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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

Click here for part 1!


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Moon-young watches Kangt-tae as he tries to appear incognito and pick up a book to read and while checking on his brother. She smiles mischievously. 

There is a book out by an author called Do Hee-jae. This is a novel. Sang-in looks at it as if he knows the background story of it then puts it back. Another well dressed man comes up and mutters that the Mom is the queen of detective novels and the daughter is the queen of kids books.

SI – Aigo, how come a busy person like you is here?

Man – Of course I should congratulate you for the new book. You know, I am the critique who specializes in Ko Moon-yong.

SI – yes, okay, okay.

Man – Wow, seven books in the top ten of kids books bestsellers. That is cool. Because of her beauty?

SI – No, it is about her writing. Come on, go with me, lets have a sweet drink. *pulls him off*

Moon-young sees Sang-in pushing the critique away, she does not look happy with that.

In the line, Sang-taes sees a kid dressed like a real dinosaur, the dinosaurs head turns and smiles at him. a star shines.

Elsewhere, Jae-soo finally wakes up. He has 18 missed calls and looks at it frantically. A big ol 18 shows up on the screen

Kang-tae gets a phone call and says he will be right back, stay here. But Sang-tae is not listening and goes to the dinosaur to touch it and talk about all the amazing things with dinosaurs. Of course he scares everyone around. The father overreacts and pushes Sang-tae.

Sang-tae falls to the ground. But he is  not saddened but it, he just stands up and starts to say all the details about the dinosaur. But the father grabs him by the head and is over reacting. Sang-tae tells him not to grab him by the head and his trauma is clicked on. He starts to hit himself int he head.

kang-tae sees it and runs back inside to cover Sang-tae with a jacket and hug him and tell him that everything is okay. Moon-young is watching all of this from her perch with a blank expression. She is playing with her pen and wondering, should I give or not give? she repeats that several times.

Kang-tae glares that the father who attacked his brother. He is about to go apeshit on him. But Moon-yong comes walking up and tells him to apologize. She turns her head to the father. he asks, why should I?

Moon-yong tells him that he needs to apologize to me. You ruined my signing event.

The man says it is not my fault! This crazy man~.

But then Moon-young pulls him by his head and yanks his head back. Everyone gasps.

MY – Who will not scream if you pull their head like this?

She pulls his head even more. he screams.

MY – See, you are screaming.

The mother steps in and asks if they shouldn’t do anything when this crazy guy harms our kid?

Sung-jae looks on and thinks, ah, this event is all screwed up.

Moon-young turns to the woman.

MY – How do you know that he is crazy? Are you a psychiatrist?

Woman – Of course, but, he was saying strange things

MY – You crazy B*

Everyone – *Gasps*

MY – Sorry, you were just mumbling things. I thought you were a crazy B*

Woman – Did everyone here this? There is a video right? Where is the video? She cursed me!

Camera flashes go off everywhere. Chatter is all around. Moon-young happily looks at Kang-tae during all the pandemonium as if they are the only two in the room.

Time shift to Sang-tae holding himself inside some room. Maybe a warehouse. He is still under the coat and is mumbling.

Outside, Moon-young asks Sang-tae if he is not going inside. 

KT – He will open the door when he calms down.

MY – When is that?

KT – One hour or it can be one day….or two

She rolls her eyes and stands to walk off. he holds her arm to stop her.

MY – Do you want to be here all night?

KT – Not together, you can take care of your own stuff, dont’ worry about me.

MY – Worry? Who, me? Why? 

MY – *thinks* The back of your brothers head might be sensitive, it is a erotic spot? Is it an ignition switch? When you touch it then it blows up? What about this time *starts yelling and hitting herself in the head*

He flips her around to look at him.

KT – Just finish the first verse.

MY – Ah, now you are properly looking at me. *leans in*

KT – *leans back*

MY – *takes his hat off*

KT – What are you doing?

MY – Don’t wear a hat, I can’t see your pretty face. *smirks* why are you so flushed.

KT – *snatches his hat back*

MY – Ah, your forehead is your arousal point.

The critic from earlier calls her name and says that she already did something today, your CEO will be very busy right now.


Elsewhere, in an elevator, Sang-in is freaking out about all the stuff that happened while he was not around. Sung-jae says that the it happens when the caregiver is around. he asks, so if you know that then why didn’t you just pull them apart! Aish! Why do I pay you!

She rolls her eyes and the elevator door dings.

He pushes Sung-jae out of the way to get off first and answer the phone from a reporter to explain what happened. it is not like she said crazy B*….let me explain….with Koreans you have to listen carefully.


The critic is still with Moon-young and Kang-tae. She tells him that he had his “sweet drink” so why doesn’t he just leave. he tells her hey, you are just like your mother when you are angry. Your mother is a good writer and was very sexy.

he holds the sweet drinks in his arms. He has two boxes. The critic tells her that they look similar.

She is about to hit him but Kang-tae holds her hand back and tells this critic to shut up and go his own way. The critic keeps talking and says that her famous writer mom died out of the blue. The famous architect father went crazy and went to a mental hospital What do you think will happen to you. 

He leans in and whispers in kang-tae’s ear, whoever is involved with her does not end well. he walks off.

Moon-young stares daggers at him and tells Kangtae to let her go.

She hits his arm away and walks off. he grabs it again and tells her not to go. (They speak to each other in banmal all the time).

MY – Do you like me? Can you take care of me? Can you be responsible? How dare you hold me.

She hits her hand away and walks off. He looks at his hand which is his injured hand. Then he runs out after her.

He runs across the rooftop? And then to another stairwell. He sees her walking down it to meet the critic.

Man – I knew that you would follow me. I read your books a lot and know your mind.

MY – So you know what I am going to do now?

Man – Do not touch me, I am not dying alone. I will drag you and your CEO and all of you to the ground. When I write something, you are all dead.

She looks at his scarf and his eyes.

Man – You should know, anti-social personality disorder writer who doesn’t even know about kids and is writing kids books.

She looks at his pen.

MY – What do you want?

Man – I am tired of this honey water. Why don’t you make me a little happy?

She steps close to him and lightly touches his check and down to his pen. She picks it up.

MY – that is easy, but your pen….I can use it also.

Kang-tae gets to the bottom of the steps and looks up (he ran around to the wrong side initially)

She jams the pen into his eye only stopping right in front of his pupil. The man screams and hops back, flailing his arms wildly around, the boxes and money go falling everywhere and cascade down the stairwell.

Kang-tae curses and runs up the stairwell.

The man is able to stop himself from falling. But Moon-young pushes him lightly on the forehead and tells him goodbye. he goes rolling down the stairs all the way to the bottom where Kang-tae is standing. 

Kang-tae looks up at Moon-yong, she is smiling.

The ambulance comes and takes the man away. He is yelling, SHE DESERVES TO DIE! While the ambulance rolls him away on a stretcher.

Moon-yong walks away with fire in her chest and muttering about that guy. Kang-tae follows her and tells her to just stop and breath. Deeper. Close your eyes.

She is annoyed, but she does it.

He is standing behind her and crosses her arms in front of her and tells her that when she can’t control herself she should pat-pat her shoulders alternatively. This will calm your emotions.

MY – What is this?

KT – The butterfly hug method.

In the warehouse, Sang-tae removes the jacket and starts to do the butterfly hug.

KT – This is self treatment for trauma patients.

she grabs his hand.

MY – Doing this from the back is not my style. 

She turns around and grabs him from behind the neck. She pulls him to her.

MY – You should face trauma like this. Not hug from the back.

She smiles, almost daring him.

Scene cut to Sang-tae coming out of the storage room. Kang-tae is walking up the hallway with Moon-young walking behind him.

MY – Why are you running away?

KT – I am going to hyung.

MY – Just walk slower, it hurts my feet. Hey. Hey. Hey!

He stops and turns around.

MY – Don’t make me angry, you will get hurt.

KT – that is why I told you about the butterfly hug.

MY – That is not enough, you should be my safety pin.

KT – What?

MY – You should hold me tightly so that I won’t blow up

KT – You told me not to hold you. You said, how dare you hold me.

MY – Ah, you have a grudge

KT – I have a grudge

MY – I am giving you authority now. Teddy bear safety pin.

KT – Why should I?

MY – Because you are a caregiver. That is your job right? Marking the dangerous person?

KT – Find someone else.

He starts walking again. She follows.

MY – I will pay you a lot.

KT – How much?

he stops to look at her again.

KT – We always tell the patient who is recovering~.

MY – What is that?

KT  – ~ lets never see each other again. Please, let’s not see each other again. Let’s stop here, do not follow me anymore.

he walks off. She stays in the hallway but glares at him. 

She walks up to him at the elevator and tells him that the thing she says to patients does not apply to me. I am normal.

KT – *crosses his arms* Yes, people like you are different than patients.

MY – See.

KT – Medicine and treatment won’t cure you. You are just born like that, there is no treatment for it. The result is also not good. The best way is to avoid it.

The elevator opens, he gets inside.

MY – Not avoiding, but running away because you are scared. You are a coward.

The elevator doors close. They both look at each other in the reflection.


Flashback to the little boy holding flowers and walking through the pink and red flower field to talk to the little girl.

Boy – Excuse me.

He shows her the flowers. She shows him the butterfly and rips the wings off. He sees all the dead and damaged butterflies on the ground.

Girl – Do you still like me?

The boy runs off, terrified. She stares at him.

Girl – You coward.

Kang-tae looks at his reflection in the elevator door as if he was remembering this memory.

Back at the now empty event, Moon-young walks casually down the steps of the bookstore. Sang-in angrily asks her how she can torpedo her own event! There were so many witnesses this time!

She ignores him and keeps walking. he keeps yelling after her but it is all for nothing.

Back Upstairs, Kang-tae sees his brother sitting calmly but sadly on the bench. He happily goes to sit with him.

Later on they ride the bus home. Sang-tae is still sad and is gripping his book. 

KT – Are you sad because you did not get the signature?

KT – If you are mad then it makes my stomach twist

Kyung-tae pretends like his stomach really hurts and grips it and then pulls out a picture book of a dinosaur encyclopedia. Sang-tae is so happy now. He flips through it.

KT – are you happy?

ST – Yes, I am happy.

KT – Do you like me more of Ko Moon-young more?

ST – [talks about dinosaur things and reads everything in the book]

Kang-tae looks out the bus window at the scenery passing by. But then he thinks about Moon-young touching his hair and telling him not to wear a hat because she can’t see his pretty face. he puts his hat back on and looks at his brother who is still happily reading the book. He rests his head on his brother’s shoulder and sleeps.


Moon-young’s father is rolled into an ambulance to get his surgery. Joori is going with him.

back in the city, Sang-tae reads and walks. Kang-tae walks beside him to make sure that he does not bump into anything. He tells San-tae to remember to watch where he is going while he is reading so that he does not cross the street without looking around or something.

But Sang-tae is not paying attention so Kang-tae tells him, give it to me! He tries to snatch it away and tells him it is dangerous. But Sang-tae just dodges it and takes off running.

They run down the steps right into Jae-soo who falls on his knees in apology.

Jae-soo and Kang-tae sit and talk on the steps.

JS – You know that? I can drink for an entire week straight, but why do I pass out when I drink with a woman? *closes his eyes*

KT – Hey, Jaesoo, just stop.

JS – Stop what?

KT – Following us around and having trouble

He looks at him.

KT – Just settle down.

JS – What! That is my choice! Whatever I do it is my choice! Jasik! What happened, why are you so sentimental today? Was it Ko Moon-young?

KT – Its nothing

JS – It is not nothing.

KT – it is nothing.

JS – Okay, it is, it is, when you say no that means it is not no. What is it?

KT – Running away, I thought I ran away because of hyung. The butterfly or whatever. Being chased by something without a shape. I said it was all because of my brother.

JS – That is true.

KT – But today I realized that actually, I want to run away. That is why I am pushing my brother’s back.

JS – It is not like that.

KT – When life is as difficult as dying, then running away is the easiest thing.

He smirks sadly. Jae-sun thinks of what to do and pats him on the back a couple times.

At home, Sang-tae packs up all his books. kang-tae is also packing.

KT – You know, the place we used to live when we were young. The place we lived with mom?

ST – Sangjin?

KT – Yes. Would you….like to live there? If you say no then I wont ~.

ST – Yes, I like it.

KT – *surprised* Are you really okay?

ST – There are good jangpong restaurants (very spicy seafood noodle soup)

Sangtae starts to say all the details about the soup. Kang-tae chuckles happily and tells his brother that he is so brave. I am still a coward. 

ST – You are a coward because you are my younger brother. You are my younger brother. Trust hyung. Trust hyung. Rely on me.

Kang-tae thinks about that, then he texts Joo-ri.

Joori gets the text while outside the hospital. her friend Sun Byul looks at the text and giggles that this is her friend from Seoul! Pick up the phone!

Joo-ri picks up up and smiles.



Moon-young arm stretches over a Namsung computer (lol) a sh tries to grab her cell phone while staying under the covers. The cell phone falls on the ground so she has to remove her covers to grab it.

She pulls it back and checks her phone and pleasantly looks at all the details about Kang-tae. It appears that Sung-jae came through with the background information. Her lips slowly curl into a smile.

At the company, everyone is in disaster mode with what happened at the book signing event. They area all gathered around the desk and looking at a video. it appears that they did not grab all the CCTV files? But actually this one was uploaded on a mom cafe.

The news starts to talk about what happened and they even interviewed the family. The man says that she pulled his hair without any good reason. The woman says she smiled so freakily, I have nightmares everyday since then.

Sang-in tells everyone that they need to give them all sweet drinks. Everyone looks amazingly uncomfortable. The news starts to continue on with even more news.

It starts to talk abotu all the crazy things in moon-young’s past that are crazy issues online. They show her as a teacher in front of a classroom of kids looking like an unfeeling woman giving a lesson on fairytales.

Sang-in hits his head over the desk. He asks, what is the problem with this, they are kids.

The news continues and says that a lot of people are burning her books and are pulling her out of the kids book awards. This is a disaster.

One of the guys asks what they can do, the sweet drink is not enough for this. Sang-in is freaking out but is trying to say that this is okay, we had bigger problems than this before.

Anotehr person runs in and says that they have a big problem. Their new book, zombies kid is too cruel and the story and pictures are too cruel so the peoples association wants to pull it from the market.

Sang-in gives a pained laugh and yells, WHERE IS SHE! WHERE IS KO MOON YOUNG.

Ko Moon-young is pleasantly cruising along the coast towards Sangjin.

Back in the meeting, one of the emplyees says that Moon-young checked out from the hotel. Sang-in nods and puts his shoes on the desk then says, I will check out from my life. He runs to jump off the building.

Sung-jae yells, IT IS ALL MY FAULT!

He stops and turns around. 

SJ – I sent this to the writer.

She holds up her phone in apology. He takes it and reads the background information about Kang-tae.

SI – Moon Kang-tae, the caregiver?


Cut to the hospital that looks like an amazingly pleasant place with lots of green lawn to walk on and a view of the ocean. Kang-tae is in his caregiver attire and walking next to Soo-ri while pushing  Moon-yong’s father.

He stops to overlook the ocean. Soo-ri smiles. 

Moon-young drives pleasantly to the town. There is a split screen of the two of them looking nice and at peaceful.

But then thunder strikes as the CEO calls her car and asks what she is talking about, where are you?

It starts to rain, all the people outside, hurry inside.

Moon-young pulls up and parks. She steps out of her car in flaming red high heels. Her black umbrella pops open.

VO – The girl that always wears red shoes, even to a sacred and quiet place.

She steps up the the walkway with her red shoes and smiles. Then she starts to walk inside.

VO – When she wears those shoes, her feet start to dance automatically. She can’t stop forever or take off the shoes. But even so, the girl never gives up her red shoes. 

She walks up the hallway.

VO – Eventually the executioner cuts her feet. But those two feel keep dancing without the body. There are some things that you cannot separate even if you try by force.

We cut to Sang-in looking confused and on the phone and Kang-tae is also talking to someone. 

SI – Are you….

KT – The patients room is okay, but we have a few lights off in the hallway and lobby and the station lights. Yes, okay. *Hangs Up*

He turns around and sees Moon-young walking up to him.

VO – That is why obsession is sacred and beautiful. 

The clock strikes Midnight and ock music starts to play as she walks to him in slow motion. She starts to smile.

VO – I finally found my red shoes.

She steps all the way to him with her red shoes on. He is looking at her with the most confused expression.

KT – You, why are you here?

MY – Of course it is because I miss you.

She has a bright smile, he is confused. They both stare at each other.

Fade Out


Gah, this show has me hook line and sinker. I am caught in its lure, a hole is in my cheek, and I am ready to be healed right along with these characters. Ahhhhhhhh, what are you doing to me show. I don’t even like healing dramas! Where is my bandaid? Give me my bandaid!

Y’all, my drama watching heart is so full. There is Okay to Not Be Okay on Saturday and Sunday, Dinner Mates on Monday and Tuesday, and an adorable new show called Backstreet Rookie/Convenience Store (that we might cover, not sure we have the time 😩) on Friday and Saturday.

But this show IOTNBO is just so inspiring on top of being a lovely watch. Shall I put it on a My Ajusshi level of inspiring? Because it looks like it belongs right up there with My Ajusshi (which is on Netflix now by the way!).

We shall soon see, but I love everything about this quirky show that I see now, and I cannot wait to be pulled along on this rocking boat to the shoreline.


English Translation

MY – How can you define relationships between people in one world clearly?

Doctor – Please take one class for us.

MY – Ko Moon-young who will teach a literature writing class

KT – I do not have room to dance following your lead

MY – Hypocrite, you want to cry

KT – I keep forgetting, even you, hyung

MY – You are not running away anymore

KT – You make me worry about you

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  1. Marmele
    June 21, 2020 / 11:40 am

    Hook Line and Sinker! So true! I am with you on all you have written 🙂 thank you

    • V
      June 21, 2020 / 3:40 pm

      We can be hooked together 🥰

      • Adri
        June 22, 2020 / 12:53 am


        I feel like I’m watching a cross between a Grimm brothers fairy tale and a Tim Burton movie, and the “evil witch” is the heroine. There’s something whimsical about the drama, but sinister at the same time, and it’s SO interesting to watch. On top of that, there seems to be a murder mystery too? I’m in HEAVEN.

        Oh Jung-se is also KILLING it as Sang-tae. My heart BROKE when he lost it at the book signing. Kim Soo-hyun is also doing great as Kang-tae. The grief he’s trying to push down by keeping busy and taking care of his brother is palpable. I just wanna protect him.

        Then there’s Moon-young….I’m sorry, but I’m obsessed with her. The way Seo Ye-ji’s able to portray her sociopathic tendencies then vulnerabilities every time her parents are brought up are genius!

        I already have a theory that her crime writer of a mom murdered Kang-tae and Sang-tae’s mom, and Sang-tae saw it, so she instilled the fear of butterflies in him. I got this idea when young Kang-tae asked him if their mom’s murderer was a man or woman. If it’s not Moon-young’s mom, then I’m gonna day her dad since he was already showing strangling in her episode one.

        Gah! How am I gonna survive til next week?

        • V
          June 22, 2020 / 11:36 am

          The heroine is the evil witch 😍! Bwah ha ha! When have we ever had something like that in a Kdrama???? Let me know so I can watch THAT show.

          Ooooo, I love your theory!!!!! And with this dark of a drama it is probably right! I am so obsessed as well. Goodbye my heart because it is already given to this show.

          • Adri
            June 22, 2020 / 5:14 pm

            Right? It’s refreshing. I like that our female lead isn’t a “pretty princess” but a “pretty witch” instead LOL.

            I love that all three characters (Kang-tae, Sang-tae, and Moon-young) are returning to the scene of the crime to face their past traumas. This show has my heart too <3 I'm rewatching episodes 1 and 2 again today XD

            • V
              June 23, 2020 / 6:51 am

              YAAAAAAS, this is one of those shows that is begging me to instantly start rewatching them to stave off my hunger for the next episode right now!

              I hope episode 3 and 4 live up to this hype I’m building in my head, lol.

  2. Fangirlsy
    June 21, 2020 / 12:39 pm

    It’s so good I wish I didn’t start it until it finished!!! My heart was already in pieces watching ep 2, it looks like kangtae and hyung are gonna make me cry

    • V
      June 23, 2020 / 6:53 am

      It is crazy, but this is a rare show that is not obviously trying their hardest to pull tears so it will mostly likely make me cry buckets as well. 😂😭

  3. Amarachi
    June 21, 2020 / 4:09 pm

    what is the name of the song that was played when the clocked hit midnight?

    • Linh Nguyen
      June 22, 2020 / 3:52 am

      I guess it is an unreleased OST, we might know soon

      • V
        June 22, 2020 / 11:37 am

        Yes, I think it is an unreleased OST. I hope so anyway because the music in this show is AMAZING.

        • 토비
          June 24, 2020 / 5:18 pm

          It’s not been released yet but sounds like Elaine’s voice. I like the chills I got from all the OSTs I’ve heard in these 2 episodes.

  4. SOA
    June 21, 2020 / 5:17 pm

    Am on the still sitting on the fence. Maybe cause I don’t really enjoy Melo dramas
    Waiting till ep 3 be taking full decision that is :
    To be watched or not to be.

    Thanks V 4 recapping.

    • V
      June 23, 2020 / 6:54 am

      I completely get that, Soa. This show might get even darker too (since it’s only the beginning), so better to protect your emotions!

  5. 토비
    June 24, 2020 / 5:27 pm

    Finally! This is my kind of drama. I always like the pretty witch character. Ko Moon Young gives me Jang Man Wol vibes, but more like a darker and feistier version since it’s not fantasy and she doesn’t have magical powers. I’m loving it already and I hope this series continues on this path. Thanks for the update V.

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