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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 4 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sang-in goes to Jae-soo’s pizza place and gives him an everything pizza that is sectioned by slice. he wonders how he can take Moon-young back to Seoul with him.

Joori comes in and happily says, hi oppa, to Jae-soo. But Sang-in’s heart is the one that is touched. A breath blows from her and hits him. He happily lets his hair blow in it.

Jae-soo turns around and looks momentarily handsome. But then the spell is broken and she goes to sit at a table. She asks for wings and beer. He asks, how come? You never drink? Did something happen at the hospital? i can drink with you.

But he says no, I can drink alone, you work. He tells her okay. Sang-in is listening in and is pretty happy. he blurts out, I am alone today also! 

SI – Would you like to sit together? it is too large to eat alone.

She smiles politely but tells him no thank you. he apologizes and drinks his beer, then eats a sad bite of his pizza. Jae-soo secretly gives Sang-in a look and then goes to the back.

She thinks about telling her boss that they should fire Moon-young. It looks like she feels bad about it. She mutters, ah, Nam Joori, that was cheap. ( they are not talking to each other, but it looks like they are)

SI – Even though it was cheap, I have to do it to survive.

JR – She shouldn’t be here

SI – Never, not there. I have to take her, whatever it takes.

JS – Is there  an echo? It sounds like they are talking about the same thing. *looks back and forth between the two of them*


Kang-tae lets Sang-tae buy everything that he needs from the art store. he happily watches his brother looking around and picking up everything. But then Sang-tae sees a dinosaur toy and stops to look at it. He is mesmerized.

Kang-tae starts to think about Moon-young telling him that she loves him. 

Sang-tae says that is pretty. 

Kang-tae remembers Moon-young telling he he is pretty.

Sang-tae says  i want to have it.

Kang-tae remembers MY telling him that he is pretty, when she sees a pretty thing, she wants to have it.

Sang-tae grabs all the dinosaurs and asks the owner to ring him up. Kang-tae goes to pay for it all. It is around $54. he happily pays for it.


The senator barges into the hospital with all his staff and lawyers and stuff. The hospital people and patients think they look like gangsters. Soon-duk (Joori’s mom) works there and pushes out the food for lunch time She sees all the men in black walking by and asks Joori, what is up with all those suits?

Joo-ri tells her it is about the senator. Jung-tae tells Ah-rum that watching people fighting is the second best thing to watch than fire. Let’s go. He pulls Ah-rum to watch. She says, but I don’t like fighting.

Another patient mutters that soon they will have a blood storm.

The suits push past the Head Nurse who tries to explain things to them. She calls the doctor. 

The doctor has a patient with him and tells the patient that they can make it that he lost this time. They are playing Jang-gi (Asian chess). The patient is Pil-ong and tells him to issue him a ticket so he can go out.

Then the suits barge in. Th senator is super angry. He sits with the doctor.

Senator – That crazy woman who dragged my boy to the campaign and the caregiver that was on the same side as him, and you who cannot even control those stupid people who tainted my name. Kneel down in front of me.

JW – Ah, I have a horse (he is referring to the game)

Elsewhere in the hospital, the nurses fret at the reception desk wondering, what if she says she will not come? Joori says that she might come. They start to call. But Kang-tae says not to do it, I will just go up. Don’t do it ever.

he starts to walk up the steps. Nurse Sun asks, so we really aren’t doing it? Joo-ri tells her that he said no, he will take care of it. She walks off.

The brother gets off the bus alone and goes to the hospital. 

Kang-tae starts to walk to the office. The sleazy guy from earlier tells him that he warned him. Kang-tae ignores him and goes inside.

Inside, the senator asks where she is? how dare she not come? She is the one that did it!

KT – your son left with his own will. No one dragged him.

Senator – Hey, he is a patient. He just takes off his clothes anywhere! he spends thousands of dollars in one night! He is crazy! That is why I put him here so he could not just go anywhere. Just release him in my campaign? You guys did that on purposed because I said I was going to remove this hospital? You made that stupid guy do that and screw me up?

JW – I don’t know if you are screwed, but your son is better now. He can almost go home.

Senator – Are you crazy? Who will take care of that kind of guy?

JW – he just release his emotions in public.

Senator – Whatever, there are thousands of mental hospitals in Korea. I can make him not get out at all if I circulate him. 

JW – Don’t do that to your own son.

Senator – I don’t need any son that is not useful.

KT – Not useful?

Senator – Huh?

KT – (banmal) Kids have to be useful to parents?

Senator – Hey, *stands in front of him* Kids are born because parents need them. Ask your parents. *hits him in the chest* if they want an un-useful kid or not!


Senator – *SLAP* How dare you! You are just a caregiver.

The doctor stands up on alert. But we cut to Kang-tae washing his face in the bathroom. A sign on the mirror says, “when you smile, happiness will come”.

He grips the edge of the sink and looks at himself in the mirror.



Meanwhile, Sang-tae takes photos of little chickens and chics and of a fountain and of the patients around the courtyard of the hospital. He is having a good old time.

One of the patients looks at him and asks him to take her picture. This might be patient Ok-ran. So he starts to take a photo of her and she poses like a sophisticated super model, but a butterfly lands on his finger which freaks him the f out so he runs away. She wonders if it had something to do with her pose?


The head nurse storms into the doctors office. he tells her to knock first. She says she did and asks if he is going to let the senator do whatever. The doctor says he will. She pleads with him but he tells her to come watch this.

He turns his computer to her and we see that the doctor actually recorded the slap! What what! it is on CCTV. The doctor looks to the camera and winks.

Doctor – I think I will threaten that I will spread this video around. Maybe I can get some money for our hospital support?

The head nurse is steady gasping. She asks if he is sure about it and holds her hands to her face. He says it is obvious that the patient will get better with this event. What I have to do is just punish the person who hit my caregiver.

The head nurse pleasantly says, I did not do anything wrong to you. 


Moon-young walks into the lobby looking fabulous in a lacy white full covered dress with key holes cut out.

Sang-tae is looking at the wall and his cell phone photos and talking to himself about how to draw his painting. She asks, is this something that only a good person can see?

He looks up at her and almost falls over. She smiles and tells him, I finally see you Sang-tae oppa.

They sit and take lots of selfies together which all come out bad, lol. Joo-ri sees them and asks Moon-young if she is here due to the message someone sent her? 

Moon-young reminds her that she told her to ignore her. What message? Joo-ri tells her that they do not have class so why did you come?

MY – I am here to take Ko Dae-whan out for a walk.

She leans back in her seat.

MY – Someone was super angry because I did not keep the promise. So to make that person not angry, and also because I am having fan service.

Sang-tae starts to say that he knows service! You get a free caricature with one pizza. He is so funny and popular. Moon-young smiles.


Kang-tae puts on his clothing and calls his brother to find out where he is.

Cut to Moon-young and Sang-tae sitting outside. He drew her a photo. She tells him that she likes it. He holds out his hand for $10. She tells him that this is a service. He says she did not eat pizza so she tells him that this oppa is so cute.

She is about to touch his head but Kang-tae comes up and holds her hand away. He tells her not to touch his head.

She smiles.

MY – Are you still angry because I did not keep the promise?

KT – hyung wait in the lobby.

ST – No, I will be here with the writer.


Everyone – Looks at him.

KT – Just wait over there.

ST – *mutters sadly*

MY – Did someone hit you? Where are they? Why is your face like that? 

He pulls her away.

MY – Who is it? I will kill that person. Who did it?

KT – Why are you angry?

MY – What?

KT – Why are you so angry?

MY – you got hit.

KT – So what? Does it hurt your feelings? Or are you sad? What kind of emotions do you have? You don’t know. Why are you acting out with these emotions. You don’t know. Your insides are empty. You are just noisy. So, you don’t know anything about me so don’t act like you do. Until you die. You won’t know me.

He stands close to her as he says this. Then grabs his things and leaves. She looks sad and lets him walk off.


Kang-tae goes to the lobby to meet hyung, but he is not there. He gets a call.

His hyung is sitting under a table in the kitchen. He is muttering about how his brother was mad at hyung. I hate hyung. No no no. Why?

But then Soon-duk holds a little toy in front of his face and says that if he comes out, I will give it to you. He holds his dinosaur closer. She says she will make a turtle with moo. Then she tells him that Kang-tae is waiting for him outside, are you going to stay here overnight? You have to go so I can go home. Okay?

She starts to pull him out but he is way too strong. She falls on the floor which probably hurts since she is older. She hobbles out to Kang-tae and tells him that she will take Sang-tae home with her, don’t worry.

Kang-tae apologizes. She tells him not to worry about it, let’s go. Also, don’t eat, wait for me, I will make beef. Kang-tae nods and heads off.

Outside, Moon-young sits by the fountain and sees a butterfly on a flower. It catches her attention. She walks up to grab is but Joo-ri clears her throat so she turns around and sees Joo-ri there with her father. 

JR – Just in case, I will come with you.

Her father is not responsive.

MY – Are you sure that you do not have any more memories? Are you acting?

JR – Do not instigate the patient.

MY *looks at Joori and smirks*

Moon-young leans in and whispers in her fathers ear, did you really forget who I am appa? She kneels in front of him. He looks at her and starts to mutter something.

Father – Why are you still alive?

He holds out his hand to touch her cheek and tells her Die. DIE!!!!

He starts to choke her all over again! Good Lord! She lets him try and just lays there getting choked. Everyone runs after him and pull shim off. A tear falls from her eye but she smiles and starts to laugh. She is still on the ground, laughing hysterically. Everyone is checking him, not her.

She walks away.

VO – So, you shouldn’t have come here.

Ah-rum runs up to ask a question about the little mermaid, but Moon-yuong keep walking. Jung-tae tells her that “touch me and your dead” was written all over her face. She tells him that she didn’t see it. He tells her that their medicine probably went away, lets go eat and take it again. He lightly pulls her away.

Meanwhile, Kang-tae takes the bus home. He sees Moon-yuong walking alone on the street. She looks a bit spooked and almost like a ghost.

He gets home and cleans the house. Puts the laundry out to dry and cleans the vegetables. But he thinks about what he told Moon-yuong about not knowing anything about him so don’t act like you do. 

He sighs and looks regretful.

Moon-young is still walking, but she starts to stumble, she has to sit on the edge of the road. She takes her shoes off and sees a little bug crawling. She starts to stop the little bugs path with her shoes and then thinks about Kang-tae.

Kang-tae told her that she was empty and noisy and did not know what emotions she had. She was like an empty can.

She repeats what he said, “Until you die, you will not know me.”

At home, Kang-tae empties out his brothers bag and sees the drawing of Moon-youn. He also sees the new book zombie kid. So he sits and starts to read it.

VO – In a little town there was a little boy that was born. He had pale skin and big eyes. While kids were growing up, the mother naturally realized that this baby did not have any emotions.

Cut to Moon young sitting on the edge of the highway.

VO – He was just a zombie who only wanted to eat. So the mother just put the kid in the basement so no one could see him. Every night she stole an animal from someone else and gave it to him as food and raised him secretly.

We see the book animation.

VO – One day it was chicken, on another day, pig. Many years past. A contagious disease spread and all the animals died in the town. A lot of people died. The survivors left the town. The mother could  not just leave without her son.

Cut to SS getting hit by his mother.

VO – She cut off her leg and an arm and gave it to the boy. In the end, she only had her body. So she gave him her body.

Flashback to Kang-tae and Sang-tae walking with their mother in the rain. But the mother is making sure Sang-tae stayed dry more than Kang-tae. At night, she tucked San-tae in more than Kang-tae and cuddled with Kang-tae even though they all slept together. Kang-tae cuddled up to her back.

He puts his hand on her shoulder and grips her clothing only. 

VO – With both arms, the boy strongly hugged the mom who was only a body. He said, umma, you are very warm.

Kang-tae reads that last part at the same time and starts crying. It hits hm really hard. He closes the book and cries and cries.

On the road, Moon-young keeps walking away. She holds her shoes in her hand. She thinks about her mother brushing her hair in the mirror.

VO – You are very special, you are different than others, you are very special. You are my greatest creation.

She thinks about her father trying to choke her. Moon-young voices over.

VO – I wonder, is what I wanted food or mom’s warmth.

Kang-tae is still crying in his place. He starts to sniff it all away and sits quietly. The music playing in delicate and lovely.

Jae-soo gets back to the house and we see that it is thundering outside. 

back inside, Jae-soo bursts inside and says it is raining so much. He sees Kang-tae on the floor and asks if he is okay. He sits next to him and tells him that Joori called him to check on you.

JS – I heard you got slapped again. Just stop being slapped, it makes me mad. You have enough self-abuse. Hey, I heard Ko Moon-young was strangled by her father  and that it was a big issue.

KT – *snaps out of it* Huh? Why?

JS – I went to your hospital for a delivery, the patients where talking about it. A lot of people saw it. How can he hate her so much that he strangled his own daughter?

Kang-tae remembers seeing Moon-yong walking on the street.

KT – Hey, let me use your bike.

JS – it is raining outside! Kang-tae!

But Kang-tae takes off. He drives quickly along the road. he keeps driving and looking for her (I’m assuming). 

She is still walking. Now she is passing by the ocean and a light house. She is drenched.

He sees her up ahead.So he zooms in front and stops the bike super cooly, then takes off his helmet and turns to face her. They are around 30 paces away from each other. 

She looks at him. 

The lighthouse shines on them and blinds us for a moment.

She faintly smiles.

A song plays. 

He takes a deep breath and walks to her. He takes off his jacket as he does and wraps it around her.

She is happy and collapses into his arms.

Fade Out


Can I call it now and say that this is the show of the year? I love this drama so much and we are only on episode 4? I mean, this is crazy. It is definitely ranking way up there on my list of must watch dramas right along wide My Mister (aka My Ajusshi). Though Crash Landing on You is up there are well, but that wouldn’t be in the healing-human drama category.

The way this storyline is pulled together and how they give hints and clues to how the episode will be and bring each episode full circle, sigh. That slap on Adam (aka SS) was a complete show arc! It was foreshadowing to something happening to our main characters, and then it was wrapped up in mother love and threaded into Kang-tae’s back story. I mean, that is powerful stuff.

Now they’ve done it. They’ve made me trust this shows creative team wholeheartedly. The first four episodes are basically perfect from front to back, flipped over, dipped sideways, and all around. I cannot ask for anything better.

See you next week for episodes 5 & 6! I will be a bucket of impatience until then. 😜


English Translation

MY – Do you like me?

My – Aish!

MY – Maybe you were a slave in your past life and I was the master’s wife.

KT – Just leave!

MY – Why are you always on her side?

KT – Let my hand go, I am not yours.

KT – I want to forget.

KT – She saved my life, but I ran away.

MY – I played with him because I was bored. Would you like to pick him up at the cursed castle.


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  1. 토비
    June 29, 2020 / 12:56 pm

    Thanks V, you really said all that’s on my mind. Only a few kdramas have made me feel this way and My Ahjussi is top of that list. Gosh, this drama is just in episode 4 and I just want to keep watching it. They actually picked the right actors for this dramas because I can feel every enotion they try to pull off in each scene.

    It feels satisfying to watch 2 broken souls walk their way into healing by every gradual step. I cried when Gang tae was reading through Zombie Kid and scenes from his past were shown. Gosh, this is the drama for me, especially at the stage of my life I’m in right now, it’s like some sort of healing for me. Some butterfly hugs to anyone reading this that’s going through one thing or the other. It’s actually okay not to be okay

    • Adri
      June 29, 2020 / 4:27 pm

      I feel the same way. Definitely teared up when Kangtae was reading Zombie Kid.

      And can we talk about that scene in the rain by the lighthouse? My heart was racing! So beautiful.

      It’s already one of my fav dramas as well.

  2. CBmeKR
    June 30, 2020 / 4:35 pm

    Since CLOY, I’ve been trying to start a new show that I could really get into for a while – and I’ve finally found it. It’s fantastic. Definitely one to rewatch, too, since I’m sure I’m missing little details that just make it all the richer.

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