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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Recap - Part 1

Whoo hoo, this show is back and it feels like it is ready to explode with emotions. Which, I don’t even know how because this drama is filled with restraint and repressed feelings. But I am here for it!

(Also, we have started watching Backstreet Rookie and love it! It is slow going, but we plan on posting episode 5 sometime today and episode 6 tomorrow!)


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang-tae gets off his motorcycle in the rain and looks at Moon-young. She smiles slightly. He walks up to her and takes off his jacket to put it around her. She collapses in his arms.

MY – You are warm.

MY – I’m hungry

He holds on to her and thinks about patting her on the back. She smiles into hisembrace.

Then we cut to them both riding away on the motorcycle to a motel. They both take off their helmets. She tells him he is pretty good. He says they can warm up here first. She happily says, Okay! Lets do it!

But he tells her that she can do it alone. She frowns slightly and follows him inside.

They both go inside to try and get a room (these rooms are hourly and daily). The owner is a young man who smiles when he sees them and asks if they nee to stay overnight or just need a room for a little bit.

Kang-tae clears his throat, he is a bit embarrassed.

The owner asks, what kind of room do you need? Mirror room or themed room or costume room?

Kang-tae is super embarrassed.

The owner tells him to come closer and stats to whisper to him, do you need options like love gel? Or vibrator? Or whip?

He stands back up and is about to leave. But then the owner tells him 10% discount for cash! I also have free service for whilrpool tub!

Moon-young is all like, yes, yes, she looks so into this.

Kang-tae tells her, lets go. But she says No! I like this place. Then she smiles at the owner. He says they can just go home, he can take her. She tells him that she does not want to die frozen.

The woner says they warm rooms. Kang-tae gives him the side eye then asks Moon-young if she lives far away? She says far away is not important, you are the problem. You brought a motorcycle in this rain.

He looks at her like, come on now sis? Then he says, why don’t you take a taxi. She tells him to give her money for a taxi. I left my wallet and cell phone. All of it.

He asks, so if I didn’t go there? She tells him she would still be walking like a crazy girl.

he yells, you shuold think! Don’t just go crazy! You don’t know what will happen in a dark and remote place!

SHe looks at him interested. He continues, you know, alone! What if something happens?

MY – Why are you angry whether I walk under the rain all night or have a strip show in the rain. Why are you upset? Do you worry about me? Does it make you made? Does it hurt your feelings?

She slowly walks closer to kang-tae and he backs away so she is slowly pushing him into the wall. The onwer opens his window a bit mor and takes out a condom package for them.

Moon-yong backs him into a condom machine and puts her arm on the wall next to him and asks Kang-tae….

MY – Do you like me? I really don’t know

In the flashback we see him sending mixed signals. He told her she was an empty can.

MY – Even if I am reborn, I still do not understand your feelings. I am just an empty can.

MY – What are you emotions, tell me. Why can’t you say? Are you also an empty can?

KT – I am…I am…

Owner – *whispering* Tell her, tell her….I love you…

KT – O-One…one room please!

He walks around her to the owner. The owner happily tells him $50. So Kang-tae starts to look around for his wallet. But it looks like he doesn’t have it. Moon-young looks at the condom machine but then turns around and asks, do you not have any money? She is a bit surprised.

MY – Where is you cell phone?

Owner – Even my mom can’t run a tab, bye. *closes window*

MY – Ah, maybe you came out super quickly, you didn’t even think

She walks in front of him again and pats him on the shoulder.

MY –  It is okay, men moving by instinct is not a sin. Lets go.

Owner – *whispers* Down the street is a cheaper place that you can run a tab.

KT – Bye.

He hurries out.

Then we cut to a bouquet of flowers on the ground.


they ride off together to his place. She holds his waste super tightly and doesn’t want to let go when they stop. So he has to remove them. He hops off and tells her to hop off. She stays on and looks at the house skeptically.

Butt hen we cut to her looking around inside the house. She mutters, your taste is…~. He grabs his underwear that is hanging to dry and puts a towel over her head. She says that she wants to wear his clothing. I do not like Jurassic style.

He opens his closet. She smiles and tells him that this is strange. How can the eating, sleeping, and pooping place be all in the same space? It is like an animal cage. If you live here it will feel like a house animal right?

He walks up to her.

MY – What? Was I too rude?

KT – Change your clothes. *hands her some*

MY – What about your brother?

KT – Downstairs

MY – Don’t call him

KT – I wont call him. I don’t want hyung with you

MY – Are you jealous?

KT – Don’t do anything to my hyung, ever.

MY – Are you warning me?

KT – Warningn you or asking for a favor, whatever, just dont do anything to my brother

MY – Do you think hyung thinks the same? Lets ask him. *starts to walk to do that*

KT – *grabs her to pull her back*

MY – What? Why are you liking like that?

KT – What do I look like?

MY – You are handsome.

KT – Not that, my facial expression.

MY – Full of yourself

KT – The emotions and the feeling and condition in the face

MY – I dont’ care. *walks away*

KT – *pulls her back in front of emotions chart* See, these are emotions in peoples faces, even though you dont’ care, just learn them. If you don’t want to learn it in your heart, just learn it in your head. If you do not want to live alone in this world then put in that much effort.

MY – I dont’ want to *turns to leave again*

KT – *Puts her back in place* Even if you don’t want to, just do it.

MY – *turns to him* I am not autistic. I am just–

KT – You are also not a zombie kid either. The zombie kid that does not have emotions and only wants to eat. Do you think that kid wanted his food or someones warmth? What do you think the answer is? Prey? Just fullfilling his desire? that is it?

He pulls her hand out of her jacket. She looks at him strongly. He touches his hand to her cheek but he is holding her hand.

KT – That boy needed this, not just being raised as an animal. That is what you also wanted to say.

MY – *throws his hands down* No. 

KT – No?

MY – No. Prey is all he wanted. Zombies do not have emotions. Just being full by cutting off the arms and legs, that is all he needed. Warmth, f-you. That is only pity from emotional people like you. Don’t interpret it your own way. I am hungry, I want to eat dinner before I eat your arms and legs.

She turns and walks away t the bathroom and shuts the door. Then she stands, stunned and touches her cheek where his hand was.

MY – *whispers* Who pities whom (like, how dare he pity me)

She looks around the bathroom at all the notes. The shampoo note says, “Three pumps for the shampoo” the bowl has Sang-tae’s name on it. The mirror says “three minutes for brushing teeth” and “Shaving is bottom to top”. 

MY – Hypocrite. 


Meanwhile, Sang-tae is downstiars hitting his head methodically and slowly on the wall and thinking about Kang-tae yelling at him to listen. kang-tae comes down and puts his hand ont he wal so Sang-tae is hitting his hand instead. He stops.

KT – Hyung, are you still mad at me? I am sorry I yelled at you. I will never do it again. It was my fault.

He starts to hithis head again.

KT – Hyung, that hurts. It hurts. *puts his hand back* I was slapped today. It was a big slap. My mouth bled and I dont think I could hear well and my cheek was swollen. So what should I do?

Sang-tae looks at him.

KT – I almost became Hok Bul-ee Yanggang (Korean story with a man who has a big cheek due to a growth)

ST – Where is Hok Bul-ee yanggang?

KT – *touches both of his cheeks like here Mackaulu Culkin in Home alone*

KT – Ah, my growth is gone.

ST – you liar *starts to hit him* I told you that lying is bad! You will go to the police! You bad guy. You are the boy that cried wolf. You should be punished! 

He starts to practually spank Kang-tae and tells him that he is wrong, that is why you don’t say anything. Does this hurt!

Kang-tae is happy that he is talking to him again. He leaves that room and walks into the kitchen.

jae-soo and Soon-duk (the mother) were actually listening in through the door and have to back away and pretend like they weren’t 

JS – Are you happy to get hit? Why are you adding more hits to yourself

KT – I deserve to get hit.

SD – *pulls chair out* Come here, sit down.

KT – No.

SD – Why???

KT – Can I….

Cut to him sitting in front of Moon-young with a small table of yummy food. She asks, do you have a snail lady (Korean story where a boy picked a big snail and put it in his kitchen water, ever day a beautiful lady came out and fixed a meal and cleaned his house secretly)

KT – It is from my landlord ajumma who is over 60 years old. 

MY – Ah, the food looks like it has some skill

KT – Just eat

She stares at him for a moment then starts to eat. Her eyes grow bright.

MY – Mmm, I want to hire her, she is good.

KT – How did you eat before?

MY – I dont’ eat.

KT – I don’t have a mom who will give me her arms and legs and I don’t have an snail woman like you.

She tries to pick up one of the side items but can’t so he does it for her (its a quail egg). He puts it on her rice. She uses her spoon and demands that he give her bulgogi. He just stares at her like, come on now.


That night, Cha-yong is standing while sleeping when the lights flicker on and off in the building. A woman walks up the hallway singing a lullaby. It looks like a ghost. The woman walks right by Cha-yong. He opens his eyes as if he felt something. He looks spooked.

He quickly grabs a flashlight and starts to look around. Then jumps when a door opens. But it is only Joo-ri. She asks him what he is doing there? He asks her, didn’t you hear a sound?

She shakes her head, no. The lights suddenly turn back on. He grabs his chest in fright. then he tell sher that there was a humming sound over there. She asks, oh, that. Didn’t you hear it from patient Yoo Sun Hae?

Cut to Yoo Sun-hae explaining how there is a ghost in the early morning on the second floor hallway that sings. I hear it.

Cha-yong asks Joo-ri, ghost???? that is just BS, right? She tells him that she does not know. That patients job was to talk to ghosts. He is all like wah??? Joo-ri tells him that she used to be a shaman.

Joo-ri walks away and secretly laughs. He catches up and ays, lets go together.

Then we see a woman walk by in the background.


Jo-ri goes to the head nurse and tells her that there were no particular problem. The head nurse tells her good job. She says that Cha-yong went to wash his face to wake up.

the head nurse asks if she wants a coffee and asks about patient Ko Dae-whan. Joo-ri tells her that his pressure is a bit high and he cannot sleep well. By the way, in our front yard….why did he do that to his daughter?

HJ – That is a side effect of brain surgery, some people get aggressive.

JR – What if it is not a side effect?

HJ – *chuckles* Do you think he meant to kill her?

JR – No, to survive, not to die, he was just protecting himself and showing his aggressiveness.

She thinksback to him grabbing her arm one day.

HJ – Nurse Nam Juri, you said that you know writer Ko Moon-young.

Joo-ri thinks back to asking Moon-young to be frinds when they were kids.

HJ – You tried to hide it so it is not like that is a happy relationship.

Little Joo-ri yells at Moon-yong with teary eyes and tells her to go away. Moon-young smiles.

HJ – Hey, ask yourself if you are involving your personal emotions to that father-daughter relationship. You should be careful that that patients emotions is not transmitted to you. You are a professional.

She walks out.


Kang-tae cleans the dishes. Moon-young makes herself comfortable on a pallet on the floor. She tells him to do that quickly and come lay with me. He ignores her. She says, maybe you were a slave in your past life and I was the masters wife. Your back while working looks delicious. He looks at her.

MY – No, not delicious, it looks cool (in Korean both words sound alike Mashiso is delicious and Moshiiso is cool).

MY – It was my mistake.

He walks to her and tells her to stand up.

KT – I will give you money for a taxi, just go home.

MY – *curls up with the blanket* No, I am going to sleep here.

KT  – *pulls blanket off* Who is letting you sleep here?

MY – Me.

KT – Stand up.

MY – No. I will sleep here *grips pillow like its bolted down*

KT – I will drag you out.

MY – You dragged me here.

KT – I didn’t tell you to sleep here, stand up. *tries stop pull her up*

MY – I am going to scream

KT – Stand up!

MY – Oppa! Sang-tae oppa!

kang-tae covers her mouth (I think). Then he hears Jae-soo coming up to the rooftop to tell him that they hsould eat dinner. So he runs out to stop him. Jae-soo asks, why are you so sweaty? He touches his face.

Kang-tae backs away and says it is hot inside. Sang-tae asks, are you having menopausal symptoms? You are really strange today.

He tries to walk by and open the partly open door but kang-tae kicks the door closed quickly. Jae-soo hops back in alarm and says, hey! I was here for you since you ate alone!

KT – I ate! 

JS – Huh, you ate?

KT – Your rice will get cold so go downstairs and eat, eat. *pushes him*

JS – you re being suspicious. You also aren’t taking you hyung

He dodges him and tries to run in but Kang-tae pulls him back by the hair. Though he is apologetic about it.

JS – Ah! You are using violence now! You know me! Be careful, you know me!

He walks back downstairs and holds his head in pain. Kang-tae looks apologetic.


Kang-tae goes back to the door, but its locked! LOL. He tells her to open the door. Open it up quickly!

MY – If you let me sleep tonight then I will open it for you.

He tells her to open it first. She says, no, you will drag me out. He fumes on the other side but says, no, I am not dragging you out. She asks, are you sure? He tells her yes, I am sure. Just open. She says okay.

She opens the window instead. Then looks out at him pleasantly. He runs to it.

MY – I feel like we are Romeo and Juliet like this.

KT – Yes, it is. We are enemies. We shuold not meet each other.

MY – Its fate.

KT – Bad fate.

MY – It is fate. It is destiny.

KT – Everyone died. Do you know why?

MY – She drank the sleeping medicine all by herself. If they shared it then they wouldnt’ have died. So you sleep with me tonight.

Holds his waste in physical pain at her words.

KT – That is nonsense! Just open the door.

MY – I am sleeping here.

KT – Open the door!

MY – You sleep next to me.

KT – Open it before I break it! 

MY – Maybe the three of us can sleep together?…OPPAAA!

he quickly covers her mouth again.

Downstairs, Jae-soo calls someone and asks why the water line broke all of a sudden. Should I fix it? But he is ont he phone with Kang-tae who says, no, no, dont’ come!

Sang-tae is whith him looking around at things.

Kang-tae tells him that the pipe line might be old, I need to call a professional tomorrow. There is water everywhere. I think I need to clean all night. No, no, no, just please take care of hyung. thank you thank you Jaesoo, I like you more today.

He is still standing outside and pts the phone down. Moon-young smiles at him from the window. He looks at her, very tired.

KT – Open the door.

MY – *smiles* Your acting was good.

Cut to them both sleeping in separate pallets. 

MY – Why don’t you becom an actor, not a caregiver?

He rolls over to the other side.

MY – Your lies have some truth in it. Enough for me to be tricked.

KT – Hyung, my hyung always looks at my face.

he thinks back to Sang-tae always looking at him to tell hisemotions.

MY – My eyes and eyebrow shape and mouth

Sang-tae sees Kang-tae getting reprimanded and thinks that he is angry.

KT – He looks at my face and figures out how I feel. Even if my body is aching and my heart hurts so much, if I am forced to smile then hyung believes that I am happy.

After he got yelled at, Kang-tae smiles at his brother. 

KT – If hyung believes it, that is it. Even if it is fake, that doens’t matter. Smiling is not difficult.

Cut to Jae-soo trying to sleep while Sang-tae watches TV and repeats everything he watches. He is under a blanket watching TV happily.

MY – Then smile at me also. You said it was not difficult. Smile.

KT – Just sleep, it is late.

MY – Where you the same when you were young?

He rolls over and looks at her.

MY – I saw your pictures. Did you come together back then?

KT – I don’t remember. It was a long time ago.

MY – What about that girl? The girl you used to like who had similar eyes as me? Do you remember her sometimes? Do you miss her?

KT – No. I want to forget her.

MY – Wow, she was really a B?

KT – I was the bad one.

He thinks back to being rescued and then running away when she killed the butterflies.

KT – She saved my life, but I ran away cowardly. Since then, I keep running away.

MY – Then why did you come? You should run away. You ran to me.

KT – That is why I am regretting it now.

MY – Well, you were a little cool *closes her eyes*

KT – *Looks at her while she sleeps*


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