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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Yesterday’s ending was *holds chest like Denzel Washington* just wonderful. It was such a wonderful ending that, like Jane M mentioned, I actually forgot about that swoon worthy kiss!!!! And that kiss was GOOOOD. That might be a Kdrama first y’all. I don’t think I have ever forgotten that a kiss that good happened because the ending of the episode was so wonderful, so that’s all I thought about.

Sign me up for more of this because yesterday’s episode was all around good. The pining and kisses and strategery was all right up my romance alley.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Kang-tae wakes up in his room at the mansion. He stretches and sits up and massages his jaw a bit. Then he sees that Sang-tae is not in bed, so he runs downstairs to see where he might be.

Everything looks clean in the living room and it looks like Sang-tae and Moon-young might have tried to make breakfast? They are both sitting to eat.

Moon-young tells Kang-tae that she made toast, would you like some? Sang-tae tells him that he cleaned while his bestie made toast. You were just sleeping.

KT – Why didn’t you wake me up?

MY – I slapped your face to make you wake up, but you were just sleeping like Sleeping Beauty.

Kang-tae massages his jaw again.

ST – Princess, princess, you have to kiss the princess to wake them up.

MY – I did *smiles*

ST – We have to give them a name first.

Sang-tae points to the drawing. Moon-young says she has given then a name. She points to one of the characters

MY – This one is the boy who lost his ego. She is the can princess who doesn’t have emotions. And….

ST – Those aren’t their names. Moon Sang-tae, Moon Kang-tae, Moon Sang-tae, those are names.

KT – I am off today.

MY – No name is fine, that is the trend

ST – Trend? What is a trend?

MY – There is something like that

KT – Would you like to go on a drive together?

MY – Don’t ask then argue.

ST – Hey, I am curious

MY – Don’t be curious. I am the boss

ST – Don’t use your power like that

MY – Eat your toast

ST – Don’t tell me that

MY – You are making me angry

ST – What did I do wrong

MY – Are you arguing with me!

ST – Kang tae said don’t argue

Kang-tae looks at them having their back and forth and says that he is going back to the bedroom. He goes back upstairs and checks his phone. Then calls Jae-soo.

Jae-soo tells him he is ready to go to work. Kang-tae reminds him that it is his off day today. Jae-soo asks, so what? Kang-tae asks, do you want to hang out? Let’s have fresh air on Alberto.

Jae-soo asks, so your first and second priority are not hanging out with you so you are asking your third priority?

Kang-tae asks if he is mad again? Jae-soo tells him that he is a white fox. He is so foxy. When you need something you change your eye-gaze and make me anxious and then eat all the intestines and ignore me, you selfish guy.

KT – So you are not hanging out with me?

JS – Do you like me or hyung nim more?

KT – You.

JS – Do you like me more or Ko Moon-young more?

KT – You.

JS – You come to my store.

Jae-soo does a little dance. Kang-tae wonders about the white fox.


Sang-in gives Soon-duk a gift of collagen for her knee because he really likes Joo-ri. He says that he heard that she stands all day so it’s hard on her collagen. Joo-ri asks when she said that?

Soon-duk tells him he should give it to his parents. But he tells her that he has a box in his car to give to his parents. So she gets happy and says she will try it. Joo-ri asks him if he is going home?

Soon-duk reads the room and excuses herself with her collagen. She closes the door and listens in.

SI – It is not a big thing, just an every month thing.

JR – Oh, okay, every month.

SI – My father broke 3 ribs.

JR – Really? What happened?

Then Sung-jae comes out and starts singing that his father is a liar. He is a father like son. She smiles.

Soon-duk mutters through the door, argh, that mouth! Joo-ri asks, is it all lies? Sang-in tries to get his face right and says that his father is maybe jealous when family members get married so he might lie to make me go down. I should at least have a few blind dates.

JR – You are going on blind dates?

SI – Once a month, that is why it is a monthly thing

He stands up and bows sheepishly and says he will call her, then leaves. She mutters, phone call?



Kang-tae sits in the pizza place looking pensive. All the girls look at him and swoon and says that he is their style. Jae-soo takes a picture of him and sends it to Moon-young with the text – sweet food attracts ants, a lot of women hit on lonely Kang-tae. Please come to my pizza place.

Moon-young zooms to the pizza place in her car, all the while cursing about killing all the ants, and honking her horn to all the other cars to MOVE! MOVE!

At the pizza place, Jae-soo feeds Kang-tae some food and then tells him that when people are in love, a lot of vitamins come out and they are cooler than usual. 

Kang-tae tells him it is not vitamins, it is dopamine. Jae-soo asks, are you bragging because you work in the hospital? You and me are the same without good education.

Kang-tae corrects what Jae-soo says. Jae-soo tells him to be careful with women. Kang-tae asks, huh? Jae-soo reiterates, the women that are targeting you. The more dangerous thing are psychopath women who are targeting the women that are targeting you.

Kang-tae is all like, what the F?

But then Moon-young comes in looking like the Boss B. He asks her how she knows he is there? She takes his knife and starts scratching it across his plate while staring at the girls. It makes a sharp noise that causes all the girls to cover their ears.

Kang-tae asks why she is here, don’t you have a meeting?

MY – The meting is not important. I heard a lot of ants are targeting you.

JS – *mutters* I should have made a togo box

MY – Just eat fast. Then let’s go.

KT – I just started, wait a minute.


Sang-tae happily walks across the hospital yard and says hello to everyone. He also says hello to the chickens and tells them that they should not fight and they all look different but they are all birds, good bye.

He happily walks to the building. The doctor sees him from his window and smiles. He thought Sang-tae would be upset at him and not come. 

The head nurse goes into the doctors office. He asks her why she removed Ok-ran’s bed so quickly.

She tells him that Ok-ran is not coming back anyway. Hang-ja says it is rare for escaped patients to come back and we already have a lot of people waiting to get in here.

He tells her to at least not remove patient Ko Dae-whan’s bed and do not call the hospice. Just let him stay in our hospital. She says okay, I already did it. he chuckles and tells her that she is so fast.

They both chuckle. She asks, on that day, why do you think patient Ko Dae-whan acted out to patient Ok-ran? Doctor Oh JW says that it might have been a delusion. He might have seen his wife in her.

Nurse Park HJ asks, huh? Writer Do Hee-jae?

JW – It seems like he hated her but was also afraid of her.

HJ – Why?

JW – His wife killed someone.

HJ – *gasps* Killed who?

But then Sang-tae comes in so the mood is lifted and the head nurse leaves so they can talk.


Kids play at the pizza place. Moon-young looks at them and says she hates those kids and animals the most.

KT – Why?

MY – Those kids are not listening, they are only asking.

KT – That is why I like them. You can’t talk to them so you have to pay attention. And they bug you so they are cute. Asking for love so that is longing…..like you.

MY – I am not going to give birth to your kid.

KT – *coughs up water*

MY – Don’t expect that. I don’t want to be jealous to my own kid.

KT – *leans in* Hey, come closer.

MY – *leans in*

KT – closer

MY – *leans in and closes eyes*

KT – *flicks her on the forehead* 

MY – *screams*

KT – Do you think anyone becomes an umma? *chuckles*

Then the umma tells her kids to sit and they listen to her.


Sang-tae looks uncomfortable, looks around, rubs his face, then stands up. The doctor holds his arm and asks, are you still mad at me because I asked you to draw butterflies (or did not give him the money, one of them).

ST – You should keep your promise, that is A.

JW – I hope my Sang-tae stops running away from butterflies. Because hyung is running away, dong-saeng is having a hard time.

ST – Butterflies are scary, I hate them.

JW – Can I tell you something interesting?

ST – Yes.

JW – in old Greece, butterflies are push-kay.

ST – Push-kay?

JW – Do you know what push-kay is? Healing. 

ST – healing?

JW – There are more healing butterflies than scary butterflies. Don’t be too hasty. Let’s do it slowly, we can slowly try together. Then in the end you may have a butterfly in your painting.

ST – healing….healing.

JW holds his hand to reassure him. Sang-tae repeats, healing.


Kang-tae and Moon-young go on a ride in her car. He is driving. He asks her about her new story and if they are the three people int he story. She smiles and nods.

KT – I am the boy that lost his ego. The empty can princess without emotions is you.

MY – Yes.

KT – What about hyung?

MY – He is the ajusshi who is trapped in a box.

Kang-tae kind of smiles.

KT – So what do they do, the three travelers?

MY – They meet someone stranger than them who is even more deficient then they are.

KT – So?

MY – No more information or that would be a spoiler.

KT – That sounds fun.

MY – Of course, Ko Moon-young wrote it. *smiles*

KT – I hope it is a happy ending.

MY – Me too. Where are we going?

KT – To buy the bread that you burnt this morning.



Kang-tae pushes the cart and Moon-yong grabs whatever she wants and puts it in. She tells him there are a lot of things in this place. This is my first time coming here. He tells her to just buy one thing instead of a lot of the same thing.

Moon-young keeps walking and tells him that it would be okay if their son looked like him, then I am sure that I would not get jealous. Just one boy. 

Kang-tae tells her not to think too far ahead, please. She asks, why! Just one boy! I want just one boy! I want to give birth to a babaay!

Everyone looks at them. Kang-tae turns around and motions for her to be quiet. She continues and asks, why aren’t you cooperating! I told you I want to give birth to a baby!

He has to go to her and tell her to be quiet. Everyone is watching. Just buy the milk and stop talking about babies.


At the hospital reception area, Sun Byul whispers to Joo-ri that the other doctor, Dr. Kawn MS is getting married soon. Joo-ri says he does not have a girlfriend.

Byul tells her that he set a date with a woman he went on a blind date with last month. Joo-ri asks, that quickly? Byul says things like that happen at his age. They just compare their status and set the date.

The doctor comes up and asks if they are talking about him? Then smiles and gives them a wedding invitation. He tells them that he should say that his ideal type showed up at his blind date. Joo-ri looks worried about Sang-in’s blind date.


Moon-young and Kang-tae are in the kitchen. He is taking out all their groceries from the bags. He tells her that Sang-tae’s art supplies are in the study. 

She hugs him from behind. He is stunned. He tries to remove her arms.

MY – When do we use the same room?

KT – Why do we use the same room, I have my hyung. Let me go.


KT – Let me go, let me go, let me go. *tries to break free*


KT – Okay, later, later, we can play later.

MY – In my room?

KT – Okay, in your room.

MY – *lets go and whispers* I will wait for you

She walks away, he tries to get back to taking out the groceries.


At home, Joo-ri waits for Sang-in’s phone call. Sung-jae comes in and talks on the phone to Sang-in about work with moon-young. But it might be fake, she looks at Joo-ri to see if she is curious. Joo-ri tries not to be curious.

She gets off the phone. Joo-ri asks if that was her CEO? Was it anything particular? Sung-aje asks, particular like what? Joo-ri tells her nothing.

SJ – Ah, the CEO’s blind date looked like Song Hye-kyo. His ideal type is Song Hye-kyo. Well….it is his lucky date.

Joo-ri tries not to look worried. She rubs her hair.


In their room, Sang-tae starts to mutter things that Dr. Oh told him about healing and push-kay and butterflies and not running away from things anymore. Then dong-saeng will not have a hard time.

Kang-tae asks if he really thinks he can face it? Sang-tae pauses and then asks Kang-tae if these painting things are expensive, how much are they? Kang-tae tells him to just sell a lot of books.

Sang-tae starts to mutter, push-kay, healing, there are a lot of good butterflies. Push-kay.

Meanwhile, Moon-yong gets ready for a nice evening in her room with Kang-tae. She is wearing a nice nightgown and puts pillows on the bed but then thinks she doesn’t need too many pillows.

He comes in after a shower. She is laid on the bed and tells him that he came so fast that he didn’t even dry his hair. She smiles.

He clears his throat and walks to the table and tells her to sit over there with him. She mutters that he never followed. He says she has too much to drink here and pours them both a glass.

She sits at the table and looks at him with expectations. he tries to act normal. But he’s rubbing his thigh and looking to the side and clearing his throat.

KT – Um, my brother will have consultations with the director from today.

MY – Stop talking about hyung from now on, if you violate that then take one shot.

KT – From now on you should stop cursing. One shot if you violate it.


Cut to her cursing about her headache and looking super drunk.  She is laying against the side of her bed. He is still at the table and smiling. He says a snake will come out of her mouth. He walks to her side. She pulls him to the floor to sit with her and cuddles.

MY – I really like this. You and oppa in this house. I am really happy.

He lays her in bed and looks at her for a moment then kisses her lightly one time before telling her goodnight. He puts Mang-tae in her hand and walks out.

She curls over to the side.

He goes to the office to put Sang-tae’s painting things on his desk and sees the blue envelop. So he picks it up curiously and opens it. The card inside is of a butterfly.

Letter – I will be there soon.

VO – Why did Park Ok-ran patient go there?

Flashback to Ok-ran putting that letter on the desk.

VO – She shouldn’t have run away only to say happy birthday.

Kang-tae falls into Sang-tae’s seat. There is a butterfly in the letter. He starts to think of the butterfly and how Sang-tae told him that the butterfly said it would kill him. Kang-tae breathes hard several times and thinks.

Upstairs, Moon-young is still sleeping.

Kang-tae goes to he and Sang-tae’s room. He looks at Sang-tae for a moment and then turns around and takes a few deep breathes int he hallway. he looks at the butterfly and the note again. Then crumples the butterfly in his hand and grimaces.


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