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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 13 Live Recap - Part 1

Our little family looks darn good in their dress clothes. I just want to give them all a big ol hug and bake them cookies. But we know that there has to be something that is going to happen right? I mean they are too happy right now. Just don’t hurt us too bad writer.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: It’s Okay to Not be Okay

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





it is night time at the mansion. Kang-tae is still in the car. He is resting his hands and head on the steering wheel. He looks up and then looks at the note in  his hand which says, I will be there soon. It is the same writing from Ok-ran.

He thinks about telling the doctor that this is too cruel. Because of that F-ing butterfly, I was crawling on the bottom.

He goes inside

VO – But that butterfly, how can it be her mom?

He goes up the steps.

VO – Moon-young, hopefully she doesn’t know anything about it and won’t suffer like me. Hopefully she won’t have pain at all and won’t care about other peoples emotions. She can just be an empty can. What can I do because I am so sorry to my mom and hyung.

He looks at Moon-yong sleeping for a while and then goes to his room and looks at the photo of him and his family.


Moon-young goes to Kang-tae’s bedroom and tells him that they are leaving. She does not go inside. Insitead, she calls through the door and tells him that they are leaving. If you change your mind you can still come, even if it is late.

Inside the room, Kang-tae is awake and sitting up in bed. He gets up and walks to the suit that is hanging on the wall. It has a post-it note with the address of the photo place on it.

He opens it up and pulls out Mang-tae which was inside. Mang-tae also has a letter in his backpack.

Letter – Because of Mang-tae that you gave me, I don’t have nightmares. You, oppa, and Mang-tae – I am so happy that I have family like this.

We see Moon-young writing the letter and rolling it up for Mang-tae’s backpack.

Letter – PS. Please give Mang-tae back to me, it is mine.

Kang-tae reads the letter in the room and then looks at the suit. 

He puts on the suit as a lovely song plays then walks down the steps like James Bond and walks outside to go to the photo.


The photographer starts to direct the photo and tells Moon-young and Sang-tae to stand close to each other and for Moon-young to sit and for Sang-tae to stand behind her. But then Sang-tae sees Kang-tae and tells the photographer to stop because his real brother has come inside.

Everyone is happy to see him. He walks up to Moon-young and asks if he isn’t late yet. She smiles and Sang-tae smiles and Kang-tae smiles.

MY – I was about to photoshop you in if you didn’t show up.

KT – that is why I am here.

ST – You look super cool! $100?

KT – Hyung, you are also handsome.

Kang-tae turns to Sang-tae and tugs at his suit. They all smile and go take the photo with a renewed sense of family and happiness. Kang-tae looks at them all and then smiles for the photo.




Sang-in gets back to the house. Sung-jae greets him. He asks where she is going. She tells him that she text him to let him know that she is taking the two artists to the library to research for the next book.

Sang-in asks how he can check his text? you told me to turn off my phone.

She hits him and reminds him to be quiet because Joo-ri eunnie is over there!

She pulls him to the side and says that she thinks their plan worked. Never ever talk about the blind date until she asks about it. Okay?

He says okay and says thank you. But, you made me tell all those lies (or something like that). She tells him to just shut up and follow her orders!

Then she runs off. He smiles and gets himself mentally ready. Then he knocks on Joo-ri’s door. She says he can come in.

he comes in slowly and says that he just wanted to tell her that he is back. She is sitting at her desk and tells him he should be tired and rest. But she smiles when she turns around.

He says that he brought side dishes from his mother, if you didn’t eat. She tells him that she ate, you should eat though. He is about to leave but then turns and mentions that he had a blind date!

She tells him that she knows.

SI – She looked like Song Hye-kyo, my ideal type and we had a good~

JR – Excuse me but I have to finish this because I had training.

SI – Okay….fighting!

She starts working sadly again. He leaves and hits his mouth several times then complains about his mouth. How can I screw that up.

Inside, Joo-ri is trying to study, but she actually wrote “Is Song Hye Kyo crazy? Are you happy?”

She looks at the note then throws it down. She turns angrily to look at the door and then turns around again.


Sung-jae waits at this huge fabulous library for Moon-young and mutters to herself some complaints. She wonders if Ko Moon-young thinks promises are like dog poop. 

Moon-young is right behind her, lol. Sung-jae gasps when she notices. Moon-young tells her it is okay, you should talk bad behind the person’s back so you don’t have any stress. Live well.

Sang-tae and Kang-tae come up right then looking handsome. Sung-jae is surprised to see them in a suit and tells them that they look super handsome. Moon-young sends her dagger eyes.

Kang-tae asks Sang-tae if he wanted to come here? he says yes, there are so many paintings and pictures in the library. Sung-jae grabs Sang-tae and pulls him off to enjoy the library and also to get away from Moon-young.

Moon-young tells Kang-tae not to wear that suit anymore.

KT – Why?

MY – It is not good. Your work uniform is a lot better.

KT – Really? I thought I should buy a few more of these. Suits are unexpectedly comfortable.

MY – It is uncomfortable to look at, don’t wear it.

KT – Okay, you also don’t wear that, it is very uncomfortable to look at.

He strolls away. She yells, Ya! I told you not to wear it! I will shred it! Okay! Don’t wear it!

Meanwhile, Sung-jae tries to show Sang-tae some popular illustrations. But he shushs her and says that you have to be quiet in a library. He turns away from her and keeps reading his book. She scoots closer and whispers to him.

SJ – As you know, writer Ko Moon-young’s books are harsh and cruel so I wish you add a warm artwork with pastels and neutralize her harshness.

ST – I refuse.

SJ – Why?

ST – When you neutralize it, it is just bland. No one will eat it, not even dogs will eat it. *gets up and walks off*

SJ – *surprised* He is cool.

Elsewhere in the library, Kang-tae looks at some books on display. Moon-yong comes up and says that she heard he is a spring dog. He asks, why am I?

MY – Your friend Jae-soo told me. You never show what is inside and just suffer by yourself. that is a spring dog.

KT – Did y’all meet each other?

MY – I met him because I wanted to know why you were mad? He came right away for just for ten boxes of pizza.

KT – So, what did he say?

MY – He told me not to attempt to know more. Nothing good comes out if I tried to understand you. So I decided to wrap it up. I am not curious at all.

She turns to walk somewhere else.

KT – Ko Moon-young….I am sick and tired of protecting someone. I was born to do that and that is my life so I was just forced to do it.

MY – So?

KT – Now, I won’t make it my chore. I will make it my life’s goal. To protect my family with my life on the line. It is actually pretty cool. Whoever touches my family, I will punish them. I will be a protector

MY – That family….am I part of it?

KT – We took a family photo….

He holds her hand

KT – ….So we are family.

She smiles happily.


Th shaman patient talks on the phone by the receptionist desk and tells them never to call her. You don’t deserve to come here. Okay, I will just kill myself!

She hangs up and tells the nurses and doctors, if that guy calls again, tell him I am dead! She runs off. Dr. Kawn follows her to see if she is okay.

The nurses wonder who called. One of them says it was her father. Cha-yong says that guy has no sense. He sent her to a shaman when she was very young because she was possessed.

Sun Byul tells them that she also would not want to see that kind of father either. They were living as strangers, so why now.

The head nurse stands up and tells Sun Byul not to pre-judge the patients without knowing everything about their family. You formed your opinion on one side, but maybe the parents have their own reasons.

The head nurse walks away. Sun Byul mutters, yeah, I am the sinner.


Sang-in is sitting in his rental space when Soon-duk knocks and comes in. He invites her to sit with him and makes a nice spot on the floor for them both. She brought food. 

She tells him that he can’t sleep if he is hungry so at least eat this. He nods his thank you’s.

She looks around and sees a lot of kids books. He tells her that as an adult reading kids books, you look very innocent and cool.

SI – No, no, it is my work. Thank yo so much. *eats some* Wow, it is so good. Actually, I was very hungry. I couldn’t go there to eat because I was embarrassed.

SD – What was so embarrassing?

Time is cut and we see Soon-duk laughing as they both drink a beer or coke or something like that. 

SD – *laughs* Why did you bluff like that?

SI – Yeah, I wanted to sew my lips shut.

SD – *laughs* Can I give you a hint?

SI – hint?

SD – My Joo-ri liked her father a lot more than me and trusted him more and relied on him more. After he died early, she lived her life as a son and husband to me so she does not know how to rely on other people. if she has a father then she will say whatever she wants to say and have less stress problems. Who she can rely on when she has a hard time is all that she needs, right?

SI – Excuse me?….*realization dawns on him*….Oh, yes! Yes, yes, yes!

They both touch drinks together and keep drinking.



Sang-tae runs back inside and runs upstairs because he wants to watch his favorite show, Dooli. Kang-tae yells up for him to hang his clothes. Sang-tae yells, okay. But he is already upstairs.

Moon-yong and Kang-tae walk to the library office. He puts Sang-tae’s things on his desk. She tells him that she will hang the family photo over there. that will change this gloomy house to a bright house. Perhaps with this I will also change the interior of the house.

Your room is also too small for two men.

He walks up and looks at the wall. 

KT – So you want to change the room?

MY – Why, you can use my room. Move in.

KT – No.

MY – Why?

KT – Your parents used that room.

MY – What about it?

KT – Ko Moon-young….if I tell you to live somewhere else, would you like to come with me?

MY – Why?

KT – Will you?

MY – Do you have to run away again? Is it time for your oppa to have the butterfly dream? Don’t worry, I will kill that butterfly. You know, I am a butterfly killer.

KT – *smiles and pulls her into a hug* Not like that. If the butterfly comes – don’t kill it. You shouldn’t. 

MY – *looks at him* Why?

KT – What if I run away scared again?

MY – Then I will run and catch you and break your legs. *chuckles*

KT – *chuckles*

MY – Okay, I promise. Pinky promise and stamp…..not that stamp.

They lean in and kiss.

Upstairs, Sang-tae happily watches Dooli. He recites all of the conversation. Kang-tae comes in, he is all changed as well. He sits on Sang-tae’s bed and watches Dooli.

ST – Why are you all flushed?

KT – Ah, maybe the hot shower.

ST – Are you embarrassed? When your cheeks are flushed and your eyes are moving around and only your mouth is smiling, hat is embarrassed. Did you do something embarrassing?

KT – Noooo….a….a little.

ST – Did you kiss her?

KT – A little.

ST – Kissing is better than fighting. Don’t fight. I will give you a hard time.

KT – Hyung, do you like me more or Moon-young more?

ST – Uh….well….I like Ko Gil-tong better (the cartoon character). 

Kang-tae looks at him happily then asks why Dooli is fighting with his friends on the TV. Sang-tae tells him not to talk to him when they watch Dooli, that is good manners.


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    • V
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      You’re welcome, Cat! thank you for recapping along with us!

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