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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not be Okay!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!



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Phil-ong walks up to Sang-tae as he is working on his mural to happily talk to him. Sang-tae asks if his ears are okay. Phil-ong tells him he is okay because of him. He hands his book back that he lent him.

PO – Actually, I memorized the entire book because it was so good.

ST – Which one do you like the most?

PO – “Don’t forget and get over it, if you do not get over it then you are a little kid that will never grow up” I like that part.

ST – That is my favorite part also! get over it! 

PO – Are you practicing drawing butterflies?

ST – Little by little in my scratch book

PO- Ah, that is good. Do you think you getting a butterfly here will be faster or me leaving this place will be faster?

ST – The Door. Whoever finds the door first between us is the quickest.

PO – Oh, yes! Let’s find the door and get out together.

Sang-tae smiles and keeps painting.

In the patient room, Joo-ri checks n Sun-hae (the shaman). She is sleeping all day and is also sweaty. 

Joo-ri tells her concerns to Sun Byul. They wonder if perhaps that person is going to come here. Cha-yong asks who that person is. If that person comes then patient Gan Phil-ong will also have a hard time. He targets one person and follows them around.

Cha-yong asks who that person is? Is it a ghost?


Kang-tae shows Director Oh the note that says “I will be there son”. The doctor tries to make sense of it.

JW – So this is a warning sign from the butterfly?

KT – Yes.

JW – What could have been written on all these notes?

All the notes with the scratched out letters are on the coffee tables.

KT – The same design but no new memos. That means she didn’t write the memo. Someone gave it to her.

JW – Is this the fishy smell I had in the hospital? Don’t trust anyone in the hospital for now. Also, don’t trust me. And I don’t think Sang-tae should be alone in the hospital.

Later on, Kang-tae and Sang-tae eat lunch. Kang-tae tells him not to wait for him to finish, just go home when it is the end of the day. Sang-tae says okay. Kang-tae continues and tells him to get his cell phone ready. if a stranger tells you-.

Sang-tae cuts him off and reminds him that he is not a little boy, why are you doing this? Kang-tae says he just worries. Sang-tae ells him he is not a coward, look at this. He shows him his notebook that has butterfly drawings and says he is not a coward, he will find his door before Gan Pil ajusshi.

He keeps eating and tells Kang-tae that he is not running away.

KT – Wow, are you protecting me, hyung?

ST – Of course, I have two younger siblings now. I am hyung and oppa. I have your back.


Moon-yong happily works when Kang-tae calls her. She answers pleasantly. He asks if she ate? She says she just did, did you? He tells her he ate with hyung.

KT – When you work, can you call Sung-jae or your CEO and be with them?

MY – I don’t like someone around me when I write.

KT – Did you lock the door? Do not open the door for anyone.

MY – *smiles* Good.

KT – What about it?

MY – You worry about me. I will do things to make you worry about me only.

he laughs, but then someone comes up yelling oppa to him, he turns around. Moon-yong stands and asks, oppa? What B* is calling you oppa!

Kang-tae tells her not to worry, just write. then hangs up. Moon-young is upset and says that was a young person’s voice.

But we cut back to Kang-tae and see that this person is Sun-hee though it looks like a child took over her body.

SH – Where is this place?

KT – This is an okay hospital

SH – Ah, the hospital again. Did I get hit again and hospitalized? Ah, you look familiar.

KT – I am caregiver Moon Kang-tae. *shows his ID*

SH – I am first grader Yoo Sun-hae.

KT – First grade? Are you 8 years old?

SH – yes, where is the restroom?

Joo-ri comes up then and nicely tells Sun-hae that she has been looking for her. Eunnie will take you to the restroom, let’s go. She starts to lead her away. Sun-hee tells Kang-tae that he looks like Park Na-jung, you are handsome.

Later on, Joo-ri tells Kang-tae that Sun-hae has dissociative personal disorder. They are in the medicine storage room. Kang-tae asks, so does that mean she has different personalities?

JR – Yes, because she has a memory of abuse when she was young.

In the bathroom, we see Dun-hae washing her hands and muttering, it hurts. In the mirror, we see a little Sun-hae looking back at her.

VO – Back then, people said that even though parents hit their kids, it was just home teaching.

Little Sun-hae has a lot of bruises on her.

VO – Even though it was child abuse. So to protect herself, she made another personality. Her parents think that she is possessed so they sold her to a shaman house to be her foster family.

KT – So she is not a real shaman?

JR – She is not because she is not really possessed. Our director went there to get his fortune told and found her there so he hospitalized her.

Kang-tae thinks about that.


In the hospital, everyone gets an alert about patient Ko Dae-whan. The director checks over him and says that it is better to take him to another room. Everyone is worried about him.


Meanwhile, Sang-tae gets back to the mansion. Moon-young calls for him to come in and look at something. He tells her that oppa is back so she should say hi.

She tells him that when they work she is the boss.

She shows him his drawings. He says yes, those are my drawings.

MY – Is he the one that lost his ego?

ST – yes.

MY – She is the empty canned princess who does not have emotions?

ST – Yes

MY – And that is the ajusshi who is trapped in the box

ST – Yes, do you like it? Do you like it?

MY – No, not at all. Do it over.

ST – Why? Why again?

MY – I hate how they look. See, their necks are all turned. Why do we only see the back of their head?

ST – That is their face, not the back of their head.

MY – This dark thing is the face? Where are their eyes, nose, mouth? They have no emotions. In kids books, the message is half and art work is half. In my books these no face characters….

ST – It is difficult

MY – *pauses and looks at him*

ST – Facial expressions for me are very difficult

MY – You have face cards, angry and happy…you can just draw it following that

ST – If I follow it, it is  not real Moon Sang-tae. Not really mine.

MY – *thinks* Study it, you are good at observing. Don’t only look at your brothers face. Look at other peoples faces also. Then you can make your own facial cards. That is your homework until next week.

She hands him his notebook. He looks at it.


In the break room, the head nurse wants to talk to Kang-tae before he leaves. She tells him that she thinks patient Ko Dae-whan does not have that many days left. The director will call writer Ko, but you are close to her so it is better to let her know so she can be prepared.

KT – Okay.

HJ – I hoped he would survive a bit longer, but I don’t feel good. Please comfort her. Even I feel bad.


Sang-in waits at the bus stop for Jo-ri to get off. He ends up walking back with her. They are awkward.

SI – You didn’t take your car so I thought you would be coming back at this time of day.

JR – Do you want to tell me something?

SI – No!

JR – Then why are you waiting?

SI – It is late. Some of the lights are off on the street. There is no safety crew here. I thought about you. I lied that I had a blind date. But it is true that I have to have blind dates because of my father. It is because I am a late son so my fathers age is 91, he was already old when I was born.

JR – Is Song Hye-kyo really your ideal type?

SI – No! Not at all! My ideal type is….

He thinks about what her mother said.

SI – ….a person who can rely on me when she has a hard time and drunkenly talks and is so lovely and….

The mother said, if the father was still alive….

SI – …..like daughter. (to continue what the mother said)

JR – Daughter? Are you a pervert?

She walks away quickly.

JR – No, Joo-ri, I will be reliable like abogi…Joori shi!

He runs to catch up with her.

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Kang-tae gets home and sits with Moon-yong in her sitting area. He asks if she is busy, she says she is  never too busy to not talk to him. He asks if she has the story line straight?

MY – Sort of.

KT – Do they get what they want?

MY – Do you want me to reveal the ending?

KT – No, just wondering

MY – I am wondering, who was that little girl who called you oppa, oppa?

KT – Ah, she was a patient who is 13 years older than you.

MY – Her voice sounded so young. She can read a kids books.

KT – Ko Moon-young….your father maybe….

MY – I know the director called me. He told me to meet him when he is conscious. That is screwed up. When a parent dies, are they all forgiven? Your sin is forgiven. Do they have to hear that and die happily?

KT – Are you sure that it will not hurt you later? The Kings ears are donkey ears. You said you have to say what you think, then you will not have any stress illness. From now on, you will not have any chance to talk to your father. Are you okay with that?

MY – I do not care. I have nothing to say and nothing to regret.

Later on, Kang-tae lays in bed and thinks about what Moon-young said to him.

VO – When I was young, I hated one kids book. Jang-hwa Hong-yun. I really hated the father in that story.

While she is talking, we cut to the hospital. Ko Dae-whan is in bed asleep. Sun-hae hears a woman humming in the hallway. She hides and turns into a little kid again.

VO – Kids are mistreated by their step-mother and die. The appa just ignores it. Those people who ignore it are worse than the abuser. Jung-hwa and Hong-yun where killed by their father.

Kang-tae rolls over and thinks about this.


In the morning at the hospital, there i a huge commotion with Sun-hae father trying to get to Sun-hae and Sun-hae running away from him. All the people who work there are there trying to keep him away and to also watch this situation. The doctor finally yells STOP. Everyone looks up at him.

We go to the directors office. He tells this father that they are going to call the cops if he keeps coming here and asking for a liver transplantation even though she refuses it.

he says that he is the father, her real father. the dirctor asks, SO DOES SHE OWE YOU HER LIVER! The doctor begs, please, if I do not get a transplant then I will die.

The doctor asks, so what did you do when your daughter was about to get killed by her mother? You just ignored it! You abandoned your sick daughter to a shaman house and said she was possessed.

The man says that back then she mumbled all the time.

JW – You ignored her for 30 years, but now? if you really want to live then you need to kneel in front of your daughter!

Outside, Sun-hae looks at her arm, she sees bruises on it and says that her stomach hurts and her back hurts. Kang-tae is sitting with her and asks if she asked her appa for help. She says he just ignores it.

Her father comes out. Kang-tae asks, do you want me to kick him out so he can’t come anymore? Or do you want to say what you want to say to appa and I can stay with you? She asks him to protect her. 

So Kang-tae stands in front of her and her appa.

Appa – Sunhae ya.

SH – I hate you appa! When umma hit me, you left the room. I called you over and over again and you ignored it. You didn’t protect me. I hate you more than umma who hit me. I am not possessed. You abandoned me to a shaman halmoni house. I was waiting and waiting. I waited for appa. I hate you appa! I hate you so so much!

The appa walks away. Kang-tae comforts Sun-hae who has turned into a little kid again. He gives her a big hug.

At the same time, Moon-yong is at home looking at her family photo that is ripped. She thinks about Kang-tae telling her that after today she will not have another chance to talk to her appa. Are you sure that you will not get hurt later?


Sang-tae tells Jae-soo, I am mad. So Jae-soo makes the emotion on his face. Sang-tae draws it.

They are hanging out at Jae-soo’s place.

Jae-soo tries really hard to make the emotion. 

Sang-tae tells him, a-hole. So Jae-soo makes that face. 

Sang-ate tells him, angry! So Jae-soo makes an angry face. They all look the same, lol. 

Sang-tae wonders, why are they all the same?

Jae-soo relaxes his face and says that his face is getting all messed up by helping him.

Sung-jae knocks on the door and comes in. Sang-tae tells her that he has to do her homework which is drawing facial expressions, can you help me? 

Jae-soo motions for her not to do it. But she nods and says of course! What should I do?

Sang-tae tells her to sit down and look at him. And look like the most lovely expression.

So she starts to make her face super lovely. Jae-soo mutters that she is cute. Sang-tae says it is strange. So she changes the expression.  Sang-tae says he will take a break and gets up to leave then mutters that this is so difficult.

Sung-jae tells him, sorry artist!

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Joo-ri heads home for the day, but gets a call and asks, right now?

Cut to her having a drink with Moon-young at the mansion. 

JR – I didn’t think you would want to have a drink with me.

MY – Kang-tae is working overnight, so you’re better than nothing. (she said a proverb like if you can’t get a horse than ride a cow instead).

JR – *chuckles*

MY – You don’t look too happy. THE KINGS EARS ARE DONKEY’S EARS. That is why I called you. So I will not have a stress related illness.

JR – Then I shouldn’t get drunk today.

MY – Joo-ri, if I were born as your mom’s daughter and you were born as my fathers daughter, what would happen?

JR – You would already be beaten to death by my mom because you don’t have manners.

MY – *chuckles* thats true.

They keep drinking.

Back at the hospital, Sun Byul and Kang-tae check the patients rooms. It is night time so they are all sleeping already. Kang-tae looks at Sun-hee who is sleeping with a stuffed animal.


At home, Soon-duk tells Sang-in that Joo-ri just called her and told her that she will be late. they are watching TV together. She says she will also have a drink.

Sang-in asks, drink? She shouldn’t drink like that, with whom?

The mom says Moon-yong.

Sang-in stands up to stop them. But Soon-duk says to leave them alone. They are friends. They can fight and be happy among friends.

SD – When I had the restaurant, Moon-young was the first person Joo-ri brought home as her friend. That tiny skinny girl ate a full bowl of rice. It seems like she never had any warm meal. Does she have any home problems?

SI – I don’t know. I only know she suffered something difficult for a little kid.


The head nurse checks over Ko Dae-whan. He wakes up. She asks if he would like some water?

KDW – I committed a very big crime. But I have no one to ask forgiveness.

She holds his hand.

KDW – I killed my wife.

HJ – Killed who?

KDW – She was humming even after killing a person.

Flashback to the mansion. His wife turned on the radio in their room and hummed a song while sitting on her bed. Ko Dae-whan was downstairs having a drink. His head started to ring.

VO – He has a brain tumor so there is a low chance of survival. it gets bigger, you will have a problem with recognition and memory.

He goes upstairs to the bedroom. He is a bit drunk.

KDW – Aigoo, you look happy today.

Wife – I am.

he laughs and plops on the bed. The radio says that a woman died yesterday. At the time of the crime the son was there. He sits up in alarm.

KDW – Why doesn’t that ajumma come today?

Wife – She won’t.

She looks at her nails that she is painting and giggles. We also finally see her face. She looks at bit psycho. She stands up and starts to walk away. He follows her.

KDW – It was you. You did it. DID YOU KILL HER!

Wife – Don’t worry, no one saw it.

he grabs her and spins her around

KDW – If I die, my daughter Moon-young will be a monster like you. 

Wife – *laughs* 

The wife keeps laughing, but tries to stop herself and then fails and keeps laughing.

KDW – You monster!

He pushes her and she flips over the banister and falls on the stairs. It is a hard fall, wow.

In the present, Ko Dae-whan keeps recounting the story to the head nurse.

KDW – I killed her back then.

Outside the room, Kang-tae looks into the room and knocks on the door. He asks the head nurse if there is any problem. She says it’s nothing. But then Ko Dae-whan says, Moon-yong saw everything….I…when I killed her….that little girl saw everything….

They both look at him in alarm.

Flashback to the wife bleeding from her head on the steps. The father is crying over here. Moon-young is watching in the distance.

The blood pools into a butterfly shape.

The father carries the mother to the basement room and locks the door. Moon-young sees him doing it.

When he walks back to the living room, he sees Moon-yong sitting on the steps. She looks at him. 

MY – Appa, where did you go?

Appa – Ah, well, I couldn’t sleep so I went to the lake to fish.

But he actually dropped her in the lake inside a huge airplane bag! Moon-yong looks at his shoes, they are dirty.

Int he present Ko Dae-whan mutters, Moon-yong knows everything.

KT – So, did you try to kill your own daughter?

KDW – No, I was afraid of her being a monster like her mother, that is why I did it. She is innocent. I am the sinner *cries*

In the mansion, Moon-young says 

MY – I was afraid of my mother so I tried to be a good daughter. That way, she would not hate me. No one came to rescue me. Except one person.

Flashback to Kang-tae holding the flowers for Moon-yong. She ran to him, but her mother stopped her.

MY – I wanted to run to him, but umma stopped me.

JR – Your appa wasn’t there?

MY – Umma raised me her own way. What appa did for me was, only once, he read me a kids book.

JR – A kids book.

MY – But Joo-ri, that one memory, I can’t erase it.

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Kang-tae and the head nurse leave KDW’s room. The head nurse tells him, even though she underwent that, she grew up well. She pats him on the shoulder and walks off.

He rests his back agains the wall.


Kang-tae gets home that morning. Moon-young is sleeping on the couch.

He pulls the covers over her to tuck her in a bit more. Then sits next to her. he holds her hand as she sleeps. A lovely song plays.

The camera pulls back on him holding her hand and watching her sleep.

Then we cut to Ko Dae-whan flatlining in the hospital. 


Moon-young is dressed in all black and looks at the burial place of her father which is inside a memorial cubby. It is raining. Sang-tae and Kang-tae are all with her. Sang-tae looks at her to possible see what sad looks like.

MY – Can you stop watching me?

ST – is that a sad face?

MY – No, it is a pretty face.

ST – Sadness is not something you should be ashamed of.

MY – I am not sad.

ST – no, no, it doesn’t seem like it.

KT – Hyuuuung.

ST – *mutters* It is right, she is not.

KT – Shall we go?

They all start to walk away. Sang-tae has his own umbrella. Kang-tae and Moon-young share an umbrella.

MY – I am hungry

ST – Would you like to eat something? Jangpong!

MY – No, I will eat maechuri (Qual eggs and rice).

ST – Soon-duk ajumma made that. Her maechuri is so good.

Moon-young stops and turns around. Kang-tae stops as well.

Then we see the flashback of her father reading to her.

KDW – in a castle, deep in the forest. A beautiful princess was born. The King loved his daughter so much. So to celebrate her birthday he threw a birthday party and invited 12 wizards. 

MY – So I am a princess also? Because I live in a castle in the forest?

KDW – Yes! To make my daughter a princess, I built this in the forest.

he smiles and hugs her and she smiles and he keeps reading and it is a lovely memory. “The entire country was under celebration, but the wizard who was not invited was angry so to ruin the birthday party…”

Older Moon-young turns back and starts walking off again.


Jae-soo, Sang-in, Sung-jae and Joo-ri all sit around the coffee table at Joo-ri’s place. Jae-soo says, even though he was suffering, he lived a long time so it was a good funeral?

Soon-duk comes in and says there are no good funerals. All deaths are sad. She sets some food on the table.

SI – Well, at least the two brothers are next to Moon-young so that makes me feel better.

SD – The hospital will be depressed for awhile.

JR – Because he was the longest running patient. Everyone is a little sad about it.

SD – *gets a phone call* Oh, Kang tae….okay, you can pick it up.

Cut to Soon-duk making the qual egg meal. Kang-tae is with her. She tells him that it is not appropriate to joke with someone in funeral clothes but you are like the daughter that takes everything from the mothers refrigerator to feed the husband.

he starts to chuckle.

SD – Are you okay?

KT – Me?

SD – Yes, strangely, whenever I see you I want to ask if you are okay.

KT – I am okay. I will be better. Sometimes I am sorry to my mother that I can be this happy.

SD – The worst son in the world gives up his own happiness for his parents. Just think that you are being a nice son by being happy.

She wraps up the food and hands it over to him. he thanks her.

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Back at the mansion, Moon-young looks at their photo hanging on the wall and asks Kang-tae if it is good? He says yes, he likes it.

She asks, maybe I will sell this house?

KT – Why?

MY – Now, I want to start over.

KT – That is actually a good idea *smiles*

MY – After selling this house, I will build a publishing house for CEO Lee and we can buy a camper with the rest of the money. For oppa, he just needs to draw a butterfly on the wall, that is all he has to do. You can quit the hospital and we can roam around without a destination.

KT – Okay, let’s do it.

She smiles and looks around the room.

KT – Since you are spending money, can you buy me expensive suits and send me to Sarengeti and put me in a hotel suite and feed me forever?

MY – Wow, you are cosplaying a Casanova.

They both laugh.

My – Tell me honestly what you really want. Moon Kang-tae’s real future wish.

KT – Well….its nothing, forget about it.

MY – What is nothing, you don’t have it or it is nothing?

KT – I want to go to school. Nighttime school is okay.

MY – School? No.

KT – Why?

MY – Because of those B* that want to be with you. If you really want to go to school then go to a cyber University.

KT – *smirk* Cham, what about you then, why did you become a kids book writer?

MY – Me? Because I know the kids book world the best. I was a real princess in a castle that appa built. The princesses life is all difficult. It just has a good ending. F*.

KT – When you have a good ending, it is all good.

He looks at her and they smile and chuckles again.


The three of them walk to the hospital. Sang-tae says he is really going to draw a butterfly. Kang-tae tells him he is looking forward to it. Moon-young tells them they all should go home together.

Inside, Phil-Ong tells him that eh finally found his door, the drawing. Sang-ate asks what he is talking about then walks around to the painting. They all look up and see the butterfly. It is the double butterfly with the little butterfly over the mother butterfly.

Sang-tae says he didn’t draw that one. That one was on the clothes of the lady that killed my mother. Butterfly! That butterfly!

Moon-young looks at the butterfly, it is white and is huge! She thinks back to her mother putting on her jewelry at home.

Mother – In old greek, butterfly is pushykay. Do you know what pushykay word is based on?….

She opens a box and gets out her broach.

Mother – ….Psycho.

She puts that butterfly on her blouse.

Mother – How do you like it? This is the only butterfly like this in the world. How do you like it? Am I pretty?

She turns to little Moon-yong. Moon-young sees the butterfly.

Sang-tae is super sad and ass why that butterfly is there? That butterfly killed our Mother. Moon-young starts to back away a bit. Kang-tae holds her her arm to tell her something. She runs away.

Kang-tae runs after her and catches her.

MY – It isn’t, is it? It’s not.

KT – Moon-young….please.

MY – Tell me its not.

She is teary eyed.

KT – Moon-young….


She storms out crying. He also sheds a tear. he looks at his empty hand.

Cut to a car driving away. A woman is singing My Darling Clementine. She is wearing the broach….

OMG, its the head nurse!!!!!

She wears a psycho smile as she dries away. The camera settles on the white broach on her chest.

Fade Out


Okay, the commenter who said the head nurse was the mom was spot onnnnn!!!!! OMG!!!! That was a huge surprise for me, I did not see that one coming. I love it though. It makes sense that she would be there checking in on her husband and possibly seeing her daughter again if she ever showed up.

Wow, but how will the show progress now. And how did she survive that fall as well as being dumped in the lake? Or perhaps the story of the two sisters and the father will play a role? That Korean story is a sad tale about a father who I think kills his daughters(?) or something along those lines (I do not know the specifics) but I do know that twins daughters are involved and it is a sad tale.

Okay, theory time. So could Moon-young’s mother have, perhaps, had a twin? Could the twin have been in the photo also? Some people in DC Inside think that could be the case and point to the partial head of the mother in the photo looking a little too far behind the body, so perhaps that is the case?

I don’t know, but I am here for this twist! What does everyone here think? Twin, no twin? Climbed out of the bag and saved herself? It never happened to begin with? I have no clue, but I love it.

See you tomorrow!


English Translation

KT – Moon-young is just Ko Moon-young to me.

MY – There is only one mutant butterfly.

MY – It should be here.

KT – Hyung, I am a little scared.

ST – I will protect you because I am hyung and oppa. I am the guardian, I am the guardian.

MY – Come to me quickly, umma.

JW – I am really sorry.


SI – Moon-young!


SI – Moon-young

KT – Hyung….


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  1. Cat
    August 1, 2020 / 11:39 am

    I knew she wasn’t the mother, that was very obvious but I thought, someone used her, yes. I thought about her or don’t know why the shaman patient too. Yes, why not 😉
    Well, like Sang-tae and how now, he’s also a big bro to Moon-young.

    Again, thank you !!!

  2. Marmele
    August 1, 2020 / 11:58 am

    I think the head nurse is the mothers sister.
    “The Story of the two sisters” might be a hint.
    I am quite sure MY mother is indeed dead. They showed her bleeding out,
    and he sank her in a lake.

    If the head nurse were the mother MY would have recognized her.
    Only three episodes left to find out. While i wait
    i read “Elle Weston” s book.

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:30 am

      Can’t wait for you to read it, Marmele!!!!

  3. Sarah
    August 1, 2020 / 12:27 pm

    That never crossed my mind. It’s so creepy. Ok ran and the head nurse, what could be their relationship? Joo ri said that MY dad is the longest patient there. Who built that hospital anyway? Could it be the head nurse? Maybe MY dad is not really sick, the head nurse just killed her or drove her to madness. So much happening.

    • VT
      August 2, 2020 / 12:24 am

      I don’t think she built the hospital. I mean she would be one of the directors there wouldn’t she?
      She probably identified where ko dae hwan was hospitalized and then went to work there..over do many years she became head nurse.

      • Sarah
        August 2, 2020 / 1:01 am

        Yes, that’s possible.

        • V
          August 2, 2020 / 10:33 am

          All her money went to her plastic surgery, no way she had any left over for the hospital 😂

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:31 am

      Good questions, Sarah! I have no clue, but I am hear to find out 😁

  4. Jane M
    August 1, 2020 / 1:44 pm

    Omo, omo, omo! My heart – how will these poor babies ever survive this twist. Come on writer-nim, give us a happy ending! I am so cried out….

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:31 am

      Right! I went into the episode today thinking, wow, what is going to happeeeeeen???

  5. VT
    August 2, 2020 / 12:22 am

    That’s was clever the commenter earlier thought the head nurse is the mom..or maybe we believe the mom’s sister. If you look back at the recaps relating to head nurse..she was very certain Ok Ran won’t come back. Did she kill her? Is that why she had her patient bed cleared right away for a new waiting list patient.
    And also when she spoke with director Ok, when he asked her not to clear out ko dae Hwan bed yet she said she has already arranged the same..she always seemed to pay a lot of attention to ko dae hwan. Which obviously makes a lot of sense now.

    But how does one go from being a killer to becoming a caregiver..that is still beyond me. Unless she’s cured. But I would put my money more on the theory that she is the sister of MY mom. She looked pretty dead to me in the flashback seen. That’s a whole lot of blood from the head.

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:32 am

      Oh my gosh, she might have killed Ok-ran! I didn’t even think about that!

  6. Dokkebi
    August 2, 2020 / 2:00 am

    This guy on YouTube called Drama Hyung posted a theory about the Tale of two sisters saying that Head nurse and MY’s mom could have been sisters. The Head Nurse became obsessed w her sisters life, daughter and husband and imitated her sister trying to become her. Because MY was so young and traumatised by her past she could have confused her psychotic aunt and her mom as the same person, her dad with the brain tumour might have been confused too.
    Anyway I can’t wait until tonight’s episode!! My heart really warms to see how much Sang Tae has grown 😊🥰

    • V
      August 2, 2020 / 10:29 am

      Oh this is sooooo goooood!!!!!

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