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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 16 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay! The final episode! I am so excited!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





We open with a drawing of the little boy trapped in the box. He is sleeping in bed. 

Moon-yong and Sang-ate are lookin at this image. Sang-tae explains it to her. She flips through all the his drawings and he explains them to her. She looks very tough to satisfy, but all his drawings are darling.

MY – No, the canned princesses eyes are too small. Make then bigger.

ST – How much bigger? One centimeter?

MY – More than half of the face.

ST – But if it is too big then it is fake.

Kang-tae comes in with a platter of fruit. Sang-tae tells him, don’t look! No outsiders in here.

Kang-tae says he is not an outsider. Moon-young tells him, yes, you are the wife, but you still have to go, wife.

Kang-tae says he is bored, he wants to be with them, She tells him no, go out.

She pushes him all the way out and is about to go back in. He pulls her back and asks, are you really leaving? She says of course.

KT – I thought you did it on purpose….

MY – *touches his face* Why should I?

Then she closes the door to the room. Kang-tae turns around and tries to find something to do.


Cut to the dumpster where Sang-in and Sung-jae are digging through all the trash to find the West witch book. Sang-in yells SHOW YOURSELF WEST WITCH. Then tells Sung-jae to work harder.

She rolls her eyes.

SJ – CEO, you said you were not going to publish it anyway.

SI – Of course, we aren’t, I just want to prepare for the future as a retirement. You know. That kind of thing.

SJ – But CEO, why should I have to find your retirement fund with you?

SI – Hey, whose fault is this? If you got the script at the coffee shop then we wouldn’t have to do this and search the dumpster.


SI – What? What? Now?


She storms off. He looks apologetic.


Joo-ri goes into the room and smells something bad. Sung-jae is under the covers and tells her that it isn’t her, she took a bath as soon as she got back. But Joo-ri mentions that she will keep the door open anyway.

Sang-in sends Joo-ri a text, asking if he can see her.

They go to a local spot. He pours her a drink. She smells him and says that his smell came to her room. He says he tried to wash it all out. She mutters that its fine, we’ll get used to it.

SI – Sung-jae is mad at me right?

JR – Did you give her a hard time again? Don’t do that to a young girl

SI – Little girl? She is six years older than you.

JR – What? She called me eunnie.

SI – Yes, she pretends to be young and not know things. She thinks that will make her life easier. She is so foxy.

JR – So she is really eunnie?

SI – Yes. hey, you work in a psychiatric hospital but you still can’t read people? You should learn from me. I notice these things right away.

Back at the rental, Sung-jae closes the door and pulls out the west witch book. She found it! Lol. She mutters to herself that this is for Sang-in yelling at her. I am going to give him one month of a hard time and then give this to him. She giggles and then coughs because it smells so bad. 


Sang-in and Moon-young have fallen asleep in the library after working so hard. Sang-in is asleep at his desk and Moon-young is asleep on the couch. Papers are strewn all over the place.

Kang-tae smiles at the sight and picks up one of the images. On the image is says “Finding the Real Real face” Written by Ko Moon-young. Art by Moon Sang-tae. This image is the cartoon that they always show at the beginning of the episode of the three kids beside a map.


Some time passed. Sung-jae and Sang-in burst into the mansion with a box of their new book.

They happily present it to Sang-tae. Sang-tae is super happy to see his name on the cover of the book. Kang-tae asks if he is happy He says he is super happy and even sees his picture on the inside.

Sung-jae pops a confetti firecracker and congratulates him on his debut! He runs away happily. Kang-tae asks where he is going? Moon-yong says she wants to go to and runs after them.

Sang-in sighs and says he does not have a good feeling about this This is not Moon-yong’s style. She changed and her writing changed. if I had the West Witch then I wouldn’t be this nervous.

SJ – Don’t worry CEO, your feeling is always wrong.

SI – Aish!


Sang-tae goes to their mothers tree and tells his mother that his face is ina book and it has his name on it and he drew all the images. He mentions that he can draw facial emotions now.

Kang-tae tells him that umma should be curious about the book. Can you read it for her? Sang-tae says yes, I am good at voice acting, you know I can make [all the Doolie cartoon character’s] voices. I will read this for you umma.

He starts to read it and tears up and says he will read the entire thing. He starts to read it from the beginning through a bunch of tears and smiles.

ST – A long long time ago in a deep forest there is a castle where three people lived together whose real face was stolen by a shadow witch. The boy with a mask who smiles with his mouth only…

Kang-tae is all teary eyed. He wipes his tears and puts an arm around Moon-young. 

ST – …and the empty canned princess who only makes a big noise. And the ajusshi who lives in a claustrophobic box. They couldn’t make facial expressions because their faces were stolen. They had no way to understand each other so they always misunderstood each other and fought. I am crying….

Kang-tae cries and comes up to Sang-tae and gives him a big tearful hug and smiles. Sang-tae tells their mom that he is a real artist now, Moon Sang-tae is an artist. Big hugs and tears and smiles all around for the brothers.



Sung-jae and Sang-in set up the classroom in the hospital for the debut of thier picture book. Sang-in thinks that there isn’t enough room for press.

SJ – I spread the information around, but because of our West Witch lie, only one reporter will come.

SI – Who?

SJ – Reporter Yoo

SI – Who?

SJ – Me *smiles* Yoo Sung-jae reporter.

SI – *sighs*

SJ – I am going to record it with this and upload it on my personal SNS channel.


Soon-duk and Dr. Oh Ji-wang look at the mural together, though they are at the foot of the steps. The mural looks gorgeous.

SD – I thought you were a very bad doctor. But you helped Sang-tae fly away like a butterfly.

JW – I didn’t do anything, Sang-tae did it….You look pretty today.

SD – Hey, what are you doing you greasy man

JW – Can I go to your place to eat dinner sometimes? I used to do it a lot before, a long time ago. Sticking my head out and yelling SOON DUUUUUUK PLAY WITH MEEEEE!

She looks around, frantic

SD – What are you doing! Are you crazy!

Then Eun-ja comes back in. Cut to the director talking to her in his office. He tells her that she has a nice scarf now. She says her neck feels empty so she bought it at a sale in the department store. I heard that today is an important day.

JW – It looks good on you.

SJ – Come to my restaurant to eat dinner, I will make you a nice fish platter.

Outside, Jung-tae looks out as if he is looking for someone. Dr. Kawn Min-suk comes to the front and tells them that they will start the book launching event. Let’s go.

All the patients come inside. Jung-tae keeps looking off. Then he hears someone call his name, it is Ah-rum! She comes running up looking fresh and amazing. She launches herself into a big hug. They are both all smiles.

All the patients go inside the classroom. Sung-jae films it all. Jae-soo comes up with a suit on and wonders why he is so nervous. He walks up to Sung-jae like its no big deal and waves at her. Then he goes inside. She looks a bit smitten.

Ki-do is even here! The son who was neglected and mistreated by his rich and smart family. H says hello to Joo-ri. Sun Byul is amazed and mutters that he is just her type. Joo-ri tells him that he looks like a different person. Are you preparing to be a gongwan?

He says yes, because of me my father lost his job, you know that. You can laugh. So I am following the family tradition of working for the government. I am studying hard with my bad brain. Ugh. Were is that handsome Kang-tae hyung and that fiery woman?

Cut to Sang-tae and Moon-young arguing over who should read it. Kang-tae is sitting at the table as well. 

ST – Half of it is mine, I can read well.

MY – Oppa, are you gwang jong. (attention seeker)

ST – What is gwang jong? is that the King stuff?

KT – lets gooo, just stop and let’s go.

MY – No book reading, you step aside.

ST – No. I am the artist. We should do it together. That is fair.

MY – Step aside.

ST – No.

MY – Step aside!

ST – No!

KT – If you keep fighting then I will read it!

He gets up and leaves. They keep arguing – step asid! No! step aside! No!


They finally get to the event. Sang-tae and Moon-young are sitting on stage. There is a projector that is showing a presentation. Sang-in is speaking about their new start with their publishing house. Then he introduces the book reading event. Everyone claps.

The lights go out. Moon-yong starts to read.

MY – A long long time ago in a castle in a deep forest. There were three people who lived together and lost their face

Sang-tae starts to read as well.

ST – Not to argue and be happy, we have to get back our stolen face.

MY – To find the face, they hoped in a camper and went on a trip. They found a mother fox who was crying over snow.

KT – The mask boy asked the mother fox, why do you keep crying ajumma?

The camera zooms in on Eun-ja.

KT – I am out to find food, then I lost my daughter that I was piggy backing in the snow. The mother fox whose tear ducts were already dry was still crying and hitting her chest.

We see a flashback of Kang-tae crying.

KT – Hot tears fall from the masked boy. 

ST – With the tears, the icy snow melted and they found the baby fox sleeping

The two happily find the baby fox and run to it.

MY – They found a naked clown dancing on a briar patch

Flashback of The senators son dancing on the stage

MY – The empty canned princess asked him, why are you dancing on a briar patch and getting hurt? The clown said, people will only see me if I do this. But it only hurts, no one is looking at me. Then the empty canned princess went into the briar patch and danced together with him. 

Flashback of Moon-yong and the senators son driving happily together around the town.

MY – I am an empty can so the thorn won’t hurt me even if I dance on it. When the empty canned princess danced on it, her empty body made big noise. Dalgoorak dallgoorak. People heard that sound and came and applauded.

ST – In that moment…

MY – *rolls eyes*

ST – In that moment

MY – It ismy turn! Look, it says Moon-young!

ST – it is Sang-tae

KT – One of you do it

MY – Oppa, you do it! it is choppy!

ST – Choppy is better than no fun. When you read, that person yawned over there.

MY – *curses!* 

ST – You cursed to me! I am oppa!

They both stand up and start arguing with each other. The senators son laughs pleasantly and says this is a big mess. Sang-in signs. Kang-tae has to try and pull them together. He yells for them to get it together.

They both argue and walk all around the stage arguing.

Later on, Soon-duk laughs at the event and wonders when they will all grow up. Kang-tae comes up and says that the thought it was her off day. She is in the cafeteria.

SD – Yes, I just wanted to look around and leave. Don’t yell at them too much. They are just noisy because they are not mature inside yet.

KT – *nods happily and hands her a copy of the book* Hyung said that ajumma should not pay money and buy his book.

SD – Aigoo, such a good boy. So I don’t have to buy 100 books? *chuckles*

KT – Open it please.

She opens it Sang-tae wrote something for her.

ST – To fake-real mother. Thank you for the delicious meal. I want to et it every day. I like ajumma very very very much. Six hearts. 

SD – *choked up* What is this fake-real umma? 

KT – Fake mom but he likes her as a real mom.

SD – *sniffs* Aigoo, it is rewarding to feed him *laughs*

KT – Can I give you a hug?

SD – Why do you ask that?

They both hug.

KT – Thank you so much.

SD – Have a good life.

She pats him on the back.

Outside, Sang-in sits sadly on the steps. He looks so miserable. Joo-ri comes up and rubs his back.

JR – it is okay. Only the people that came know about it.

He hands her his cell phone. Sung-jae posted it on Sung-jae TV as Ko Moon-young writers come back. All the comments says that there is a character stronger than Ko Moon-young. Wow. Sung-jae wrote “it is the empty canned princes vs box ajusshi , who will win?”

Joo-ri gulps and says that it could be noise marketing? Perhaps it can be good. He asks, are you sure? She says yes. He tells her that she is very bad a lying.

JR – CEO, You fall but you won’t give up because you are a really strong person. I won’t be able to see you too often when you go to Seoul and start over.

SI – I am starting over, but not in Seoul. I will have my office in Sung-jin city. 

JR – What?

SI – The rent is so high in Seoul. And…you are here also, Joo-ri.

He slowly moves his hand to hold hers, but it is way too slow and secret. He finally touches one pinky on her pinky. They both silently gasp.

SI – it is so pretty – the sea is.



Sang-tae and Moon-young walk out holding hands and telling each other that they are sorry. I am sorry, No I am sorry, No I am sorry. It’s my fault, it’s my fault.

Kang-tae sighs and walks ahead of them.

They run up to him. 


They all turn around.

JW – I have something to give to you.


Cut to the camper van!!!! Ahhhhhh, they got it!!!!

JW – This is for Sang-tae’s mural. Do you like it?

Sang-tae is all like YEEEEEES. Kang-tae thinks its too much. Sang-tae thinks Ji-won is the best. You are the best director, you are like the wizard of oz! How did you find it!

Moon-young looks on and says she wants it. Sang-tae tells her she an’t want it, it is mine! He runs to hop inside. Moon-young yells that she wants to get in too! Wait for me! She runs inside.

KT – This is too much for the mural. I accept your heart. 

JW – This is my heart. The three of you had a really difficult time mentally and physically. It was my fault for hiring the wrong person. Ii am apologizing to that also, so we are equal with this right? I will feel better.

KT – If I accept it then I will feel uncomfortable.

JW – if that is so then keep your promise that you will hang out with me if you have time.

KT – Nods *smiles*

JW – With that, you can take a long trip and learn a lot. You will have a hard time taking them around.

KT – *chuckles* It will be fun at least.


Kang-tae and Sang-tae sit on Sang-tae’s bed. Kang-tae tells him that he is the one that wanted to go on the camping car trip, that is why you drew this.

ST – I don’t have to run away from butterflies anymore, why do we go far far away with our camper. I am not leaving.

KT – IT is not running away, it is traveling.

ST – What is the difference, not leaving.

KT – Running away is leaving and not coming back. Traveling is leaving and coming back.

ST – if you come back, then why do we even leave?


He gets up angrily and leaves.

He goes to Moon-young and tells her that she has nothing to write so let’s go on a trip to find inspiration. I heard writers get ideas for their next book that way.

MY – Eat, sleep, drive, eat, sleep, drive in a small camper. If we do that in a small camper, do you think that will give me inspiration that does not already exist?

KT – We will see. You will find inspiration, I will have healing and study and hyung will draw. isn’t that cool?

MY – I don’t know.

KT – HEY YOU, you wanted to have a long trip with me. 

MY – Not long, maybe overnight

KT – Are you crazy? What I want is no destination! We don’t have to think about what happens tomorrow! One month or half a year or until we want to stop!

MY – Hey, hey, don’t get upset. When you can’t control yourself, count to three and then you will calm down a little bit.

She walks away.


Kang-tae drinks with Jae-soo and Sang-in and asks why they can do that to him. How come! Right hyung? Sang-in says he wondered why he wanted to buy him a drink but I see you wanted to complain about your life.

Sang-in pours him another drink.

JS – You are getting mad so easily with this nothing thing. How did you endure all that time, huh!

KT – Hey, they ostracized me while making their book. I was ostracized! I didn’t say anything and I supported them from behind! *super drunk*

Jae-soo and Sang-in gives each other a sign.

SI – Without Kang-tae, the book is not published!

KT – Really? I am not asking too much right? I did not ask them to go to Serengeti. I don’t have a passport so I cant go.

JS – *shakes his head*

KT – *super drunk* I just want the three of us to go on a trip together to the mountains and fields and wherever we want to go. They can’t do that for me???

JS – Yes! Kang-tae, you suffered a lot *looks at Sang-in* Yes, it was Sang-tae and Ko Moon-young’s fault!

SI – I am really sorry to you Kang-tae.

KT – really?

SI – yes

KT – Do you really think so

SI – Yes

JS – Yes

KT – really?

Both – nod


Jae-soo and Sang-in laugh.



Kang-tae gets back and drunkenly walks inside.

Moon-young and Sang-tae are sitting on the steps waiting for him. Their bags are packed.

KT – What is all this? Are you going somewhere?

MY – Of course, a long trip! We were pretending to give you a surprised. You were mad and ran away and came back drunK!

ST – Were this, this is our family t-shirt. It is pretty, pretty.

They are both already wearing the t-shirt which is a colorful white t-shirt with dinosaurs on it. Kang-tae looks at his shirt. Moon-young rets an arm on Sang-tae and stares at him.

Kang-tae drunkenly smile-cries and says that they are going, they are really going! He gives them both a drunken hug and starts sobbing. They are all like, what is wrong with you.


Kang-tae is super hung-over int he front seat. He looks like he really wants to throw up. Sang-tae asks if he is okay He says he is fine. But he doesn’t look fine. Moon-young mutters, look at this beginning.

She also tells him that he aways says okay, I know that you are not okay.

ST – Ko Moon-young, do not be angry to a sick person. Why are you angry?

MY – Why are you yelling at me, he is the one that is in trouble. Why yell at me? *curses*

ST – You curse to oppa! Huh! I will give you a hard time!

He punches her ear, she swerves the car and yells, LET ME GO. HE IS THE ONE.

Kang-tae almost throws up. He has to hold his mouth. Sang-tae keeps holding her ear. she keeps yelling at him. He keeps telling her not to curse with her pretty mouth!

Cut to Kang-tae throwing up outside the camper They are pulled over at a very small make-shift rest stop. They set up a table there as well and are eating noodles.

Kang-tae comes stumbling back over. She tells him to eat, the noodles are getting big. He says he is not eating and falls into a lounge chair. So her and Sang-tae split his. She looks over at Kang-tae looking miserable and says that this is not the camping trip that she imagined.

Moon-young asks if he is realizing the reality now like waking up from a dream. Kang-tae chuckles and says he is taking a nap, wake me up in the evening. He goes inside.

MY – Oppa, you have to learn new shortened words.

ST – I am learning, you should learn manners.

MY – Do you know what ah-ah is? 

ST – I know, Iced Americano

MY – Do you know Do-ah?

ST – Ht americano

Kang-tae listens to this while laying inside and laughs. Then passes out.

Cut to an Instagram looking video of the three of them enjoying their camping trip. It is kind of stop motion and adorable and is basically a montage of their super fun trip around Korea.

 lovely song plays during this montage as well. It is super adorable and makes me want to go on a huge camping trip.

The video ends with the trip talking a photo on top of the camper.

Then we cut to Kang-tae keeping the fire going outside. Moon-young walks out and sits with him.

MY – Not sleeping?

KT – I cant sleep

MY – I am sorry.

KT – For what?

MY – I hurt your body twice. Now I hope you don’t get hurt anymore.

KT – *nods and looks at fire*

MY – And, thank you.

KT – *looks at her*

MY – For taking me traveling.

KT – *chuckles* Why are you doing this. It is unlike you. *He puts an arm around her.*

MY – I love you Moon Kang-tae. This is not fake. It is for real. really.

She gives him a light peck and cuddles into his side. He holds her hand.


They wake up in another part of the Korean wilderness. Sang-tae is already awake looking out over the forest at a look out point. He is sitting on a bench. Kang-tae walks over to him.

Sang-tae asks if he is having fun and if he wants to keep going with the camper? For how long? Kang-tae smiles and shrugs and says until he gets sick of it.

But then he sees Sang-tae’s bad packed. His face drops.

ST – Then go with Moon-young, I want to go somewhere else.

KT – *kneels next to him* Why, are you not having fun?

ST – it is fun, fun, fun. But I want t work. Art work and make kids books, that is funner.

KT – Oh….okay. Then let’s go back.

ST – No, you should keep having fun. I will go do it. Someone will pick me up here.

Moon-young comes out and tells him that they should go. Sang-tae tells her that other book artists like his drawings very well and want to work with him. They need his drawings.

MY – Oppa.

ST – I am a person that is needed.

MY – *happily* I need your drawing also.

KT – Hyung….are you okay without me? Don’t you need me anymore?

ST – Moon Kang-tae is Moon Kang-tae’s.

Kang-tae thinks back to him yelling at his mother that Moon Kang-tae is Moon Kang-tae’s. He tries not to cry.

ST – You are yours and I am mine.

KT – *smiles and cries* Yes, I am mine. Not yours. Moon Kang-tae is Moon Kang-tae’s. *sniffs*

Sang-tae gets up and wipes his tears and gives him a hug.

ST – Don’t cry Kang-tae. Okay? Thank you kang-tae?

KT – I am thankful that hyung is my hyung. thank you.

Sang-ate turns into younger Sang-tae as they hug then back into older Sang-tae. He pats him on the back and Sang-in drives up in the publishing car to take him back.

Sang-in bows a greeting to Sang-in and takes his things to put in the car. Sang-in happily waves goodbye to Kang-tae and Moon-young. Kang-tae happily smiles back, a tear falls. 

Sang-tae yells goodbye to them from the car and tells them not to fight! Kissing is better than fighting! Okay!

Then their two cars drive separate ways. (Oh, I love it)

Cut back to the children’s book that.

VO – (MY) for them, to find their stolen faces, they traveled again. The bad shadow witch showed up again.

The witch cartoon releases something in a barrel on the box head boy

VO – (MY) She kidnapped the masked boy who cried for the mother fox and the empty canned princess who danced with the clown.

VO – (KT) And she cursed them and said, you two will never be able to find a happy face ever again. And put them in a dark burrow. A few days later the box ajusshi found the burrow. But the entrance was too small so he couldn’t get in.

VO – (ST) what should I do? Ii have to take off this box to get into the mole hole.

VO – (MY) Then he heard the voice of the masked boy

VO – (KT) Ajusshi, don’t worry about us, run away, far far away. The shadow witch will come back soon.

VO – (MY) But the box ajusshi became courageous and took off his box and jumped into the burrow and rescued the mask boy and empty canned princess.

The cartoon trio run off together.

VO – (MY) The two that escaped the tunnel laughed at the dirty face of the box ajusshi. They laughed and laughed. The Masked boy laughed so hard that his mask fell off.

Flashback to Kang-tae smiling in his sleep.

VO – (KT) the empty can clothing the princess was wearing fell off with a clang sound. The ajusshi without a box looked at box of them….

Flashback to Sang-tae looking at the emotions poster and figuring out happy.

VO – (ST) Ah, I am happy

Flachback of the trio walking together and being happy

VO – (KT) What the shadow witch stole was not their real real face, but their courage for looking for happiness.

Flashback to the tree of them walking in the rain together with Kang-tae in the middle. This changes into a cartoon from the book of the three holding bug leaves over each other as they happily walked away.

Then we see the original clay stop motion cartoon waving goodbye to us.

And we cut to Sang-tae waving goodbye when he went to get in the car with Sang-in But then he said that they should all drink coffee together and leave. So they all drank coffee together.


(And then they gift us with a ton of spoofs and laughs. Ahh, I love it!)


Y’all, this was such a lovely ending. It truly is the epitome of a healing drama. Or at least the kinds of healing dramas that I like. I love how everyone had a happy ending and every character came full cirlce and actually got what they wanted in theend but in a different way than they originally thought.

The childrens book was so wonderful as well!

Oh, I can just gush and gush and gush. Holding back tears over here. I am just in a state of pure love and joy. I hope everyone enjoyed watching and recapping this drama withus! I loved reading all the comments and just lapping up all the deliciouslness. WHY CAN’T ALL DRAMAS BE AS WELL MADE AS THIS ONE.

Okay, I have to actually leave and do some real work. But I am just a happy camper. OMG, speaking of cmaper, they actually had a camper ending!!!!! I screamed when I saw that!!!! that was possibly the best ending that they could ever have! AHHHH! I loved it so much!

Okay, I can gush and gush and gush, I just wnat to say that I loved this show, it is a super recommend for anyone who wants a quirky feel-good drama with a bit of fairytale and horror mixed in. That sounds so weird, but I don’t actually know how best to describe this show, lol. I just know that I love it.

Okay, see you all on the next drama! Hugs and kisses to everyone!


Its Okay to Not be Okay Group Photo Finale recap
Its Okay to Not be Okay Group Photo Finale recap
Its Okay to Not be Okay Group Photo Finale recap
Its Okay to Not be Okay Group Photo Finale recap
Its Okay to Not be Okay Group Photo Finale recap
Cartoon Ending Its Okay to Not be Okay

Thank you for recapping this show with us! It wouldn’t have been as fun without you! 😘

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      Definitely 10/10!!! All the hearts!

  3. sheebear
    August 9, 2020 / 12:01 pm

    The best, most satisfying ending I’ve ever seen!

    • V
      August 9, 2020 / 12:11 pm

      Wasn’t it!!!! My heart is just so FULL 🥰

  4. Sebba
    August 9, 2020 / 12:13 pm

    Heartfelt thanks for recapping this drama. It was such a joy watching and reading your recaps! *sighs* My heart can be at peace now. 🙂

  5. Cat
    August 9, 2020 / 2:10 pm

    Thank so much for this recap with this ending🤗 – I’m relieved and happy 😁
    I’m eager to watch it 😉

  6. DJM
    August 9, 2020 / 6:49 pm

    Why is my heart so full that my eyes started leaking? Quality show – writing, acting, production, style. Most of all that thing mentioned before, heart.

  7. 토비
    August 10, 2020 / 4:09 am

    This drama is added to my greatest kdrama of all time list, the healing category especially (With Mr Ahjussi). This drama healed me a lot as I journeyed through and I learnt so much. The best part of the drama was the fact that the storyline blended so many genres together. Romance, family, horror, healing, mental health, forgiveness, fairytales (which I loved every single one of them and their lessons), the character’s craziness, their growth!!!(especially Sang tae, infact the 3 main characters), their acting, chemistry, understanding, gosh, I can go on and on. This ending with them camping and Sang tae finally being independent was the BEST ending we could ever have.

    I was anxious this drama might have a not so satisfying ending because of what our main 3 characters had to go through and how much maturity and forgiveness was needed but the supporting characters did their jobs perfectly in the process of their healing, especially Director Oh and Nam Ju Ri’s mother. Thank you so much for all the recaps. See you in Record of Youth (hopefully)

    • V
      August 13, 2020 / 12:38 pm

      We have our eye on Record of Youth!

  8. Ptan
    August 13, 2020 / 12:17 am

    One question: how did MY’s mother survive? MY’s father admitted to killing him and MY seems to have witnessed the same.

    • V
      August 13, 2020 / 12:38 pm

      I feel like that entire scene was hallucinated? Like maybe he thought he threw her in the lake but he actually didn’t?

  9. August 14, 2020 / 11:38 am

    FINAL SCIENCE CLASS- How to Survive a 5 Mile Fall with No Parachute

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    2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S MANUAL vs 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera S // The $100K Divide

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