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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

It is the final episode! See all good things happening this episode. At least, i hope its all good things. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our characters as they traverse into happy land!

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open on the ending from the last episode. Moon-young is looking at her dried up flowers. Kang-tae comes up looking all exhausted and tells her he loves her. She tells him if he says I love you one more time then, your mouth – 

But she stops and huffs. She turns away. He pulls her back and asks, what about my mouth? Then he kisses her and asks, like this?

He lifts her up bride style and carries her to the desk then leans in for another kiss. She leans back until she is about to let him kiss her. But that deer howls again. SO Kang-tae yells SHUT UP DEER!!!

They both laugh. Then they look deeply into each others eyes. He smiles and tells her, I love you. Then leans in and finally kisses her. They share a nice long kiss. He hold the back of her head and lays her down on the desk and keeps kissing her.


At the rental, Sang-tae happily sits at his desk and reads his contract. He says, Me CEO Sang-in of Sang Sang i Sang publishing house – 

Then Sang-in’s voice started talking so they read it at the same time

VO – I, CEO Sang-in o Sang Dang i Sang House will do my best to publish your book. 

Sang-tae mutters that Sang-in doesn’t have good handwriting. Then Hae-soo comes in and looks at the contract. He is impressed that he got Sang-in’s word. He asks if he called him in to brag about it?

Sang-tae says no. He says he called him in because he is quitting his part time job. Jae-soo asks, what? All of a sudden like this?

ST – Quitting is always all of a sudden. There is no notice. I am sorry.

JS – Wah…well, do you need more money? I can increase your salary by fifty cents, no, one dollar an hour.

ST – Not just a part-timer, I want to be a real artist. A real artist.

JS – Wah…no….no, not like this. No. Hyung-nim. If you want to quit then you have to find the next person. But someone like you who works well and someone I like and someone who can draw well and have their own world in their mind.

Jae-soo starts to get choked up and says he wanted to send him off cooly. Sang-tae tells him it is difficult for Jae-soo to be cool. Jae-soo is all like, in this situation you should say that I am cool.

Sang-tae asks, honestly? 

Jae-soo mutters that he is too honest.


Moon-young rests her head in Kang-tae’s lap. He lightly caresses her hair.

MY – Why did you put my picture on your mom’s tree?

KT – In case she is interested in you

MY – How did you introduce me?

KT – As hyung’s best friend that mom wanted so much and the woman that I love. We became new family so don’t worry anymore.

MY – I think she will hate me a lot.

KT – Yeah, honestly, you are not likeable to everyone.

MY – *looks at him* I will kill you.

KT – It doesn’t matter being liked by other people. Just be nice to me.

MY – I am sleepy….I Am Sleepy …. I AM SLEEPY.

At the rental, Jae-soo tells Sang-tae that they can go. But Sang-tae already made their beds and says that they can sleep. Not go. Jae-soo is surprised that he wants to sleep here and says he can drive him back.

Sang-tae tells him that he told Kang-tae that he will sleep here tonight. Because they should get back together. They should get back together by themselves. If someone else does it then it is bothersome. Not getting back together is bothersome. Jae-soo, you sleep here and I hope you do not snore. You should get treatment for that.

Jae-soo says, hyung-nim…Then he gives him a big hug and says, when did I become hyung-nim like hyung-nim? Sang-tae tells him it will happen when his parents make a dong-saeng for him, then he will be hyung-nim.

Jae-soo keeps hugging Sang-tae and says that he wants to be his dong-saeng.



The clothes are all strewn all over the bedroom and Kang-tae and Moon-young happily sleep together in bed. She is all cuddled into his side. Her head rests on his chest.

Later on, he makes breakfast. She comes downstairs and gives him a big back hug and rests her head on his back. He tells her not be careful since he has a knife.

KT – I thought about it, I didn’t tell you something.

MY – What?

KT – I am jobless.

MY – Did you quit being a caregiver

KT – Yes, I will try to do something else.

MY – Are you really going to go to school?

KT – I will prepare for the SAT and….

MY – No, go to cyber university only

KT – Hey, I do not need to get your permission.

MY – You worked so hard, don’t study anymore. Just stick with me like a parasite.

KT – *Stabs the cutting board* 

MY – I cancel it, the parasite part.

KT – What are you going to do? You said you will not write anymore.

MY – I have nothing I want to write.

KT – What about the three of us going traveling in a camper? I was looking forward to it.

MY – Do you want to see it?

KT – I want to show it. It was made by you and hyung so I want to show it to everyone.

MY – Come here.

She shows him the drawing that Sang-tae made of him. She tells him that Oppa drew it. It is a real real happy Kang-tae. He said that in your dream you smiled like this and said you had someone you really loved. Confessing in your dream means that he really lives her.

Kang-tae says yes and happily smiles at the photo. He ays it doesn’t seem like it is him at all. Moon-young says, after seeing this, I revised my book. The ending is secret.

KT – Are you going to publish it?

MY – For this book. After that, I don’t know.

KT – *chuckles*

MY – Are you happy?

KT – Yes I am happy

MY – Do you like me more or oppa more?

KT – I….like myself the most.

He chuckles and hyung comes in right then so he runs off to see if hyung ate. Moon-yonug grumbles about the white fox. She runs off and asks, do you like me more!


The director plays Chinese chess with Phil-ong. Dr. Oh JW gets check mate. Phil-ong asks what he wants this time? He lists some thing. The director tells him he loses on purpose, it is so noticable. Phil-ong chuckles and says he looks depressed recently.

Ji-wang asks, so you are pretending to lose to me to cheer me up but your screwing me up? They both laugh. The director gives Phil-ong a gift in a grew box. he says this is his last prescription. You should put this on and leave this place.

Inside the box are shoes.

JW – You always say that you cannot find your door. Wear this and go out. Find your door.

Phil-ong is all touched and puts the shoes on. They are a good fit. Dr. Oh asks how it fits. Phil-ong says it fits well.

After leaving, JW hears snoring in the storage room and goes inside to see his son sleeping on the floor. He lightly touches his face and mutters, poor kid.

Cut to the receptionist desk. Suddenly we hear Cha-yong yell AHHH APPAAA IT HURTS. The nurses are all like, did that sound like Appa or appo? (Father or It Hurts). Joo-ri thinks that it is both possibly?

Then we see Cha-young pulled out by the ear and says Appa! It hurts! Appa!

Ji-wang tells them to fire him right away. Cha-yong breaks free and says, before you fire me, I was about to quit! He tries to run away. Ji-wang pulls him back.

The nurses and doctor think, ah, this must be the son he had when he was old. Maybe that is why he was acting out this entire time.

Ji-wang pulls Cha-yong back in by his scruff and tells the nurses that he thought he would get better if he put him next to him. But he is not good at all. When I quit, I will drag him out also, that is what will happen. You come with me.

He pulls him off by the ear.

Sun Byul wonders why they don’t look alike at all. Joo-ri mutter that parents and kids don’t always look alike.


Over breakfast, Sang-tae tells them that he quit his part-time job. Moon-young mutters, wow, so all three of us are jobless? How come we connect so well?

ST – Are you guys really back together? Popo is better than fighting.

MY – Don’t worry oppa, we did popo and the kiss of getting back together.

Kang-tae kicks her under the table.

ST – Kiss?

MY – Kiss wasn’t enough so we did –

KT – *CLEARS THROAT* cough cough *kicks her*

MY – Why are you kicking me!

KT – Did I?

MY – Yes! Twice! It hurts…

KT – Hyung! Moon-young will publish the book with you.

ST – Really, really?

KT – Yes, I decided to do it because your homework was so nice. So I will do it as having a very good job like putting a very good job stamp.

ST – Yay! Very good job!

MY – But I can’t give you a camping car.

ST – Why not? It was in the contract. We have that in our contract. A buys camper for B.

MY – We did, but the problem is the next line. 

ST – B has a brother that doesn’t like to move.

MY – Yes, that B doesn’t have to move anymore so a camper doesn’t matter now.

KT – That is BS.

MY – I will give you money, you like money.

ST – Yes, I like money. I need money.

KT – Hyung….

ST – Money is not everything, but I need to give you pocket money.

MY – Okay, it is money. Call?

ST – Call.

Moon-young tries to get the qual eggs but still cant do it so Sang-tae gives it to her and asks when they work again. She says right now. He says right now? Kang-tae tells them that they are the best fantastic besties. 

Sang-tae tells Moon-yung to use her spoon for the qual eggs, don’t be stubborn when it doesn’t work, you have to find some other way. Okay? She tells oppa to stop telling her all the correct things.



Moon-young sits with sang-in at a cafe. He asks how she is going to be responsible for them. She says she is never responsible for anything.

SI – Well, you lied and said that we will publish the last book of the West witch. Now I became a conman in the industry. What are you going to do with my honor and my name that is on the bottom.

MY – Pick it up again.

SI – That’s not it, if you use the book as bait then why don’t you screw up that bad reporter guy, why me???

MY – Here.

She gives him the book. He looks at it in shock.

SI – Daebak. Did you really have it?

MY – That is he only print copy. You decide to dispose of it or publish it. If you publish it, all the money you spent on bribery will be taken care of at least. Pick one.

She gives him her last script as well. 

MY – This is the edited version of my last script. 

SI  – Daebak

MY – You cannot do both. You can do the West witch or you can do mine. Pick one.

He sits back and looks at both of them. Then picks up the West Witch one with a smile.

SI – With this one, I don’t want to publish the book that was written by the person that gave you such a hard time! 

He slams it on the table. then he picks up her book

MY – Are you sure you won’t regret it that you chose Ko Moon-young’s last book over Do Hee-jae’s last book?

SI – I like you more *chuckles*

MY – Lets grab a knife and eat beef.

SI – Oh! Good good! You buy?

He stands up and coffee accidentally spills over the book. He doesn’t notice. Sung-jae comes back in complaining about constipation then wonders where they went. The server comes over as well and starts to clean the table. The Last Witch manuscript is tossed out.


Sang-in tells Soon-duk that Sang-tae will become a writer. She says that’s good, that’s good! They are both peeling something. Sang-in says they will debut him and let him collaborate with other writers also because Moon-young is n ot writing for awhile.

Soon-duk agrees, to work better he needs to work with other people.

Joo-ri comes in and Soon-duk changes her tune to say, oh, CEO Lee, when you move to Seoul I will miss you. Sang-in plays along and says that he rested for awhile so he will find an office and start over again.

Joo-ri asks when he will start over. He says when he finds an office. So see me a lot while you can see me, Joo-ri. She looks on surprised. Soon-duk smiles.

Sung-jae comes in wondering why the CEO ignored all her phone calls. He asks why she is so empty handed. Where is my script?

He says, the west witch! I told you to take care of it! She asks if he had a dream? He says he sent it! Btu then he checks and sees that he sent it to Ko Moon-young instead of her.

Text – Sung-jae, we have a jackpot! The West Witch! Our last life line and bread! So get the script on the table, okay? Okay okay?

Moon-young read that text and muttered that Lee Sang-in was a shallow capitalist. She is sitting in front of the jail so she looks at the door and then gets out of her car to walk inside.


She sits across from her mother. They talk between the glass wall.

MY – Today is the last day you will see me.

HJ – How long do you think they will tay with you? THEY ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY

She touches the glass.

HJ – My baby, I love you so much my baby, you’re so precious. I hope you live like me. Not pushed over by others. You swallow people and are strong. You can do it right? Why are you hanging out with those guys.

MY – That is fortunate. 

HJ – What?

MY – I could have been a baby like you.


MY – I pity you Mom. I pity you more because you do not know that you are pitiful. You only have an appetite, but you do not know what warmth is. You will not be able to know it and you don’t try to know it. So I am different than you. Now I know how good warmth is.

HJ – Warmth?

MY – At least don’t skip your meals. I will remove you from my head.

HJ – You will never be able to remove me from you.

Moon-young walks off. Her mother yells she will never be able to remove me from your head. NEVER NEVER NEVER!

Bt Moon-young keeps walking away.


Moon-young walks to the mural at the hospital. Sang-tae is working on it. The butterfly is gone. She asks if he erased it. He says he didn’t erase it, he painted over it. It is unnoticeable right? I just need to draw new butterflies.

Moon-young things back to her mother yelling that she will never forget her or erase her! Moon-young stopped at the door. Her mother looked on smugly and says, see, you will not be able to erase me. You are me.

Moon-young turned back and said

MY – Butterfly. Before you said that the butterfly was a psycho. But to us, butterflies are healing. healing of the soul. Remember that.

Moon-young left. Her mother hit her hands on the glass.

At the mural, Moon-young tells Sang-tae, that is right. If you cant erase it then you can paint over it with a better one. Right? She smiles.

ST – The butterfly is push-y-kay. Push-y-kay is healing. Do you want to see it. Do you want to see me drawing it?

MY – *smiles* Yes, please draw it beautifully.

She watches him.


Kang-tae goes to the pizza place to hang out with Jae-soo. They sit and chat. 

JS – I heard you quit the hospital.

KT – I will study.

JS – Should I quit the restaurant and study with you? Extend our education? Should I try?

KT – DO you really want to go to college and study the SAT?

JS – no, not at all.

KT – Then don’t try to emulate what I do. You do what you want to do and go where you want to go.

JS – What is going on? You don’t need someone like me so I should go my own way? Are you disposing of me?

KT – Tosagon-nan should be tosa-gook-pang (Tosa-gook-pang is ditching; Tosagon-nan is throwing up and having diarrhea at the same time).

JS – that is what I am talking about. Because of you I am sad and mad so I am about to throws up and poop diarrhea.

Kang-tae chuckles.

KT – Hyung…Jae-soo hyung.

JS – What are you doing?

KT – I will call you hyung. You are one year older than me.

JS – You said you don’t need any more hyung’s. Why are you doing this right now?

KT – I think it is better to have more hyung’s. I was surviving because a person named Jo Jae-soo was next to me. At least I could smile and breathe and was less lonely. Thank you Jae-soo hyung.

Jae-soo wipes his eyes.

JS – You jashik. If you knew that then you should behave well to hyung-nim, okay!

KT – Okay, I will do well.

JS – Call me hyung.

KT – Hyung.

JS – One more time.

KT – Jae-soo hyung.

JS – One more time.

KT – Can you just stop.

JS – Okay.


Part 2 is coming up!

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