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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 11 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay! Part 2 is coming up!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Dae-whan is laying in bed and is being rolled somewhere. The head nurse is talking to him and tells him that the check up will be quick so don’t worry about anything.

He is rolled away by some other doctors/nurses.

The head nurse and Joo-ri go to their desk. They hope the brain tumor is not back but also think it is a miracle that he survive all this time. They wonder about patient Ok-ran and talk about looking at the CCTV and searching for her some more.

The head nurse thinks they need to pack up her bed and clean out her things to accept the next patient. Joo-ri wonders, what if she comes back? The head nurse says that she cannot.

So Joo-ri starts to do that. Kang-tae comes up to sign in and smiles at Joo-ri and tells her Hello. She is mesmerized for a moment. But she tells him that they need to clean out Ok-ran’s bed to accept the next patient.

Kang-tae goes to do that as soon as he gets his clothing on. Patient Sun-hae asks him, are you already cleaning her things? People even wait for dogs to come back. That nurse is so cold.

Kang-tae tells her that the police are looking for her. Sun-hae helps him a tiny bit. He thanks her.

SH – You are changed. 

KT – Huh?

SH – Your smile is prettier.

She walks off. He thinks about that.

Elsewhere, patient Phil-ong tells another person that he heard Ok-rang used to be a theater actress and had a lot of plastic surgery. He is playing a board game with the Director. He continues and says that he heard Ok-ran still thinks that she is an actress.

The doctor wonders if this is all just acting practice.

In a storage area, Kang-tae flips through Ok-ran’s things. She has a journal that he flips through and sets to the side. then he picks up the book she was reading. It is Moon-young’s mothers book and is about the witch of the west and a murder case. He finds a note inside.


Moon-yong looks at the pen and thinks that it was a good choice to stop herself. She thinks back to kissing Kang-tae on her bed and looks at the drawing that Sang-tae made. She folds it and takes it with her somewhere.

At the hospital, Kang-tae starts to try and read that note he found. The doctor hovers behind him but he doesn’t notice him. He gets started when he turns around though.

The doctor chuckles and says his personality came out. He asks where he slept last night? You looked like you were suffering but now you look happy. Did you have a new place to sleep? Did you just have fun when you went out to find the patient?

Kang-tae says no, it wasn’t like that.

The doctor wonders, then why did you go there?

KT – Well, I worried….

JW – Just to congratulate….

KT – No….*starts to say an excuse*

JW – No about Park Ok-ran patient, why did she go there? She shouldn’t have gone jus to say happy birthday.

KT – Hopefully that is the truth. that she went there just to say happy birthday. Hopefully nothing happens to us. I wish. So, director….


Sang-tae cleans some silverware but keeps looking at Moon-yong who is sitting at the table. Jae-soo is helping her. She buys a ton of pizza’s on one side. He asks, all of them? All?

She tells him, while you are preparing this togo, can I talk to the part timer?

Jae-soo yells for Sang-tae to go talk to her.

He reluctantly sits. 

MY – Come back, we should work together again. This is the painting you gave me.

ST – I threw it away.

MY – Yes, with your drawing that you threw away, I have an idea for the next book. Daebak. What I am going to write is, these three are looking for something that they are missing. They take a long trip.

ST – Ah, sounds good.

MY – Right! So we are besties!

ST – I want to have it, it looks fun!

He looks off to the right, there is a pirate ship that this kid is playing. Moon-young looks at it too and then back to Sang-tae. Determined.



The doctor takes Kang-tae to the mural which looks basically complete. And tells him that Sang-tae said he will never draw a butterfly.

JW – I did not know that much background story was there, but why are you telling me that?

KT – You said we should face the trauma, not avoid it. For hyung to face it, please help us.

JW – Do you trust me? There are a lot of rumor in the field that Oh Ji-wang is strange and fake.

KT – Well, if you are fake you will get caught by my brother. *smiles*

JW – *chuckles*


Moon-young tells Sang-tae that if he breaks the contract he has to pay three times.

ST – I do not remember that kind of writing.

MY – What you see is not everything. It is an unwritten rule, understand? It seems like you do.

ST – No, I did not get anything, I did not get the camper.

MY – You stayed in my place and ate and slept and pooped. Three times that cost. Or you draw the art for my book. Pick one. 

ST – *looks around*

MY – Ah, I have to make it double that for Kang-tae as well. So six times.

ST – Six times?

At the hospital, Kang-tae gets a call from Jae-soo.

JS – Ko Moon-young is a good person.

KT – Huh?

JS – You know I like people who spend a lot of money. She is my style. But not as a woman. you are my first. But to you, what is my rank?

KT – #3.

The hangs up and wonders what Ko Moon-young is doing.

Cut to Ko Moon-young who is still walking behind Sang-tae giving him a hard time saying you don’t write, you don’t draw, you don’t give me my money back, you are my fan, how can you change?

She is carrying all the pizza with her as well. He keeps trying to walk away. This scene is actually adorable.

He finally tells her that he is not giving her Kang-tae!

MY – Kang-tae is not an object.

ST – He is my brother.

MY – He is not yours.

ST – My brother is mine!

MY – Kang-tae is Kang-taes.

ST – Mine, mine, mine!

MY – you are hung

ST – Stranger!

MY – hyung!

ST – Stranger!

MY – Hung!

A teach with tiny little kids walks past. Sang-tae starts to walk behind them and tells Moon-young that she should not curse. The little kids ask if he was fighting. He says no not fighting. They ask why they fought. He says they just had a difference of opinion.

So Moon-young meets with Kang-tae and sets all the pizza on the table. She says it didn’t work, I did my best. I asked him politely.

KT – It should not be polite, you should have threatened him.

MY – Did you talk to him?

KT – Do I have to check?

MY – So you should know how I feel now.

KT – How do you feel?

MY – I feel like I am the son in law who asked for the daughter

KT – Are you?

MY – Yes

KT – *picks up a ribbon* But, if you don’t get permission then we can’t live together. My friend Jae-soo took ten years to get close to my brother.


KT – Just wait

MY – Ten Years! Are you crazy!

KT – No, just for my rotation.

He grabs the pizza and walks off with a smile. 


They walk around outside the hospital. She asks if it will really take ten years? Kang-tae says it might take longer, because my hyung does not like you. Moon-young tells him that she can’t wait that long! I am not doing it!

He pushes her to bench to sit.

KT – To hyung, I am the only family. Hyung is afraid you will take me and he will be alone 

MY – Why?

KT – You are not taking me but you are another person that can be with him. We will not become strangers, we will become us. Can you make him believe that?

MY – I will try.

KT – And, lock your door when you are alone. Do not open it to anyone. Okay?

MY – I will try.

He lightly caresses her hair and tells her, good girl.


he nurses and Doctors sit and talk. Cha-yong comes in and thinks it is daebak that they have so much pizza. They basically motion for him to be quiet. Then they keep talking about hospital things.

They are talking about KDW and how his brain tumor has spread to another part of the brain. It is difficult to treat it. They all sulk about that.

later on, Joo-ri heads out of the hospital. Her  mother asks, where are you going? Are you taking a half day? 

She says she is going to meet Sang-in. Her mother pulls out her lipstick and puts it on Joo-ri. Joo-ri asks if it looks okay? Her mother tells her she looks very pretty! it is like spring is in your lips! Come back as late as possible!

Joo-ri awkwardly walks off.

Cut to the dating place which looks like a coffee or smoothie place. They are both drinking smoothies. She crouches over to sip hers like a little kid.

SI – you put on makeup?

JR – I always wear makeup.

SI – *chuckles*

JR – Do you think Moon-young has any other family members? or close relatives? Besides her father.

SI – She would grow up a little differently if she had another adult who could take care of her. 

JR – *nods*

SI – Why? Is her fathers diagnosis that bad? Is it about his brain?

JR – I think surgery will be difficult.

SI – I will try and talk to her.

Joo-ri asks about Kang-tae. Sang-in straightens up and says that they should talk about each other, not Kang-tae and Moon-young, they can just play together. I have a lot of questions about a person named Nam Joo-ri. Like when did this pink lipstick start to look so nice on you. And when does your other personality come out. And where did you learn how to curse so well.

JR – *giggles* In middle school. Appa actually taught me.

They keep talking happily.




Sang-tae is in his closet looking at all his money and mutters, three times, six times including Kang-tae.

Kang-tae asks him what he is doing.

Sang-tae leaves the closet and sits in the living room with Kang-tae. 

KT – Did anything happen in particular at work?

ST – Jae-soo gave me a tip of $30 because I sold a lot today

KT – When it is given by the boss, it is a bonus. Given by the customer is a tip.

ST – Ah, $30 bonus, $30 bonus

KT – Maybe someone bought a lot of pizza?

ST – Ko Moon-young writer….*gets up to go to TV* she bought the pizza, she is very rich.

KT – The writer went ther? Why?

ST – *avoiding* Of course she came to the pizza house to buy pizza, not to buy a potato.


Sung-jae shows up at the mansion and tells Ko Moon-young that “he” told her to stay with Moon-young because she was alone in this house. Moon-young’s arms are crossed.

MY – *angry* Our CEO?

SJ – Noooo, Kang-tae.

MY – *smiles* Don’t stand there, come and sit here.

SJ – Kang-tae called the CEO and asked if I can work from here.

MY  – *pleasantly* He did that?

SJ – The CEO is also happy that you have the next book idea so I will just stay here and help you. Tell me anything you need.

MY – I do not need anything, but I have a question.

SJ – Yes, anything.

MY – Someone came here last night. My mothers fan. On my birthday. That is strange right?

SJ – It is not strange.

MY – Why?

SJ – When I was a fan of H.O.T Tony, I even celebrated his family members birthdays. I bought presents and stayed in front of their house. The manager yelled at me. After they broke up, I followed them around everywhere.

MY – Okay. How old are you if you are a fan of H.O.T?

SJ – *stares then smiles* Goodnight….*leaves*

MY – Are you really younger than me!


Sang-tae repeats everything that the TV says. Kang-tae is still sitting next to him.

KT – hyung, why does Ko Gil-tong live with them even though he is yelling at them all the time?

ST – Because he is the guardian, he is the adult.

KT – But they are not a real family?

ST – They have different last names, they don’t share blood and are strangers

KT – Why do they live in one house even though they are strangers?

ST – He is the guardian, he is the adult.

KT – You are also an adult?

ST – *pauses* Moon Sang-tae, 35, born in 84, looks young but is not a little kid.

KT – *nods* Yeah, you are an adult. Just like Ko Giltong who can accept strangers as family.

ST – *thinks about that* Um….

KT _ Hyung, did you know that I tried to be an adult?

ST – Yes, younger brothers can be an adult. You try hard, you try hard.

They keep looking at the TV side by side.


Sang-tae works on the mural. The doctor tells him that he might finish next week. Sang-tae says yes, almost done, almost the end. How much are you paying me? I want to get the money when I am done.

JW – But there are no butterflies.

ST – I don’t draw butterflies.

JW – I told you to make it the same as our garden. We have so many butterflies out there so it would be nonsense to not have any. It is not done.

ST – I don’t like butterflies, I don’t want to draw butterflies.

JW – Okay, don’t draw it and don’t get paid. I also don’t like unfinished work.

he walks away and smiles. Sang-tae frets about the mural almost being done.

Then he goes outside and tells the chickens that Oh Ji-wang is a con man and a liar. He is a conman and liar. His face looks trustworthy but he is not trustworthy. I can’t trust anyone.

Kang-tae runs up to him and asks if he waited for him a long time. Then he sees all the painting things packed up. He asks him about it. Sang-tae says he is not drawing butterflies! He starts to walk off to the bus stop.

He goes home and lays down to sleep. Kang-tae tells him to talk to him and tries to pull his covers off. Sang-tae says, leave me alone. Kang-tae asks him why he isn’t drawing or working on the book and why won’t you see the director anymore? What is the reason?

Are you going to stay childish like this? You are an adult! Stand up. I will count to three! One….two…. Three

Sang-tae bursts up and yells.

ST – The director is a liar! He is worse than voice fishing! He promised to pay me when I was done but he is not giving me the money!

Kang-tae tells him to calm down and grabs him. Sang-tae bits him. Kang-tae slaps his arm. Sang-tae holds his arm and says, you hit hyung!

Kang-tae shows the bite mark on his arm and says that Sang-tae hurt me too! It hurt when you stabbed me with a pencil on my head and when you pushed me and I hit the corner of the desk, it hurt and I couldn’t even sleep! Do you think I have fun getting hit! 

ST – You should count to three!

KT – no, you should count!

ST – Listen to me! I am your hyung!

KT – You behave like hyung if you are hyung!

Sang-tae is quiet. Kang-tae is also quiet. He also looks like he regrets yelling.

ST – You yelled at me! You yelled at your older brother!

Sang-tae takes him down and starts to hit him with a pillow. Kang-tae rolls him over and starts to hit him with a pillow. Sang-tae breaks free and hits him some more with the pillow. And then throws something at him. Kang-tae blocks it with a pillow.


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