks, piggy back ride?

KT – What?

KT – Um, didi hyung go home okay? *checks phone for GPS tracker*

KT – Ah, he is going home okay, alone.

MY – *Grabs phone and pretends to throw it int he water*

KT – *Lunges for phone*

MY – Only focus on me. *waves phone*

KT – Give it to me.

He starts to try and take it, she happily holds it close to her chest and twist around. They end up looking in each others eyes.

MY – You hugged me.

He backs away. His phone rings She answers it.

MY – Hey, Joo-ri. 

KT – Hey!

JR – Ko Moon-young?

MY – My bored housemate is in a little trouble so I picked it up. What is it?

JR – Um, well, he did not come to work today without advanced notice.

MY – Ah~. He took the day off to play with me so, bye.

Joori closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Then walks away highly frustrated.


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