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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 4 Recap - Part 1

We made it! We got both shows done today! It was worth it y’all because these two episodes were so chock full of feeelings that I just want to sink into instead of run away from.

It is so wonderful how a good show can do that to you. Fleabag is a show exactly like that as well (especially season 2, goodness, go watch) and My Mister/My Ajusshi. Those are shows that have super poignant moments that are not milked for milking sake and are just allowed to breathe.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open on the crazy senator scene from the end of the last episode. The senators son (SS) is driving around and yelling at no one to vote for his father and hops out of the car and runs around the stage like he’s Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker.

Kang-tae looks at SS running around, he looks so happy and carefree. So he turns to Moon-young, who is standing right beside him, and asks, should I play with you? Should I?

She smiles and they look at each other while the craziness is still going on behind them.

This makes the news of course. Cut to a news anchor who says that a naked man in his 20s broke into the campaign. That young man was actually senator Kwan’s son. This will impact the senate race which is in one week.

The news shows everything that SS did, using CCTV to do it and also shows the emotional speech S gave towards the end. The father passes out from embarrassment. The news says that the people want the senator to resign since he abused his son.

The hospital is also looking at this news. Dr. Oh and head Nurse Park are looking at the news in his office. The doctor says that the man might not be able to be a senator this time. Head Nurse Park has her arms folded and asks what he is going to do with writer Ko? She is the one that made all this trouble.

The doctor sits up a bit and says, I don’t know what can we do. Head Nurse rolls her eyes and sighs.

Cut to a children’s book with a little zombie on the cover.



SS is being carried out of the political event while singing like a maniac. He is carried right past Moon-young and Kang-tae.

MY – So, what should we do?

he starts to walk away. She stops him.

MY – Wait, don’t you want to play?

KT – When did I?

MY – Oh, you have a problem with lying?

KT – I was just….talking to myself.

He walks off (aw, man!). She walks along with him, arms crossed.

MY – Aish. Well, anyway, compliment me because I did it well.

KT – What did you do well?

MY – Kidnapping. I did not stop Adam and let him do whatever. It was all because of me. Isn’t it? Why didn’t you stop him?

KT – *thinks* How can I stop him from singing and dancing? He did it so well.

A man asks, excuse me, who are you guys? Are you from the hospital? Moon-young tells him no. I am the writer and he is my safety pin. he man is from the campaign and tells them that if anything happens to the senator from today….

MY – So?

Man – You two should be ready.

MY – *feigns fear* Oh, I am so scared, what should I do?

Man – You!

He tries to hit her or something but Kang-tae stops his hand and pushes him to the ground. He tells him not to touch her. The man tells them that they did this today, you need to be ready. He walks away angrily. She asks, what should I be angry for? *curses* He looks at her.

But then Joo-ri catches up to them somehow and says that Kido(?) is looking for him. Moon-young smiles and thanks Joo-ri for working so hard. Kyung-tae ells Moon-yong not to go anywhere and walks off to SS.

SS is standing with medical workers and says that today he lost everything, it was the funnest time in my life, so don’t yell at that noona.

Kyung-tae just looks at him as if he understands him, but he doesn’t say anything. The senator is on a stretcher going into the ambulance. Joo-ri says that one of the family members needs to go with the patient.

The brother and sister ask if she is crazy? Why would I go to that mental hospital? the mother tells them to go with their father and she goes along with them to the van. But she slaps him before they get in.

Mom – Are you happy for ruining our family name? Are you happy for ruining your father?

SS – I was just….

Mom – Why were you born from me? Dumb and mistreated, why? Why are you doing all those stupid things and make me hurt? Why don’t you just live like your father. Why did you cause all this trouble, you idiot!

She stats to bang on his chest and cry. But then she stops and wipes her tears and leaves. Joori and Kang-tae don’t say anything. SS holds his cheek and says that his mothers slap hurts. She  never cared about me because she was too busy taking care of noona and hyung. Ah, you know, after she hits me now I know. Hyung, my mother does not hate me. She loves me so much.

KT – How do you know?

SS – When you get hit, you know. (ooo, foreshadowing?) Strangely, it does not hurt to be slapped if there is love inside.

Kang-tae thinks back to when he was a kid and his mother yelled at him for making his brother come home alone! You should be with him all day!

His hyung is still happy but has a big bruise on his face.

His mother hits him on the bottom and asks what he did when his brother was getting hit? I sent you to an expensive taekwondo place so you will protect hyung! She keeps giving him hits on his bottom and asks, why did you make him come back like that.

Later on, they both walk in the rain. The mother has one umbrella and holds Sang-tae close to her so he won’t get wet. Sang-tae tries to hold his hand to touch the water but the mother pulls it back and tells him he will get wet if he does that. 

However. Kang-tae is standing right beside them and he is getting drenched. He stops and his mother and brother keep walking.

At home, the mother drinks alcohol and talks to her husbands photo. She tells him that she will not die early like him. I will live for a long long time. I will see Sang-tae get old and die from old age. And the next day, I will die. she keeps drinking.

Kang-tae wakes up and looks at her. he calls her name. She happily goes and gives him a big hug and says, ah, my boy woke up. Then she tells him that he has to be with his brother until he dies. I will raise him, you will protect him and take care of him, okay? he says okay and they happily hug again.

His mother pulls him close and tells him that she gave birth to him to do that. This makes him a little sad. He drops his hands from her. But she keeps hugging him.

In the present, Kang-tae watches the hospital van drive SS off. Joo-ri tells him, let’s go. But he has to go back to Moon-young. He rides with her and tells her that they are going to the hospital (not to have fun like she wants) and to keep the speed limit.

She sulks and gets in. Joo-ri watches her jealously.

Joori drives back alone and thinks about Kang-tae telling her to go home first. I will take that car. She asks why. He says, it is just….I don’t think I should let her go alone.



While driving, Moon-young tells Kang-tae, if you did not take my car, I was about to kidnap you. he asks if kidnapping is her hobby.

MY – You envied him when Adam was playing with me. I saw it in your face. You wanted to play like that. If you want, just let me know. I will kidnap you and make you play. In a variety of ways.

KT – No thank you.

MY – Okay. if you look like you want to run away then I will take you and leave. Look forward to it.

She smiles at him, he doesn’t look at her.

They drive by plum blossoms, the petals fall all around them beautifully.

MY – Aish, I hate these flowers that fall piece by piece.

MY – I like magnolia because the entire flower falls at once.

KT – *laughs* Hey, your comparisons….

MY – Match well right?

KT – *looks at her* Okay, magnolia is just like you.

MY – What flower do you like?

KT – i don’t like any flowers, I hate spring.

MY – *a bit shocked* Why?

KT – *quietly* Because I will have to leave again

MY – Huh? *she looks at him*

He doesn’t say anymore. They keep driving.


Meanwhile, Sang-in and Sung-jae are in the publishing house working on the problem. She mentions the zombie kid book. It seems like the court decided not to sell it. She smile. He starts to laugh hysterically and says okay, they can all be sent back. Is it funny, can you laugh? Our company is almost going bankrupt.

She asks, should I cry? He tells her to just go. Just quit and go. He sighs and sits at his table. He remembers Moon-young telling him that she finally found her red shoes.  He puts the paperwork of Kang-tae away and grabs his jacket to run off.

Sung-jae gives him his coffee (that she was drinking, lol) and tells him to have a good business trip. She does a little dance after he runs off and hurries upstairs.


Moon-young and Kang-tae sit at a convenience store to eat cup noodles. She is not that thrilled about it. She asks if they came here to eat this? He asks her if she wants triangle kimbap? She tells him no.

He gets a call and steps away for a moment, but he tells her to go ahead and start eating. She grumbles that there is no kimchi, he is pretty cheap.

Outside, Kang-tae asks what is up to the person on the phone. This person is Sang-in. He asks if nothing happened? That is good right? Kang-tae looks at his phone and wonders what is going on.

Sang-in tells him, just in case our writer says you are so pretty, I want you, I just want to know if she said something like that. Kang-tae thinks back to her telling him that. Sang-in feels that he said it. 

Kang-tae asks, what if she did? Sang-in tells him, listen to me. When she says, I want it. It is similar to “I am hungry”. 

Kang-tae looks at her sitting inside, she points her chopsticks at him and taps her ramen indicating that he should wrap it up. 

Sang-in continues and ays she is indicating that she wants to eat you. You and I are in big trouble. Especially now because the new book is banned from sale. She does not have time to just hang out with you.

Inside. Moon-young happily plays with her fingers again as she tries to measure Kang-tae’s shoulders. Yep, they are wide.

Sang-in tells Kang-tae that he is going there so survive until then.

They hang up and Kang-tae goes back inside. Moon-yong asks him who that was. He says it was the hospital. She asks, do they want you to come back? he ignores her and starts eating. She asks, am I fired? he keeps eating. She tells him to just eat, you are good at ignoring. Is it tasty?

She starts to eat as well.

KT – I heard that your new book is banned.

MY – Zombie kid?

KT – Is that about what happened before? With my hyung?

MY – yelling and dragging the hair does not make the book not sell. it is just the picture and the contents that are just too cruel for kids. Those *beep* stupid people don’t know the true meaning of what is behind.

KT – What was the message?

MY – You read it, I wonder what you will think.

KT – I am not at the age to read kids books.

MY – Ha~, no, you look like you are the age to read it *snickers*

KT – how old are you?

MY – me? I am a little kid. But you look like you are a little more like a kid than me.

KT – Why am I a kid? *exhausted*

MY – *Take a good look at him and touches his hair* I can see that you wanted to be loved.

They share a long look. She looks at him like she completely understands him. It starts to rain outside. They keep looking at each other. He turns into a little kid while looking at her. They keep looking at each other.

A soft song starts to play.

The camera scroll SS who is laying in his bed. He touches his face, smiles, and mutters, umma. Then he drops his hand and looks sadly at the ceiling. The camera scrolls to a sign above the door that says this patient is being sedated and needs absolute rest.



The doctor hits the back of his neck with one of his many weird items. Everyone looks at him strangely and waits for him to talk.

The Head nurse speaks first and says that if the senator loses his senate seat, he will be very angry. We need to do something.

JW – I am ready for a lawsuit.

Everyone – *blank faced*

Manager – Again?

MS (Min-suk) – Lets fire writer Ko Moon-young first. She kidnapped the patient.

JW – *casually points back brush thingy at the doctor* Actually, she did not kidnap him. The patient went into her car voluntarily. 

SB – We still have to fire her. She doesn’t even walk with her father. She had that kind kind of deal, right sunbae? *elbows Joori*

JW – you guys know each other right?

JR – yes.

SB – really!

Everyone – How? How long?

SB – When we were kids.

JW – Then you two are friends. *points brush at her* Nurse Nam, what do you want to do with her?

JR – I think we have to fire her because she should not be here.

HJ – What are you going to do?

JW – Well, we are not in a hurry so let’s see how the patient is.


Moon-young and Kang-tae are still riding back to the hospital. it is a long drive. He starts to play music, but she stops him and tells him not to play anything. She does not like to hear anyone else speak. I want to hear your voice. Say whatever.

KT – Um, well….

MY – Do you really not have anything to say?

KT – Your father, why don’t you take him out for a walk? You promised my director.

MY – Promise? Those things are like tissues you throw away after blowing your nose. Anyway, he is a dementia patient whose soul died. Only his body is left so why should I drag that kind of thing around? It is a waste of my time. It would be better if he just dies.

KT – *looks at her*

MY – How did your parents die?

KT – How do you know that?

MY – I got a background check on you. *looks at him* Just checking. Even when I buy a product we at least check to see where it is from and its expiration date. I can do that much.

KT – People are products for you?

MY – Why not? Kids throw away their parents when they die and smell bad. Parents embrace good kids and throw away the useless kids. Adam is the same (Adam is SS, the senators son).

KT – Stop.

MY – What?

KT – Stop the car.

MY – Do you need to pee?

She suddenly screeches it to a stop. he gets out and so does she.

MY – What! Why are you angry! What is the reason!

KT – I forgot.

MY – What?

KT – I forgot that you are different than other people. Maybe, subconsciously, I was looking for something from you.

MY – What about me? What did you expect from me? Hmm? What did you expect?

KT – I don’t have any expectations.

he walks away.

MY – I love you!

he stops. She smiles.

MY – I love you Kang tae-shi.

A the rock song starts to play. He sighs and keeps walking.


She starts to pant and looks at him angrily. But she does not follow past a few steps.


Cut to Moon-young driving up the winding mountain road. She thinks that the mood was good. Why that all of a sudden. Why was he angry?

Elsewhere, Kang-tae is waiting at his brothers school. He waves him down and asks what he learned today as they walk away.

ST – Making jam. Not fun. Super not fun.

KT – Sorry hyung. There are no schools with art classes. Next –

ST – I am going to draw on the wall of the hospital. Draw and make money. Clean the yard and find coins. One stone two kills.

KT – *smiles happily* Now you are feeding me so I can have fun?

ST – Don’t worry, just trust me. I am your hyung okay?

KT – Lets buy the equipment.

ST – i am your hyung, hyung, hyung. I am your hyung.

Elsewhere, Sang-in is sleeping in his car outside Moon-young’s house. She wakes him up and they go inside.

MY – Why are you here?

SI – Ah, it is so creepy. Not even writing, how can you live in this haunted looking house? Lets go to a nice camper and you can write a novel in Seoul.

they sit in one of the sitting rooms on top of sheeted couches. She reminds him that they told everyone that she went to the countryside. He tells her that he forgot that she is a celebrity as well as a writer. Celebrities need to show themselves or they will be forgotten easily.

MY – I am not going. I am going to play here.

SI – Hey, even if we play, let’s go to Seoul and play. You shouldn’t be here, you know, your mother, here….*slaps his own mouth shut*

MY – Would you like to live with me here?

He looks around around, spooked and then looks at her. 

SI – Huh? Um, well, you look tired. Rest, rest, I will call you back tomorrow! Bye!

He hurries out.

Cut to her sitting at her boudoir and getting ready for bed. She thinks about Kang-tae telling her that he forgot that she is different. She thinks about this while coming her hair.

but ten the witch puts her hands on her hair as well and we are sent to a flashback of her mother brushing her hair when she was a kid.

Mother – You are different than others, you are special. You are my best creation.

She wraps her arms around little Moon-young’s shoulders.

Mother – You are me. I love you, daughter.

Moon-young tries to smile. Later on she goes to the basement where the lock is. She looks at it.

But then we might see inside the room? It looks like there is a person inside who is dead? Blood trickles out the door. It looks like her mother might have killed herself inside that room.

Adult Moon-young keeps brushing her hair, sadly but stoically.

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Hello Drama Box is a lovely company that sends care packages by mail to Drama loves all around the globe. Their sister company, Meeniful, scours the internet to find and sell a lot of the PPL products that we see in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas. Read our Interview with Meeniful to learn more about them and be sure to go to their website and show them some love!

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