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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

We are at the final episodes! Yesterday was a big reveal that I did not see coming at all. But one of our readers saw it coming, and I just want to say that your prediction was amazing.

So what is going to happen nooowww! I feel like our brothers have grown to the point of not letting this one event send them running away. But Moon-young might need a bit of help wrapping her head around this. Okay, lets find out!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Moon-young walks out of the hospital. Kang-tae runs up and stops her. She ells him to let her go.

KT – Listen to me.

MY – Three sets of wings. There is only one butterfly that looks like that. That is the broach that my mom designed. But why is that butterfly on oppa’s painting?

KT _ It is not something you think

MY – When I asked you, you should have told me it is not. I am not running away, don’t follow me, I need time to think alone. I’ll talk to you later.

She walks away. He lets her go.

She gets in her car and sits. She takes several deep breathes.

Kang-tae calls the CEO and asks if he can go see Moon-young. He tells him that he will tell him the details when he sees him. Please.

Then he gets another phone call.

This call was from Soon-duk. Kang-tae goes inside to Soon-duk. She tells him that Sang-tae is not coming out from under the sink. Why is he doing that?

Kang-tae goes to the kitchen and sees Sang-tae crouched under the metal sink wondering out loud why the mother butterfly and baby butterfly are there in the painting. He wonders who did it.

Kang-tae kneels and pleasantly asks him to come out. Sang-tae is worried about the butterfly and wonders if it found him. Kang-tae says that is not mother and baby butterfly, it is a mutant butterfly with three sets of wings.

Sang-tae asks, it is not the one I saw? Kang-tae tells him it is a mutant. I have seen it also in the garden. You are afraid of it so you didn’t look at it properly. It is special and rare so maybe someone put it on your mural.

ST – Why draw on someone else’s painting, they have no manners.

KT – Yes, I will catch them and give them a lesson. Come out.

He extends his hand. Sang-tae takes it and stands up.

KT – Hyung, you promised me, if butterflies show up then you would never run away.

ST – Yes, I promised it to you. A promise is not a tissue you throw away after blowing your nose. Butterfly, when I see butterflies it give me a headache, so if you help me then I can get over it.

KT – Hyung, your cool

Soon-duk comes up and tells him that his brother can’t work because of him and she can’t prepare lunch, you are affecting a lot of people. 

He says sorry, so does Kang-tae. She tells them that sorry is not enough and puts some scrubs on him. She tells him he has to help him in the kitchen now. Sang-tae asks if she will pay him a part time job?

Kang-tae walks out as Sang-tae keeps talking. He says he has to take off his bag. So she helps him take it out.


Everyone is at the mural, they want to try and remove the painting. The director comes up so they explain it to him. They really want to remove the butterfly for Sang-tae. The director tells them they can do it.


Kang-tae goes to the directors office. The director tells him that he saw it. He went out for a business trip so he is checking the CCTV now. They both look at the CCTV of someone painting the butterfly.

The person turns around and they see that it is the head nurse. She is dressed in all black and smiles at the camera like an evil person.

They are both shocked. 

Kang-tae thinks back to asking the head nurse to read Moon-yong’s books. She said no, that is not my type. She likes cruel affairs or horror books. She also asked him if he likes his umma. He gave dooli’s mom to Sang-tae.

She asked if he went out for a camping trip in a camper. She also said that writer Ko grew up well even though she underwent all that.

On the CCTV, she still looked at it like a crazy person and then walked away.


Meanwhile, Ko Moon-young is going pretty crazy looking for the butterfly in her mansion. While she is doing that she has flashbacks of her father trying to strangle her and Kang-tae saying that his mother was murdered and Sang-tae saying that the butterfly killed his mother.

She thinks about her mother saying she loves her because she is just like her. She looks back at the partially covered painting of her family and looks off resolutely.


The director apologizes. Kang-tae says he did not realize that even though she was right in front of him. He let her take care of hyung. I thanked her for it.

JW – Don’t blame yourself. Now we know Do Hee-jae’s identity. So we have to find her asap. I will call the police to investigate it. So don’t come to the hospital. Stay with hyung and writer Ko. But why did she work that long in the hospital with CCTV everywhere?



The head nurse looks out over the ocean. She is standing by the rail in her black dress. She leans her head back and thinks that she has had lots of fun.

Cut back to her at Ko Dae-whan’s bedside. He told her that he had no regrets. She asked, you don’t have any regrets? She silences the computer monitor.

HJ – You said you love me, you said you love me and you shouldn’t do this. You killed that person, you shouldn’t have no regrets yobo. Don’t you have anything to tell me? Twenty years, I was waiting for you for twenty years. i am sad.

She rubs the side of his face. He stares at her.

HJ – Do you know why I let you live like this? To suffer for a long long time. It was because it was so fun to see you suffer for a long long long time and die pitifully.

Her mouth spreads into a crazy smile and she laughs. 

HJ – It was so difficult for me. CCTV was everywhere. That old man Oh Ji-won is not an easy guy. So….

KDW – No…no…no….our Moon-young.

HJ – Oh, our pretty daughter, she grew up well right? You don’t know how I took care of her next to her.

Cut to a flashback of a person at the hospital. She goes into the room and asks this person if he wants to die? I will help you. She pulls out the knife that Ko Moon-young had and slips it into the mans bed. She told him to show that he was not a coward.

HJ – I worked so hard to raise her perfectly. But recently, I don’t like her. Do you know what you have to do to make your kid listen? When they are happiest, take away their happiness.

Ko Dae-whan tries to grip her around her collar. She easily pulls his hand away and kisses it. Then she tells him to die well.

She turns his monitors back on and walks out of the room. But she smiles spookily at the camera before that.


Sang-in runs into the mansion and upstairs. He calls Moon-young’s name. He finds her in her room combing her hair. He asks if she is okay. She says she is always in a bad moon.

He tells her that he is just there to see how she is. She says she mailed him the book. Sang-in happily says that when she is in the mood she finishes things so quickly, is it good?

She asks if it was every not good? Just leave, I am tired because I worked overnight to finish the book. I am going to sleep.

He tells her okay, I will go out. Then he runs out quickly. 

He calls Kang-tae when he is outside and tells him that she is not okay at all. She never smiled at me but I do not feel good. This is very bad. I will just stay here. Tell me what happened.

Kang-tae tells him that he will be there. They hang up. Sang-tae runs up to him and tells him that he got thirty dollars for work. He gives ten dollars of pocket money and he also gives Kang-tae $10 for Moon-young’s pocket money.

Kang-tae says he can use it all today. I will also take you home. Can you stay in the octapang for now? Sang-tae asks, alone? Why? Did you fight? Did you have an argument?

Kang-tae tells him yes, it was my fault and she is very mad so I have to beg her all day.

Sang-tae tells him that he told him not to fight. It is better to kiss than to argue. Kang-tae says he will call him when they are better. So they start to walk off. Sang-tae tells him to say he is sorry, formally, then she won’t be as mad.


All the nurses and doctors wonder who drew that butterfly. Dr. Kawn wonders when their head nurses vacation will end.. Cha-yong mutters, hopefully she does not come back ever. Byul says it is 5 days. She asks Joo-ri if she thinks she has burnout after Ko Dae-whan patient became like that.

Joo-ri doesn’t know, she says it is strange. Why is the lobby CCTV footage gone?

The director comes up and tells them that he saved is separately. he has to send it somewhere. They ask him where?

The director asks to see her so they walk to the classroom. He tells her that the head nurse quit. Joo-ri is a bit surprised. The director says she will see the reason, it will be difficult. But you should take care of the nursing department since you are the most senior. Also, look after the patient so that they wont’ be stressed.

Joo-ri agrees. The director tells her to work hard and starts to walk out. Joo-ri tells him that if he is stressed then he can have a drink with her mom like before. Don’t be stressed. He smiles and says he will do it when he becomes jobless. She mutters, jobless? Is he going to retire soon?



Kang-tae drives up to the mansion and tells Sang-in everything. Sang-in can’t believe this bad fate. Kang-tae asks if it is really bad fate. 

SI – you knew everything and still embraced Moon-young?

KT – Yes. Moon-young is just Ko Moon-young to me. Not Do Hee-jae’s daughter.

Inside, Moon-young walks down the steps in a white night gown.

SI – The daughter of a big medical family. But somehow in her 4th year in medical school she quit and became a writer. After she got married, she cut ties with her family and stayed in the castle and wrote her book. That is all I know after working with Moon-young for ten years. That little girl underwent that cruel thing. But the book industry people came to see Moon-young day and night and haunted her. The final book of the West Witch, they all wanted to publish it. Those bad people.

KT – So the last book?

SI – It is not published because the last book is gone.

Kang-tae goes inside and looks in Moon-young’s room. She is not there. He looks up the hallway, takes a deep breath, and walks to the basement room. She is there.

He walks behind her. But he is still at a small distance. 

She is looking at her family portrait.

KT – Ko Moon-young

MY – Really, my mom killed your mom? Haunted your brother for his whole life and screwed up your life. That butterfly is really my mom?

She turns around.

MY – It is not, I am wrong, right? It shouldn’t be.

He looks away. A tear falls from her face.

MY – How long did you know?

KT – Not that long.

She starts to cry. She slowly walks past him. He holds her arm to stop her.

KT – Ko Moon-young, listen to me. You and your mother are different. I will never leave you. To me you are the Ko Moon-young that I have liked since I was young.

MY – You are a hypocrite.

He lets go of her arm and she continues walking away.

She falls to her knees and cries once she gets to her bedroom.


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  1. Sebba
    August 2, 2020 / 9:26 am

    Oh yay. I’m so happy he’s not running away and sticking with her. He’s not just going to protect Sang Tae but his ‘whole family.’ Awww… my poor heart. This is just so lovely.

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:29 am

      Me too! I love how both brothers have grown to face what scares them and not run away!

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