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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 3

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 3

This is part 3 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not be Okay!
(This episode is pretty long so we went to three posts today!)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Joo-ri wakes up and immediately asks Sung-jae if she made any mistakes? They are both in her room. Sung-jae says no, you just threw up in my bosses car – twice.

Joo-ri is still in her clothes, Sung-jae is in her pajamas. 

Sung-jae tells her that throwing up in the car is actually a good chance to throw that car away, so don’t worry. Sung-jae drinks some of Joori’s tea then gives it to her.

Later on, Joo-ri walks to the bus stop and sees Kang-tae standing there. He looks so tired. She smiles and they ride together (on the most adorable looking bus!).

In the bus, Kang-tae asks Joori (in banmal!) if her stomach is okay? 

JR – Yes, but how come you are using banmal all of a sudden?

KT – Huh?

He thinks back to sitting outside and seeing Sang-in drive up with Joori. He hops out and takes a deep breath of fresh air. He tells Kang-tae that he can take care of Joori, you can get your luggage.

So Kang-tae went to get his luggage and saw Sang-in pulling Joo-ri out. Joo-ri was so drunk. She happily smiled at Kang-tae.

KT – Are you super drunk?

JR – *about to curse*

SI – Stop cursing, my ears are all rotten.

Joori flicks him away and then looks at Kang-tae.

JR – You sent me there on purpose so that I would become friends with her again, just in case she is lonely? Huh? You jerk. You know I like you. Don’t you know THAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Sang-in covers her mouth quickly and tells her to stop, poeple will wake up.

KT – you said I can be selfish if it was so difficult

Joori bites Sang-in. Then turns to Kang-tae again.

JR – Am I your pushover?

KT – *lost for words* Why are you using banmal?

JR – I am Moon-young’s friend, huh! You tell her YA YA! And to me you are jongdaemal jerk. You use banmal to me! When I tell you banmal, you banmal, okay you ishakiya!!!!

He doesn’t know what to so. 

In the present, Joori kind of might remember last night. She is looking out the window. He tells her thank you. She looks at him.

JR – Are you sick?

KT – No, I am tired.

He falls asleep while sitting. She puts in her head phones and rests her head on the bus window.



Kang-tae changes into his work clothes. Cha-yong comes in and says that it is so hot. He tells Kang-tae that he is all sweaty too. he checks his cheek and tells him that he is super hot. Are you really sick?

Kang-tae says it is just summer heat.

Meanwhile, Sang-in calls Moon-yong. She curses him as soon as she picks up. He thinks that he must not be the call that she was waiting for.

He tells her that he will buy her dinner in a nice restaurant. Let’s eat beef. Why? Of course because today is that day.

back at work, Kang-tae puts some items together in the storage room. He looks sick. The head nurse comes in and asks him if he like umma? Then she says she is talking about Dooli’s mom, I bought it for him.

KT – Ah, yes, thank you for taking care of him.

HJ – Did you know that Dooli’s mom is actually an adopted mom?

KT – *laughs* Hyung does not tell that to anyone.

HJ – Hey, we became good friends. By the way, are hyung and patient Park Ok-ran close?

KT – No….why? *he looks at her*

HJ – Just in case, can you keep an eye on her? I don’t feel good about her.


The humming starts again. 

Ko Dae-whan hears the humming and starts looking around. 

He gets up and starts to hobble towards the humming.

he is headed right towards patient Ok-ran who still has that book.

They both look at each other.

Kang-tae looks at this as well.

VO – I feel like she is instigating the other patients.

KDW asks Ok-ran if she was singing that song? She goes up to him and asks why? Will you kill again?

He puts his hands around her neck and yells, die! Then pushes her to the ground and chokes her. She asks, why are you doing this! he yells, you monster! Die! She yells, save me! Save me!

Kang-tae runs up to him and pulls him off. Ok-ran is helped away but turns around looking about as evil as anyone can look. She smiles at him. He yells, I have to kill her!

Kang-tae tells him to calm down. he yells that he should have killed Moon-young also. All the monsters should be killed!

KT – No! Your daughter is not a monster. She is not a monster.

KDW – if you don’t kill her, then you will die.


The head nurse goes to talk to Ok-ran at her bed.

HJ – You were reading a book and he came up and strangled you? With no reason?

OR – I told you, he said I was the monster. That crazy guy. Should I kill him?

The nurse looks at her.

Meanwhile, Kang-tae is in Dr. Oh JW’s office He thinks that patient Ok-ran instigated KDW by singing My Darling Clementine. The monster KDW wants to kill is his wife Do Hee-jae.

Kang-tae says that he might have mistaken patient Park Ok-ran as his wife? The doctor thinks that Ok-ran either knows a lot about Do Hee-jae or Park Ok-ran is Do Hee-jae.



Soon-duk walks up to her house and sees Moon-young sitting on her steps. She is in all black. Moon-young says, you offered me a meal once.

So Soon-duk says okay and takes her inside to eat a meal. 

SD – Congratulations. You did not give birth so that means that if you want to eat miyukguk then it is your birthday. This is your gift so eat.

Moon-young starts to eat the miyukguk (sea weed soup that you eat on birthdays).

SD – Does it taste good?

MY – Yes, kind of

SD – That is good.

Soon-duk leaves for her t eat. Moon-yong dumps her rice in the soup and eats happily.

Sang-in and Sung-jae comes in and are super surprised to see Moon-young. He tells her that she ignored his texts. He said he would buy her expensive meat. Then Moon-yong tells her that this is meat miyukguk.

Sung-jae wishes her happy birthday. She starts to sing a happy birthday song that says “why were you born, why were you born, you are ugly…” it is a song sang among friends.

Moon-young looks at her and asks if she wants to die?

After eating, she goes for a smoke outside. Sang-in sits with her and gives her her birthday gift. It is a necklace with two hearts. he says she is one side of their heart. She writes and he sells.

She puts it on.

He says, you are so shiny! You look good.

MY – You want me to write the next book quickly, that is why you gave this to me. Okay, I see. If you push me then I will go up.

He is about to ask what she is talking about but she goes up right away. he asks, hey, why are you going up there? She tells him to shut up.

Then she goes to the rooftop and yells for Kang-tae and Sang-tae to open the door. Hey, my bestie, open the door. She knocks several times.

Sang-tae locks the door.

MY – If you do not open it then I will break the door.

She starts to hit it loudly.

ST – Don’t break it, don’t break it….I will call the police….

MY – I have a chainsaw. *We hear a chainsaw sound*

ST – Ah….1-9-9…ah….

MY – Open it before I break it….1-2-3!

She opens it and yells, don’t break it and runs out. She holds up her phone that shows a recording of a chainsaw.

Then she gives him Mang-tae.

My – You can have it. I am a foster parent that kicked their foster kid out again. I am giving up my adoption. I want to have Sang-tae, not Mang-tae.

Sang-tae looks at her.

ST – Your smile is fake.

MY – No, it is true. Without Sang-tae, I am bored.

ST – you are lying.

MY – I am here to pick you up.

ST – you are lying.

MY – Today is my birthday. I want to have my bestie with me.

ST – You are lying.

MY – Are you a lie detector!

ST – Don’t like! Don’t lie! Liars are bad people!

he goes back inside their place and mutters that Moon-young went out alone but besties don’t keep secrets and they only went out to play I don’t want, I don’t want.

He crumples up his camper drawing and throws it out the window.

ST – I don’t need this! I don’t need this!

She picks up up and rests against the wall by the window.

MY – Oppa, the really bad person is the one that never believes anyone.

ST – No, no, no

MY – Do you know the fairytale, the boy who cries wolf?


Joo-ri tells Kang-tae that he does not look good. Why don’t you take an IV fluid, not just medicine? They are in the storage area. he says no, this is enough. He takes a couple pills.

VO – The boy that, whatever he opens his mouth, it is a lie.

Kang-tae changes his clothes in the locker room.

VO – The boy that keeps lying to the towns people and tells them that a real wolf showed up

Kang-tae looks at all the texts that Moon-young sent him. The last text from Moon-young says that today is an important day, come make me miyuk.

VO – Do you know why the boy did it?

Sang-tae tells her it is because the boy was bored.

VO – No, it is because the boy was lonely. He was too lonely in the mountain, that is why he did it.

Back at her house, Moon-young picks up the flowers that Kang-tae gave to her and puts them in a clear bottle vase. She sits and un-crumples the drawing that Sang-tae made.

At the hospital, Cha-yong sits with an ice bag on his head. Kang-tae asks why he is like that? Byul explains that patient Ok-ran hit him.

CY – Patient Ok-ran said she lost something today and wanted me to go help her find it.

SB – She hit him on the head with a big rock. He passed out until now.

KT – Where is patient Ok-ran?

The head nurse and Joo-ri run up. the head nurse says that they have to find her! Call the police!

Kang-tae asks what else Ok-ran said? Cha-young explains that she said today was a very important day and she had to meet someone.

Kang-tae remembers the text that Moon-young sent to him about today being an important day. He heads out. While he is walking, he thinks  about al the things the director told him about the mother not being dead, just disappeared. Maybe she will meet the husband and wife and daughter.

He starts to run and mutters, no no no no.


Moon-young is at home at her table. Her door bell rings.

VO – The boy lied because he was lonely. But when a real wolf came, no one came to help him.

Kang-tae runs out of the hospital.

VO – if one person trusted him and came, then the boy would not have died.

Moon-young opens her front door and confetti bursts in her face. Ok-ran is standing right there with a smile on her face.

OR – ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫

Moon-young stares at her. 

Ok-ran smiles.

Kang-tae speeds up the road. He looks so sick. But the only thing on his mind is getting to Ko Moon-young.

Fade Out


Love it love it love it. Ahhhh, the brother reunion is the stuff that emotions are made of. I cannot get enough of this show and I cannot wait until next week!

I am honestly at a loss of words. I just love this show with all my feels. Kisses to everyone! 😘


KT – I feel like I live like others now

KT – Hyung you are an adult like Ko Gil-tong (cartoon character). You can accept other people as family also.

ST – Moon Kang-tae is mine

MY – No, Moon Kang-tae is Moon Kang-tae’s 

ST – No, I am not giving you Kang-tae, I am not giving you Kang-tae.

PO – She is strange, she had a lot of plastic surgery.


ST – Kang-tae, is happy

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  1. Sarah
    July 19, 2020 / 11:06 am

    Ah, I knew it. Ok ran is up to no good.

    • V
      July 19, 2020 / 12:54 pm

      She looked so eeevil this episode.

  2. Jane M
    July 19, 2020 / 1:28 pm

    I see a coherent story line now that can carry us through to the end. How can I love this show more every week? Now we can see the common themes coming to maturity: lying (or the perception of lying); “who do you like more”; and, dare I say it?, a birth secret? We see lying being demonstrated at every level by all of the characters. I think most importantly, Gang Tae is living his entire life as a lie and he has learned to control his facial expressions so his hyung cannot see when he is lying. I think this has caused Sang Tae to actually learn false signals for detecting when people are lying and now this is coming out in his accusing basically everyone of lying in the most recent episodes. He is going to have to re-construct his memories to incorporate his new knowledge of what are lies and what is truth. Next, one of the things that has bothered me throughout this show is the number of times one character asks another “who do you like more”? Typically, no answer is given. But the question itself just disturbs me. At last, in this episode our writer has given Sang In the perfect answer to this question in the most poetic of words. Is there only one yellow? Do you only like one of these yellows, or do you like them all differently? Of course our resident pessimist responds that if you mix the colors together, you get black – lol. Finally, am I the only one who is starting to suspect that Sang Tae and Moon Young are brother and sister? Were there 2 mothers in that mansion, one that maybe didn’t really drown, and one that was hit by a car and ended up in the basement? I am with you, V – I’m in for whatever else is on offer from this show and the marvelous actors in it. Oh, and please, give me more mother-son scenes between Gang Tae (who needs a mother more than anyone) and Kang Soon Deok, the perfect mother archetype. I don’t think I’ve said it before, but Kim Mi Kyung always delivers astonishing performances and this one hits me in the feels every episode. Now, let’s hope that Gang Tae isn’t too sick to rescue Moon Young!!

    • V
      July 19, 2020 / 2:38 pm

      Jaaaaaane, YAAAAAAS!!!! This a million times! I agree with all the themes you mentioned and I also think the birth secret one is a new one that they set up today.

      This show doesn’t just randomly say things, so I bet that birth secret Dooli character storyling will play a big roll going forward. I actually love your theory of MY and ST being brother and sister! That would be something to wrap my head around, but I would love it. It would also show why the mother was so obsessed over Moon-yong because she was born “perfect”.

  3. Dokkebi
    July 19, 2020 / 10:18 pm

    This episode had me crying literally every 5 minutes because it broke my heart to see M.Y alone again. That part where G.T says she was just a fire cracker to him and he walks away leaving her holding her chest and crying… 😭😭😭😭😭😭 and when shes alone in the mansion saying “I miss him”.
    I was crying w G.T a lot of the time too. It breaks my heart that his automatic response to everything is pushing away his happiness and putting his brother first. I hope this changes in the next few episodes because the preview looked rlly hopeful.
    The people I rlly started to love in this episode are Juri and Sang In. I didn’t rlly like Juri at first (I mean obviously, she was the love rival) but honestly I can relate to her and her unrequited love SO MUCH. She’s so adorable and she’s caring to G.T even tho he broke her heart. The way her and Sang In’s relationship is starting to develop is so cute ahhhhhh and her drunk personality is just amazing 😂. The way Sang In cares for M.Y just warmed my heart🥰.
    Also the new OST “Hallelujah” I-
    When it played in the scenes my eyes just 🚿🚰🌊
    How am I supposed to wait another 5 days for the next episode fml, this is too cruel.

    • V
      July 20, 2020 / 11:05 am

      Yes! This entire episode was so good. I was hooked on the entire thing even more than I was normally hooked, lol. I did not know that was possible.

      (also, your emoji game is on point)

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