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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





All the rental people are eating together. Soon-duk asks why they look like that. Sang-in tells her it is because he had to think. Jae-soo says he was busy. they both look like they should sleep some more.

Sung-jae asks them if Ko Moon-young and Moon Kang-tae fought each other? Yesterday, you were at the police station, CEO. And Jae-soo, you ran to the writers studio, ditching your business. Something big happened there.

Joo-ri asks, is that true?

Soon-duk also asks, is that true?

Sang-in laughs and says they had an argument. Jae-soo nods and says they were fine. Jae-soo mentions that it is so difficult to make Moon-young happy. Kang-tae will have trouble. Jae-soo nods but says Sang-in does not know Kang-tae. he is a Gumiho with nine tails. he can mesmerize people and control them.

Soon-duk tells them to tell writer Ko to to take care of her liver (like the nine-tail fox fairytale). She says they area  God-given fate. Let’s eat, the soup is getting cold.

Joo-ri nods in blank agreement.

Sung-jae eats a spoonful and mutters that this sounds like it is was all lies.


Kang-tae walks into his bedroom and sits on Sang-tae’s bed. Sang-tae is sleeping. He shakes Sang-tae awake. Sang-tae wakes up and immediately asks if Kang-tae is okay. He asks about his hand which is bandaged. Is it bleeding?

Kang-tae says it hurts. It hurts so much I’m going to die.

Sang-tae tells him they need to go to the hospital.

Kang-tae hugs him in bed and tells him thank you for rescuing all of us.

ST – But, why did the nurse do that? She isa  good person but she did a bad thing.

KT – She is a really bad person who pretended to be good. She said she really hates other people being happy.

ST – The west witch who is a female murderer who kills happy people. That is the west witch.

KT – You read it too?

ST – Someone put it in my hospital bed so I read it. I didn’t read everything. Only 63 pages. Very very not fun to read.

KT – *nods* Yes, don’t read it since it is not fun to read.

ST – Is the head nurse a bad person like the west witch?

KT – Yes. 

ST – She gave me Dully’s mom. What should I do with Dully’s mom?

They look at the dinosaur. Kang-tae says he will throw it away on his way out. He picks it up. Sang-tae tells him not to throw it away. Kang-tae asks, why? A bad person gave it to you , let’s throw it away.

ST – No, there is nothing wrong with Dully’s umma. The person who gave it to me is bad. Nothing is wrong with this, don’t do it.

He takes the dinosaur back.

KT – Yes, she is not guilty, the bad person is.

ST – Lets not throw up, no no no I’m not throwing you away.

Meanwhile Moon-young is sitting in her bed thinking about stabbing Kang-tae with the small knife. She closes her eyes.

Kang-tae knocks on her door and asks if she is awake? I made soup so if you are hungry you can eat it. I am going to the hospital.


Kang-tae and Sang-tae make breakfast. Kang-tae asks, hyung, if Moon-young kicks us out then what should we do?

ST – We are family, we should live together.

KT – What if she still kicks us out?

ST – We should take Moon-young out with us

KT – *Looks at him, interested* Why?

ST – If we are the only ones leaving then Moon-young is alone. If she is alone then she is bored. She always says when she is bored that they should play together.

KT – If she kicks the two of us out….

ST – Bae-chae (like, so sue me). Bae-chae and then you win for everything. Sue me, I am not leaving. Sue me.

Kang-tae laughs as Sang-tae keeps saying he is not leaving, sue me. He walks around the room saying that happily. Kang-tae is happy as well. But then his face falls.


Kang-tae sits with the director in his office and slides his resignation letter over the coffee table to him. the director asks if he is moving to another hospital? Kang-tae says he will rest.

JW – *chuckles* Hey, we connected. I am going to quit and rest. Want to play together.

KT – I have someone to play with.

JW – Hey, at least pretend that you are considering it.

KT – Are you resigning because of what happened?

JW – Well, as a director, I should be responsible for what happened. I also am not confident to look after other peoples patients even though I can not even see what is under the candlelight.

KT – Then, think about it as the last thing, can you do one last session?

JW – Okay, tell me.

Cut to Sang-tae drawing in the dining. He sees Moon-young enter the kitchen and goes up to her to tell her that Kang-tae made soup. He says he ate some over rice. Then he asks if her head is alright. That bad ajumma pulled your hair. Did she pull a lot?

She shakes her head.

ST – She is very bad because she hated happy people.

MY – *looks at him*

ST – You should check my homework. My home work. I practiced drawing facial expressions a lot. Do you want to see it.

He starts walking to the table.

MY – Oppa, that homework, you don’t have to do it. Our book won’t get published.

ST – Why? Why? Why?

MY – I don’t want to publish it. So when Kang-tae comes back from the hospital, can you leave from this house? We can cancel the deal.

ST – Three times if you break the contract.

MY – I will give you whatever you want, just leave today.


She turns around.

ST – I don’t know, just sue me, I am not leaving.

He goes to fiddle with some things some more.




Kang-tae tells the director that he is honestly not sure if he will be okay. What Do Hee-jae told me, her face, her behavior. When I think about it. My mother who was murdered for no reason and my brother who saw it. It is still in my head. I can’t breath. But I still lied and said I can get over everything to Moon-young. But Moon-young is not tricked.

JW – Together, it is so difficult. Separate, it is still difficult because you miss each other. If it is still killing you then why don’t you be together and get killed. Actually, you wanted to kill Do Hee-jae when you were together.

Flashback to Kang-tae choking do Hee-jae.

KT – Yes.

JW – Why didn’t you kill her?

KT – I was thinking of Moon-young.

JW – Right, that is it. That face you couldn’t stand sometimes saves you also. She was keeping you from bursting.

The doctor nods reassuringly. Kang-tae slightly smiles.


Sang-in and Sung-jae walk into the house and see white sheets going up on everything. He wonders what is going on. He runs to Moon-young who is covering her desk with one. 

She tells him that she told him yesterday that she is not writing anymore. He says okay, yes, you wrote kids books for so long so you could get tired of it. Why don’t you change your genre.

SJ – Yes, to fit your character, why don’t you write crime noels, thrillers, horror, kung fu, love affair….

MY – I will quit writing forever

SI – If it is about what just happened, you can take one year rest.

MY – CEO, I have no novel that I can write. that is why. I am going to sell this house so take Sung-jae with you and go to Seoul. You are free.

SI – No, No, Sung Sung I Sung without Ko Moon-young. I cannot manage it. We can’t have any goal so it won’t matter. I will do better Moon-young, please!

MY – Don’t whine. I have a headache because I didn’t sleep. I am going to sleep so go away.

She walks past both of them. 

SJ – This time, maybe she is really quitting. Maybe we should find another writer using this chance.

SI – Hey, it is not about money to sell the books.

SJ – Yes.

SI – For Moon-young, the kids book is the only way to communicate to the world. Her mouth is her breathing hole. If she is not doing it, that means she will just die.

Moon-yong looks at a part of the steps and then walks up.


The director and Kang-tae walk off. Kang-tae tells the director that he told him they should hang out together, so what deal are you going to make? I will stop by often so can I plant a tree in the front yard?

JW – Okay, that is not bad, what kind of tree?

KT – Walnut or Ginkgo tree

JW – No Ginkgo tree, they smell bad

Moon-young sleeps at home. She is having a nightmare. Kang-tae puts Mang-tae in her hands. She wakes up and sits up quickly. He is sitting on her bed.

KT – I thought you were having a nightmare.

MY – Pack up and leave today. I just need Mang-tae, I don’t need Kang-tae. you said you don’t want to be a person that is needed for someone. Thats good so leave now.

KT – Are you really going to live alone?

MY – I was okay living alone. Someone like me can’t live among people. I need to be isolated.

KT – Why?

MY – I am born like that

KT – Ko Moon-yong, you can’t live alone.

MY – Why can’t I?

KT – Because now you know what warmth and the feeling of being full is. So, you should accept it.

MY – What?

KT – *touches her cheek* You are a little kid that wants to be loved.

She pushes his hand away and curls up under the covers.

MY – Shut up, don’t talk nonsense, and leave.

KT – Do you want me to tell you a folk tale?

MY – Don’t do it.

KT – A long long time ago….

MY – Shut up.

KT – Poor but good brothers lived.

A little cartoon shows up on the foot of the bed while he talks.

KT – The harvest season came, they harvested rice. Hyung was worried about his younger brother so at night he secretly put a big back of rice in front of the younger brother house.

The cartoon older brother puts rice in front of the younger brother’s house.

KT – On the same day, the younger brother thought the older brother had more mouths to feed. So he put a bag of rice in front of hyung’s house.

The cartoon shows the little brother putting a bag of rice in front of the older brothers house. The next day they both see the rice bags and are surprised.

KT – Of course, each others rice bags should be in front of each others house. They thought it was strange that at night they brought each others rice bags and put it in front of each others house. It repeated for many days. Do you know what the lesson is in this folk tale? Good brothers should live in one house. Then they will not suffer.

Moon-young kind of chortles.

KT – It is fun right?

MY – That is rubbish. That is not educational at all.

KT – This is my hyung’s analysis. You hate our brother? You like us, right? Don’t just waste our time. It doesn’t matter anywhere, just be together. Okay?

He pulls the covers a bit and tells her to answer him. Then he finally pulls it off and yells for her to stop being stubborn!

MY – Did you just yell at me!

KT – *clears throat* Well, my voice echos more in this room. *looks around* If you are tired would you like to take a break? 

He shuffles out quickly. Moon-young looks at Mang-tae.



Meanwhile, Sang-tae watches his favorite cartoon in their bedroom. He asks if Kang-tae talked to her? Kang-tae tells him that it became worse.

ST – Did you follow what I told you?

KT – Good brothers should live in one house so you don’t waste your effort.

ST – So you told her that it was no fun? There is someone that tells the same story, it is no fun. Moon Kang-tae you are Haek-no-jim (super not fun).

then Sang-tae starts to repeat what the tv show says in almost a mocking way to Kang-tae. Kang-tae lays back in bed, kind of annoyed He says, I don’t know.

ST – you are not popular because you are no fun. Black Pink is more popular.


In the kitchen, Kang-tae brings in food and asks Sang-tae why he is alone? Did you call Moon-young? Sang-tae tells him that she did not answer, she has no manners. Oppa told her but she did not answer.

Kang-tae goes up to her room and tells her that he made rolled eggs and qual eggs. She tells him to talk to her.

She walks to the hallway and he follows.

MY – When are you leaving?

KT – Eat first, you didn’t eat.

MY – Are you playing Oorung-gak-shi (the snail that turns into a woman and cleans the room and then turns back into a snail)

KT – I am not leaving.

MY – Why?

KT – The water burst.

MY – What?

KT – That is all flooded so they need a few days to repair it.

He leaves quickly.

He rests a moment in the kitchen and calls someone to talk to them.


At the hospital, Byul goes into the medical storage room and asks Joo-ri if they should tell their patients about their directors retirement? I think they have already guessed it.

JR – Well, a few people quit so if we tell the patients it will be too much turbulence. So the director said don’t tell them.

MS – We should at least prepare a retirement party.

The director comes in and tells them that it is not an honorable retirement. I am quitting because I do not deserve it so let’s go eat lunch.

Joo-ri tells them that she will make a phone call and join them. She calls Moon-young.

MY – What?

JR – Moon-young, I am really sorry, but can I ask you a favor?

MY – No.

JR – Umma is sick. Very sick, so she took a day off. But her voice sounds so bad. I worry about her. Sang-in and Sung-jae went to a seminar so they are not picking up the phone. And I am working the night shift.

MY – Ask Moon Kang-tae.

JR – I am really sorry, but can you go? Even though she is an ajumma, she will feel more comfortable if a woman takes care of her. Can’t you?

MY – No. Why are you asking me about your mom?

She hangs up.

But she goes there with food anyway. She walks inside and Soon-duk is perfectly fine and laughing.

MY – Are you really sick? You look livelier than me.

SD – At my age everything hurts, my knee hurts my joints hurt, everything hurts. 

MY – *mutters curses about Nam Joo-ri*

SD – Hey, don’t curse out my daughter, come eat this. I head you didn’t eat for several days. I made burnt rice soup. Here. Sit.

She gives it to her. Moon-young stays standing.

SD – In this case, just pretend like you were tricked and eat. hey, do you know how many people talked in order to fill your stomach?

Flashback to Kang-tae calling the person he called. He called Sang-in and asked if he could talk. Sang-in asked what it was, my heart. Kang-tae says it is  not that, it is just an embarrassing favor.

Cut to Sang-in, Sung-jae, Joo-ri, and Soon-duk all huddled around the dining table. Joo-ri asks her mother to take the day off? Soon-duk says okay ask Kang-tae what food she likes. Sang-in says she doesn’t write or eat or go out. I worried about he so much. Thank you everyone.

Soon-duk tells him it is not about him, my Kang-tae asked, that is why i am doing this. They all chuckle. Sung-jae says she will prepare something she can chew but not eat. They are all like, huh?

Sung-jae calls Jae-soo and asks if he has time tomorrow evening to use his mouth and talk. They all laugh. She tells them that she thinks he likes her.

In the present, Soon-duk tells Moon-young to sit and eat. she sits. Soon-duk sits as well and tells her to eat.

She takes a bite and then curses because it is super hot. Soon-duk asks, how can you talk like a dog from that pretty mouth. Just blow on it and eat slowly. So Moon-young blows on it and eats it.

Soon-duk gives her some more food and talks.

SD – Last night, Kang-tae called CEO Lee to make you eat something. Maybe it is embarrassing to call me. With Joo-ri, how can he ask me to make you a meal.

MY – But ajumma, you prepared my meal.

SD – That is why, I am a pushover. *chuckles*

Soon-duk gives her more food to eat.

MY – Why is everyone so nice to me? You all have nothing to do with me.

SD – Because you are cute. You look pretty and eat pretty and you like someone like Kang-tae who doesn’t own anything. Why?

She starts to eat quickly. Then Jae-soo shows up and asks to have dinner also. He smiles knowingly.




Kang-tae plants the tree by the bench he likes to sit at. Sang-tae asks, is this our mothers tree? Kang-tae says yes, when you miss umma, you can come see this tree. The family photo is hung on the tree.

Sang-tae starts to talk to the tree and says they took a new family photo. This is Moon-young She is pretty but she is prettier with long hair. Kang-tae cut it.

KT – umma, I grew up well.

ST – Yes, You grew up well. I grew up well. Umma, you also grow up well.

KT – I will take care of hyung well, umma.

ST – She didn’t give birth to you to protect me. She didn’t give birth to you to take care of me. Mom didn’t give birth to dongsaeng to do that Actually the older brother protect the younger brother. I hit that bad ajummas back of her head. When you were sleeping, I protected you.

KT – *teary eyed and happy* That is true. you are here to protect me.

ST – You are an adult now so you take care of yourself. I am busy from now on. Bye!

Sang-tae starts to walk of happily.

KT – Umma, did you hear that?

Kang-tae sniffs a few times then runs after his brother and tells him to go with him.


Jae-soo talks happily to Moon-young about Kang-tae. he says sometimes he thinks he is a psychopath because he is too cold and uncaring.

MY – Yes, he is fake. He is such a hypocrite. 

JS – Yes! But he also dreams big. Do you know what he said after he came to my store? Serengeti. Where is Serengeti? I thought it was spaghetti. it is in Africa? He doesn’t even have a passport but he wants to go there. He is crazy.

MY – Why is he crazy?

JS – Huh?

MY – Why is wanting to go to the Serengeti a crazy thing?

Then she yells YAY and he hops.


Moon-young gets home and sees Sang-tae sleeping at the foot of the steps. His head is resting against the banister. She sits next to him with a loud AIGOO.

He wakes up and asks if she went somewhere. She says Oppaaaa.

ST – Drunk alcohol smell.

MY – *chuckles* Oppa, can you ask Kang-tae what kind of excuse he is going to make not leaving. i went to that house and the water pipe did not burst.

ST – Sue me…

MY – I will really do it.

ST – You should check my homework.

MY – I told you, don’t do your homework. I am not writing a kids novel anymore. So stop writing.

ST – You should check the homework. Then I will really become a book artist. Check.

MY – Wow, so stubborn.

ST – Even if I am not doing it with Ko Moon-young, I will do it with another writer. I am going to draw.

MY – Wow, this oppa, you change people so easily. You became bestie with dogs and cows (Korean proverb)

ST – You cannot be besties with dogs and cows. I am a human.

MY – *smiles* Okay, let me see how you improved.

Sang-tae opens up his notebook happily and show it to her. It looks amazing.

He tells her that this one is happy. It is a drawing of a person smiling while sleeping. Sang-tae says this is Kang-tae’s happy face. See. It is not fake, he is really happy. It is the first time I saw it and I drew it.

Moon-young starts to tear up while looking at it.

ST – It is a happy face but why are you crying?

MY – Because he is cute…super cute.

ST – Do you want to have it?

MY – Yes. I want it. Give it to me.

Sang-tae removes the drawing and gives it to her. he says, you can have him. She keeps looking at it longingly.

ST – I really really want to publish the book. When the book is published, I want to brag to my mother that I am an artist.

MY – Umma?

ST – Yes, my mothers tree is at the hospital.

The camera scrolls to the Mom’s tree which overlooks the beach. Moon-young is standing there. She is in all black.

MY – I am sorry. I am sorry.

Kang-tae walks next to her, he is also in all black.

KT – I followed you.

KT – Your hobby is kidnapping so my hobby is following. *chuckles*

MY – Are you having fun?

KT – It is  no fun but I want to look cool. I will keep trying. I will get over it. Stop pushing me away and accept me. Okay?

She walks away. He follows her and stand in front of her. He extends his injured hand.

KT – And this, what are you going to do with this?

MY – Sorry that I hurt you.

She keeps walking away. He looks at her and runs back up to her.

KT – I love you!

She stops and turns around.

KT – I love you Ko Moon-young.

She blinks a few times then turns around again.

KT – I love you! I said I love you!

She keeps walking away. He keeps following. A playful song starts to play.

KT – I said I really love you! I really really love you! Why are you running away? I am telling you I love you! YAY, I LOVE YOU!

He takes of his jacket.

KT – Ko Moon-young! I love you!

He follows her. The patients look at them.

SH – I think they should be hospitalized.

PO – *happy* Our caregiver Moon changed a lot.

JT – It is the power of love. *chuckles*


Moon-young is sitting at her desk with her dried flowers when Kang-tae finally gets to the mansion. He goes into the study room looking all tired and sweaty and tells her that he loves her.

KT – I said I love you, should it be something else? Tell me.

MY – If you tell me I love you one more time then– your mouth!

She is about to walk away But he stops her.

KT – You will do what with my mouth?

He kisses her quickly.

KT – Like this?

They look at each other . Then he picks her up and carries her bride style and set her on the desk. He leans in for a kiss. She leans back a little, then more and more, making him come closer and closer to her with his kiss.

Fade Out


Our gruesome fairytale has come to an almost end and I think all loose ends are tied up! At first it felt like everything was happening so quickly and all at once (at the beginning of the episode) but then I realized that this is just like a Harry Potter ending where the bad guy gives a big monologue that wraps everything up neatly. I consider Harry Potter as kind of a modern fairytale so I am cool with it!

I also really love how they kept the gender swap going and had the princess run to the castle to rescue the hero and had the hero pass out and lay in bed like sleeping beauty. It would have been great if she kissed him while he was sleeping in bed, but perhaps that might have been too much? I feel like it could have been done nicely though.

Anyway, I love this show and I am looking forward to tomorrow! It looks like we might possibly get our camper ending that we all hope for? Pretty please?

Also, if you enjoyed our book then we would love it if you would leave a review! We hope to get to ten reviews so that other people can see that this book is actually a good one and is worth a try ☺️.

See you tomorrow!


English Translation

ST – I really want to be a real artist.

ST – No don’t look at it.

KT – I am not an outsider person.

MY – Go go away

KT – Hey, they are ostracizing me because they are making a book

HJ – How long do you think they will be with you? You will never be able to remove me.

MY – My last book. Dispose of it or publish it, you decide.

MY – Hopefully it doesn’t hurt anymore. I am really sorry.

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