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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Moon-yon opens the door and basically kicks out Sang-in and Sung-jae. He tries to plead with her but she closes the door. 

So they walk away. 

SJ – A collaboration between the personality disorder children’s book writer and the autistic artist….CEO this is either daebak or jokbak

(note: daebak is super amazing and jokbak is bankrupt)

The CEO grumbles and his fingers look like they spasm. Then Moon-young comes out and asks for his car key. She says she needs an SUV because the mountain road is rocky. It is my car anyway, so, goodbye.


Back in town, Soon-duk goes into a room and starts to hit her mouth and talks about how her mouth is so crazy! Ah! 

She thinks back to asking Kang-tae what the name of the writer is that works with Sang-tae. Kang-tae tells her it is writer Ko Moon-young. 

Then she thinks about her daughter whining about Ko Moon-young and how he only says her naaaaame. Uh oh.

Soon-duk chides herself for telling him that. Then suddenly her daughter comes in and Soon-duk jumps. Joo-ri asks what is going on. Soon-duk says nothing, I just need to take my medicine, bring me some water!

Joo-ri is like, um, okay.


Kang-tae sits at a table with moon-young. Sang-tae is roaming around nearby eating. They talk about the situation. She asks, so you chose your brother again? He says that he has some conditions.

She asks, am I part of these conditions?

KT – He can only stay here during the weekdays, we re going back to our place on the weekends.

MY – Am I not pat of it at all?

Sang-tae starts to eat all the snack food.

KT – If hyung says no then we are moving back.

MY – I’m not part of it at all? Not at all?

KT – And….respect hyung as much as possible.

MY – Okay, I will.

KT – How can I trust you?

MY – Do you want me to write my signature in blood?

KT – you said that a promise is a paper that you throw away after blowing your nose.

MY – I will keep this promise, because it is a promise with you.

Back in town, Jae-soo runs to Kang-tae’s house and says, andwae, andwae, andwae! He sees that they are not there. So he pulls out his phone and calls Kang-tae. He tells him that he warned him never to go close to her at all! Do you want to be stabbed again! And now you are moving into her house? Are you crazy! hey, come back before you go crazier! COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEE.

Joo-ri hears him yelling from her room and is all like, what?

her mother runs out into the hallway, still talking about her mouth. Joo-ri asks her why Jae-soo is like that. The mother says, um, well…

Cut to Joo-ri cursing under the blankets. KO MOOOON YOOOOOUNG!! *SCREAM*


Moon-young takes hem to the library which is two stories. She says he can work here. Sang-tae loves it and runs up the stairs in the library and down and says to himself, Sang-tae likes books, Sang-tae likes books.

Moon-yong smiles and asks Kang-tae what he likes. 

KT – I don’t have anything.

MY – Your hyung wants me to buy a camper. Do you like traveling?

KT – I have never done it.

MY – Never?

KT – I want to try it.

MY – Where?

KT – Anywhere. Traveling without a destination.

ST – We don’t travel but we moved 17 times. This is he 18th time. *still walking around*

KT – Hyung!

MY – Why do you move so much?

ST – Following me. *walking to them*

MY – Who?

ST – Still following me.

KT – Hyung…lets go. Where is our room?

Kang-tae pulls Sang-tae away. Moon-young takes them to another huge room with lots of girly things around. She says that she used to use this room when she was young. A bubbly song plays.

Sang-tae loves the armoire and climbs inside, he mutters that his room is so pretty.

Moon-young says that she needs to put another bed here. Kang-tae sits on the bed. Sang-tae mutters that this is so pretty. Moon-yuong asks if this is the first time he has used a bed before.

he says no, but looks like it really is. He leans back and tries to kind of sort of get comfortable. Then he notices the dirt.

He asks when was the last time she washed it. She says 20 years ago. It is real vintage.

Sang-tae runs to the bed and jumps on, dust flies everywhere. He says it is so soft! So Soft! Is this my bed? He smiles happily


Meanwhile, back at the hospital we see Pjil-ong sneaking in to a room. Dr. Oh is there waiting for him and asks if anyone saw him come in? Phil-oh says that Ko Dae-whan saw him. He was just sitting and asked me, Where are you going. Are you going somewhere.

We see a flashback of this. It’s kind of creepy.

Phil-oh says that that is what he said, ah, my heart, I was so surprised that I peed in my pants. He goes to the side to change his pants. Then he sits with Dr. Oh and drinks a soju in a juice box. He says it is so sweet.

Dr. Oh laughs and tells him it is mountain dew, it is a placebo. When you think it is soju then it actually tastes like soju. PO chides that he should have told him after he finished drinking it. Dr. Oh tells him that if he wants to drink a real drink then he can leave the hospital tomorrow. Why do you still stay here?

PO says that now is not the time to leave. So the director asks to tell him about the patient.

PO – You should see the patient, not use my secret information. You are the doctor.

JW – Hey, there is someone who says that only the person that experiences it nows the pain.

PO – Yeah, experience is better than the book.

JW – Even if I talk to the patient, it has its limitations because the patients lie.

PO – true, true, true. Okay, the alcoholic guy in my room (Jung-tae) went out for a visit and brought soju back in his pants, hahaha.



Sang-tae walks around the mansion and sees a door magically open and close. he wonders about it. So he goes into this room and walks down the steps a way to the basement. But Moon-young stops him.

ST – D-Downstairs…

MY – Oppa, do you know blue beard?

While she talks, we see her father in the hospital room. He is still sitting and looks up. he is in all blues, whites, and greys. He looks out the window.

MY – A duke with a blue beard lives in a big castle alone.

Flashback to a man and a woman holding hands and walking through the gates of the mansion.

MY – He is very rich, but due to his blue beard, everyone was afraid of him and avoided him. 

The couple walks though the mansion. The woman is happy to walk through it, we do not see her face.

MY – One day, a poor woman came to his castle and volunteered to be his wife.

They keep looking around the mansion. They go into all the different rooms.

MY – Blue beard was so happy so he gave all his jewels and money to her and filled each room with it.

Dae-whan is the young man and smiles happily at his wife.

MY – But there is one thing, the room in the basement, he warned his wife that that room should not be opened. But the wife who had a lot of curiosity opened that secret room and did not tell the husband.

Little Moon-young opens the door to that room. A body is on the ground. Blood is all around it. Moon-young walks past this body, stepping in the blood.

MY – Do you know what was in that room? Dead wives where hanging on display in the room.

Moon-young looks at the body. We see a trail of blood that turns into hair.

MY – It was all the wives that ignored his warning and their cruel ending.

Cut to Sang-tae laying in bed with Kang-tae looking completely spooked. Kang-tae asks him, was that it? Sang-tae says yes. Kang-tae tells him, hyung, from now on, do not go downstairs. This is someone else’s house.

ST – Why were the neighbors afraid of blue beard?

KT – because they are different than him, since the beard is blue.

ST – Is different scary?

KT – *rolls to his back* Maybe.

ST – If you are different and live in a castle alone?

KT – No. A real bride that accepts and understands Blue Beard will come one day.

He thinks about Moon-young.

Moon-young is actually listening in on the door. She smiles and rests her back on it.

Inside the room, Kang-tae and Sang-tae sleep in the tiny twin sized bed together. The camera scrolls to the window and Good Night is written in the sky.


In town, Joo-ri drives with her mother to the hospital. Joo-ri looks possessed. Her mother says that Kang-tae hasn’t moved out, he will be there on the weekend.

Joo-ri honks her horn and yells, stay in your lane! her mother jumps. She mutters, well, she shouldn’t seduce Kang-tae to date him it’s work~.

Joo-ri honks the horn again and yells for someone to use their turn signal! her mother yells, why don’t you use your mouth and talk to me! Don’t take it out on other people!

Juri looks at her and thinks, if she wasn’t my mother, then I can use my mouth.

She starts to literally yell HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK.

Her mother asks, are you crazy?


Dr. Oh Ji-wang, Dr. Kawn Min-suk, and Nurse Park and Sun are in Ko Dae-whan’s room. They asks him what his name is. But Dae-whan just lays there like he is comatose.

Dr. Oh asks him what his name is and if he knows where he is riht now. But Ko Dae-whan does not answer. 

JW – It is strange. The patients condition can change at anytime so just monitor the patient and tell me.

They start to walk out. The head nurse covers Ko Dae-whan. He mutters his own name. She leans in and asks, what did you just say? 

He starts to mutter and mumble something. She tries to understand him and asks, who is just like an angel?

He turns his head to her and mutters, Moon-young’s umma.

Dr. Oh sniffs a container of hand soap or something and tells Jung-tae the alcoholic not to drink that. Jung-tae says he didn’t! Then Dr. Oh looks back at the head nurse who is still by Ko Dae-whan’s bedside.

He talks to her in the hallway about him and asks if she really thinks that he did that to his daughter. She asks, what are you talking about?

JW – Delusion, it is possible that he saw someone else in the daughter.

HJ – Who?

JW – We have to find it out.

HJ – *curtly* Ah, your mole did not tell you that? *walks away*

JW – She knows everything.


Moon-yong wakes up and thinks that she had a good nights sleep. She hears muffled thuds and goes downstairs.

Sang-tae is hitting pillows to get all all the dirt off of them, then he starts mopping the floor.

The camera scans the ground floor rooms in the house, showing that Sang-tae has been busy cleaning up. the place looks wonderful. All the sheets are removed revealing the gorgeous furniture underneath.

She looks around amazed. Sang-tae says he woke up at 6am and cleaned the blankets and went grocery shopping….

He leads her into the kitchen which is completely clean as well. Kang-tae is making breakfast. He tells her to clean her hands. Sang-tae keeps mumbling about how they cleaned the bathroom.

Kang-tae reveals the soup and asks her how she eats her breakfast? With rice? She is shooketh, but manages to mutter that she eats it with rice. So he fills a rice bowl for her. She tells him she eats it with a lot more.

A lovely song plays during this part.

They all sit to eat with her at the head of the table. This house is truly gorgeous now that it is all cleaned.



Cut to the hospital where patient Eun-jae is talking to her daughter on the phone. There are red marks on her wrist like she was tied up or bitten or something. She is telling her daughter to come check out how handsome this guy is. You should come. You are just like me, you only care about how they look. Are you coming? Really!

Patient Ah-rum looks at patient Eun-ja and then turns to the nurses at the desk. Nurse Sun asks, so she borrowed your snack and did not pay you back? Patient Sun-hae is with her. Sun hae complains, she is rich, why did she take our things!

Patient Ok-ran also mentions that she tried to borrow money from hr as well and said she would pay it back when her daughter came. Though Ok-ran does not look at invested as the other two patients. She is sitting and reading a book.

Patient Sun-hae tells them she took her chocolate, call the police, where is the director?

The nurses tell them that they will take care of it, just go to your rooms for now. Patient Eun-ja gets off the phone and happily walks past them. She smiles and mutters that it was her daughter. Caregiver Cha-yong mutters that she looks like she is a nice crazy lady. But he shouldn’t say those things so the two nurse glare at him.

Outside, Moon-young (wearing an amazing pink outfit, OMG) and the two brothers come to work at the same time. Kang-tae says they should come separately next time to no one suspects them.

Moon-young asks if he works until late? Go with me. But he has already hurried off. Sang-tae looks at the car and follows them in.

Inside, we see that Sang-tae has actually started painting the mural and it looks pretty darn great. The doctor comes up and tells him, hmm, that is strange, why isn’t that there.

He looks at Sang-tae and asks, the butterfly. With flowers you should have butterflies. He slowly walks up and says that you have to have butterflies so you can slowly make them.

Sang-tae quickly says, I REFUSE IT. Dr. Oh asks, is it difficult to draw? Maybe I should try…he reaches for a brush. Sang-tae hits his hand away and says, no butterflies, no butterflies, no, no nooooooo. The doctor observes him.

Elsewhere, Moon-young walks and sits on the bench in the hallway. Patient Eun-jae sneak peaks her, Moon-young notices but doesn’t say anything.

In the storage area, Nurse Sun asks Kang-tae is Ko Moon-young writer came? He says yes, what about it? She worries and says that the patients are waiting but she is not picking up the phone.

Cut to Moon-jae walking around. It looks like she might be looking for this person now. She opens a few doors and looks around. Then she finally sees her around a corner. She looks  a tiny bit surprised.

EJ – Why are you so surprised? Did you already forget? It is your mom.

Meanwhile, Kang-tae looks for her. He sees her outfit standing around he corner.

Eun-jae touches her cheek.

EJ – I’ve waited for you for a long time. You are skinnier than the last time I saw you. But my daughter is the prettiest in the world to me.

Moon-young is super frozen.

EJ – Why don’t you say anything? Do you not recognize umma because I had plastic surgery?

Moon-young tries to get herself together.

MY – U-Umma….are you really my umma….you came back?

EJ – Hey, you are pretending to be a different person, you only had a one month performance.

MY – Performance?

EJ – I told you on the phone that I found a man that is your style. Just meet him. Following your mother’s advice is always good. He is tall and has a strong body.

MY – *deep breathe* You crazy – *reaches for her*

Kang-tae comes running up and grabs Moon-youngs hand away and then steps inbetween them. He tells Eun-ja that it is her medicine time. The woman happily says that she was waiting for him. Then she tells Moon-young that this isthe young man she mentioned. 

As they walk away she mutters that her daughter is cranky bu considerate, she is a flutist in the symphony.

Moon-young takes several deep breathes.

Cut to Kang-tae learning about Eun-jae from the head nurse. The head nurse tells him that she has psychotic depression. She is so depressed that she sees hallucinations. She is hospitalized with government support and thinks she is the second wife of a chaebol.

Kang-tae says that it seems like she does have a daughter. The head nurse says she has one daughter that she raised as a single mother but that daughter died. She still thinks her daughter is alive. It is difficult to accept it.


Moon-young sits in the front of the classroom while Ah-rum reads from a fairytale book. But Moon-young only hears “It’s Mom, it’s Mom, It’s Mom” repeated over and over again. She tells the voice to shut up. Then she yells SHUT UP!

Ah-rum drops her book and everyone stares at her.

Later on, we see all the patients walking away wondering why the teacher is angry at them. Ah-rum cries and says that she only hates her. Kang-tae overhears this and asks what happened.

Jung-tae is upset and tells Kang-tae that Ko Moon-young yelled at Ah-rum to be quiet after telling her to read from the book. Patient Sun-hae tells them that, from her experience, most likely writer Moon-young will be haunted soon. That is the thing about people hearing ghosts and mumbling nonsense.

Kang-tae asks where she is now. Then he gets a text.

Outside are Sang-tae and Sung-jae, staring at the hospital. Sung-jae has a gift of something that is wrapped and in her arms. She tells him that if the writer knows then she will end him. Are you okay with that?

he tries to psych himself up with a few claps and hits and says that he will die anyway so let’s go! 

they meet with Kang-tae and tells him that they have all the data about trends in the kids industry. I found all these in a PC bang. 

Kang-tae asks, I just need to deliver it to her?

Sang-in says, no, I am going to give it to her in person. Kang-tae asks, so why do you want to see me? Sang-in tells him he will cut to the chase. Get out of that house. You and your brother should not be there.

KT – Why?

SI – I should be next to Moon-young. Everyone cannot do this. I have been next to her for 10 years and survived. I gave all my everything to her. Even my soul. And protected her.

KT – Why? For what?

SI – Because I care about her–

KT – Money?

Oh snap. They both look at him.

KT – You made money selling her books.

SI – *clears throat*

KT – You have all the money so why are you showing off like it is a one-sides sacrifice

SI – I AM NOT SHOWING OFF. If I took her for money then I would have just kicked her out every time she screwed up! Moon-young and I are not just related by capitalism!

KT – So what?

SI – *triumphant music plays* For Moon-young, I am a CEO and TEACHER and MAN!

SJ – *snickers*

SI – Anyways, that is my spot! So just go away.

KT – No. (in banmal)

SI – Huh?

KT – I am not going anywhere.

Sang-in and Sung-jae are in a state of disbelief.


Meanwhile, patient Eun-ja is still following Moon-young around and asking her if she liked that caregiver. Moon-young is really trying to ignore her. the patient says that she is her only daughter, my wish is that you will marry him and live happily before I die.

Moon-young spins around like she is about to go off. But then Nurse Sun Byul runs up and pulls the patient away, saying that the head nurse wants to talk to her. Moon-young keeps walking off.

The patient tries to yell at her to listen to ummmaaaaaa. But Sun byul is able to pull her away.

Kang-tae tries to call her, but w see that her cellphone was left with her purse in the classroom.


Joo-ri’s mom brings lunch for Sang-tae, Kang-tae, and Joo-ri. She starts to divy it up and asks them if they even eat in that place? I was worried so I prepared it this morning.

They all starts to eat. The mother gives Kang-tae even more food and says that she feels like the house is all empty after the two of them left.

Kang-tae kind of clears his throat and says, Joo-ri.

She brightens up as if nothing is wrong and she is perfectly fine so don’t worry about me thanks. She tells him that she heard! It’s fine!

Then she directs the attention to Sang-tae and asks says that she wants a copy of his book when it is published. Sang-tae tells her that she should pay money and buy it.

Kang-tae says, hyuuuung. The mother chuckles and tells him that is true. When you publish your book I will buy 100 copies. Eat, eat.

Moon-young watches them eating together through the window. They look like a happy family. patient Eun-jae comes up beside her and says, I knew that nurse would do something, she is using her mom!

Moon-young rolls her eyes and walks away. EJ tells her that she should not go, you should just kick that B. Umma told you, if you do not do anything then he will be taken. Listen to umma. I did all the work and another woman is taking him.

Okay okay, if you do not want to do it then I will do it. That B isn’t the only one with a mom. You also have a mom.

STOP! Moon-young gathers herself and calmly tells her to stop saying Umma. My umma is dead.

The lady asks, what?

Moon-young starts to walk to her and says, her head was broken and her blood spilled out of her and her entire body was twisted.

The patient walks back and mutters, nooo, not dead….

Moon-young continues and tells her that the blood is still on the floor.

The patient says no, no…

Moon-young says, so, Ajumma, wake up from your dream.

The patient passes out. 

A tear falls from Moon-young’s eyes. She walks away.

Another patient gets the nurses attention and they run to help Eun-ja.


Moon-young sleeps in bed. Kang-tae knocks on the door and asks her if she is going to eat? You left your phone at the hospital. Are you sleeping?

She actually isn’t sleeping, but she is not answering.

He leaves her things at the door and starts to reluctantly walk away. But he does turn back one last time.

He goes to the dinner table and puts up the food he put out for her. He thinks about how she looked when she asked the patient if she was really her mother? Did you really come back?

Cut to him sleeping in his own bed now in he and Sang-tae’s room. But he is awake and thinking.

Later on that night, Moon-young walks to the secret room. There is a blood stain on this room. She walks past it to a group of portraits. It is actually a cute room. She pulls the blanket off a boudoir and holds up a brush.

Then we see her mothers hand take the brush from her hand and run her hand along her hair. We are sent to a flashback of little Moon-young sitting to get her hair brushed.

Umma – Do you not feel well today?

lil MY – Mom, the blue beard man, why did he kill all his wives?

Umma – Because the wives did not listen to him. You should listen to umma well, that is a good girl. Answer me.

lil MY – Okay, I will listen to you well.

Umma – Okay, good girl….*snatches her hair* BUT WHY DID YOU COME DOWN!

She pulls her head back and Moon-young wakes up and sees her mothers ghost floating above her in the bed. She tries not to cry.

Kang-tae hears this and gets up.

Her mothers body floats slowly down to her.

Umma – Umma warned you, I am going to kill this prince that came to rescue you.

She start to wail and scream.

Kang-tae runs to wake her up. She sits up screaming and yells for him to run away. Run away! Run away!

He holds her close to him and says that he will not go anywhere. She keeps sobbing into his chest. He holds her hand and softly rubs her hair until she falls back to sleep in his arms.

Fade Out


Oppa, do you know about blue beard?

We are sent to a 20s no sound movie style epilogue.

Caption: Blue Beard dragged his wife to the basement

A man drags a woman to the basement, they are dressed in period piece. Sang-tae is the duke and Moon-young is the wife. There is also a hunchback with them. Sang-tae pushes the hunchback away.

Sang-tae pulls Moon-young into the room where all his wives heads are on display. The hunchback starts to sword fight Sang-tae. 

Caption: Then he slices her throat.

The camera scrolls to the smiling heads of all the wives who are Sung-jae, Sun Byul, Joo-ri, Soon-duk, and finally Moon-yong. The hunchback cries silently over Moon-young and we see that he is Kang-tae.

Blue bears sits alone in the living room.

Caption: the end

Caption: Blooped collection

Sang-tae pulls Moon-young to the wrong place, she laughs.

He pulls her into the head room and tries to get his sword out, but it wont come out. Everyone laughs. But they keep doing the scene like that. Then the sword sheath finally flies off unexpectedly.


Ah my love continues!!!!

And aww, it was so nice that Kang-tae and Sang-tae woke up and cleaned everything and even made breakfast! of course Sang-tae probably cooked more for his brother than Moon-young (or at least he tells himself that, hee hee). I love this adorable family already and want them to stay together fo-ev-ahhh.

Of course, I also really love Joo-ri and her poor suitcase heart self. She really has her heart on her sleeve. And the poor thing just got slighted! Right after she told him not to move out – he moves out! Talk about embarrassing. He tried to tell her in the cafeteria and she had to pretend like everything was all good, ah, I felt her pain so much.

This is still my absolute favorite show on TV right nooooooooow! I love it so much and cannot wait for more! See you next week!


MY – My mother is always in my nightmares.

SI – You shouldn’t be here!

KT – What are you doing!

ST – The body is honest so when it hurts, you have tears. But the heart is a liar so even if it hurts, it is quiet.

KT – I miss mom *crying*

MY – What is all this? Some?

MY – What is this stupid thing?

KT – It is a nightmare doll

MY – How do I look?

KT – Good job Ko Moon-young.


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  1. Sebba
    July 5, 2020 / 10:52 am

    This show has my heart.

    It moves me to tears then makes me beam a silly smile. I’m so worried about where this show is taking me, but I’m also so happy to be a passenger on the ride. Like a nervous happy. Is this love?

    LOL, I think maybe it’s time for lockdown to be over…

    • V
      July 6, 2020 / 9:42 am

      Yes! It has my heart too, I love it so much.

  2. Arlene
    July 5, 2020 / 11:19 am

    Again, thank you for the recap. Always looking forward to it. Til next week..

    • V
      July 6, 2020 / 9:43 am

      See you next week, Arlene! 😊

  3. Marmele
    July 5, 2020 / 4:44 pm

    This Show is amazing, i love everything about it. I wonder if her mother
    killed herself or if she got murdered. The mother had mental Problems too,
    how can you do this to a child? And the father.. there is a story in this story too,
    cleverly and subtel hidden just with small hints.

    I love it!

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