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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 3 Recap - Part 1

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We plan on finishing both yesterday and today’s episode today! It might take us all day, but we are up for it! How is everyone liking this show by the way? I absolutely *Oprah voice* ♫ LoOoOove It ♫.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Moon-young drives up to the hospital and gets out. It is raining so she opens her umbrella and gets out wearing red shoes. Eerie music plays.

VO – Do you know the story of the Red Shoes by Hans Cristian Anderson?

She looks at the building and the starts to walk in. It thunders and the lights flicker in the hallway. Kang-tae looks at it. Nurse Hang-ja walks up to him and tells him that it happens when it rains. Everyone was against building a hospital on top of a gravesite. So maybe it is because the ghosts that live here have a lot of Han (like deep feelings) so be careful at night.

Kang-tae doesn’t really look spooked and tells her that he will call maintenance. He walks off. The nurse casually walks away and mutters to herself, he does not have any fear.

Kang-tae calls maintenance to let them know and hangs up. Then we see Moon-yong’s silhouette walking up the hallway. it scrolls up to Moon-yong who is confidently strolling up to Kang-tae.

VO – Once you wear those shoes, both feet dance automatically and cannot stop forever. You cannot take them off. Even if you separate it forcefully, there are some things that you cannot do that to.

The clock strikes midnight, the gong starts to go off 12 times and a woman’s voice starts to sing an eerie rock song.

VO – I have finally found my red shoes.

Kang-ae looks at her and she happily looks at him. 

KT – You, how come you are here?

MY – Of course, I am here because I miss you.

Thunder strikes, lightning lights up the room.

Joori walks down the stairs and sees Moon-young and Kang-tae looking at each other. She gasps silently.

Cut to a dark statue with its eye missing. Over it scrolls the title.



Kang-tae tells Moon-young that he told her that they should not see each other again. It is not raining anymore.

MY – That is only what you said, not me.

She takes a step to him, he nervously moves back.

KT – What are you doing?

MY – It is strange, you grew up well. It is not even growing up, you have evolved.

KT – *gulps but is still confident* Do you know me?

MY – I haven’t eaten anything since this morning, I am super hungry. Do you still have good restaurants in the countryside?

KT – What do you want? You are not leaving before you get that, so tell me what you want.

MY – Okay, I will take it and leave.

KT – If you do it….

MY – You. I will take you and leave. I want you Moon Kang-tae

KT – Why me?

MY – I keep warning you.

KT – So why?

MY – You are pretty. See, the shoes, clothes, bag, cars, if it is pretty to me then I want it and if I want it then I have to have it. I can pay for it or steal it or forcefully take it. If I have it, then that is it. Do I have to have a good reason for desire?

Her lips curve into a sly smile. Then Nurse Park Hang-jae calls Moon-yong’s name. She turns her head around, her smile falls.

HJ – Ko Moon-young, our director wants to have a meeting with you for your father.

Kang-tae looks at her curiously.


The directors room looks creepy. He has all the big gods from all the different religions like Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Shamanism, Hinduism, everyone. He also has candles lit around the gods almost like it is a shrine. There are dozens of well worn candles. The wax melted through the years.

Moon-young stands with her hands clasp behind her back as she looks at all of this closely while he talks to her.

Doctor Ji-wang explains her fathers condition to her.

JW – Your father might not recognize you after the surgery.

HJ – Would you like to sit?

MY – it is okay.

JW – It is difficult to 100% recover 

The camera scans out and we see more of this office. There are totem poles in corners and animal head sculptures on the wall. The ceiling is all shiny wood.

JW – For a mental patient with a brain tumor, recovery is difficult.

HJ – We can improve the symptoms!

JW – Are you joking? It will never work.

Moon-young keeps looking around the office. She picks up a small object that could be a large rock or gemstone. (didn’t get a good look)

The doctor continues talking about the symptoms and says it is difficult to treat. He definitely lacks bedside manners. the nurse sighs.

MY – That symptom sounds like a person who is haunted. Should I have a shamanic ceremony?

The nurse and doctor look at her like, um?

JW – I will write my prescription which is much better than a shamanic ceremony or talisman. *holds back a smile*


Elsewhere, Kang-tae checks over Moon-yon’s father who has his head bandaged. Although he might not know this is her father. One of the other patients, Gan Pil-ong starts to talk to him.

PO – It does not look like her right? the daughter was super pretty. Maybe she takes after the mom.

A young man runs over to him excited, what? The daughter came? What actress does she look like? Is she very pretty? The man asks if he drank again? Do you want to live here forever? The young guy denies drinking, I did not drink! Nooo!


The nurse gives Moon-young a tacky advertisement. She asks what it is? The doctor tells her this is the therapy prescription I told you about. The nurse forces a pleasant smile and says it is their hospitals group therapy program. the doctor continues and says it is group therapy, meditation, art, cooking, music. We have everything for taking care of patients. But we don’t have literature.

JW – In mental therapy, balance is very important. *moves hands up and down like a balance*

MY – So?

JW – Just one hour twice a week. Reading or writing or whatever. Think about it as volunteering your talents. Can you take over one class?

MY – *smile*

HJ- Director….

JW – Ah! The most important thing, the conditions for employment. Whenever you come here, your father can walk for 30 minutes outside.

MY – I should make the condition right?

JW – Well, this is my prescription to the patient and the guardian.

MY – *violin music plays, she looks at him slyly*

Cut to her ripping up the flyer and walking away.

JW – Ah, she has a violent personality.

KT – *crossing arms* Did you expect her to do it? Didn’t you see the news, there is a big issue.

JW – She came all the way here with all those issues going on so we have something over here.

Behind his back he shakes a shaman ceremony bell.


Kang-tae is in the locker room when another caregiver comes in. This one is Oh Cha-yong. Cha-young asks him if he heard that Ko Moon-young came to their hospital? I heard she is awesome, I should have come a little earlier.

Kang-tae picks up the towels rolled up in a container and tells him not to think about unnecessary things, what are you going to do about this?

Cha-yong looks at it and asks what about it? Kang-tae lifts up some toilet paper or some kind of cloth that is on it. He says it all became like this. Cha-young casually tells him that he is the one who said to cut them. Just in case the patient tries to kill themselves.

KT – I told you to just cut a tiny bit here and there, not everything.

CY – Okay, okay! it is not that important. I can buy a box, geez. 

KT – Where are you going?

CY – Restroom!

He leaves. Kang-tae goes to his locker and undresses. He still has those military muscles. The door opens again. Kang-tae does not turn around.

KT – If you are worried that the head nurse will yell at you, just leave it alone. I will return it.

MY – You can get yelled at later, let’s eat first.

Kang-tae pauses, surprised. He closes his locker and looks at her.

KT – What are you doing?

She looks all along his chest and reaches out to touch his rippling abs. He hits her hand away.

KT – There are no outside people here, go away.

MY – *reaches out again* The guy left the door open to let me know that you are here.

He turns her around and pushes her out but it looks more like he is embracing her. So when he gets to the door, Joori sees them in this position. They pause. Moon-young touches his chest again softly and happily. Kang-tae pushes her away and closes the door.

The nurses look on and giggle.


Joori and Moon-yong goes outside to chat. Moon-yong asks if they should ignore each other? Joori tells her that she would be happy with that. Moon-yong lights a fancy cigarette and tells her that is not difficult.

JR – What is your relationship with Kang-tae?

MY – *laughs* Why? You can’t ignore that? How can we define human to human relationships in one word.

Cut to the flashback of both of them as kids. He followed her around and he saved her from the frozen lake.

MY – It was so dramatic that whenever we meet it was a life or death situation.

She pulls off the butterfly wings and he runs away. She pushes that man down the stairs and he runs up them. He covers her arms over her chest to breath

MY – Each time we met, there was a big twist. What if those coincidences build on top of each other and end up coming here? What kind of relationship is that? if i just say fate, that is too cliche.


Kang-tae puts all his clothes and runs to catch the bus, but he missed it. Never fear though because Moon-yong pulls right up to him and tells him to hops in! He sighs and calls someone.

She honks her horn to get his attention and mess up his call. He has to get off the phone. She tells him not to resist, just hop in. Let’s eat, I am hungry.

He tells her to eat alone, I have someone to eat with.

MY – Ah, Sang-tae oppa? Let’s have the fan meeting today that we did not do. Where do you live?

KT – If you do this then people might accept it, but it will not work for me.

MY – Lets see if it works or not, it sounds fun. *smiles*

KT – *gets angry*

MY – Okay, okay, you will just chew me alive with your gaze. I will leave today.

Something whispers seka, seka, seka.

Moon-yong tells him she will give him a last try and if you refuse again then I will kidnap you. She revs her engine and drives off. He sighs and starts walking.


While driving away, a trucks lights blind Moon-yong and she sees a ghost. She looks in her backseat but no one is there and then a red light shoots across the front of the car. She yelps and slams the breaks.

But when she looks up, she just sees a pretty deer. She starts to curse and tells him to shut up. She starts to neigh at the deer as it neighs at her. Neither one is moving.


Scene change to deer milk at a convenience style grocery store. Joori is purchasing it. She sees Kang-tae walk in and they both look at each other.

she ends up giving him a ride home and they walk in together. He holds the groceries.

JR – I thought you were eating dinner together.

KT – We are not in that kind of relationship. I only eat one meal at home so I should at least eat dinner with my brother.

JR – Yes.

She opens the gate and they walk in. Kang-tae gets a call from Jae-soo as they walk in.

Meanwhile, Moon-yong keeps driving the curvy roads down the mountain. We see an aerial shot of the lights of her car lighting up part of the mountain as she drives around it. Then she turns on some kind of secret road that leads to a tall elegant gate in the mountain.

The car lights light up the gate and she parks. She gets out and we see her red shoes again. She walks to the gate in slow motion. It is covered in vines and spider webs. She opens the lock that chains it closed and pushes the gate open.

It swings open and the camera zooms inside all the way to the mansion in the near distance.


Sang-in and Sung-jae are still in the publishing house. Sang-in frets about “this place” and says, not this place! Sung-jae asks, what about it?

Sang-in tells her this is a cursed castle.


Moon-yong walks along the front yard of this castle with her umbrella dragging behind her.

VO – (SI) Her father made this mansion to celebrate her birth. So the wife can focus on writing only. it is very deep in the forest.

We see the statue that is missing an eye. Eery leaves and vines wrap the front of the house and a cold wind blows. Moon-yong walks right inside.

But the ghost can not get in and touches a hand to the window. (ahh, eerie!)

SI – The mansion was really great, it received an architect award. Right now it is a haunted house.

Sung-jae yawns and asks why she doesn’t just sell it? Het ells her that no one would buy it. After her mother and father became like that….no one would want to live there, it’s cursed.

SJ – So what happened to them?

SI – Hey, don’t be curious about them, you will die.

SJ – *nods* So why did our writer go there.

SI – Right! Why! It is because a stupid person background checked someone and sent it secretly to her! *throws background paper on the floor*

SJ – it is better to give the background check to her than my life.

SI – Huh? Aigo! Aigo!

back in the cursed castle, we see an interior shot of it. The mansion opens up to a three floor area with a mezzanine and huge hanging chandelier. The steps are in the back. Moon-yong walks up. 

Something is behind a chained door in the basement? It tries to get out but cannot.

Moon-young walks along the second floor mezzanine type area and opens a room that leads to a balcony. She looks out and then turns around and pulls out a small totem. This is what she was holding at the doctors office. She lays the totem on the counter and then flops on the bed, exhausted.

She rolls on to her side and sighs and eery sigh then mutters, I am hungry.



Sang-tae, Kang-tae, and Joori eat samgyupsal together. Jae-soo is there too, so maybe he moved to the small town with them. They are eating outside on the rooftop octapang.

Joori’s mother comes up with even more food and sits to eat with them. She says that she was told that her luck would flourish around 60, that was right.

They all smile.

SD – In my temple like house, I have three men and I get rent *happy chuckle* I have people luck and money luck, I have super luck.

JS – To me, I pay the same money even though I live in the half basement. 

SD – Your room is the biggest.

She looks at Kang-tae and tells him to give her his rice bowl. Jae-soo looks jealous.

SD – I need room in my stomach because I have to have a handful of medicine. 

Kang-tae eats slowly so she tells him to eat well! You are skinny because you are not eating so well! He starts to eat faster. Joori asks why she is trying to feed him? He will have digestion problems. She takes some of his rice and puts it in her bowl.

Her mother asks, didn’t you say you were on a diet?

Jae-soo ask Sang-tae if he was picked or pointed? Sang-tae is all like, what? That would hurt. But Jae-soo says no, as a son-in-law. Of course Sang-tae repeats it loudly so everyone hears. They all smile awkwardly and keep having a good time eating.


Moon-young wakes up in the morning but rolls over to go back to sleep. She mutters that it is chilly. There is a message written on the window that says “Welcome”. The message freezes over. Moon-young keeps sleeping.

VO – Once upon a time, there was a castle in a deep forest. There was a princess who fell into a long long sleep.

Water stats to come into the house from under the door. Footsteps walk in the water and up the stairs. These footprints open a door and walk through the house. It is the witch. We see the house from her perspective.

VO – This kid will be poked by the spinning needle.

The witch goes upstairs.

VO – Because when the princess was born, the bad witch cursed her. 

The witch is on the second floor.

VO – The King wanted to burn all the spinning wheels to avoid the curse. But eventually the princess fell into a deep sleep after being poked by a rose thorn by the witch that was in disguise.

The witch gets to the bedroom and sees Moon-young sleeping. She goes up to her and Moon-young wakes up suddenly.

The witch is floating above her like this is Ghostbusters. Moon-yong gasps but keeps her composure.

VO – The lesson of this story is that you cannot avoid a fate that is already decided. Yes, a kiss by the prince can stop the curse.

The ghost comes closer to her and lays a hand on her cheek

VO – But don’t expect too much. Because I will kill the prince.

Moon-young starts to cry but tries not to make a sound. She is clearly terrified though. The ghost smiles and rubs her hand along her cheek.

Flashback to Moon-yong ask a little girl. She is standing on the edge of a dock and looking into the water. There is something in the water that is telling her to save it. Please, save me.

She keeps looking at it, expressionless. Then the thing comes out, the water dripping off its long hair that covers its face.

She wakes up with a start and curls over and starts panting. She thinks about what Kang-tae told her. If she cannot control her emotions, then she needs to cross her arms over her chest and pat herself on the shoulder.

She shivers and imagines him behind her patting her on the shoulder, she turns around to see him. She sits up, surprised and speechless. he touches her lightly on the cheek and smiles. He wipes a tear away.

KT – Don’t cry. 

She looks at him, comforted, and releases one tear. Then we see that she is sitting in her bed with her arms crossed over her chest and patting herself on the back.

Cut to the octapang where Kang-tae is on the rooftop alone. He lays back on the pyongsang and looks at the stars.


Morning at the hospital has everyone standing and waiting for an important person to show up. He walks inside. Byul tells Cha-yong that this important person is a local senators son.

The senators sone shows up like he’s a celebrity trying to look incognito and failing. he has on a long jacket, shades, and a smile. But he is wearing Dwayne Wayne shades, the kind that flip up to show another pair of glasses underneath. He looks fun.


Click here for part 2!

We will be running a tad bit slower than normal today but we will try and get everything up soon!


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