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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for It’s Okay to Not be Okay!
(This episode is pretty long so we’re going to three posts today!)

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang-tae and Moon-young go outside and walk to the beach.

MY – I thought about it, it is actually better Just stop being a hostage anymore. Don’t be a hostage to your brother.

He looks at her. She turns to him.

MY – You want to live with me and hug me and hang out with me.

KT – No.

MY – your mouth lies. Your eyes don’t lie.

KT – *looks away momentarily* I woke up from my dream. It is my fault. I should have just looked at hyung only. He should be everything for me. You are nothing. I shouldn’t have stopped you when you said that fate or whatever BS. Our relationship is a bad relationship.

MY – Don’t act. You said that whenever you see me you can smile. Its not a bad relationship.

KT – I beg you, please go away from my life.

MY – *flustered* You said you would never leave me alone. is that all B–

KT – Yes, that is all BS! It was my first time playing so I was carried away. I just said whatever from my mouth. For me, hyung is enough in my life. it is already difficult so please, do not shake my sh**y life. Just go away.

MY – You are lying. You told me that when I told you to go away, it sounded like don’t go away. What you just said sounds like you want me to hold on to you.

She holds his hand. He looks at it.

MY – Don’t go.

He pulls his hand away.

KT – No. You were just a firecracker to me. Just a little event. I am sick of it so go away without leaving any trace.

He walks away. She starts to cry softly but she tries her hardest to hold it in.


He stops when he hears this, but he keeps walking away. They are both affected by their goodbye.

A new song starts to play. 

Moon-young walks into her empty house. She stares at the floor.

Sang-tae sleeps in his room. Kang-tae goes inside and walks to his bedside. He kneels and watches him sleeping. 

Sang-tae stirs a bit and gets comfortable. Kang-tae holds his hand and puts it to his cheek. Tears fall softly from both his eyes.

At home, Moon-young sits on Kang-tae’s bed and looks around at the empty room.


Sung-jae is outside the mansion sitting with her subway on the steps and talking to Sang-in over the phone. He tells her to sit there until the door opens. Sung-jae wonders how she can do that? She is not a stone. He reminds her that taking care of the writer is part of their job.

She says to herself, why don’t you come! But he overhears it and tells her that he is busy. You are the one with a lot of time and nothing to do. She stands up and tells him that being treated like an extra will make me quit!

But he did not hear because he already put his phone away to talk to Joo-ri. 

Sung-jae screams, a-hole! But she thinks they are already bankrupt and sits on the steps to finish her subway.

At home, Sang-in tells Joo-ri that he can drive her to work. She tells him that she can take the bus. But he convinces her. So they ride together.

However this car is all sorts of wrong. he tries to turn on the radio but the windshield wipers turn on. Joo-ri says the heater is on. He tries to turn it off. She asks if he is really okay? He says yes, yes! But then the engine starts to smoke.

So he gets her a taxi and asks the driver to take care of her. His car is also towed away, but his wallet is in it so he has to run after t. She sees him running after the tow truck, cracks a smile, then laughs.


Int he calm room, Sang-tae is happily sitting on his bed when a huge brachiosaurus comes in. He immediately calls it Dooli’s mom. The head nurse is carrying it and tells him HELLO!

Sang-tae spends the next however many minutes or hours explaining brachiosaurus (aka Dooli’s mom) to the head nurse. She listens carefully and asks proper questions about the dinosaurs.

He mentions that Dooli has a birth secret, his mom is adopted. She is a fake mom. When Dooli was still an egg, the mother lost the egg and brachiosaurus found the egg and raised Dooli. Fans like us guess that is the story.

She says, ah, she is a fake mother but still a good mother. He says fake is bad but moms are all good. She smiles.

HJ – Was your mother a good person?

ST – She was a good mom for me, a bad mom for Kang-tae

HJ – *smiles sadly*



Kang-tae sits in the cafeteria to eat. Soon-duk sits with him and tells him to stop looking at the rice and just eat. So he starts to eat slowly.

SD – Giving one more dduk to the kid you don’t like is true. i don’t like you. I am feeding you a lot because I don’t like you. You dumped my daughter and like another girl, of course I hate you. Should I kick you out….if she doesn’t see you then she will wrap up her heart….I think about that a lot.

KT – Should I….move out?

SD – i am not sure I would sleep happily if I kicked you guys out. I will take Sang-tae with me so you take care of yourself.

KT – *gets choked up* Thank you.

SD – If you do not want to be my son-in-law in this life, just be born as my son in the next life. Just be a nice son and pay for all the debt you have.

KT – *trying not to cry* I don’t want to be born again.

SD – You refuse? 

He keeps eating, painfully. 

Later on, Sang-tae walks out happily with his brachiosaurus and Soon-duk. He explains all about the dinosaur to Soon-duk who happily listens. Kang-tae watches them from a distance. 

Joo-ri goes up to him and asks, are you coming back? He doesn’t say anything. She tells him to come back this evening. Resolve things with your brother as well. He was eating well and talking to the head nurse well. He is better right? It is what we tell our patients all the time. To make our surroundings happy, I have to be happy first. Selfish is not bad. When it is difficult, just think about your own happiness. That is okay.

He looks at her.

KT – Then, can I ask you a selfish favor?

Cut to Moon-young who is sitting in the brothers bedroom. She has an idea. She starts to pretend to eat Dooli tapes and sends a text to Kang-tae telling him that if he does not come back right away then I will eat all these Dooli tapes. But she does not get a response.

She puts the hairdryer on her head for a long enough time to show that she has a fever. Then she texts him and shows him the thermometer and tell shim to bring her fever medicine. But he ignores her again.

But then she hears someone outside and thinks it is Kang-tae so she goes to the front stoop happily. But it is only Joo-ri. She is there to clean out oppas things. 

JR – He will stay home for awhile so he asked me to bring his things.

MY – This isn’t his home?

Elsewhere, Kang-tae buys somethings from the convenience store and walks them back to Joori’s place. He looks up at the octopang and takes a deep heavy breath. Then he walks up the steps.

Sang-tae is inside scratching out the note that said, older brother kills younger brother.

Outside, Kang-tae tells Sang-tae through the door that he is coming in. Sang-tae quickly zips himself up in the closet.

Kang-tae comes in and sees it so he sets the things on the floor and then sits in front of the closet.

KT – Hyung, are you not going to see me? Please forgive me, it’s my fault.

ST – *holds fingers* What did you do wrong? What did you do wrong?

KT – *tearfully* When you were in the cold water, I ran away. Hyung, when I said I want you to die….*choked up* ….. to me….to me…..I wanted to have a normal hyung. I was imagining that. It is all my fault. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. *cries*

Sang-tae opens the zipper and steps out. Kang-tae looks at him and tells him he is really sorry, don’t abandon me. Don’t abandon me. I am sorry.

Sang-tae kneels down and gives him a hug and pats him on the back.

ST – Don’t abandon me.

KT – I am sorry!

ST – Don’t abandon me.

KT – I am sorry! I am sorry! I am sorry!

Kang-tae grips to Sang-tae and cries. Sang-tae tells him not to cry and pats him on the back. 



Joo-ri tells Moon-young that she is leaving. She has all of Kang-tae and Sangtae’s things. She also asks if she ate?

Moon-young turns around and shows that she is eating a subway sandwich. They end up sitting at the table together and share a cup of wine.

They pour each other a glass. Moon-young asks, aren’t you afraid of me anymore?

JR – i am afraid of you and hate you and envy you.

Moon-young looks at her as if seeing her for the first time.


Kang-tae and Sang-tae lay on their pallets in their apartment.

ST – I am your hyung

KT – I am your little brother

ST – Kang-tae is mine

KT – Yes I am yours

ST – I like you. It is my first time seeing you but I really really like you.

He rolls over to play with his huge dinosaur and tells it good night. Kang-tae peeks over and then lays back.

KT – I like you as well hyung.

Hyung is already sleeping.


Joo-ri is drunk. Moon-young watches her and smiles. 

Joo-ri stands up and yells WAAAAAAAH! Then she straightens up.

JR – you are the worst person int he universe. You ostracized me when we were young and now you take the guy I like. Do you want me to be alone? You heifer, you took that one thing from ME!

MY – You are cute.

JR – Yes, I am cute, but why does Kang-tae only like you and not me?

MY – Because I am pretty

Joo-ri slaps the back of Moon-young’s head which sends her head right into the table. Joori chuckles.

JR – Don’t act up.

Then she passes out on the table. Moon-young lifts her head, a bit startled, but smiles.

At home, Kang-tae looks at photos of him and Moon-young in his phone.

At the mansion, Moon-yong looks at drunk Joo-ri who is still cursing an dmubling with her head onthe table. Sang-in runs in and asks if she is drunk or did you hit her with a bottle.

Moon-young tells him that she was about to hit her but she passed out on her own. Sang-in covers Joori with his jacket and thinks that he should piggy back her.

MY – Do you like her?

SI – yes

MY – Do you like me more or her more?

SI – Why are you saying that? It scares me.

MY – Tell me, her or me?

SI – Well, there are different meanings, I like you both.

MY – No, who is first and who is second?

SI – Moon-young, you shouldn’t label people like that. Liking someone and taking care of them, they are all different. Colors have different names based on the contract and brightness. Human emotions do as well.

He talks about all the different types of “jung” and how they are all different. Moon-young says when you mix all the colors together, they are all black. Sang-in asks, how do you feel. The three of you were together but you are alone now.

She tells him, she is just bored….and angry….and colder at night….and always hungry.

SI – Do you know what people call it in one word?

MY – *looks at him*

Cut to Kang-tae sitting on the rooftop looking at the night.

SI – Missing.

MY – Missing….missing….missing….

She thinks about Kang-tae walking away from her. She keeps repeating missing….missing…

The camera scrolls around and we see that Sang-in and Joori have long left.


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