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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jae-soo calls Kang-tae and grumbles that he is ignoring his call again. Sang-tae is eating on a table on the floor. Jae-soo kneels and asks if it is true that Moon-young is mad at Kang-tae so that is why he is sleeping here? It sounds like a lie.

Sang-tae keeps eating. He gives Jae-soo a piece of medium egg and gives himself a piece of well done egg. 

Jae-soo says he thinks they are having a melancholy smexy time. Don’t you think so? You think that too, right? Right?

Sang-tae tells him that Moon-young’s face was sad. Her expression was “I am afraid, I am sad” why did she look like that?


Soon-duk goes into the directors office. Oh Ji-wang asks why she is there? She says that Joo-ri sent her because ajusshi’s mentality is broken.

JW – Its not like she wasted her work as a mental hospital nurse.

SD – Are you really going to retire?

JW – Well, soon, willfully or forcefully it will happen. But after being betrayed properly by a person I trusted – I can’t walk.

SD – You always say you can’t walk, but you fly. Why all of a sudden?

JW – I bragged too much. Writer Ko and Sang-tae, I gave them a prescription and made them stay here. But it was actually poisonous for them. What should I do for those poor kids. I don’t deserve my age. 

SD – Adults don’t always mean that we know the right answer. We always have trouble until we die. How can doctors save people all the time? Are you Jesus? It is written over there *points at poster* –  “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

JD – Soon-duk ah, would you like to be the next director?

She grumbles and leaves.


Sang-in comes in to the rental. Joo-ri, Soon-duk, and Sung-jae are rolling Joo Mok-bap into balls and putting foil around it. He sits to join them.

SI – You are making so much today.

SD – you make a lot once and then freeze it in the fridge and defrost, that is the easiest.

SJ – I need to deliver it to Ko Moon-young tomorrow.

SI – Why?

SD – If Sang-tae stays here, that means that Kang-tae and Moon-young are having trouble, of course. Do you think they will eat food properly? I don’t know what happened, but when they are having heart trouble, eating is the most important.

Sang-in is all teary eyed. 

SI – I really respect and love you omonim.

SJ – What is wrong with you?

JR – *smiles and giggles*

SD – Eat, cry, or confess. Just do one.

JR – *gets nervous at confess*

SI – *starts eating* It tastes good.

Joo-ri gives him some water this time. She asks to talk to him when he is done. Everyone is like, wow…

Cut to Joo-ri applying lotion to her face. Then Sang-in knocks to come in. She tells him to come in and sit. He mutters that he is so nervous. He sits.

JR – Do you think it is really okay?

SI – What is it?

JR – Came to the hospital and left in the morning and does not pick up the phone. I worry about it. What happened?

SI – You don’t have to worry about it Joo-ri

JR – Of course I do.

SI – Joo-ri, just stop. How long are you going to say Moon Kang-tae, Moon Kang-tae? When I think about that guy I am concerned and it hurts my heart…

JR – No, Moon-young. I am really concerned about her. I want to know if she is okay.

SI – I REALLY LIKE [no subject].

JR – Yes, I also like Moon-young.

SI – That’s good *hits face* your two friendship. I think my food is  not digesting. Good bye!

He walks out, she smiles.

She texts Ko Moon-young and asks if anything happened? If you are bored then call me. But she erases that second text.

Moon-young is still sitting on the floor by her door. Joo-ri’s text comes in. 

Kang-tae is sitting on the opposite side of the door, he is talking to her.

KT – It was difficult for me, just like with you. I couldn’t believe it and denied it and wondered how this happened to only me. I really hated it. But, what does it matter? When you smile and I forget everything. The butterfly, my umma, I forgot everything. I only thought about us. Moon-young, you aren’t guilty. We are all not guilty.

She starts sobbing quietly again. He closes his eyes. 



In the locker room, Cha-yong is changed into his normal clothing. The director comes in and asks if he wants to have a drink?

CY – No, I am not drinking with Kondae (older person always says something to younger person like “When I was younger….”)

JW – Hey, you shouldn’t talk to your father like that.

CY – Then why?

JW – Because you never talk to appa

CY – When I asked you to play with me you were always with patients

JW – I can see under the candlelight, you should look at me.

CY – *looks at him* What, soju? Beer?

JW – Makgoli.

CY – Whatever. *starts to leave*

JW – Cha-yong, I am sorry.

They both look at each other for a long time.

A new song starts to play. (It sounds like the actor who is playing the director is singing it actually). It is a melancholy song on mostly a guitar.

We see images of Moon-yong and Kang-tae in happier times and sad times but it is all with them touching and holding and bothering and playing with each other.

“I have things to tell you

Tonight, all of a sudden

I have something to tell you

I will give you everything

Is this my love that is about to burst

For you

I can do anything

I will get the stars

and give you a handful of them

I have things to give you

All of a sudden tonight

I have things to give you


Kang-tae and Moon-young keep sitting quietly on opposite sides of the door.


Sang-ate leaves the octapang muttering about how noisy Jae-soo is when he snores. He checks his phone and wonders why he did not get any phone call and why they are not back together yet. they should get back together so that i can go back.

at the hospital, Joo-ri calls Moon-young but her phone is off. She wonders if she should go to her place.

Sun Byul comes up and asks if she would like some coffee? i am about to order it. Joo-ri wants an Ice-Americano. The young doctor tells him he wants an Americano. So Sun Byul orders it. 

Then Sun-hae comes up and says that she did not see Caregiver Moon yesterday. They tell her that he is on vacation. Why?

Sun-hae says it is because of what happened. I wanted to buy him a nice meal. Joo-ri tells her that she can when he comes back.

Sun-hae nods and then asks if she had a phone call? They ask her if it is about her father? She says yes. They ask what they should do when he contacts them. She says she wants to talk to him first. She walks off.

Sun Byul wonders if she is doing that to give her liver to him. They don’t know. The doctor wonders why Moon Kang-tae is on vacation?



Kang-tae knocks on Moon-young’s door and tells her to come out. She opens the door. She looks drained and empty.

She sits and he stands while he talks to her.

KT – Strange things happened around your father, that is how I knew your mother was still alive.

MY – Patient Park Ok-ran, when you ran to me?

KT – No, our hospital head nurse.

MY – What?

KT – Park Hang-ja, yesterday, she disappeared after drawing the butterfly on hyung’s painting.

MY – It shouldn’t be. She is mom? Even though 20 years passed? Even if she changed eyes, nose, mouth, everything. I should recognize umma.

KT – your father and the director saw her for that long and did not recognize her.

Moon-young starts to think of all the times the head nurse talked to her.

MY – Nonsense, the basement butterfly broach is gone. It should be there. Umma stopped by. She was around appa and around m, she saw everything. Go, run away from the house!

Kang-tae holds her around the arms and tells her that he is not going anywhere. He promised that he would protect her. She tells him that he cannot protect her, at least leave and protect your hyung! Leave!

He holds her close to him and she sobs into his embrace and tells him to run away, please.


Sang-tae calls Kang-tae. He answers. Sang-tae asks if Moon-young is still angry? 

Kang-tae looks at Moon-young who is sleeping in bed now. He tells Sang-tae that Moon-young is sick. Sang-ate asks, sick? If the body hurts then she will cry. When the heart hurts she will make a puppy sound while sleeping. minnng, minnng, do you hear that sound?

Kang-tae nods and holds back tears and says yes.

Sang-tae asks, what should we do? Maybe the leash is not unleashed yet, you can cut it.

Kang-tae mutters, hyung…hyung….

Sang-tae asks, are you crying?

Kang-tae tells him no, I will be okay, don’t worry. He sniffs back his tears and they hang up. Kang-tae looks at Moon-young sleeping and tries not to hold in his tears.

Sang-tae runs back into the house and tells the trio of Soon-duk, Sung-jae and Jae-soo that he will deliver the food. Sung-jae says, okay.

But Soon-duk says that Kang-tae told him not to come until he calls. Jae-soo says he does not have to go, I can take Sung-jae with me and go. But Sung-jae hits him and says, I am busy. She gives him a look.

Sang-tae reiterates that he has to go. Do you know how to make juk, the kind you eat when you are sick? Soon-duk asks, why juk?


The hospital team gets coffee delivery from Angel in Us. They all happily start drinking. Patient Jung-tae comes up and asks where caregiver Moon is? They tell him he is on vacation.

Jung-tae tells him that he wanted to brag and shows them photos of Ah-rum from America. They think she looks so pretty, is she doing okay in America? He says he will get out and see her. Let me know when the caregiver comes. He walks away.

Dr. Kawn says that caregiver Moon is popular among patients. Sun Byul mentions that Joori also likes him. Joo-ri coughs on her coffee a bit.

But then two plain clothed cops show up and says that they are here to talk to the director. Cha-yong tells him that they can go with him. he leads them away.

Sun Byul thinks maybe this has something todo with Park Ok-nam patient? But the camera shows Joo-ri who looks concerned and deep in thought.


Jae-soo drives Sang-tae on his motorcycle to the mansion. Sang-tae hops off with the juk and runs to the door. Jae-soo tells him to slow down. He has the other food.

In the kitchen, Kang-tae asks Jae-soo why he brought hyung.

JS – He is worried. I always pretend like you tricked me but this time it was difficult to pass. So just put things in and leave. I will be suffocated if I stay here longer.

Jae-soo walks out. Kang-tae is unpacking everything on the floor. He thinks for a moment.

Sang-tae goes to Moon-young’s room with a platter of food. He tells her that he brought juk and qual eggs, he didn’t buy it. Soon-duk ajumma made it. 

She tells him to leave.

ST – You should eat juk and get better. You like qual eggs. I will feed you.

MY – *looks away and tears up*

ST – You are sick today so I will feed you like a baby.

MY – Oppa….

ST – Huh?

MY – I am sorry, it is all my fault, forgive me.

ST – Forgive you?

MY – I am sorry, I am really sorry.

ST – Well you apologized face to face so that is a real apology. Not face to face shows no manners.

She cries. He gets a spoonful of juk and cools it off then puts a qual egg on it and tells her aahhh.

She looks at him and cries even more. She tells him to forgive her. He tells her, if you eat this then I will forgive you aahh.

She keeps crying. He tells her that his arm hurts. 

She eats it.

ST – Ah, good girl, you eat well. Good Moon-young, just three more times, three more times. Okay? You have to chew well not to get indigestion. Ahhh

He feeds her some more and she eats it.

ST – Don’t fight Kang-tae, it is better to popo than fight okay?

She keeps crying. He wipes her tears and tells her not to cry. You are very sick Moon-young, I will give you some more. She keeps muttering that she is sorry. he says she ate so he will forgive her. Two more times, two more times, eat. Good girl. 


Jae-soo walks along the yard outside with Kang-tae. He recounts what happened in the hospital so Kang-tae must have told him. He says that Kang-tae is surviving next to her with that face. Is that butterfly Ko Moon-young’s mom?

JS – I squeezed my bad brain all night, so it must be true.

KT – To hyung….

JS – I won’t do it. I am not that dumb.

KT – thank you. I am sorry.

JS – Kang-tae

KT – yes?

JS – Just accept it. When you accept it you will feel better.

KT – What?

JS – You are a weak guy. You are not strong at all. You are very weak. You and Ko Moon-young. All the weak people pretend to be strong. I hate it. Because you are so weak. When you see weak people like you, you can’t just pass them. To rely on each other, you are attracted like a magnet. So be strong together. The weak ones should be together then you are the strongest in the world. You know, those proverbs say we survive together. We die separated. Former president Kim, you know that.

KT – *chuckles* It is Lee, not Kim.

JS – *baby voice* Okay, I am wrong again.

Jae-soo touches Kang-tae on his shoulder and they keep standing outside.


Sang-tae comes downstairs and tells Kangtae that she ate 5 spoons. Kang-tae tells him that he did a good job. 

ST – Is Moon-young very wrong? She keeps telling me sorry. She keeps crying and asks me for forgiveness so I told her that if she eats the juk then I would forgive her. So she ate and I forgave her.

KT – *gets teary* Did you?

ST – I forgave her

KT – *all choked up* Did you?

ST – Are you also sick?

KT – Hyung, please hug me one time.

Sang-tae hugs him.

KT – Pat me also.

Sang-tae starts to pat him.

KT – Hyung, I am afraid.

ST – Afraid? Of course, because you are a younger brother, that is why.

KT – Hyung are you protecting us?

ST – I will protect you, I am hyung and oppa, I am your guardian.

KT – *teary* that is good, because you are our hyung.

He keeps hugging him. Jae-soo looks on from the bottom of the steps. 

Later on, The three of them walk out. Jae-soo tells Kang-tae to not ignore his phone call or he will be really mad. Kang-tae says okay. Sang-tae tells Kang-tae to call when Moon-young is all better because she needs to check on my homework.

Kang-ate says he will call him.

The two of them leave. Kang-tae walks back inside, but he sees something at the door. it is a small flat package. He takes it inside and opens it at his brothers desk.

It is a children’s book called The Devil’s Hand. He flips it open.

VO – A long long time ago, in a rich family, a beautiful baby was born. The mother loved the baby so much. She was as white as a flower. For the baby, she promised to give her the sun and moon. 

We see Ko Moon-young walking around the hospital, though it looks like it is from a person’s point of view that is watching her.

VO – When the baby started to eat, umma was so happy. “Baby, I will feed you, open your mouth, aahh”. 

Ko Moon-young and Kang-tae talk by the mural, someone watches them.

VO – When the baby started to walk, the mother ran over. “Baby, I will give you a piggy back ride, get on my back”. The mother who raised the baby perfectly and gave her everything said, “my lovely baby, umma has to take a break, now you feed me.” the baby said, “Umma, I have no hands, I never used them so they are gone”

We see a cartoon of the book.

VO – Then my baby, can you give me a piggy back ride, my legs hurt. The baby said, “Umma, I have no feet because you gave me piggy back rides all the time so I never stepped on the ground”. Instead, I have a big, big mouth.

She daughter opens her mouth.

VO – She opened her mouth, the angry mother yelled, you are not my perfect baby! You are a useless Devil fish. You only know how to take. You can’t do anything, you are a failure.

The head nurse burns a photo of her family and drops it outside the car window.

VO – That mother threw the baby in the sea. After that day, on creepy days with high wind. Sailors sometimes hear the baby crying. “Umma, umma, what did I do wrong? Please take me back. Please take me back….”

The photo ends with the baby sticking its head out of the water and opening its huge mouth.

Kang-tae turns to the back of the book. There is a hand written note in red ink.

Note – This book is your only failure, but it is my favorite book. As a creator, you should know, the failure eventually should be disposed of.

We see the head nurse putting the book in the package to drop it off. Kang-tae puts the book back inside the package.


In her room, Moon-young sits at her boudoir and opens the drawer. She pulls out a secret package. Inside is the final book for the West Witches murder case. She sets it down and calls someone.

MY – It is nice to talk to you again. I want to pay back what I owe you. I will make you use your pen again.



Sung-jae runs into the CEO’s room and yells for him to wake up but he is deeply sleeping so she throws a pillow at him.

he wakes up with a start.

They go to the computer. There is an article that says that the West Witches final book will be published in Sang Sang I Sang [Sang-in’s publishing house].

Sang-in exclaims, what is this???

Sung-in says that a lot of people are calling them to ask if they are really publishing that book. Sang-in asks who wrote that article? Sung-jae says that reporter that Moon-young pushed.

Sang-in holds his head and ruffles his hair. He tells her to pick up the phone and tells them that it is alright. Sung-in asks if it is okay? you will go to jail if you lie!

he sys he will take care of it. I am going to Moon-young. He grabs his clothes and rushes outside.


Moon-young is sitting at her boudoir in a full length red dress. She is putting on jewelry and says, Come to be umma.

Someone calls Kang-tae, he says that he saw the article.

Int he rental, Sang-tae is drawing a super detailed drawing of the double butterfly. But someone calls him out.

So he goes outside and the head nurse is there! He tells her that she looks like a different person. She twirls and asks, do you not recognize me? Then she steps closer to him and says, yes, I am a different person.

Kang-tae calls him but Sang-tae doesn’t pick up. So he rushes out and calls him again from the car. But he doesn’t answer.

Sang-in gets to the mansion and asks Moon-young what she was thinking to have this kind of report and cause this much trouble? She is sitting at her desk in her office.

MY – You know, sitting and waiting is not my style. I know what kind of stimulus will make my umma run to me. 

SI – Moon-young….

KT – Kang-tae can’t catch the butterfly because he is a coward, I have to do it.

SI – Okay, Do Hee-jae writer called me. She said to bring the script. You were write. 

Moon-young stands up. 

MY – Where?

SI – I am going there alone, you stay here.

MY – No, what my mother wants is me. Where are you meeting?

SI – Moon-young….

MY – Where!


Kang-tae bursts in to the octapang to find hyung. But he is not there. Then he phone rings so he answer, hyung where are you! But it is caregiver Moon’s voice.

She laughs and says that he always looks for hyung. Hyung is passed out so she starts to poke Sang-tae and mutters hyung….hyung….hyung hyung hyung…

KT – If you touch hyung, I will never forgive you.

HJ – Forgiveness is only needed for someone who did something wrong. I never did anything wrong.

KT _ Where should I go?

HJ – The cursed castle.

Kang-tae drops his arm and looks at his brothers drawing of the double butterfly.

He calls Sang-in and tells him to take Moon-young far far away. So that is why Sang-in is taking Moon-young away from the mansion.


Sang-in and Moon-yong are in the car driving away. She asks, how much farther? He says a little ways. 

Btu she might sense that something is off. She tells him to stop the car. He doesn’t, he tells her to just listen to him this time, you shouldn’t go there!

She tells him stop! Kang-tae is alone! Stope! She starts to pull the steering wheel to turn it away.

He pulls the car over. 

She hops out and starts to run in the opposite direction. She kicks her shoes off.

kang-tae gets to the mansion and starts to walk in.

Moon-young keeps running up the highway.

Kang-tae walks inside. He looks to the right. Hee-jae is standing and staring at their new family photo.

he walks over to her. She turns around slowly and smiles slightly.

Sang-tae is sleeping on the couch to her side. Kang-tae runs to his side and tries to wake him up.

She laughs. Kang-tae stands up and looks at her. 

She keeps laughing.

Fade Out


This feels so much like the princess is trapped in the palace and has to be rescued and I love how they are flipping it to being the boys trapped in the palace and the princess has to come and rescue theeeem!

Also, that children’s book was so creepy and yet so true, lol. I love how she takes something like a mothers love for her kid but twists it to show how the mother feels. That is a gift.


English Translation

MY – Stop acting. It hurst but you pretend like it doesn’t hurt. Now you will do it in front of me and not in front of oppa.

MY – Why is everyone nice to me?

KT – Lets think that we had a long nightmare. I can do it.

KT – Is your daughter artwork?


KT – Give up, that screwed up ending you were imagining will never come.


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  1. Sebba
    August 2, 2020 / 10:39 am


    Show… you can’t give me those scenes with Sang Tae comforting both Ko Moon Young and Kang Tae and then leave me with that ending. What in the world am I going to do with my bleeding heart now? You’re asking the impossible to keep it on ‘pause’ or on hold for one week. Plus my brain is going to go a million miles per second on all the possibilities until them AND none of them good. Ah! Show you’re killing me.

    I still love you though…

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:43 am

      Sang-tae was so adorable and loving this episode! I just love him to much. And yes, why did they drip line stress right into our veins with that ending!

    • Marmele
      August 2, 2020 / 1:18 pm

      THIS! comment sums up all my feelings.


      • Sebba
        August 2, 2020 / 2:19 pm

        This show has my heart. I trust the writers; they haven’t let me down or given me reason to fear but still… I’m happy you’re here with me though. *cries too*

        • Jane M
          August 2, 2020 / 3:53 pm

          Let me join you in a corner to cry until the next episode. I also this writer has got this, and the ending will heal our pain, but OMG the feelz in this show! I kept yelling at my TV – don’t protect Sang-tae. He has shown how strong he is and he needs to know what’s going on, but you know, the story needs to go down its road and having Sang-tae remaining ignorant of the identity of the butterfly is a painful necessity. And, my goodness, isn’t every member of the cast ensemble 100% on their game? Plus the OST is perfect! I think that was the actor who plays Director Oh singing that lovely ballad as well. It’s going to be a long wait for the next 2 episodes, but just think, then we can start over and watch this lovely, lovely story all over again with no waiting.

          • V
            August 3, 2020 / 9:53 am

            I am with y’all! I will bring the tissues and ice-cream.

  2. a
    August 2, 2020 / 2:17 pm

    I love how ST is growing as a character. Especially in these last few episodes while doing his “homework” on studying emotions and noticing all of the facial cues people around him show (especially MY because her expression changes are so subtle), in addition to taking on the big brother role for both KT and MY, and culminating in the scene where he feeds MY because she’s “sick,” even tricking her into looking at him just so he can give her a spoonful of porridge. He’s made so much progress and it warms my heart.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, when DHJ showed up at the house and whisked him away…that’s just low. I’m really looking forward to how the writers will resolve this mess of a conflict and give our trio the happy ending they deserve.

  3. Ptan
    August 2, 2020 / 8:42 pm

    I don’t understand the scene of the head nurse slipping the knife to the patient. I thought he was from a different hospital, the one we saw in Ep1 before Kangtae moved.

    • V
      August 3, 2020 / 9:52 am

      You are right, he is from a different hospital so it looks like the mom has been following Moon-young around. It seems like she planted the knife there to make it seem like Moon-young killed him perhaps?

      • Jane M
        August 3, 2020 / 12:06 pm

        That is the man who tried to kill his daughter and commit suicide in one of the first episodes, and the knife is the one MY stole from the restaurant and that was used to cut HT’s hand at the time as well. We knew that this man had died, but we didn’t know how or where that knife had gone. Now we know that he was given the knife and used it to kill himself.

  4. Sarah
    August 3, 2020 / 2:24 am

    I have a feeling that ST might die. I hope I’m wrong.

    • V
      August 3, 2020 / 9:54 am

      I hope nooooooot, that would make me so super saaaaaaad 😭

      • Jane M
        August 3, 2020 / 12:07 pm

        If the show kills ST, I will never forgive it!!! I don’t think that fits into the story arc we are seeing, though, so I am still holding out for an ending that includes a car camping trip with our 3 main characters. Fingers crossed!

        • V
          August 5, 2020 / 12:49 pm

          OMG, I would love a car camping trip with our three main leaaaaaaads!!!!

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