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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Kang-tae laughs with a bloody nose. Jae-soo is sitting next to him. He says it felt good when young hit him, but now they are fighting. When we fight…

JS – It hurts your feelings?

KT – No, I feel relieved.

He laughs and lays back on the pyongsang.

JS – The Psycho virus is really strong. You have become a new person. 

KT – Jae-soo….

JS – Who are you, do you know me?

KT – I….am this kind of person. *laughs*….Moon Kang-tae is Moon Kang-tae’s.


Joo-ri and Soon-duk sit with Sang-tae and put some bandages on his wounds. Joo-ri tells him it might hurt a bit. She is putting something on his neck.

ST – He is not my brother!

SD – *understanding* Yes, using finger nails is illegal. I didn’t think Kang-tae was that kind of person.

JR – Actually, Kang-tae was hit more

SD – *pinches her, shut up*

ST – Kang-tae is not my brother, he is a stranger

JR – He is a stranger now? Umma, you can make Kang-tae your son now.

SD – Ah, that’s right, thank you Sang-tae.

ST – *reluctantly* He is a stranger.


Kang-tae and Sang-tae still sleep together upstairs. Kang-tae wakes up right when Moon-young texts him to ask if he is sleeping. Kang-tae doesn’t answer. He gets out a small medical kit and pulls it to Sang-tae to put a bandage on his neck scratch.

Then we go to a flashback of Kang-tae talking to Jae-soo on the rooftop. They are both laying on the pyongsang.

KT – Jae-soo, please understand. Me and hyung have looked at each other for too long. We have to learn how to live with others. 

JS – But why is that other person Ko Moon-young? 

KT – Because she is the loneliest person I know. I will start with that person.

In the present, Kang-tae applies the bandaid on Sang-tae’s neck. Sang-tae is still sleeping soundly.

Moon-young keeps texting him: Call me. I am bored. I am hungry.

She is in bed and thinks, if he ignores it then he shouldn’t have read it. She curls over and mutters to herself that she shouldn’t have returned Mang-tae.

Then someone knocks on her door!

She gets up and walks to the living room. Sung-tae is still sleeping on the couch. The door knocks continue. Moon-young grabs a small fireplace shovel and opens the front door.

Someone grabs it! She yells!

Then she looks up and its….

Kang-tae. He looks so over it, lol.

KT – I told you not to open the door to anyone. Why did you bring this with you? 

MY – *smiles* Why are you here?

KT – You said you were hungry? Let’s go.


So they go to subway and enjoy munching on some sandwiches.

MY – Are you really not going to tell me why your face looks like that?

KT – I fought someone.

MY – A patient?!

KT – I would get fired.

MY – Then who?

KT – What would you do if you know?

MY – I am going to beat that person

KT – It was hyung

MY – Sang-tae oppa? You hit hyung?

KT – No, we fought. I didn’t hit him. He hit me more.

MY – You said we would make him believe that it is “we” not strangers. But you fought him! *grabs his sandwich* what are you going to do?

KT – I am thinking about it.

MY – You told me that I have to think first. 

KT – You told me that it is not a sin to follow your basic instincts.

MY – *grumbles* Just confess.

KT – What?

MY – I like Ko Moon-young. I cannot be without her. Hyung, save me. It is simple.

KT – *looks at her deeply* I like Ko Moon-young. *looks away* If I say this, what do you think hyung will say?

They both look a bit worried.

The camera scrolls to Sang-tae happily sleeping.


Back in Subway, Moon-young asks

MY – When will you only think about yourself and not hyung?

KT – *smiles*

MY – Haven’t you ever had your own dreams?

KT – Well, I have three but I realized two already.

MY – What are those two?

KT – Not moving but traveling. Having fun.

MY – Next

KT – Fighting young *snickers* Its nothing right? But for me, it was so much fun. I felt like I live like other people.

MY – What is the one you haven’t realized yet? I will hear it since you came all the way to me tonight.

KT – No, it is already too late.

MY – Why is it already late?

He looks at some high school kids eating subway behind them.

KT – Going to school in a school uniform.

He dreams that he is one of those kids sleeping at the subway. They tell him to wake up. He sees Moon-young sitting at the subway as well as a high school student and is mesmerized. He leaves quickly and followed her when she leaves. His friends (it looks like one of them is Jae-soo) as where he is going and runs out with him. Kang-tae ignores him and runs to catch up with Moon-young.

He follows Moon-young up the street and gets her attention. She turns around. He tries to say something but Sang-tae jumps on his back and pulls him around in a head lock. He does not have autism and happily treats Kang-tae as a little brother.

Then he notices that Kang-tae likes this girl so he calls to Moon-young and says that his little brother likes you! Moon-young comes walking up. Sang-tae tells Kang-tae to straighten up like a man. Moon-young tells him that she knows him, she has seen him at school.

Sang-tae tells him congratulations, she knows you.

Cut to Kang-tae sleeping next to Sang-tae. This was his dream. He smiles and starts to mutter in his sleep. Sang-tae wakes up and looks at him. He keeps muttering. It sounds like he muttered, I like you.

Sang-tae looks at him and then gets up and walks to the board to find out what that emotion is. He sees that it is happiness. He looks back at Kang-tae and back at the board. He thinks his Kang-tae is happy. He tries to wrap his mind around that.

He kneels next to him to look at his face even closer and then starts to pace around the room until he finally lays back down. He mutters that this is the first time for his Kang-tae and keeps looking at him.


Sang-in shows up to the mansion. Sung-jae let’s him in. She tells him that she had a nightmare and feels strange.

Sang-in is so happy and asks where their Moon-young is. She says she is in her study.

So Sang-in goes into the library and happily addresses her.

SI – Writer Ko is in front of her laptop! I love seeing you like this! I couldn’t even sleep last night! This should be a good one, right? Wait, I should be ready. Tell me about it!

She hands him the drawing. 

SI – Is this like a little cartoon?

MY – I am making the storyline.

SI – The title?

MY – Not set yet

SI – The message?

MY – Not yet

SI – When are you going to finish it?

MY – Some day

SI – So you did not set anything yet?

MY – Maybe

SI – Who is the artist?

MY – My bestie.

Cut to Sang-tae opening his closet. He looks inside and takes out his box safe and looks at it. Then he calls Kang-tae. 

Kang-tae is helping with a patient and could not pick up the phone at the time.

But he does pick it up when he is on a break outside.

KT – Hell_

ST – Did you eat!

KT – *stunned*

ST – Did you eat?

KT – *still stunned* We had an emergency patient so I did not eat

ST – Are you hungry? COme to the We are Family restaurant by six.

He hangs up. Kang-tae is lost for words.

Back at the mansion, Sang-in paces in front of Moon-young and starts to ask her a question. She says, I am changing it. He tells her it was nothing, nothing. But, your father….

She stops typing and looks up.

SI – His brain tumor came back. It is difficult to have surgery on it so they cannot do much.

MY – My appa died a long time ago when I was twelve. He only has his shell.

SI – Moon-yuong, your abogi has brain problems, that is why his memory is all messed up. His brain and body are separated, that is why he cannot control himself. Even if he is that kind of father, you are still his only family.

MY – Family? I am an orphan.

SI – Ko Moon-young.

MY – I am tired.

Later on, she looks at her family photo while in bed. Then calls kang-tae to ask where he is and to eat together. She asks where he is so she can going him! Why now! Why!




Cut to Sang-tae cutting meat for Kang-tae in a fancier looking place than normal. Kang-tae waits for him. Sang-tae tells him not to eat yet, the elder eats first. Did you clean your hands? He gives him something to clean his hands with then tells him to eat.

They are eating fried pork. Sang-tae keeps giving Kang-tae some food to eat. Kang-tae happily eats it up. (This part is so cuuuuuute and touching, I can’t deal.).

Sang-tae pays for the meal with his piggy bank. He asks Kang-tae if it was good, are you full? Kang-tae tells him it was good, my stomach is exploding. Sang-tae tells him that his stomach should not explode, you will die.

He counts the money and also gives some money to Kang-tae. He tells him this is his pocket money. When the customer gives it, it is a tip, when the boss gives it, it is a bonus, when hyung gives it, it is pocket money. (I am floating, this is too great).

Sang-tae tells him not to waste the money. If it is not enough then I can give you some more. Kang-tae takes it and tries not to cry. He tells him he won’t waste it. Sang-tae walks out.

Moon-young is sitting in the corner and gives Sang-tae her receipt and says to buy her food as well. He rolls his eyes. Her food is twice as expensive as their food, lol. He keeps leaving.

Kang-tae sees her and sighs.

Moon-young runs out and tells Sang-tae to buy her food tooooo! Buy mine! Kang-tae has to end up paying for it.

Moon-young catches up to Sang-tae and asks for pocket money. I have no family to eat with and no family to give me pocket money. I am really an orphan! 

Kang-tae watches them from a close distance.

Sang-tae pulls his arm away from Moon-young and tells Kang-tae that they should go home. He starts walking off.

KT – Hyung!


Sang-tae stops walking. Kang-tae looks at her. Moon-young is huffing.

Sang-tae turns around and looks at Moon-young.


He starts to walk off.


He stops.


(This scene is so great, my heart is so full, I am alive!).

They both run up to him and take either side and happily walk off together. She curls her arm round Sang-tae’s and Kang-tae puts his hand over Sang-tae’s shoulder.

VO – Hyung, do you know the story of the ugly duckling….

Flashback to Kang-tae and Sang-tae looking at little ducklings at the hospital farm.

ST – Yes, other duckling discriminate against the ugly duckling because he looked different. They ostracized him.

KT – Because he was so lonely, he left the family.

Cut to Sang-tae and Kang-tae moving in to Ko Moon-young’s place again. She runs down the stairs to great them. Sang-tae tells her not to run down the stairs. He is holding his big dinosaur. They are all smiles. Sang-tae gives her Mang-tae back.

KT – If umma liked the ugly ducking to the end, what do you think would happen?

ST – He wouldn’t have left

Moon-young sleeps with Mang-tae.

KT – Adults that embrace well, the ducklings or swan, can all live together in a house happily.

ST – Yes, don’t fight, don’t fight.

Sang-tae is practically sleeping. Kang-tae looks at him and asks, Hyung, you are an adult who can embrace other people, right? Sang-tae mutters, yes, I am an adult like Ko Giltong.

Kang-tae tucks him in more and then lays down in his bed.

But then we see a woman that might be Moon-young or something else open up the boudoir and pull out something. The camera shows the mothers painting looking at her. The thing she is holding looks like a butterfly. It flies over a photo of little Moon-young.

Then it flies to Moon-yong who is sleeping.

It also flies to Kang-tae who is sleeping as well.

Fade Out


OMGaaaawwwd. This episode outdid itself! So many lovely moments. And I love how they brought the Giltong story around to this ending. This ending was so touching and lovely and wonderful. This episode flew by even though it was 90 minutes long.

In another lovely story, the actor who plays Sang-tae hung out with another autistic man as Sang-tae. The man’s mother contacted him and says that her adult son wanted to protect him, so the actor hung out with the son in character all day and my heart is full. The mother says that his acting is wonderful because her son really thought he was Sang-tae and had a fun time.

There are cute photos of them holding hands together on DC Inside and everything. The actors name is Oh Jung-sae. Sigh, just when I thought I couldn’t love this show any more….


English Translation

MY – Do you think family is family when they are in the same family registry? 

MY – Family is….! 

ST – 1-2-3

MY – when they take a family photo then they are family.

Note – Kang-tae, picture [address]

My – I hate those kids and animal

KT – It is longing because they asked for love

KT – Let me go, quickly!

ST – What if the butterfly comes again?

Man – You shouldn’t be trapped int he past

ST – if you are trapped, just open the door and leave.

Man – What if you can’t see the door?

KT – I wanted to live like how other people live, finally.

*screams happily*

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  1. Jane M
    July 25, 2020 / 11:37 am

    From the scene in the restaurant where Sang Tae is finally playing his role of big brother until the very end, I was crying happy tears so hard, I almost couldn’t see. But then I watched the Preview…oi – I NEVER watch previews! Why did I have to watch this one? I’m going to try to erase it from my memory before my speculation engine takes over my brain again so I can just watch this episode a few more times to re-enjoy that pleasure. Oh, and your story about the “real” autistic man hanging out with the actor Oh Jung Se is AWESOME! I wish this show would never end.

    • V
      July 25, 2020 / 11:56 am

      the last 10-15 minutes were the stuff that healing dramas are made of. Everyone should takes notes on this show! It was so lovely! I cannot say enough positive words abut it. It was heartfelt and funny and everything I love in TV shows!

      • Jane M
        July 25, 2020 / 12:06 pm

        Dang! I loved that ending so much I forgot about “the kiss”! That says a lot for a K-drama. I just hope the next episode doesn’t hurt too bad.

        • V
          July 25, 2020 / 12:56 pm

          Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about the kiss too! And that was an excellent kiss!

          • Jane M
            July 25, 2020 / 1:41 pm

            We have a new drama standard – the story is so good we forget the excellent kiss!

            • V
              July 25, 2020 / 2:05 pm

              So true! 🤯

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