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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 11 Live Recap - Part 1

My favorite show is back! I cannot wait to find out what happens at this mansion with this patient who might be Moon-young’s mother or she might just be off her meds! Ok-ran is so spooky though, so it feels like she actually could be the mom. Plus, we are winding down this show, only two weeks after this one I think? I’m excited!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Moon-young looks at the flowers that Kang-tae gave to her and puts them in a bottle vase. She sits at her desk and looks at the drawing that Sang-tae crumpled up with the three of them in the RV. She starts to cry.

VO – I have enough with my brother. So just please….stop shaking my screwed up life and go away.

She touches the drawing.


The camera cuts to a lantern outside with a butterfly or moth flying around it.

Then we cut to Ok-ran humming that tune and walking up to Moon-young’s house. She knocks on the door.

Back at the hospital Kang-tae asks where Ok-ran patient is. They say she escaped. So he takes off running.

At the mansion, Moon-young opens the door. Ok-ran pops a firecracker and tells Moon-young happy birthday. She smiles. Moon-young looks at her, stunned.

She ends up making her tea and looking at Ok-ran walking around her kitchen. Kang-tae tries to call her. But she does not have hr phone on her.

MY – You should not have come here only to drink tea this late. So what is it? What do you want?

But Ok-ran has left the kitchen and is walking around the library now. She mutters to herself that this is good. She likes the old book smell.

She goes to Moon-young’s table and takes the flowers from her vase. She tells her that they are all dead and dried up, they should be thrown away. Moon-young snatches them from her and tells her not to touch them without permission. Why are you here?

OR – Just in case you are lonely, teacher.

Meanwhile, Kang-tae is driving frantically up the mountain to get to Moon-young.

Back at the mansion. Ok-ran tells Moon-young that her father tried to kill her today. I am a monster and all monsters should die. His daughter should die also. Did you not know that?

Moon-young asks so what? Ok-ran continues and tells her that the father said that on her daughters birthday so I just came to comfort you on your birthday. It is lonely to be alone like this.

MY – Why you ajumma?

OR – Because I am your mom’s fan.

Ok-ran has a pointy elegant pen she is holding. She says it is pretty.

Moon-young tells her gain that she told her not to touch her things. She snatches it away. But OR keeps ahold of it and says she is similar, she also does not like it when someone touches her things.

OR yanks it away which cuts Moon-young, blood splatters all over some blank paper.

Kang-tae gets to the mansion and immediately runs inside. He yells for Ko Moon-young. Ko Moon-young! But he does not see her.

he goes to the library and sees the blood splattered. There is also a blue letter. He runs off to the steps. Moon-young sees him and yells his name. She smiles from the steps.

He runs up and gives her a big hug and tells her that he is relieved. He says that several times and then asks if she is injured? He checks her over and sees her hand.

Moon-young starts to say it was Ok-ran. He is frantic and asks where she is? When did she leave?! She tells him that she just left. So he starts to take off. But she grabs him and asks if he is there to catch the patient, not for me? Not because you miss me?

She lets go.

MY – So I am the third tier, after your brother and after your patient.

She turns to leave. He holds her arm but she pulls it away and walks off to her bedroom agrily. She hops right into bed and grumbles that he is here for the patient so why did he hug me.

She looks at her hand and we are sent back to when she got it. She saw scissors on the desk and reached for them. But Kang-tae’s voice was inside her head and told her to please count to three before you do something impulsive.

So she does not take the scissors. She starts to count to three. Ok-ran asks if her hand is okay? Oh, it’s bleeding. But it sounds like fake concern. Moon-young gets to three.

Ok-ran puts the pen down and giggles, she tells her that she is returning it. Moon-young told her to get out.


In the present, Moon-young thinks that she should have just stabbed her. She hears the door open and curls over under the covers. It’s Kang-tae. 

KT – Talk to me.

He walks over to her side of the bed. She pretends to ignore him. He pulls her hand out to wrap ip with a scarf.

MY – Why are you wrapping my hand! Did my hand say that it is hurting? This scratch does not matter! We are a bad relationship. Don’t shake my screwed up life and go away! That BS you told me hurt the most. I am not an empty can. So why are you treating me like an empty can. I told you today was an important day. I told you I didn’t want to be alone!

He stands up and puts his hands on her shoulders.

KT – When you can’t control yourself, count to three.

She starts to count. 1…2…3.

He kisses her on 3! It is a very long deep kiss. He picks her up and keeps kissing her. This is a kiss for Netflix for sure.

They stop kissing, she is in his arms and looks at him and his lips and his eyes. He looks her in her eyes. Then he kisses her again and lays her on the bed. They keep kissing.

But he stops and looks at her softly. She smiles.

KT – Happy birthday. I missed you.

MY – *happy smile*

KT _ Why are you flushed?

MY – Its hot, hot, so hot. *touches her face* You are also hot.

KT – I am sick.

MY – You are hot!


Dr. Oh JW tells the nurses and orderlies that he has a contact that Ok-ran went to writer Ko Moon-young’s house. Let the police know. The other doctor tells him that he will report as soon as he gets the CCTV footage.

Dr. Oh asks Oh Cha-yong if his head is okay? Cha-yong grumbles and tells him, of course it is not okay, I was hit by a big rock. Let’s call it a work injury.

Dr. Oh says that he should just fire him since it is a work injury and walks off. (Hmm, maybe Cha-yong is Dr. Oh’s son).


Sang-tae sits at home and eats microwavable food. Jae-soo comes up and asks why he is eating this late? Sang-tae says that he was waiting for Kang-tae but the hospital had an emergency. He had to leave to catch someone and can’t comeback today.

Jae-soo lays down and tells him that is why he is there. Your food looks good, can I have a bite? Sang-tae tells him no no no, it is mine. On bite become two bites. Two bites becomes three bites. No no, this is mine.

Jae-soo tells him okay. Then tells him that he found this doll. Sang-tae tells him that is Mang-tae. Jae-soo asks if it is halabogi? Sang-tae says no he is dongsaeng. Sang-tae, Kang-tae, Mang-tae, we are three brothers.

Jae-soo wonders, what the f? Why is this ugly thing your brother and not me? Include me in your trio.

ST – No Jae-soo. Jae-soo is a stranger. We don’t share blood. You are not in the family registry. How dare. 

JS – Include me!

ST – No Jae-soo

JS – Include meeeeee!

ST – No Jae-soo.

They keep arguing about it.


Kang-tae is laying in bed, all miserable looking. Moon-young comes in and tells him that she drew him a bath with ice water in it and tells him that she saw it in the movies. So get undressed and jump in.

He laughs.

She asks if he wants her to put roses in? He says no, just give me a wet hand towel.

We cut to her patting the towel on his face. She asks if that ajumma ran away from the hospital? 

KT – What did she say?

MY – She came here to celebrate my birthday in case I am lonely. She is a fan of my mom.

KT – And?

MY – She was almost killed at the hospital. What happened?

KT – *takes away towel* That happened between patient, don’t worry about it.

He pulls her to sleep next to him and tells her that this is good.

KT – This is good.

MY – What?

KT – When I am sick, someone takes care of me. It is the first time.

She curs into him. His eyes are closed. She looks at him and then rubs his chest with her hand and cuddles into him a bit more. She holds his hand and looks at it. Then closes her eyes.

He wraps his arm around her.



Sang-in tries to spray Febreeze in his car to clean it out. But it looks like a failed attempt. He is trying hard though.

Joo-ri makes a mumbled noise so he turns around and sees her. His face brightens like nothing is wrong, everything is perfect. She tells him that she is sorry.

SI – Ah, we are not strangers, we live under the same roof.

JR – *hands over an envelope* Here

SI – What is that?

JR – To clean the car….just accept it

SI – Ah, this is what it feels like.

JR – What? 

SI – Whenever Moon-young had trouble I gave them a lot of money in honey water. This must be how the other person felt. Ah, I get what I planted.

JR – *smiles awkwardly*

SI – *takes the envelope* Let’s eat a meal together, then we are equal.


Moon-young wakes up alone. She hops up angry but then Kang-tae walks in smiling. She tells him that she thought he left! He says he is not going anywhere. She asks how his fever is. He says it’s better.

MY – Where you just pretending?

KT – No, I had love sickness.

He starts to giggle. She giggles as well. He tells her they should talk. So they go to the kitchen table after getting ready for the day.

MY – What do you want to say?

KT – It is about hyung

MY – *curses* that hyung.

KT – Hyung has trauma.

MY – Trauma?

KT – The reason we left this city and why we left somewhere every spring was all because of that. Our mom was murdered. Hyung is the only witness.

Flashback to the murder. The mother was stabbed. A woman walks away to Sang-tae who cowers away from her. He tells the cops that the lady said she would kill him.

KT – We ran away because we were scared. I was only 12 There was no adult who could protect us. That is where it started. It is spring when butterflies fly around. Hyung always has a dream of the night that umma died.

Flashback to that dream. Sang-tae wakes up screaming and locks himself in his closet.

KT – The butterfly will come and kill him so he should run away. He has that pain for more than twenty years. So for hyung I have to be there for him. But, I also want to play with you. You told me that fate is nothing. When something comes to me when I need it, that is fate. For me, I need you.

They song starts to play.

KT – I will be next to hyung. You should be next to me.

She looks very touched.

MY – I will do it.

She smiles.

He drives home and calls hyung. Hyung answers. Kang-tae asks if he ate? Sang-tae tells him he ate something and asks if he found the criminal. Kang-tae says she is not a criminal, just a patient. He will find her.

Sang-tae asks what they should do? Kang-tae tells him not to worry. I will be back early tonight. They hang up. Sang-tae thinks that he is coming back early.


Part 2 is coming up!

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