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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

We had some technical difficulties this morning. But we did watch and recap the show so I will be posting them back to back! I am happy to say that all lingering questions are answered, Harry Potter style! Which is fitting I guess because Hee-jae is a bit like Voldemort.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sang-tae sits at the mansion and drinks with Hee-jae. He looks like he will almost pass out. She is happily sitting with him.

HJ – It is strange. Writer Ko Moon-young is not here but seh told me we would all hang out together.

ST – Moon-young…Kang-tae….get back together.

HJ – Ah, this ruins my plan. It is more fun to put Moon-yong to sleep also.

ST – bad….bad….

HJ – You are cute

ST – Dont’ touch my head, don’t touch my head….

He passes out on the couch muttering how she is bad. She takes his phone and calls Kang-tae. Kang-tae immediately answer and asks, Hyung where are you!

HJ – Caregiver Moon. You always look for your brother. Hyung? Hyung, hyung, hung….*chuckles*

KT – Where do I have to go?

HJ – The cursed castle.

Kang-tae enters the mansion and walks up to the portrait room where the head nurse is. Sang-tae is passed out on the couch to the left of the room. He runs to his side and says hyung, hyung several times. She laughs and mocks him.

HJ – Why are you looking at me like that? Like you will just eat me alive. I like it.

KT – What did you do to hyung?

HJ – Don’t worry, I didn’t kill him. I just gave him a tranquilizer. He will wake up soon. I am so sad, I wanted to put Moon-young here also and see who you picked. Did you sneak her out?

KT – Why are you doing this? Why to us!

HJ – Because you ruined my daughter.

KT – What?

HJ – She was my best creation. But she is ruined because of you.

KT – Your daughter is your creation?

HJ – She does not look like me at all. I changed a lot of times to not look like her. But her eyes, nose, mouth are all from me. her face, body, soul – I nurtured and created. My creature

KT – Moon-young is not yours, she is not a creature, she is a human. SHE IS A HUMAN.

HJ – *Throws some things on the ground* She is getting more ruined because you do this! The failed ones should be disposed of. I don’t want to do that much because I put in so much effort. But I will give you one choice. Run away with yur hyung. As far away as possible.

KT – No, I will never do it.

HJ – I knew it. Then I will give you another chance – kill me. You can kill me and get your revenge. Moon-young will return to herself looking at my dead body, killed by you. Then you will not be out of the bad karma.

KT – So the ending you really wanted was this?

HJ – Yes, so everyone will be happy. it is a happy ending!

KT – give up.

HJ – What?

KT – That screwed up ending you wish for will never come. I will never give up Moon-young.

MY – Even though your mtoher died because of her? Do you want to hear it? It is so funny.

She walks back and picks up a small dainty knife.

HJ – I saw your mother for the first time, here.


Hee-jae is writing the west witch at her desk in the library. Kang-tae’s mother comes in looking amazed. She tells her that she is here looking for work.

Hee-jae tells her to just work. So Kang-tae’s mother says yes and closes the door to work.

Hee-jae goes to the balcony of the house and looks out over the yard. She sees kang-tae’s mother drying the sheets. Moon-yong is sitting off to the side so she goes and asks what she is doing.

MY – The bird with a broken wing can’t fly.

Umma – Hum?

MY – Should I kill it? *slightly smiles*

In front of her is a bloody bird with a broken wing.

kang-taels umma does not know what to do. She goes to the mother.

Umma – the bird cannot fly anyway so she told me she should kill it.

HJ – Good girl

Umma – my oldest son goes to a hospital

HJ – Ajumma….

Umma – yes?

HJ – Good job today

Kang-tae’s mother leaves. Hee-jae stabs her paper with her ink pen. Then we see that the mother stabbed in the ally.

She is stabbed by this same ink pen possibly? 




Kang-tae and Sang-tae look like kids again. Then they change to adults. Kang-tae asks, you killed her for only that reason? You only killed her because of those words she said?

HJ – She treated my daughter like she was crazy. How dare she.

Kang-tae runs up and starts to choke her.

HJ – Kill me….don’t be weak about it.

But Kang-tae starts to think about Moon-young saying that her mother is her mother. His grip loosens on her bneck. She pulls out a tranquilizer from her purse and stabs him in the leg with it.

HJ – Ah, you coward.

kang-tae falls to the side. He is still conscious. 

HJ – That is why I hate weak people. But me and Moon-young are different than you.

Moon-young runs up right then, huffing and puffing.

MY – that’s BS!

HJ – You are coming now? You finally came. You and I hav the same blood.

MY – No, I am different than a monster like you!

She grabs a pen to stab her. But Kang-tae stands up and stops her with his hand.

KT – No, if a butterfly comes then you shouldn’t kill it. You promised that to me that you wouldn’t do that.

He passes out. She catches him.

MY – Hey, why are you doing this? Wake up. Moon Kang-tae. What is this!

HJ – Do you think that you will be free from me if you cut your hair

MY – Wake up, wake up…

Hee-jae pulls her back by her hair. 

HJ – You should have listened to your mother, my daughter.

Hee-jae pulls her arm back to stab her with the pen.

But then Sang-tae comes up with a huge book and slams it into Hee-jaes head.


She is super passed out on the floor. 

The camera spans around and they all turn back into little kids. Little Moon-yong is holding little Kang-tae and Sang-tae is protecting them all. He is holding a fairytale book.


The polcie show up. Hee-jae is led out in handcuffs. Dr. Oh Ji-wang is there. He pats a hanky on Hee-jaes face and asys she must have been hit hard in the back of her head. 

She tells him ot to be too happy about it. I won against everyone. They will never be together. I made it so.

JW – We have to see it.

HJ – No, humans are too weak, that is why it hurts. Like your patients.

JW – hang-ja, we are together becuase we are weak.

He puts her finger togehter to make a Chinese character “human”.

JW – Humans are like this, they lean on each other. When are you going to be human?

The polcie tell him it is time to go. They put her inside the car. JW asks to lower the window.

JW – What did you do with park Ok-ran.

HJ – Oh, that woman. Her acting was very good.

Flashback to Hee-jae sitting at her desk and writing the note cards. Then we see a woman walking around the hospital.

VO – Singing Clementine and walking in front of the hospital bed early in the morning. At night, go to Do Hee-jae writers castle and celebrate her birthday. Go to the study and put the envelope with the butterfly on the desk.

Hee-jae put all the instructions in the book for Park Ok-ran. But Ok-ran yanked the book away from her one day which gave Hee-jae a paper cut.

HJ – The play ended so she should come down from the stage. maybe she is playing somewhere else.

JW – It is time for your curtain call. Leave please.

The police car drives away.

Inside, Moon-young looks at Kang-tae sleeping in bed and asks Ji-wang if he is really sleeping? Will he really wake up?

JW – If he doesn’t wake up, will you die like Romeo?

MY – There is a possibility that he will not wake up?

JW – It was a high dose but I injected him with saline so he will wake up soon, dont worry too much.

He leaves.

Moon-young sits by the bed and holds his injured hand. She puts it on her face.

ang-tae talks with Ji-wang outside the room and asks if his brother is okay?

JW – He is just taking a nap, dont worry too much.

ST – The head nurse is a very very bad person! She gave a hard time to my dongsaengs and lied to me and touched the back of my head.

JW – Good that you punished her. You saved both of them. Good job, good job,

ST – I saved them, Yes, I saved them.

Insid the room, Moon-young holds onto Kang-tae’s hand and tells him that he is getting hurt because of her, all the time. I am sorry.

She thinks back to her mother saying that she is denying her blood, but it doesnt matter.

MY – With me, your life will be ruined. Sorry.

She kisses his hand.




Sang-in is sitting in the police department calling someone but they are not picking up the phone. He wonders why they are not picking up the phone. Maybe something happened?

The police are angry at him.

Sang-in says he is really sorry but someone is in big trouble.

The cops tell him that he is in trouble due to his driving. He violated driving laws and ran from the police and almost hit a deer.

He tells them that is not important, someones life is in danger now!

Sung-jae comes in with Joo-ri to bail him out and talks to him about all the things he did to get put in jail. It sounds like an NIS agent was chasing you. What did you do?

Sang-in tells Sung-jae not to ask him that and then asks Joo-ri if he can talk to her. He asks her if Kang-tae and Moon-young are really okay?

Joo-ri tells him that they are really okay. Jae-soo oppa called her. Everything is fine. But why?

Sang-in tells her that there are some people that have the hardest time living normally. I feel like a bad god gave all the misfortune to them. I pity them and am angry. 

JR – it is the law of unluckiness. I heard that there is a certain amount of unhappiness and happiness. if they use up all their unfortunate luck now, then they will only have happiness in their future.

Sang-in smiles at that and says he hopes that is true. They walk off together. Sung-jae grumbles that he is so greasy looking, I want to drink carbonated water.


Sang-tae recounts everything to Jae-soo about how he woke up and the head nurse was pulling Moon-youngs hair and was about to stab Kang-tae.

Jae-soo sounds like he has heard this for the hundredth time. He says okay she was about to stab him and you were angry so you hit her with the book and our brave hyung-nim saved them. I already heard this eight times. he smiles and tells him good job. You are the best hyung-nim.

Sang-tae continues to happily pace the room. they wonder how long he is going to sleep. Sang-tae says with Sleeping Beauty, you have to kiss them. Kiss kiss.

Kang-tae is still sleeping. His eyes pop open. He sits up.

It is all dark in the room. He looks around and then looks at his bandaged hand. He quickly hops out of bend, but then falls. He gets up again and goes to his room.

Sang-tae is sleeping pleasantly. He closes the door and turns around to see Moon-young walking p to him.

MY – How was your sleep?

KT – Oh, maybe I slept too long. I had a long long dream. It was a nightmare.

She holds his bandaged hand.

MY – It was not a dream. Come down, I have something to tell you.

He follows her downstairs to the library.

She sits. He looks around.

MY – Do you realize it now? it happened here. Only half a day ago.

He starts to remember.

MY – It is all done. We survived umma. She was arrested. The truth will be revealed. Can you leave from this place? As you said, I am not an empty can. I have emotions. So I will never forget the miserable thing you and oppa experienced here because of me. I will never forget it. Maybe you will be in misery whenever you see me.

KT – Why don’t we get over it. Not forget it. That is how we become adults. Let’s think that we had a long nightmare. I can do it.

MY – Stop acting. It hurts to pretend like you are okay when you are in misery. You will do it in front of me, not in front of oppa. And looking at you with that mask. I will keep feeling uncomfortable and suffocated and in misery. I don’t want to live like that. That is why I am asking you. Please leave with oppa, tomorrow.

She stands to walk away. He holds her hand to stop her.

KT – Are you sure?

MY – Yes. I want to live alone like before.

He lets go of her hand. She walks away.

She goes to her bedroom and sits on her bed.

MY – Good job Ko Moon-young. Good Job.

Kang-tae sits on the couch sadly.


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