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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 2 Recap - Part1

This show is back on today! I absolutely loved yesterday’s episode so I hope today’s episode is just as good. Though half as good would be perfectly fine with me since the bar was high from yesterday. The acting, writing, directing choices, scenes, and just everything as so wonderful so I have high hopes!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Both Moon-young and Kang-tae hee are in the conference room and looking at each other. She asks why he is here if it not for money or her body.

KT – if possible, I wanted to see you one more time. I wanted to double check your eyes.

MY – My eyes?

KT – You have the same eyes as someone I knew once.

MY – Who is that?

KT – The person with a personality disorder.

We see a series of flashbacks that show a boy who fell through the ice and a girl who is picking petals. The girls is talking to herself and wonders, should I give it to him or not?

She ends up giving him a Styrofoam box to hold on to to keep from drowning/freezing to death.

KT – There was no warmth in her eyes, with that woman.

Flashes of Moon-young as a kid and her eyes.

MY – Was that woman scary?

KT – I liked her

We see the little boy following her around everywhere she went. She walked through the city and she walks through a field of closers and she walks over a small bridge in the rain and she walked through a field of wheat. he followed her through all of this.

KT – I liked her.


MY – So, are you hitting on me? Do I look like that girl from your beautiful memory?

KT – I never said it was a beautiful memory.

We see the little girl pulling wings off of butterflies in front of the boy. She asks him, do you still like me? He is shocked.

KT – Don’t mistaken it, it is not a good memory.

MY – Bad memories stay here longer. *taps his chest with her fingers*

They keep looking at each other.

Outside, Sung-jae runs to great Sang-in who just drove up. He is upset at her for letting Kang-tae and Moon-yong meet each other. He tells hr that she should have stopped them from meeting at all cost!

SJ tells him that the writer showed up without notice. He throws a box into her arms and asks, so she should come with notice then? If you don’t think then yo should just courageously stop her! Why do I pay you!

He walks off. She sighs and mutters, I just want to hit him once. So she kicks his car instead.

Inside the conference room. KT tells Moon-yoUng to tell her CEO, that is working hard, that he does not have to work that hard with me, so he does not have to waste his effort.

He walks around her to the exit. But then Sang-in pushes him back inside lightly from the belly. He is bent at the waste as he does it. He tells him that he is late, lets talk over this sweet drink.

KT – No thank you.

he tries to leave again.

SJ – you should get the signature.

he looks at Moon-young who sings, signature?

SJ – you said you needed one signature. 

MY – ♫Okay ♫ You said I was a memory with my eyes and things….was that all for a signature?

KT – No.

MY – It was all for the signature

KT – That isn’t it.

SI – Lets have a spontaneous fan meeting and get the signature!

MY – I will do it, this is my warm brand new book.

She pulls the book out and opens it up to sign it. She asks for his name. Kang-tae is hesitant to give it. But he finally says Moon Sang-tae. Sang-in asks, is that your nephew? He tells him no, my brother.

Sang-in asks, ah, so your hyung-nim is a fan? Our Moon-young has kids and adult fans in many countries. Congratulations!

she hands him the book looking properly smug as she does. He hesitantly takes it and starts to walk off. She tells him, see you. He stops and looks back her. then he says, of course not. 

The CEO runs after him with honey water and asks if he can at least take this. he takes it and opens it up to see a lot of money inside. he sighs and looks at him like, seriously?

Kyung-tae tells him that is too much to eat alone. So the CEO tells him to just share it with others.

Kyung-tae asks, should I? Then he holds it out to the balcony area to dump it over the downstairs walkway. The CEO lunges to stop him and almost falls down the stairs, but Kyung-tae softly holds his back to stop him and hands him the box again.

KT – I am not accepting this. *leaves*

SI – This is the first time in 10 years of taking care of Moon-young that someone refused this sweet drink box. So strange, I don’t feel good about it. Perhaps I should have given him two boxes?

Meanwhile, Moon-young watches Kang-tae walk away from her balcony. She mutters to herself that he is pretty, I want him.

He turns around and sees a huge stilettoed foot stomp right behind him. It is attached to a huge Moon-young who picks Kang-tae up by his scruff and hold him in her hands. She mutters, I want him.

Cut to her doing this exact thing on her balcony, lol. Her assistant finds her like this with her arm out and squeezing something invisible. But she doesn’t comment on it and just asks to be given something to do.

So Moon-young says to get a background check on that guy that just left. If you tell my CEO then I will pull your tongue out so do it quietly.

The camera scrolls away to a miniature town replica.



Cut to Jae-soo eating noodles with Sang-tae. Jae-soo calls Kang-tae and tells him that his landlord came and caused a ruckus this morning. he tries to eat some of Sang-tae’s soup. The brother tells Jae-soo not to eat his soup because his spoon has his dirty saliva all over it and cover your mouth when you sneeze. 

Kang-tae tells Jae-soo that he was ale to get Ko Moon-young’s signature. This gets Sang-tae’s attention. He immediately leaves to go find him.

On the bus, Kang-tae reads the note that Moon-yong left for his brother.

Note: Sang-tae Oppa, please come to my book signing event. We can get a signature and get your picture taken and have a nice event. This is from Moon Young to Sang-tae oppa. 

He looks at her author photo, the photo winks at him. Kang-tae sighs and grumbles, this woman…


Later on, KT talks to his friend JS to ask for help with something. Jae-soo asks why he is mumbling, are you going to the signing with your brother? Tell me the location and time. Kang-tae thanks him. Jae-soo asks him jokingly, do you like me more or hyung-nim more~. CLICK.

Jae-soo laughs and tells his phone that Kang-tae is so cute. Then he has to help a customer that comes in. It is Joori. He knows her and smiles. She asks for some chicken.

Back at home, Sang-tae is beside himself with happiness at his signature and note. he is picking out his clothing to wear. Kang-tae gives him a light avocado shirt to try. So Sang-tae hold it up to the mirror and thinks about what expression he should have on his face when he meets her. Kang-tae looks at him.


Jae-soo helps Joori with her food. She asks that she would like a coke so he happily starts to dart away to get it. He says it is free of charge. He sits with her and says that he heard she moved to a countryside hospital? She says yes and asks if he is moving somewhere again? She sees the for rent sign.

He says yes, I am the last traveling merchant in Korea that refuses to stay in one spot. He chuckles. She asks how Kang-tae is.

Cut to Kang-tae working while Jae-soo voices over.

VO – His only joy in life is abusing himself.

Kang-tae moves a large box at a factory and grimaces because his hand is still injured. One of the men tells him to go easy on himself, they will not pay you more if you work harder. Working hard while you are young is all BS. See hat happens later, your entire body aches.

But Kang-tae has already rolled his items away so the man was talking to himself. He smiles and thinks that young man is so stiff.

Kang-tae goes to the bathroom and washes his hand which has started to bleed again.


Meanwhile, Moon-young sits at the head of a meeting in a dainty red velvet and gold trimmed throne like chair whose back stands 8 feet tall. She lightly touches the sword looking knife she took from the company worker.

Everyone is quiet and looking at her until the CEO says that they can get started. One woman says that advanced readers think that this illustration is too grotesque.

We see the image of a baby that looks all kinds of wrong. Like a sad potato with huge eyes. Another man says that they always had an issue with painting the images but this time the actual picture is the issue.

Moon-young tells them that they can change it in the second printing. She asks for any other things? Sung-jae tells him that in America they wanted to animate the book. But they want to change the dog to a cat.

Moon-young is not feeling that and tells them that the deal is off if they change it. She speaks very quietly and with no emotion. The CEO says that if the deal is off then it will damage them. he sits at the head of the table on the other end.

She asks him if he wants to die (or something like that). The CEO yells, hey, without the writers confirmation then no changing the dog to cat! 

Moon-young stands to leave, he asks, are you leaving? She tells him that the signing event is only for one hour. She holds Sung-jae’s name tag and tells her that it is better to make it quick, Sung-jae. Sung-jae gulps.

Cut to Sung-jae sitting in a bathroom stall and calling her uncle. He is a police officer so she asks him to background search someone. He says he can’t do that. She begs him and asks if he knows anyone in the NIS, but he hangs up. She freaks out at her lack of prospects.


Kang-tae worked all day, it is night now. The older workers tell him that he is a  good worker and that someone is looking for him. He goes outside to see Joori standing there waiting for him.

Kang-tae buys her a drink from an outdoor vending machine and sits on the bench with him. She asks him what happened to his hand. They use jongdaemal between each other. He says he got injured while working.

KT – I was sweating (his excuse maybe for his hand)

JR – Jae-soo told me that you are here. 

KT – Ah….

JR – I heard that you are moving again. I envy you since you can move without any attachment.

KT – *awkward/pained smile*

JR – Did you decide where you are going next?

KT – Maybe somewhere, whether it is good or bad, there are a lot of new mental hospitals now.

JR – our hospital is hiring people with experience. It is a good hospital. We have three shifts.

KT – *interested* Where is it?

JR – Sungjin, our hometown. I heard that you also lived there when we were young. Now it is all developed so it is not the country anymore.

He starts to see a grey brick wall that shows a little trickle of red on it that turns into a big splattering of red and the camera turns to show us that this isn’t actually a wall, it is a street where someone is laying on the ground with blood all around them.

We hear a kid crying and see a little boy in another room crying over his mother who is now in the mortuary. His brother Sang-in is with him and is having an episode do to all the crying and the situation in general. 

The next day, they sit at the police station. Sang-in says it was a butterfly that killed her. Kang-tae tells him to just say if it was a man or a woman! What was the age! What did they look like! Sang-tae tells him, that guy said he will kill us if I say it! he starts to cry.

The cops talk to another woman who tell them that the little kid should go to an orphanage and the older one should go to a disabled facility. That is the best for them.

The two brothers sit outside next to each other. It looks like Kang-tae overheard them and tells hyung that they should go. He pulls him away.

They walk over a bridge at night. The brother asks where they are going? Sang-tae says they are going where the butterfly does not come. Sang-tae asks, is it far away? Kang-tae tells him yes, it is far away.

They get on a bus and ride away.


As the bus s riding away, the adult Kang-tae and Roo-ri walk out of the bus station (pretty cool camera effect). Joo-ri tells him that he did not have to come here with me. he tells her it is fine. It will be early when you get there. Hope in.

She says goodbye and starts to walk to the bus, but she stops and tells him that they have an empty room in their house. My mother and I live downstairs. If you come to our city then you do not need to find any other place to live. She smiles. Then she says that seh really has to go.

He thanks her for her consideration but says that he won’t go there. She asks, why? Is it because it is too country? He says yes, because it is too country. She nods and gets in.

Cut to a flashback of Jae-soo drunkenly talking to Joo-ri about Kang-tae and how he does not want to form relationships with anyone since he will leave ayway. He does not like forming relationships with expiration dates.

Joo-ri thinks about this as she watches Kang-tae walk back inside the station.

In the flashback, she asked Jae-soo why that is? Why did he leave? Jae-soo motions that it was about a bad butterfly! Then he passes out.


Moon-young steps into her closet and checks her wardrobe on what to wear. She thinks about telling Kang-tae that she will see him. But he said, of course not.

The camera scrolls to Kang-tae who is sitting at his desk looking for a job on his computer. He is left handed and writes down all his job prospects. His brother is sleeping on the floor behind him. 

He types a new search to find a good hospital. The director of the hospital, Oh Ji-wang, is #1 in the country for treating trauma.


Sang-tae recites everything on a commercial or cartoon on TV as he washes his hair. it looks like Kang-tae plays the same episode over and over again for Sang-tae. 

Sang-tae does everything at the same time as the TV show that he is also watching. He washes his hair at the same time and puts on the face lotion at the same time. Kang-tae waits patiently for him.

He is finally all ready. 

Cut to Jae-soo who is sleeping in his restaurant and probably drunken crying over a dream?

Jae-soo does not make it so Kang-tae takes him. He walks him up the street where we see a sign for the signing over a mannequins head. The mannequin actually waves at Sang-tae. 

Sang-tae is so energized and excited that he bursts down the street running and jumping in joy. Pink plum blossom petals falls all around him and a bubbly song plays.

He passes a man with balloons and is given one he lets it go happily into the sky and sees a simple person illustration on a sign that comes to life and flies away.

He sees a graphic of a dozen people who come to life and start dancing. He sees another graphic of umbrellas that have rain falling on them. They all wave him away to his book signing.

He happily yet cautiously crosses the street to go to the signing. Kang-tae tells him to slow down.

But he is also happy.


They get to the signing that is fabulous. It is at a large modern bookstore with high ceilings and lots of glass all around. Lots of people are getting all their items signed and they are also selling lots of merchandise with Moon-young’s characters on them. Like mugs and hand held fans.

Kang-tae stops his brother from going inside to tell him that he will be at the restroom while he gets his signature. He will be watching him from there. We will take a photo and then go home, okay. If I keep your promise, what will you get?

Sang-tae says he will get the dinosaur encyclopedia. Then he takes off running to the book signing.

But when they get inside, they see how absolutely insane the signing line is. It is five people deep and down the stairs and around the corner all the way to the front door. Hundreds of people are in line. Both their mouths drop open.

Moon-young peers down from her signing booth and sees them.

Kang-tae does not see her though, he lightly directs Sang-tae to the end of the line and tells him that they have to stand here. I will be over there.

He walks off to look at a book and pulls his baseball hat lower over his head.


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