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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Recap - Part 2

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Dae-whan sleeps in his hospital bed and a ghost comes to him. It is the woman ghost. She grips his neck while he sleeps and chokes him. His alarms all blare and the other patients who share the room wake up. One of them runs to get the nurse and the other one tries to wake him up.


Back in the apartment, Moon-young digs her foot into Kang-tae, he pushes it away.

She rolls over into Kang-tae and pretends to still be asleep.

He gets up and pulls her bed to the hallway.


Downstairs, Sang-tae wakes up because Jae-soo jae-soo snores way too loudly. He stuffs Jae-soo’s earplugs into his nose which wakes Jae-woo up.

Upstairs, Moon-young is awake and looking out the window. Kang-tae is still sleeping.

Joo-ri gets back home after working all night. Her mother greets her outside to tell her good job and says her booty is half the size as it was before. Joo-ri laughs.

Joo-ri grabs one milk from the milk delivery bag and says she will take it upstairs. She runs off happily. But then she sees Moon-yong standing on the balcony looking at the ocean. She is smoking one of her cigarettes.

JR – Why are you here?

MY – *turns to look at her* I am here at this time of the day because I slept here. What about you? Are you delivering milk? Do you have a second job?

JR –  live here also, this is my house.

MY – *stands taller like this is a face off* So you brought Kang-tae here?

JR – Yes, I introduced the house to him and the hospital. Kang-tae made the choice.

MY – It sounds like Kang-tae came back here because of you. Do you like him?

JR – *silent*

MY – You do. Did you confess?

JR – it is none of your business.

MY – It is. I love him. I love him. I SAID I LOVE YOU. *giggles* I confessed to him like this, passionately.

JR – Don’t lie.

MY – It’s true. His eyes looked like he was expecting something from me. I gave him what he wants.

JR – *deep breathe* Do you pity him?

MY – *chuckles* You robber B.

JR – What?

MY – Don’t attempt him, he was mine a long time ago.

JR – So for you, you just pick and it is all yours? You break it and have it and play with it and when you are tired of it you throw it away? That is not love. That is your obsession and greed.

MY – *smiles* F-you. You hypocrite, you pretend like you are good and weak and innocent. That is why you were bullied by others. Do you know that?

JR – *SLAP* You crazy B! You are lik an ol witch.

MY – *chuckles* I will kill you *grabs her by the hair*

Joo-ri screams but Moon-young keeps pulling her hair. Kang-tae comes out and yells for her to let her go. He grabs her hand. 

Everyone comes up, Soon-duk, Sang-tae and Jae-soo. They look at the trio on the rooftop. It definitely looks like a love triangle.

Cut to Kang-tae pulling Moon-yuong away. She yells that she hit her first, why are you only angry with me! He tells her that he does not care who started it first. She asks why he only favors her. He asks who? She yells KO MOON YOUNG. You only yelled my name!

He ells her not to be childish and go home. He turns to leave. She grabs him and tells him to go with her. Let’s leave this crewed up house. I can’t leave you here.

He pulls his arm away and says this is none of her business, I decide where I live. And – I am not yours.

MY – How much did you here?

KT – *steps closer to her* I love you. I heard that part.

He steps back and holds out money.

KT – I converted that love you gave me to money.

She does not take it so he puts it in her hand and walks away. She sadly looks at him leaving, balls the money in her hand, and then throws the money away.

Kang-tae goes back and sees his brother sitting on the steps. Then Sang-tae runs upstairs. he checks all the water to see if it is working. Kang-tae runs after him.

ST – The water line is not broken. Not broken. Not broken.

he sits on the floor, disappointed.

KT – I am sorry, I lied. 

ST – Lying it bad, lying is bad. Go to police, you said you would not lie.

KT – I am sorry, I will not do it again. Give me one break.

ST – Why is Ko Moon-young writer wearing those clothes? Huh? [says all the details about the clothing] Those are your clothes. 

KT – It was rainy yesterday so I lent them to her, her clothes were all wet. 

ST – My clothes? I have a lot of cute clothes.

KT – Next time she comes, I will give her your clothes.

ST – [talks about how his clothes are more expensive than Kang-tae’s clothes] Not all expensive clothes are better but…

KT – Okay, I will give her that, okay? Hyung?

He tries to look at his brother to see if they are cool. He pats his back. 


Downstairs in the main house, Joo-ri is sadly in bed, all curled under the blankets. Her mother comes to her with breakfast and tells her to eat. She pulls over a chair.

Her mother tells her that she can cry when she has energy. Wake up.

Joo-ri says she does not want to eat. Soon-duk asks if that girl is her friend, right? From when I had the restaurant?

Joo-ri tells her that she is not her friend. her mom asks if she lost any of her hair? Is it okay? is that why you are crying?

JR – *sits up* Ko Moon Younnnnnng. He only yelled her naaaaame, he didn’t even look at meeeee, he was just looking at her all angryyyyyy. He uses banmal with her only jongdaemal with meeee. *sobs*

Mom – Is it that improtant to cry like that.

JR – I am closer to him, why am I Miss Joo-ri and she is Ko Moon Younnnnnng. *sobs*. Those clothes were one plus one clothes! We had one each. How can he give her those clothes *sobs*. Why did he let her sleep in his room. *sobs*

Mom – Well, he has his reasons.

JR – *sniffs*

Mom – Kang-tae is not the kind of guy that will sleep with a woman and not tell his brother. Don’t worry. You still have a chance.

JR – How did you know mom?

Mom – What, that you like Kang-tae? Everyone knows that, even the town dog. Now open, ahhh, you just confess to him, what is your mouth for?

JR – What if he dumps me?

Mom – Do it again!

JR – *sobs* What if he runs away!

Mom – Follow him to the end of the world. I gave birth to you after doing all that work. *smiles* Now eat this. Moon-young grew up pretty.



Sang-in wakes up in a jimjilbang. He is in all orange. His phone is ringing so the other man next to him woke him up to get it. he answers it.

Sung-jae is on the other side to tell her that they have big trouble. He says, unless it is life or death, it is not big trouble. She says that we are all about to die. he asks, what?

Cut to him going to the company and listening in to a meeting with his team of people. The reporter that fell down the steps had recorded Moon-young. So they are all listening to this recording.

Recording – If I read this book then I can see the mind of the writer. (MY) If you read my mind then you will know what I will do next. But I can also use the pen (Man) AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh

Everyone sits back because it sounds like he fell down the steps. They are all like, well, dang that is messed up. Sung-jae tells him that this reporter woke up two days after surgery for internal bleeding. Sang-in says that was why he was so quiet.

Another person gives Sang-in the lawsuit that is for a lot of money. another woman says that if they do not give him this money then our writer will really go to jail or end her career. What should we do?

Sang-in asks them to check and see how much honey water they have. Then he says, no no no, where is our accountant. Sung-jae says he quit and disappeared a while ago.

Sang-in stands and asks, why are you telling me this now!  She quietly says that he never asked her and smiles. 

Another employee runs in and tells him that the distribution house and print house asked when they will get paid. A male employee asks how i went when he went to the town.

They all start to shoot questions at him. he passes out in his chair. Then Sung-jae hits him on the cheek. He stays sleeping. She hits him harder and he pops awake and looks around at all the blank faces looking at him for answers.

He asks Sung-jae if she knows how to climb mountains? She says yes, I used to be the chairperson for our mountain climbing club *smiles*. He groans and holds his head.



Jae-soo and Kang-tae drink at his place. Jae-soo asks if he slept with her? Do you like her?

Kang-tae take a moment and then asks Jae-soo if he is drunk. They have like 8 empty bottles of soju in front of them. 

Jae-soo asks why he took his Alberto (bicycle) on that rainy day and put that woman on his back and fed her and slept. Are you doing philanthropic work? Do you have religion now?

KT – This alcohol is like water. 

He reaches for another one. Jae-soo covers it with his hands.

JS – Hey, kang-tae, don’t do things that you don’t usually do. You will soojul

KT – It is Yojul

(Note soojul means do not sleep with men or woman after their husband or wife dies. Yojul is to die early.)

Kang-tae pours some more soju. 

JS – Anyway, just be careful. Did you forget? The first day she saw you, she stabbed you.

Flashback to that day at the other hospital.

KT – Yes, she did *slight smile*

JS – Are you nostalgic about that? Does it linger?

KT – When did I?

JS – Hey, for psychopaths the men, woman, old, young, does not matter. When they are crazy they are all monsters.

he grabs his hand and shows him his scar.

JS – Remember it when you look at this. It might not be in your palm next time, it could be in your neck! That can happen!

KT – *looks at palm* Right, it is better to avoid her right?

JS – Of course, do not get involved with her!

KT – So if I do not see her then that is enough right?

JS – Of course! Do not even get close.

KT – But Jae-soo, I keep forgetting.

JS – What?

KT – Everything. The pain. Butterflies. Even hyung. Sometimes, I forget about it all. So, you should remind me like are you now, to wake up.

JS – *concerned* Okay, okay, so just don’t smile like that. All right?

KT – Why, do I look like the joker?

JS – *thinks of something to say* No, you look like chuckie (the killer doll, lol)

Jae-soo clinks glasses with Kang-tae and the camera scrolls away to Moon-young who is at home.

She is looking out her window at the shirt he ave her to wear and thinking about the money. He told her to take it, it is good enough for a taxi. Then he walked off.

She hops up off her bed and angrily goes to the shirt to yell at it like it is Kang-tae.

MY – You want me to take this money and leave! Am I only $30! 

She takes off the shirt and throws it on the ground and starts to step on it. But while she does that, she remembers him holding her hand and putting his hand to her cheek and looks at her deeply in her eyes.

She looks at the shirt and curses and says I am confused by your behavior. You have multiple personality disorder.

she goes back to bed and we see that she has hung the shirt up in the window once more.


Kang-tae gets home, drunk, and goes to sleep right next to Sang-tae. He curls up next to him and asks, do you like me more or Ko Moon-yuong more. Sang-tae stats to snore, maybe he is pretending.

Kang-tae rubs Sang-tae’s shoulder and says, I like hyung more, you are my everything. Sang-tae opens his eyes and thinks for a moment then closes them again.


Sang-in bangs on Moon-yuong’s door. She opens it and asks why he is here. Sang-in sniffles and tells her that they are bankrupt. Sung-jae comes and stands besides him and sniffles as well.

Moon-young asks why she is there? Sung-jae says that the CEO lured me here. She looks so sad, lol.

They sit on the clothed furniture where Sang-in tells Moon-young that they are all bankrupt after giving all their money to the book people and the reporter guy. Sung-jae tells him that he did not pay her and bought this carrier and took me to the countryside for work. Are you a conman?

He says he brought her here to take care of the rest of her life! She asks, who is taking care of whom! We are bankrupt!

He stands and yells, we are not done! I have this hope called Ko Moon-young! 

He sits in front of her and says, right!

she tells him to go away. Why do I have to be the beacon of your broken life. Who made this trouble? You did it. he says, yes, it is this bad CEO’s fault.

Sung-jae mutters, a-hole.

Moon-young tell shim to go away.

Sang-in holds her hand and kneels and says that he can just support her, you said that we can live together. She asks, who ran away? I have someone to move in. He asks who? Are you…

Cut to the hospital which is having a dance exercise activity for the patient. Everyone is out there. Joo-ri is also out there dancing and looks at Kang-tae. One of the patients, Eun-jae looks at Joo-ri looking at Kang-tae.

Afterwards, they all walk inside. This patient asks Kang-tae to sit with her outside for a  moment. So they go to sit on a bench. She gives him something to drink.

She has a fur shall around her shoulder and says that she has been looking at him for the last few days. You are a handsome man with a strong body. She holds his ID and reads it then says that he has a cool name.

She asks his age, He says 30. She asks his patients. He says he does not have any. She tells him she is sorry and then asks if he has a girlfriend. He says no. So she asks, ah, that nurse likes you one-sided.

He is confused. She takes a sip of her drink and says that is good. I want to introduce you to a nice woman. he says no thank you. She tells him it is not that she is my daughter, she is really good. When she comes here for a visit, you can see her.

he tells her, okay, I will think about it. I have to go to work. He stands to leave. She tells him to think about it. Then thinks to herself that they will be a good couple.

Meanwhile, Sangtae is at the wall trying to start painting But he cannot put the first stroke on the wall. He keeps mixing the paint and almost putting something there and stopping.

The doctor comes up to him smiling and says that starting is difficult. But when you start the first step, then everything else is easy. He takes a brush and brushes green pain on the wall.

Sang-tae is all like, aaaahhhhh oooohhhhh. 

The doctor chuckles and tells him that the artist can start now. But Sang-tae says nooo, not this! Then he rubs paint on the doctor and starts to run after him with paint. it looks like he wants to dump it on him? 

The doctor runs away apologizing. Sang-tae runs after him. all the patients look on. Patient Jung-tae tells patient Ah-rum that their director is also insane. But she is crying for some reason so he asks with concern why she is crying? She says she also wants to play catch me if you can. He tells her tat they can do it, let’s take our medicine, haha.

The doctor keeps running away all around the reception area. Patient PO chuckles and says that there are a lot of mental patients int he world without hospital clothing. Haha.


Later on, The doctor cleans paint from his face in his office. Moon-young comes in like she owns the place and sits in a chair. He asks, how do you feel today?

MY – Always bad. Why did you call me?

JW – I heard about the thing with your father, I am really sorry about that.

MY – Did you strangle me?

JW – that was my prescription so….

MY – It is medical malpractice. You made that big trouble but you just say it?

JW – Lets do this, you strangle me *proffers his neck*

she leaves and mutters, that crazy old man.

In another room, Ok-ran reads Moon-young’s mothers book. Joo-ri is sitting at a table in this room and asks Sun-hae, the former shaman, about the woman humming sound last night. 

Joori asks if she knew what time it was. Sun-hae says no, of course not, I don’t even know what day today is. I just heard it when I was going to the restroom. OoOoOoOo. 

Joo-ri nods and asks if she saw anyone at that time. The woman who is reading the books starts talking.

OR – It should be a ghost. Nurse Nam, do you believe that BS?

SH – it is not bull-s, if it was a ghost sound then it should be a ghost. I hear it.

OR – That is the hallucination, it proves that you are crazy.

SH – *breaks/throws something and walks to her* Hey, I am not crazy!

JR – *pulls her back* Yes, you should have heard it.

OR – *slaps Joo-ri* So are you saying that I am crazy?

JR – *Holds herself back*

Joori walks to the rooftop to cool off and sees Kang-tae standing up there as well. she goes to stand next to him and tells him that this reminds him of the past. When I was crying on the rooftop after a patient slapped me, you came and told me–.

Kang tae says, to feel good, would you like to slap me?

She smiles. 

He says that he did not know that she would really slap him. She tells him she was crazy, why did I do that? But we are closer because of that right? She looks at him.

He doesn’t answer.

She asks, isn’t it? Or we are not closer?

KT – Joo-ri, would you like to slap me again?

JR – Why?

KT – Soon, I think something will make you mad again.

JR – Are you already refusing me?

KT – Don’t tie your heart on someone like me. I don’t deserve it.

JR – Because you will leave anyway? …. It is okay, I don’t care. I will just like you. That is my heart.

They keep standing a bit awkwardly.

JR – Please….I….if I…I hope you don’t run away from me because I am giving you too much burden. Then I will be too humiliated and sad. While you are staying in this town (Sang-jin) just please stay in my place. Umma likes it so much and San-tae oppa is also happy staying in our place. So…please. 

She looks at him and forces a smile. He loos at her and then looks away and thinks.

But then we see some stilettos looking at them in the background. One steps on a cigarette and walks away.

Those stilettos go to the lobby and starts to walk up to where Sang-in is. Sang-tae is. Sang-tae is painting and mutters that Oh Ji-wang is bad. Oh Jiwang is bad. Even though he is a doctor, Oh Ji Wang is bad. He should at least be polite.

he is cleaning off the green from the wall. But then he jumps when he sees Moon-yong standing right next to him staring at the wall as well.

MY – Oppa, do you want to play with me?

ST – Y-yes. Yes. 

Cut to Kang-tae trying to make a call. But the call does not go through.

Then we see Moon-young driving around that same curvy road to get to her house. We see it from a birds eye view.

Inside, Sang-tae looks around at everything and wonders how much this car costs. Is it more than 1000, 2000? She tells him it is 100 times, 1000 times more than that.

He asks, wow, are you rich? How much money do you have? She tells him 100,000 times richer than oppa. Sang-tae is impressed. She asks, Oppa do you like money?

ST – yes, yes, I like money, I like cars, I like you, writer.

MY – *smiles*

ST – Hundred times, thousand times, twelve thousand times. Where are we going? It is dark.

Kang-tae runs to the steps where Sang-tae should be and wonders where he is. Nurse Sun byul and Dr. Min-suk see him and ask if he is looking for Sang-tae? He says yes.

They tell him that he went out with Ko Moon-young. They wonder why she is here today since she had no class. Kang-tae takes in a deep breath and braces himself on the banister.

Cut to the head of a deer on a wall. It blinks at Sang-tae. Sant-tae is staring up at it and asks if he can touch it. He slowly reaches his hand up and does that. He is so happy.

He looks around this huge place in amazement.

MY – DO you like it? 

ST – Yeah

MY – Do you like this place?

ST – Yes.

MY – Would you like to live with me here?

ST – Yes.

MY – Then sign this

She hands him a handwritten agreement. He looks at it.

In the hospital, Kang-tae holds a hand to his head and then looks at his wound. He remembers getting it and blood dripping on the floor. The blood starts to drip in reverse and goes back to his palm.

He gets a phone call and immediately asks, where is hyung?

MY – With me.

KT – I told you not to touch hyung.

Cut to Sang-tae with his head on a long elegant dinner table muttering. He had a lot of alcohol. She is sitting at the head of the table next to him.

MY – I was bored so I played with him. Would you like to pick him up?

KT – Where are you at?

MY – The cursed castle.

KT – Okay

MY – How do you know where it is?

KT – I have been there before.

MY – What?

KT – You rescued me and I ran away from you back then.

MY – You knew it?

KT – …. I will be there. Wait.

He heads out He walks in slow motion. She puts her phone down in slow motion. He Keeps walking. She looks off at nothing.

Mini time jump to Kang-tae walking up the road to the mansion.

MY – Oppa, can I tell you an old story?

ST – *Mutters yes*

MY – A long long time ago in a cursed castle, a girl lived. The girls mom always told the daughter, you are too special, so you cannot live in the outside world. You have to live in this castle only. But for the girl, the castle was just like jail, so she prayed to the moon al the time….

Kang-tae stops and picks some flowers.

MY – ….please send me a handsome prince to rescue me.

Little Moon young stood at her balcony and looked at the moon.

MY – maybe today, maybe the tomorrow, the girl waited everyday

Little Kang-tae comes to the gate with flowers. Litle Moonyoung sees him. He smiles at her. She goes back inside. He waits for her. She comes downstairs happily. But then she runs into her mother and her face falls.

He waits outside. She walks up to him. He hands her the bouquet and apologizes for before She throws them to the ground and steps on them then tells him, go away.

He reluctantly turns away from the gate and walks away.

The adult Kang-tae walks up. He looks through the gate for a moment then opens it.

Moon-young looks at him from her balcony. 

He keeps walking in slowly. 

He looks up at her.

She looks down at him.

A lovely song plays.

Fade Out


Ugh, this show is just the best thing ever. Love all the episodes so far. I love how this is progressing to having Sang-tae live with her which might force Kang-tae to stop using Sang-tae as an excuse anymore to not get involved with people. But it also give him a very good excuse to see Moon-young. Everything is wonderful, I am a happy camper.

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  1. Jane M
    July 4, 2020 / 7:53 pm

    This show is just so rich, you know? I don’t know another way to explain it. There are so many layers to the story and the characters. The composition of the scenes, props, locations, lighting, and camera angles are complex and fit the story. I just love WATCHING it. I am a bit worried, though, that our King-tae may have deeper currents to his character that are not going to be pleasant. I hope I am wrong, but I see a maelstrom around the 3 of them in the castle. And OMG Moon Sang Tae is blowing me away with his portrayal of Sang-tae! Someone give this man an award and recognition, please.

    • Sebba
      July 5, 2020 / 4:31 am

      Agreed. I can’t believe it’s the same actor who gave me the creeps in Camelia.

      I also agree about the intricate production of this drama. On all levels it’s just outstanding. It’s doing ok in ratings but I kind of feel like it should be getting more recognition. Perhaps with lockdown easing people don’t have time for dramas anymore? Maybe it’s too soon after Hotel De Luna – which has a similar vibe – but both dramas are different and stand on their own. Sometimes I just can’t figure popularity out!

      • V
        July 6, 2020 / 9:44 am

        Right! It is doing just okay in the ratings but for me it should be in double digits by now. I feel like My Ajusshi was the same way but I will ahve to go back and double check that.

        • Sebba
          July 6, 2020 / 4:40 pm

          Oh you’re right. I went back and checked… Why do I think it fared better? Perhaps because it was well received by critics and won a host of awards.

          Still, I wish the dramas I love did better in ratings. I mean this is what they’re after, afterall. I mean I don’t know any other way to give back to them. Do you?

    • V
      July 6, 2020 / 9:44 am

      Absolutely! Rich is the best way to describe it.

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