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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 1
Throwback to yesterday when things were on the hap and hap

After yesterday’s performance alls I gots to say is, what are you selling KSH because I am buying it all. Just take my money!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Sang-tae tearfully says that hyung wanted him to die when they were little and we see flashbacks of San-tae sitting off to the side while Kang-tae yelled at his mother that he wanted hyung to die. He isn’t screaming yet. He is just telling Kang-tae that he told umma everyday that he would be happy if he died. And you pushed me into the water and I wanted you to rescue me but you ran away.

Kang-tae is stunned into silence, he already has water all over him. He shakes his head to say no and falls to the floor. Sang-tae screams that the younger brother is going to kill his older brother. He literally screams this everywhere and runs off. 

Everyone wonders what is going on and looks at Kang-tae who is muttering that its not true, its not. He is kind of hidden by the steps so only the head nurse can see him. But he is in full on sads.

VO – Oppa, do you know the fairytale, the Kings Ears are Donkey Ears?

Sang-tae basically reenacted this story by yelling to everyone about Kang-tae.

Moon-young is looking at all of this with her usually stoic expression, but she has a couple tears that have fallen on her cheek. She looks over at Kang-tae but she can’t see him because Kang-tae is crumpled on the ground by the steps.


Someone shoots a handheld firecracker.

Cut to Sang-tae sleeping in one of the calming rooms. He appears to be under a tranquilizer. Dr. Oh JW checks on him to make sure he is doing okay. Then he goes out to Kang-tae who is sitting on a bench in the hallway looking all kinds of drained.

JW – He is sleeping, he just went to sleep after getting tranquilized. How about letting him stay here for awhile? Just temporarily so we can watch him?

KW – *very quietly* Yes.

The doctor walks off and the head nurse comes up.

HJ – It will take a long time for him to wake up. Why don’t you get some fresh air?

She touches his shoulder and walks off.

Kang-tae goes outside for some fresh air. He is like a walking zombie. Moon-yong follows him around from a near distance. Kang-tae walks all around the town on the boardwalk and up hills and everywhere.

MY – Hey, where are you going?

MY – Where are you going?

MY – My feet hurt!


She falls on the ground.

MY – I told you not to show me your back!

She stands back up and throws her shoes at him. It hits him right in the back. He stops and looks like he has a million thoughts before turning around. She smiles.

MY – Why do you have such a broad back? Aren’t you hungry?

She runs up to him.

MY – We can take a train, I know of a good udon place.

KT – Don’t follow me anymore Ko Moon-young.

he turns to walk away but she holds his wrist.

MY – We are together, we should go together.

He removes her hand from his wrist.

KT – Go home, I should be with hyung.

He starts to walk away again.

MY – Nothing is wrong with you. That day that hyung fell into the water was just an accident.

He stops walking and thinks about it.

MY – You were cowardly, but not bad. You went away but eventually you came back and rescued hyung. You are not guilty.

He looks at her.

KT – I ran away while really thinking that I wanted him to die. Hyung knows and you knew.

He thinks back to asking her what she knows about him. And why she is pretending like she knows him. She called him a  hypocrite.

KT – I can’t be innocent.

MY – So for atonement are you going to devote your entire life to your hyung?

He squares his shoulders to her.

KT – That day, in that river, why did you rescue me? Why didn’t you let me die? If I die back then I wouldn’t live like this.

He starts to walk away again. He looks so exhausted.



Sang-tae mumbles in the calming room.

Outside in the hallway, two patients we haven’t seen before are talking about what Sang-tae said. Did he really try to murder his hyung and push him into the river? Wow, you don’t know people from appearance. I knew his smile was scary.

Sun-hae the shaman woman says that she knew in his face that he would kill one woman at least.

PO and Jung-tae walk by and overhear it. PO says that whatever she says is BS. Let’s go. But Jung-tae looks concerned. 

Sun-hae then says, being killed by a handsome guy won’t make it hurt less.

Jung-tae comes back with a fire extinguisher and yells YOU CRAZY PEOPLE, WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!!

Then shoots the fire extinguisher at the three ladies. They all scream. The nurses run up to stop him and rock music starts to play. He shoots the fire extinguisher on them as well.

Cut to Cha-yong Dr. Kawn, and Sun Byul sitting in the storage room as the head nurse cleans off all the fire extinguisher from them. She tells them that Joo Jung-tae is an ex fireman. He has good aim. 

They all look spent.

Cha-yong asks why he did it to people and not fires. Byul asks him, didn’t you hear that story, the mouth is the root of fires. The doctor says, we all should watch our mouths and never talk about Moon at all.

The head nurse holds back a smile.

Joo-ri comes in with Park Ok-ran’s patients chart that the head nurse asked for. The head nurse mentions the patients mood change and wonders if there was a cause.

The head nurse checks on Ok-ran and asks how she has been doing recently. Ok-ran tells her that she has a question.

HJ – Tell me

OR – Did he really want to kill his.…

HJ – Excuse me?

OR – His brother

HJ – No, it was just a misunderstanding

OR – *chuckles* Head nurse, do you know why Othello killed his wife? A misunderstanding. *chuckles*


Sang-tae i awake and fully under the covers in the calming room. He is looking up at the covers from underneath. Joo-ri comes in and tells him that she brought his bag. 

She kneels next to his bed and says that she brought his bag, aren’t you hungry? Are you sleeping? Is this too empty? i can move you to another hospital bed just in case you want to go home.

ST – I am not going home! I am not going home! I am not going home!

JR – Okay. You can stay here for awhile. If you need anything then let me know, okay?

She heads out.


Soon-duk chops green onions in the kitchen. Jae-soo, Sang-in, and Sung-jae are waiting in the living room. Jae-soo wonders what Kang-tae is doing since he is not picking up the phone all day.

Sung-jae says that the writer should also be in mental turmoil. Maybe I should be with them?

Sang-in asks what she can do for the writer? Sung-jae says, no, for artist Moon Sang-tae.

Sung-aje says that Moon-young is in the middle of this brother war and we don’t even know when our book will come out. But you are worrying about whom?


SI – What!

JS – Hey, you have a good name (note: Sang-in means business man). it is just like you!

SI – Oh, so you are unlucky so you are Jo Jae-soo! (note: Jae-soo is luck)

JS – My father paid $300 to make my name!

SI – My great grandfather who was a freedom fighter made my name!

SJ – Just stop.

Soon-duk gets angrier with her chopping.

JS – You only worry about selling your book! I worry about how they are! If she didn’t seduce my innocent friend then this would not have happenes!

Soon-duk is practically slamming the knife on the cutting board as she chops.

SI – Do you clap alone! They went together and abandoned the brother here! He spent all night with my Moon-young!

Soon-duk is so loud with her chopping. Sung-jae whispers that they should shut up.

jae-soo stands up and yells at Sang-in. IT IS ALL KO MOON YOUNG’S FAULT.

Sang-in stands up and yells IT IS ALL MOON KANG TAE’S FAULT.

They start to slap fight.

But then Omonim comes in with her knife and they all jump o attention. 

SD – Let’s eat.

They are all startled and quiet. then they all mutter, okay and head to the kitchen in a hurry. Soon-duk goes back to chopping but she is too emotionally tired. She thinks, even though they have an argument, they shouldn’t skip their meals.



Kang-tae paces the hallway right in front of Sang-tae’s door. He thinks about opening it but stops himself. He peeks inside and sees Sang-tae completely under the blankets. 

Their soft song starts to play.

Kang-tae leans against the wall and mutters, hyung.

In her mansion, Moon-young thinks about what Kang-tae said. She thinks he is a jerk. 

The song keeps playing.

She looks at the flowers he gave her which are on her desk now.

Kang-tae sits on the bench in the hallway and rests his elbows on his knees. 

Cha-yong and Joo-ri walk by at the end of the hallway.

CY – Why is he just sitting there, why doesn’t he just go inside?

Joo-ri looks on.

JR – Autism means that you close your own door. For Kang-tae, he is waiting for hyung to open the door first.

Kang-tae keeps sitting all night. 


Kang-tae is still sitting there in the same position.

The doctor comes up and goes inside the room.

JW – He is just like a home ghost. Can’t leave and can’t come in. *turns to Sang-tae* Hey, it is hot over there right? 

Sang-tae looks up at the covers.

JW – How long did it take for the prince to die in the jar (Korean history of a King that killed his son in a jar). He died from hunger or heat? Hey, you guys are so stubborn as brothers. I will take care of your younger brother so just get some fresh air and pee!

he hits him on the hip. Sang-tae does look hot under the blanket, lol. He kicks it off as soon as the doctor leaves and then leaves his room. He sees Kang-tae walking away looking miserable with the doctor. Sang-tae looks kind of softened.


JW offers Kang-tae something to eat. But Kang-tae doesn’t take it. He just sits in the chair int he same way he was sitting on the bench. 

JW – Have you tried the three-legged racing game? *chuckles* I did it a few times for my sons school games. But I am always the first one falling. You and your brother really look like a three-legged game.

KT – Are we dragging each others legs?

JW – No, you guys are relying on each other. When one person trips, the other person helps. You don’t fall, you just hang in there. You never know, maybe one day hyung will support you.

Kang-tae thinks about that.

KT – Hyung….I thought hyung forgot about it. He never talks about what happened that day. I thought he erased it from his memory.

JW – Maybe you wanted to believe that. Most autistics have good memory. They just express their emotions differently. You shouldn’t avoid it, you should face it. Come to work. I threatened then a little bit so her ex-husband will not sue.

JW – Hey, you stopped working for a few days, so that is enough to show.

KT – but….

JW – The person after you is so bad, I will just fire him.

We see how bad Cha-yong is. He basically forces Jung-tae to take his meds by keeping his moth closed, but Jung-tae is stronger and pushes him around the room and bites his finger.

Kang-tae opens the door and sees all this. He is in his work attire again.

Kang-tae puts a bandage on Cha-yong’s finger and tells him that he should not force feed medicine. Cha-yong complains about the patient and how this was intentional. He said my mouth is the problem. I talked about you and Ko Moon-young getting married….

Kang-tae looks at him and says it is true, they should sew his mouth and not his finger. Then Jae-soo calls.

Cut to them sitting outside on a bench and looking at the sea.

JS – *sigh* This is how one-sided love feels. When you were just hiding without taking my phone call, I was angry. But when I see you like this I am *whack!*. I warned you. Don’t get too close to Moon-young. I told you to look at the cut on your hand and be reminded.

KT – Jae-soo….I had a dream.

He thinks back to being really happy with Moon-yong on his date.

KT – How dare I, I had a dream I shouldn’t have. *gets choked up but keeps it together* I don’t deserve it all at. I had that dream Jae-soo.

At the mansion, Moon-young wakes up and then hops out of bed.


Jae-soo goes into Sang-tae’s room and tells him that he brought all his favorite pizza, you should eat it while it is warm. it looks sooo good.

Sang-tae closes his eyes and pretends to sleep. But he is clearly awake.

JS – Ah, I have to go back to the store. I don’t have my part-timer. If this is empty when I come back then I will be happy.

He smiles and leaves. Sang-tae looks at the pizza.

Meanwhile, Moon-young has gotten to the hospital. She calls Kang-tae but he ignores her call.

She goes inside and waits at the reception area until she sees him walking hesitantly up. He stands right in front of her. She puts her hand on his cheek.

MY – Look at your face.

KT – *removes her hand* You are not coming back so I brought you underwear. I brought all of them. Triangle, square, everything. *she holds up her purse*

He walks away.

At the receptionist, Cha-yong is still talking about them dating. Byul thinks that if she knows about his underwear then they must be.

back in the calming room, Sang-tae eats his pizza under his blanket. He happily sits cross legged. Then he hears the clank of the door. Someone droped a book off for him.

He picks it up and flips it around. Inside is a note that says “younger brother killed older brother” he puts it in his pocket.

The head nurse sees this from the window. Then the camera cuts to Ok-ran who is looking at the mural. It looks like the head nurse is following Ok-ran around to keep an eye on her.


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