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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

And the show that makes me super happy that it is on air is back on! Oh how I love sinking into this dark fairytale of a drama. I basically swoon throught the entire thing and cuddle with my thoughts about it at night.

Keep it up show! Because you are filling my quirky drama loving heart with sweetness and making my weekends scrumdiddlyumptious. Yum.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang-tae opens the doors to the mansion and steps inside. He looks around at the second floor and the walls and peeks inside the living room. He sees his brother sleeping with a bottle of alcohol in his hands.

He goes to him and lightly tries to wake him up. But he is super asleep so he takes the bottle out of his hand and looks at is angrily. Then he sees it down and covers his brother with his jacket.

He continues heading upstairs until he gets to Moon-young’s room. She is still looking out over the balcony. She turns her head and stares at him then crosses her arms and looks at the balcony again. he walks up and stands beside her.

MY – How long? When did you know who I was?

He thinks back at things that Moon-young said to him and his childhood memories and adult memories. She asked him about the girl with eyes like him and that he isn’t running away and avoiding things anymore and that he grew up well like an evolution not just growing up.

KT – Maybe that day when I first saw your eyes.

He is talking about the day he stopped her from stabbing that man.

MY – Wow, your acting is so scary. You can win an oscar easily. Did you have fun? You pretended that you did not know even though you knew. You hypocrite you tricked me.

KT – You are the same.

MY – I did not pretend that I did not know you.

KT – I know, you want me to notice you. I wanted to keep pretending that I did not know and ignore it.

MY – Why.

KT – I told you that night.

That night he said she rescued him but he ran away cowardly.

KT – Ever since then, I have been running away.

MY – You hypocrite are you tired of running away? Why are you noticing me now?

KT – I wanted to end it properly and thank you for that day that you rescued me from the frozen river. Also, I am sorry about back then. I liked you first but ran away. I regretted it as soon as I turned away.

MY – Shut up. 

KT – That day, I came here but I couldn’t tell you this~

MY – Just shut up!

KT – Maybe I couldn’t forget you ever since because of my regret.

MY – Now you don’t regret it anymore?

KT – Hyung is enough. He is enough burden.

MY – *grabs his wrist* Why is hyung okay but not me? You take care of me. I need you also.

KT – *removes her hand* I do not want to be someone who is needed for someone anymore.

He walks away. She follows him and tells him that he can’t refuse her. I rescued you, I own your life. He turns around and tells her that he thanks her. Because you rescued me, my life is all messed up.

She grabs his arm again and tells him, if you go now then I will kill you. He swings his arms free. She tries grabbing him again and says that he can’t run away, you are mine! But they are on the steps and she trips and swings around and is about to fall down the steps. She gasps.

He quickly grabs her and pulls her to him. Then yells, are you crazy! Do you really want to die!

MY – Don’t go, live with me.

KT – Let me go.

ST – Hyung?

Kang-tae sees Sang-tae at the bottom of the steps, he walks to him and asks him if he is okay? No headache? You shoulnd’t drink, let’s go home. Sang-tae tells him that this is their house. I have to live here, I promised.

Kang-tae makes his face pleasant but asks, what are you talking about? Sang-tae pulls out the hand written agreement. Kang-tae tells him to give it to him. Sang-tae says no, it is mine.

Moon-young comes down and says that she contracted him as the artist for her book. And he should live here.

ST – I live here and I will draw this artwork.

MY – I told you, you cannot run away from me.

KT – Hyung, give it to me.

ST – No, it is mine

Hyung starts to walk away. Kang-tae tells him it is a bad thing, she tricked you. Sang-tae keeps walking around this huge room. Sang-tae says it is mine and this is our house. Kang-tae yells THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE. He grabs the paper and rips it up.

Sang-tae starts to yell and flip out and pushes Kang-tae through the front doors and onto the ground and starts to hit him a lot. and yells, its mine its mine its mine!

Kang-tae can’t do anything, he is trapped and he doesn’t want to fight back.

Moon-yong looks from the door in that unemotional way that she does and tells him to stop. Then she walks to Sang-tae and holds his hand lightly. She tells him he can go inside their house. She smiles and tells him to hurry. He blubbers and walks back into the house while still yelling, its not yours!

Kang-tae stands.

MY – Your hyung abandoned you. It is your choice. You can live your life or you can be trapped by hyung. Like that day, don’t be indecisive.

She walks back inside.

Kangtae practically shivers with anger. He spits off to the side. Then, after some time, he starts to walk shakily out. Moon-young looks at him from her room.

He pushes his way through the gate.



Kang-tae keeps walking up the windy road. He stops. Then he hears a little boy say Umma! It is him as a little kid. He watches this kid run home to tell his mom that he got a red belt.

He sees his mother and his hyung. His hyung is all beaten up. His mother runs to him and angrily asks him why he sent hyung home first! You should be with him all day!

She starts to spank him and asks what he was doing when hyung was getting hit! I sent you to this expensive taekwondo academy to protect him, but you made him come back like that!

KT – I – am not a person to only protect him.

Mom – What?


His mother is stunned to hear this.

Mom – What did you just say? What did you just say?

Sang-tae repeats it and laughs in that innocent way he does.


he throws his belt on the ground and runs off. Sang-tae picks it up and runs after him. His mother sinks to her knees.

Sang-tae finally catches up to him on a frozen river. He tries to hand the belt back and yells that this is Moon Kang-tae’s. He has that same dinosaur. Kang-tae walks back and tells him to stand up. He helps him stand.

They share a smily happy moment and then play happily with the dinosaur. They throw it and run and catch it.

Little Moon-young is watching them.

But then the dinosaur is thrown near an area of thin ice. Kang-tae nows this and tells him not to run to it. But he does and gets his dinosaur happily. But the ice cracks and he falls in.

Kang-tae runs to him. But he can’t save him. He thinks about saying that he wishes he died. He runs away to get his red belt. But stops.

Moon-young chuckles. She tells him to go. Just go.

He turns around and looks at his brother.

Moon-yong tell shim to just go.

But Kang-tae runs back and jumps int he water. 

Moon-young mutters this is no fun

Kang-tae lifts his brother out. Sang-tae is freezing and in shock and starts to walk back. Kang-tae yells for him to pull him up. But Sang-tae is trembling and shook and keeps walking stiffly away.

Moon-young keeps looking on. She picks up some frozen flowers and picks each petal off. Should I give it to him, should I not give it to him, should I give it to him, should I not give it to him.

She finally settles on, not give it to him.

She looks at that last rose petal.

Kang-tae starts to sink to the bottom of the river.

Moon-yong slowly walks to the river and throws something in for him to grab on to. Kang-tae swims to the top and hops on this styrofoam pice that Moon-yong threw in. He looks at her. She walks away.

He tried to say something to her but she just walk back through the snow and trees.

In the present, Kang-tae sits at home thinking about this.

Cut back to the mansion. Moon-young sits on the stairs looking at Sang-tae open and close and open and close the front door. She tells him, Oppa, don’t worry, he can’t abandon you.

Sang-tae looks a bit worried.

At home, Kang-tae opens the contract he took and starts to read it.

Contract – B stays in person A’s house and draws artwork for their book. A acknowledges that A is the best artist. Instead of money, A will purchase a camper. B has a younger brother who does not want to move.

Kang-tae gulps back some tears and crumples the paper. But they fall anyway.

At the mansion, Sang-tae falls asleep sitting on the floor. Moon-yong covers him with a blanket.



Sang-in tells a baker that he wants a variety of different types of bread at a bakery. Sung-jae says she wants this one, but Sang-in says not that one. She asks him if he thinks that their writer will accept this if she buys them.

Sung-jae says that is not what is important. When her sugar level is low, then she does not write. We have to provide these sweets for her. Sung-in mutters, why don’t you buy it for me also.

Sang-in sits at the table and Sung-jae brings their food to them. He says he does not feel good. Before Moon-young takes people into that cursed castle, we have to get in first. Eat, eat, ah! It is so hot!


Kang-tae relaxes on his rooftop when Soon-duk comes up with steamed potatoes. She asks if he has the day off? He bows a greeting and say yes.

She asks him why he looks like that? Did you have trouble with a patient? He says no. She asks if he fought someone? He hesitantly says that he had an argument with hyung.

She says, he just hit you one sided, not an argument! She yells at Sang-tae and says that ajumma will give her a hard time if she makes her brothers face like that again! She yells this through the door thinking Sang-tae is inside. Then she smiles at Kang-tae.

But Kang-tae tells her that hyung is not here. She asks, did he leave home? He says well, not like that.

Cut to them both sitting together on the rooftop. Soon-duk thinks this is good, he is an artist now.

KT – Well, is it really good?

SD – Yes! I do not know who this person is but that writer found Sang-tae, I want to just bow to that person. But…Kang-tae, you should support your hyung. You took care of him to survive. You have to support him to be able to live his own life. the work he likes with the person he likes, you should not stop them, and also, you cannot stop it anyways.

She holds Kang-tae’s hand with both hers as she tells him this. He listens.


The CEO and assistant go to the house with all the bread and knock on the door happily. Sang-tae answers and then locks the door. Sung-in is all like, um, who are you? Who is this person?

Sung-jae tells him that is the caregivers hyung. Sang-in asks, again? Again with that caregiver? Hey, Moon-young open this door before I break it!

MY – It is so noisy! Who is there!

Sang-in says he will break this door down. He runs to do that but Sang-in opens the door so he comes barreling and tumbling inside. He stands up quickly and asks what is going on here?

Sang-tae tells him that this is his house. Moon-young smiles and says yes, we decided to live together. Sang-tae repeats, yes, we live together, we are not married, we live together. 

Sung-jae whispers, daebak.

Sang-in yells, YOU LIVE TOGETHER???

Sang-tae starts to say the contract of B staying in A’s house and creating artwork. Moon-young tells the CEO to say hi to her artist.

Sang-tae starts to say all of his vital. He says his name and blood type and that he has autism spectrum but he can do his work no problem. 

Sung-jae happily greats him and says she is the art director. But Sang-in yells, NO, NEVER.

However everyone else says yes, yes, yes.

Sang-in tells MY that she cannot even take care of herself, so how can you take care of someone else. What if the two of you have trouble together?

MY – Safety pin. 

SI – What pin?

MY – Don’t worry, I have a safety pin.

She nods to the door where Kang-tae is standing sternly with two bags. Sang-tae introduces him as his brother, he is timid but he is my real brother. Sang-tae apologizes to Kang-tae. Kang-tae smiles and tells him it is fine. You can go back in, hyung.


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