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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 3 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




In the doctors office, the doctor looks around for his little totem pole, but it is missing.

Cut to Moon-young who is still in bed and talking to Sang-in. She tells him that there are no accidents that you cannot take care of.

SI – *whining* Yes, there is~ this is different in size. 

He is all curled up on the couch.

SI – There are a lot of witnesses and the rumor spread so fast, aigoo!

MY – Hey, don’t complain, it hurts my head.

SI – *stands* Hey, do you want to cry more than me? Your book award might get cancelled as a nominee and your book might not be published. Let’s just cry in front of reporters. You are good at method acting. I have the script. You were under stress from your creative work and your next book and all that. You have insomnia stress and could not control your emotions.

MY – Sell Go Dae Han. (her father)

SI – What? Your father’s?

MY – Just write it down. Ko Moon-young disappeared. Actually, she is taking care of her father who has dementia. She declared that she will retire. Just put a question mark to give a little bit of a follow up story.

SI – *writes it all down* This is great, they are witch hunting but the witch disappeared. They will look for you. This is great. Hey! You really have the same ideas as me!


SI – Hello? Hello? *throws phone on table* Aigo….you are selling your own father? What a scary woman.

Moon-young looks in the mirror at home and smiles.


Nurse Sun Byul looks at the senators son who is in his hospital bed. It is one of those rooms that is all padded. He looks at the camera and starts to undress. Nurse Byul is all like, waaaah, peep show? 

But then Nurse Park Hang-ja slams her clipboard over the screen. The camera cuts to the senators sun who is all naked now and showing off his body. There is a black box censorship over his Johnson that says “It’s Okay to Not be Okay” (or It’s Okay to be Psycho in Korean). He happily dances around naked. It appears that this is his affliction. He loooves nakedness.

Kang-tae walks in with a basket of clothing for him and tries to avoid his Johnson that is paraded merrily in front of him. He tells the senators son that they have CCTV in this room.

The guy says, I know! I really like it when people are watching me! He starts ti writhe on the bed???? Kang-tae tells him to put on some clothes, you look cold. He flips over and says, Ii am not cold at all!

At the nurses booth, Sun-byul tells Cha-yong this patient is manic bi-polar so you have to be careful with his escaping. Whenever it rains he goes to the mountain and everywhere, we can’t even catch him.

Cha-yong can’t believe that a senators son is like this. The head nurse asks him, do you think the president does not get a cold? It does not matter whose son he is, this is not a sexually transmitted disease. Do not have prejudice towards this patient.

Cha-yong says, okay, okay, I will make sure. He walks of. She tells him, hey, Oh Cha-yong, I am not done! Oh Cha-yong! Is he crazy?

Sun Byul mentions that he might have symptoms of protesting. The head nurse holds her head and thinks, yes, I should not get angry to a sick person. Don’t get angry….OH CHA YONG!!!!


The senators son (SS) has his clothes on now and asks Kang-tae if he has ever heard of a club called the Morning Sun? It is a hot place. I went there once. He opens the door to his room and we see the club like it is the next room.

Ladies and men are dancing, lights are all around and he enters the club in his dancing attire and tells us that it was nice, there were nice people and I was happy so I did a nice thing!

He hops up on stage and yells, I AM BUYING! Everyone cheers and confetti goes off. He comes back and tells us, I am so happy when I spend money for others! When I don’t have anything to do then I should be a philanthropist. That night the drinks were like 20,000 or something.

The doctor comes up to him in the club, he is also dressed like a clubgoer. He tell shim, this is a lost card. 

Then several bodyguards surround SS, he thinks, huh? Did appa betray me? He tries to talk to them and asks, what can I do? I ran away!

He starts to run away through the club and runs outside. He looks high. He tells us, I WAS IN A HURRY SO I RAN AWAY AND I WAS HOT SO I TOOK OFF ALL MY CLOTHES! He starts to hop out of all his clothing and a box that says FBI Warning shows up censoring him.

But he causes a huge car wreck which has a car fly over another car and is about to hit him. But then everything pauses. He gets up and walks around like he is in inception (or the King Eternal Monarch, lol) and he looks at the driver of that car. It is him! The “him” in the car points at him, smiling, without a care in the world.

SS – That is how I wound up here.

KT – How fast can you run the 100 meters?

SS – Me? I am super fast. Like 7 seconds. What about you hyung?

KT – 6 seconds.

SS – What? Are you a cheater or something?

KT – Why don’t we compete during workout time?

SS – Ah, you are my style.

KT – Lets go see the doctor

They hop up to go there with SS asking him if he exercises a lot? He looks at his body but doesn’t touch him, though he is amazed.

Later on, Kang-tae goes outside to call his brother who is at the pizza place. he works there and is drawing a smily face on a pizza with tomato sauce. Jae-soo works there too. he runs to the back and tells Kang-tae that they have a customer.

So Sang-tae has to hang up. he tells his brother he had to hang up. His brother calls back, but Cha-yong comes out to tells him that they patient is moving.

In the pizza store, the customer asks, is it true that if I have one piece of pizza then you will draw a caricature? Jae-soo says, yes, it is our one month special for opening. Our resident Picasso will draw it in ten minutes.

The couple looks amazed. But Sang-tae is worried about lying to Kang-tae about this. Jae-soo tells him, you said we need money, we already talked about this, I will pay you $10 for each one.

Sang-tae thinks he does need money. Jae-soo is all like, yeah! It is a good thing, you get money, the customer gets a nice photo and I sell a pizza. It is a win win. He puts a painters hat on Sang-tae and Sang-tae goes to paint the couple.


Cut to Moon-yong who is standing in front of the group of patients. She tells them that she is Ko Moon-yong who is teaching the literature class. She turns and writes “What is fairytale” on the chalkboard. Though she writes it in Chinese characters and English.

MY – What do you think fairytales are?

JT – Fairytales are me married to IU.

Everyone – *laughs* Stop drinking

PO – Don’t behave stupidly

JT – No.

MY – You are

Everyone – *wahhh*

MY – Everyone listen to me. Fairytales are cruel fantasies that portrays cruelty and violence in real life paradoxically. *slight smile*. For example, Hyung Boo Noeul Boo (a Korean fairytale). what is the lesson from that story.

Woman – If you live righteously then you will win a lotto.

Everyone – *laughs*

MY – No. Hyung boo was poor because he was not the first son. It talks about the problem of inheritance which gives everything to the first son. What about the ugly duckling?

PO – Don’g discriminate based on looks.

MY – Nope. It is a waste of effort to raise other peoples kids so you should just take care of your own kids.

Nurse – Um, teacher….

MY – What about Lee No Gyong Ju (Little Mermaid) 

Woman (AR) – Even though you disappear in a bubble, you should love one person.

Everyone – *swoons*

Woman (SH) – Well, she loved one person so her husband hit her until she became bubbles.

KT – Miss yoo *shakes head*

AR – Not him, alcohol hit me *teary eyed, starts crying* it was alcohol that was the problem.

JT – *hands her a tissue*

MY – *leans forward* If you want to cry then leave this class.

AR – *stunned*

KT – *also stunned*

MY – The lesson from the little mermaid is that you will get punished from God if you attempt to go after someone with a fiancé.

JT – *raises hand* What about the Kings ears are donkey’s ears? 

MY – If you do not want to have mental issues then you should talk bad about people behind their backs (don’t hold it in).

Everyone – *Wow*

We cut to an image of the outside of the hospital. Two seagulls are flying by. A caption is on the screen showing their conversation.

Caption (Seagul) – I hate those dogs, right? 

Caption (other Seagul) – I hope they disappear. 

Caption 9 Seagul) – Lets have Kang 

(note: Kang has multiple meanings, it can be the shrimp snack people throw at seagulls to eat or it can be the dancing meme that Bi/Rain is popular for right now)

Inside, Moon-young continues her class.

MY – The summary of today’s lesson. Fairytales are not hallucinative drugs that give dreams. They are wake up drugs that tell us about the real world. So all of you should read a lot about fairytales and wake up.

KT – Teacher Ko Moon-yong….

MY – *Ignores him* Don’t look at the stars in the sky. You should see the moon in the sewer.

She goes to the chalk board and cleans it off.

MY – That is my reality and as soon as you accept that reality, everyone will be happy. Happy. Happy.

She looks at them and smiles. hey all starts to chant, happy, happy. Kang-tae looks at Moon-young like she should be committed to this hospital.



Joo-ri asks who is coming? The head nurse tells her, ah, you did not know? Our director asked writer Ko to run a literature class so that we can make her father walk whenever she comes.

Joo-ri asks, what? Take a walk? Nurse Park mutters, our director is something. he said we have something that writer Ko wants. Maybe we really have something.


Kang-tae starts to put the classroom back in order. Moon-yong is still there and click clacks her stilettos over to him and plops in a seat. 

MY – How was my first class?

KT – Do you really think so?

MY – What?

KT – That everything becomes okay when you accept it?

MY – Yes. I am okay like this, you are okay like that. We all accept it, that is it.

KT – It does not matter if they are okay, other people and the world are not like that. They all refuse and push –

MY – *yawns* Ah, sorry. It was so boring.

KT – Come out.

he walks out of the room. She looks at them a moment then follows. They walk and talk up the hallway.

MY – You accept it also.

KT – What?

MY – You are frustrated.

He stops and looks at her, frustrated.

MY – Look at me, I see the desire in your eyes, that is why I like you. You are uppity but cheap.

He walks away. She follows.

MY – You smile well to the patients, why are you so cold to me? You were so hot at night.

Stops and looks at her.

KT – What are you talking about?

MY – I saw you in my dream.

Flashback to her dream of him hugging her around her shoulders, their cheeks touch, she happily accepts it.

MY – You pulled me into the bed like this. 

She pats her hands over chest and starts making slight moaning sounds like she is Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. The other patients start to look at them. 

A little voice says, date date date.

Kang-tae looks at her, highly upset. She tells him that she is sexually frustrated. He holds her hand and tells her to be quiet! she licks her lips.

he walks away and she yells WOULD YOU LIKE TO SLEEP WITH ME. He is so stunned that he almost falls down the steps. He quickly walks to her and pulls her outside. The patients look on and says, Eunnie, fighting! Wow, daeback….

Kang-tae pulls her to the restricted area and puts his hand on the wall beside her.

KY – I told you to straighten up. I do not have time to dance with your lead.

MY – You do not have room but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to dance.

KT – Do not misinterpret it.

MY – Why do you live your life with no fun. You will get sick repressing it. If you want to play then just play.

KT – You do not know me, how dare you act like that.

MY – You are a Hypocrite. 

he backs away from her.

MY – Why are you so surprised, I did not tell you that you are a murderer. Why do you look like that? People will think that is true. Everyone is the same, in their mind they kill people many times, but they pretend like they don’t. There is no perfect person.

She walks off. He is still there looking frozen and stunned.

she happily walks back to the reception area. But everything turns to slow motion as she sees her father and starts to walk past him. Her father also looks like he recognizes her.

She thinks back to him trying to kill her. 

He tries to say something. 

She scratched his hand. 

He has a scar on his hand.

She keeps walking away and the father is left trying to get the words out and pointing. The nurse comes up and asks, what is wrong? Is it writer Ko? She looks off at Moon-young.

In the front, Sang-tae shows up highly nervous about #3 emergency call. Joori goes to him and tells him to calm down. So he calms down a bit. She tries to call Kang-tae. But when she turns around the brother is gone. 

The brother actually saw Writer Ko Moon-young and is following her outside. But Kang-tae grabs him before he can get to her. he tells him that he should not be there. Joori is looking for you also.

Sang-tae starts to talk about writer Ko Moon-young and how he saw her. Kang-tae tells him that he might have been mistaken, she should not be here. He pulls him away.

Nurse Sun Byul runs to Moon-young and tells her that she should not just leave, you should take your father out for a walk. Moon-yong asks, why should I?

SB – But, I heard that was the deal? Is it not?

MY – I did not make a promise to anyone.

Moon-yong puts on her huge shades and hops in her car. She speeds off. Nurse Sun Byul is left in shock.



Sang-tae meets with the director in his office. They are both quiet. The director looks at Sang-tae with his head resting on his desk. Sang-tae is sitting at the couch quietly looking at him and looking elsewhere. He is holding a stuffed dinosaur toy.

Sang-tae gets up and starts to hurry off.

JW – Stegosaurus….they have a big body but the brain is tiny. *smiles* They are the dumbest dinosaur ever.

ST – *looks at his toy*

JW – But if you know that then they are very innocent. What is his name?

ST – Ko Gil-tong. Ko Gil-tong. Ko Gil-tong.

JW – *smiles*

Kang-tae waits outside for the meeting to end. He hears something and goes inside. 

Inside the office, Sang-tae is emptying his backpack and explaining everything that he carries inside to the doctor. The doctor happily listens and tells Kang-tae that he likes me. He also says that his brothers drawings are great, too great to be a hobby.

Sang-tae tells him that he can draw his face too! 10 dollars a piece, you do not need to eat pizza. He goes off to draw it.

Kang-tae whispers to the doctor and asks if his brother talked about butterflies. The doctor says no, it was the first day so he will. Then he tells Sang-tae that it is a nice view outside, we are proud of this view. I want to move it somewhere else. Can you help us?

Sang-tae looks outside, it is a nice view of the ocean and the courtyard. he asks, where do you want to move it to?

The director shows him a spot on the wall in the stairwell that he wants the view on. It is a pretty big area. Sang-tae looks at it in amazement. The doctor tells Kang-tae that this is his prescription for him.

Sang-tae asks, how much are you going to pay me? If you pay me a lot then I will do it, how much? Kang-tae is all like, hyung? Um? The doctor tells him it depends on how good of a job he does? Sang-tae high fives his brother and hurries off.

He goes home and unlocks his little piggy bank. He puts some money inside and actually has a good amount of money saved. His brother comes in and tells him that he is rich! Let me see it.

But Sang-tae tells him that he is not showing anyone until he meets his goal. Kang-tae tells him he is not a stranger. Sang-tae is adamant though and says that for autistic people the family is the closet stranger.

Kang-tae deflates and asks, so how much do you want? Sang-tae tells him $30,200.29 (or something like that). KT asks what he is going to do with that money? 

ST – I will buy a car?

KT – Car?  Why do you need a car?

ST – Car.

KT – Is that secret also? Okay, I won’t ask.

Sang-tae shows Kang-tae a flyer for a camping car. He says it is a present for memory and romance to the family (basically reciting everything that is on the flyer). He tells him the price and that it is a big discount. If we have that then we do not need to move every year and we can run away quickly when butterflies find us and we don’t have to pack and my brother does not have to get yelled at by the landlord and we can go anywhere.

Kang-tae looks so touched that his hands start to shake. Sang-tae snatches the flyer away and says some more things about how much money he needs. Kang-tae kneels and gives him a big hug.

KT – Hyung, I don’t need a house or a car or money I just need you hyung.

He thinks about Moon-young calling him a hypocrite and tells him that he is everything to him. He closes his eyes and keeps hugging him. Sang-tae keeps talking about his money and locks it up.


The hospital people hang out in the reception area and talk about the politicians that are so noisy in front of their hospital. Nurse Sun Byul wonders how that appa can do that? His son is hospitalized here.

Cha-yong says his senator badge is more important than his son. He walks off. Nurse Sun looks at the monitor and gasps. She says a secret code Seagull 777.

On the screen, we see that the son has run away in a huge coat and is casing a huge mess all around the hospital like if Ace Ventura is in a mental hospital. He runs all the way to the reception desk and sits on it. He slaps his thigh, says something to Nurse Sun about how her heart beat is so loud and then tells her bye and runs off again.

All the caregivers try to catch him, but they are way too slow. Head nurse , nurse Park, just shakes her head and mutters, I told them not to run in the hospital.


Cut to Joori who is driving with Kang-tae.

Kang-tae is looking at campers on his phone. He doesn’t say anything. 

She asks, are you planning on going on a trip? One of my sunbaes owns a camper renting business. We can rent one and all go on a trip together.

He says, okay, when we are both off then we can all go together. She is happy and tells him that she will check next month but someone calls him right then.

He answers and asks, the hospital? When?

Cha-young makes up an excuse as to what happened. KT asks what his trace is?

The nurses are in the background looking at the CCTV on where he went. On the CCTV we also see SS run into the parking lot where Moon-young screeches on her bakes to not hit him. Her face is still perfectly blank.

He flashes her happily. She gives a slight chuckle and gets out.

His groin is covered with the circle of an animated elephant with its nose honking.

She looks at him and says, this is why people say small-small. Because it is so small.

The little animated elephants nose falls in sadness.

SS – it is because it is so cold! It is temporary.

He covers himself. Moon-yong thinks this is good timing. He should come to work now. Hop in. She gets back inside her car and he does as well. Though he is confused about it. She starts to back out of the parking lot.

He asks, noona, it is not that I am timid but can I put on my underpants? She asks, do you carry underpants? He says it is his last bit of sanity.

On the phone, Cha-yong tells Kang-tae that Ko Moon-young kidnapped the patient.


Cut to Moon-yong driving down the mountain quickly. SS is happily standing out of her sunroof and enjoying the ride.

Kang-te and Joo-ri see this, their eyes grow wide. Kang-tae tells Joo-ri to stop the car! He hops out and runs to the street to stop Moon-young from driving.

KT – Ko Moon-young! Stop your car!

JR – *runs to him* This is dangerous! 

MY – Of course you came. *smiles*

SS – Hey, handsome young! You are here for me!?

They keep motoring forward. Joo-ri wants Kang-tae to move. SS tells noona that there is a person int he road. Moon-yong keeps speeding ahead. 

It is a battle of stubbornness. But luckily this Volvo has amazing breaks. Moon-yong slams on them at the last minute and smiles.

he thinks about seeing the little girl pull the butterfly wings off and asking him, do you still like me? he ran away. He also went away from her as an adult and told her that people like her are worse than patients, they are better to avoid.

But now he is stopping in front of her. She is unmeasurably happy. 

SS is super shocked, it looks like he might have peed on himself. This cat might be cured. He tries to say that it is a common symptom for manic–. She tells him to shut up.

Kang-tae walks to her passenger side door. Joo-ri falls on the ground in emotional exhaustion.

KT – Come out.

MY – Are you not running away anymore or avoiding me. You are cool. *smiles*

KT – Get out!

Moon-yong tells SS to get out. He says he is not getting out! I want to play. Moon-young tells Kang-tae to just hop in, let’s go play together. He yells, GET OUT! She leans closer to him and asks, why are you only angry at me?

KT – You make me concerned.

MY – You can ignore me, don’t you know that? Being off guard is being scarier than not caring. 

She puts the car in gear and takes off again. Kang-tae runs to Joo-ri’s car and says he is borrowing it! She tells him to be careful!

It is a full on car chase! SS is so happily nervous. He waves at Kang-tae and says, he is still following us. Kang-tae pulls up beside them and yells to get out!

She zooms off. They make it to town to a political event. It looks like it might be SS’s fathers campaign? He hops out the sunroof and tells all the people, NEVER EVER VOTE FOR HIM! HIS APPEARANCE IS VERY DIFFERENT THAN HOW HE IS INSIDE. HE IS A DISCRIMINATORY PERSON! I AM HIS SON!

The police start to chase them. SS hops back in the car and its another all out police chase through the town.Moon-young happily zig zags between the streets and townspeople.

She hits a bag of peppers that fall all over the car. This is the slowest police chase ever y’all. SS gets back out of the car again gets splattered y Korean style popcorn that blows up from a little booth nearby. It falls on his like rain. Moon-young smiles.

Moon-yong pulls over at the politicians event and tells SS that they should play here. He looks high with excitement.


Everyone looks over.


The father tries to tell someone to stop him, the mother looks over, shocked.

I AM THE SHAME OF THE FAMILY! ALL MY FAMILY, NOONA, HYUNG, COUSINS, THEY ALL WENT TO SEOUL UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL. BUT….I was just dumb since I was little. But that is not my fault. I was just born not smart….he hit me because I did not study well….they looked down on me because I did not understand things and restrained me because I am a trouble maker….

Kyung-tae gets there and listens to him.

I am the same son….they treat me like I am invisible so *teary*…..I just wanted them to see me. Please just see me….*crying* …. I do all these crazy things and I REALLY BECAME CRAZY!!!!!

The cops all get to him and start to try and catch him. He runs around like he’s Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. he grabs the microphone and keeps running around and pretends like he i singing on it. Everyone comically tries to catch him, but it is actually a really touching scene.

Kang-tae keeps watching him and then starts to see himself as SS. Like he would be free if he could be like SS. 

Moon-young nods and tells him to play well. Isn’t it? She is standing right next to Kang-tae.

KT – Should I just play with you?

She looks at him, shocked.

KT – Should I?

She smiles.

The men still try and grab SS in the background. They stand like statues in the foreground, looking at each other.

Fade Out


SS – Do you know Morning Sun, hyung? You know the club where you can dance until you see the morning sun? I went there because I heard that it was super hot.

he opens the door to the room and steps out. But this time he steps into the hallway. However it looks like he thinks he is in the club. He points at everyone like he is a club member and talks to Kang-tae happily and yells that he is paying for all the drinks to the other patients. They all yell happily back. He says he feels so good when he spends money for others.

SS – I spent more than $20,000.

He goes to the director who tells him there is no lost card. SS tells him that his appa betrayed me. He runs away. Everyone is calm about it. The doctor says that he tries hard.

Kang-tae goes to another room where Kang-tae is running on the treadmill. He says he was so hot and was running and running and running. He takes off his shirt. Then he stops.

SS – Then, I am here again.

He looks at Kang-tae sadly. Kang-tae stands there patiently. But it also seems like he starts to grow a bit sad at the realization as well

(y’all, this scene, just, *holds chest like I’m Denzel Washington*)


Oh my gosh, this epilogue was so touching! Are they going to hit me with a sucker punch like that at the end of every episode? Because I am here for it. I aint even mad at them.

That entire ending sequence and epilogue really got me right in the chest. It was great! I felt for the Senators Son, I might have even gotten a bit of stingy tears in my eyes for him. Poor thing. he just wasn’t like them. But now he is just crazy sauce and it is really all his families fault.

I love how this show blends warm scenes with fun scenes with hot scenes (I mean, she just yelled that they should sleep together, ha!) with touching scenes. This drama is just the best. I am so happy that we are covering it.

Episode 4 will come up sometime today! But we’ll take a break for right now! See you then!

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  1. Adri
    June 28, 2020 / 2:58 pm

    Girl, wait till you see ep 4. I just finished it and I’m sitting here staring at my screen in stunned silence. My eyes are wet, and I feel light but my heart feels heavy. It’s been a long time since a drama’s made me feel this way. As Moon young would say: WOW.

    As for episode 3, yes that ending sequence was beautiful. I really felt for the senator’s son, and the actor who played him is phenomenal. For such a small role he really made an impact. The way he was laughing and crying while pouring out his heart and talking about his family…I got chills. That scene also shows views just how repressed Kang-tae is. If he doesn’t let out all of his pain and emotions….then something similar could happen with him.

    Ugh, I can’t wait until you watch episode 4. It’s got alllll the feels. This show is a masterpiece.

    • V
      June 28, 2020 / 6:51 pm

      I CANNOT WAIT! Watched about halfway and had to take a break to eat and stuff, lol. This show is so good. I have no words for how great it is and yet how subtle it is as well. they are not being heavy handed with pulling these emotions, which I LOOOOOVE.

  2. Cat
    June 29, 2020 / 9:37 am

    even if for now I don’t read your recap(s), thank you so much for doing this.
    Sometimes it was – should I say – a big help 😉 like that for some dramas I’m relax to watch the episode and appreciate the final… Anyway, about IOtNBO, I enjoy it a lot. Going to watch Ep4 later.
    Just wanted to let you know that ^_^

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