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Itaewon Class: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

Yi-seo is driving me up a wall! Definitely my least favorite character of this show. Hopefully her arc will be to be a better person for the sake of being a better person and not because the guy she likes wants her to be better.

I like Soo-ah a lot more and would love for her to start managing the Saeroyi’s tiny bar and turn it into a franchise. Though it seems as if she is stepping farther and farther to the dark side.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on the side treet of Itaewon. Yi-seo has a live stream going and shows the inside of Itaewon to all her subscribers. Though Saeroyi is so awkward on the live stream and doesn’t even really know what is going on. 

So Yi-seo tells him to try and say something fun, so he tries really hard to say something as he fixes his hair. He ends up telling the stream that they will work hard to be the #1 restaurant bar, fighting!


The chairman has a meeting with many many people from his company or perhaps at a conference and talks about how many restaurant close. It is not because of the economy. It is because that restaurant does not have anything new or interesting. They do not have a good interior or good food. Nothing. So you need to work hard to do your best. You can do it, everyone.

Everyone claps, but then a hand shoots up. 

It is Yi-seo.

Soo-ah tells her no questions. But the chairman says it is okay so Yi-seo gets the mic. Yi-seo says that she works for someone who says business is people, do you have this kind of principle as a business man?

The chairman tells her that is a romantic notion that business is people. To me, whatever I say, business is for profit.

Yi-seo asks, you said you made this Jang-ga from a tiny restaurant bar. I really admire you. I like the word competition. So for that competition, is it possible that a tiny restaurant bar can defeat the JanGa of now?

All eyes go to her.

The chairman thinks and tells her that he likes ambition. But i am still good. It will never happen before I die. I can say that. Lets finish.

Soo-ah closes the seminar out and everyone claps again.

Later on, Yi-seo and the chairman wait for the elevator at the same time. He tells her that he did not know that she would come. I heard that you moved locations, how is your business? She tells him that they try hard but it is not easy.

he tells her to continue working hard. She gets into the elevator.

The chairman thinks back to his conversation with Saeroyi who says that he can do business because he has people. So the chairman tells his secretary to run after Yi-seo and invite her back.

Yi-seo goes to his office, Geun-won is in there as well though he is clueless as always. Yi-seo walks in smiling as if this was part of her plan. The chairman welcomes her and asks if she ate? She says not yet and asks if they will eat first?


They go eat dinner somewhere fancy, she tells him that it tastes really good and thanks him for dinner. He does not beat around the bush and tells her that she can work for JangGa is she wants. I will treat you well.

Yi-seo refuses his offer because of her boss.

The chairman tells her, hey, for young people Jang is important, but it has not even been one year.

She tells him that she will not refuse his offer only becasue of Jang, but your offer is only becasue of my boss, right? You are interested in me and Danbam. I am confident that I can make Danbam bigger. If you see me and not my boss then you can offer it to me again then.

He chuckles and sips his tea.


Meanwhile, Geun-won drives away thinking about Park Saeroyi and Soo-ah and the accident. He thinks about it so much that he backs into someone car that is parked.

The man gets out and tells him that he should watch what he is doing and not drive so fast here. Geun-won asks him if he wants the insurance or cash? Jsut hurry up and tell me. The man says he should apologize first. 

Geun-won tells him that he will give him money or an apology which do you want!


Ho-jin and Saeroyi are in Ho-jin’s place. Ho-jin tells him that he needs to prepare for taxes next year. Saeroyi asks him how much it is and what he should do. Ho-jin tells him not to worry, that is my specialty. he has an idea.

The next morning, Saeroyi runs to the bridge that looks at Nam San tower, it is the same place he always goes. He sends a text to the team and tells them that he will form an LLC. The team looks like the Brady Bunch on the screen as they all text back. 

SRY tells them that they need an Idea for the company name. Tony says ParkGa (like JangGa, lol). SRY tells him it is a JangGa copycat and he does not like it.

YS asks, what about ILL, that would be cool? (Yi-Seo – Royi – Love).

Seung-kwon asks, what about Itaewon Class? 

Everyone thinks that it is too countryish, but Tony likes it and SRY likes it.

The girls don’t like it at all. But that is the new name.

Saeroyi walks around Itaewon and looks around at all the people there. Then he goes back to his building and says that the thing he imagined after hearing Itawon Class was freedom. The place were a lot of different cultures gather together. Itaewon means freedom, like that.

Yi-seo thinks it is stupid but does not say anything. Geun-soo thinks its great. He thinks it sounds old school. Yi-seo says that SRy likes it so he will do it anyway. But SRY says that if she says that she does not like it then he will not do it. She blushes and says that he likes it so she likes it. But it is strange to put the name of the region as the company name when trading. it confines your area.

Hyun-yi asks, why dont we just think it is Itaewon Class, but we can take the first letter? I.C?

So they all start to say I.C and they all like it. So SRY tells them that they are IC LLC. They are the founding members of Itaewon Class.

Then the cops kid runs in and gives Saeroyi a big hug. The cop comes in after with food. He tells SRY that his kid came because it is founders day for the school so she has it off. The daughter waves at yi-seo. Yi-seo gives her a half hearted wave.

The daughter then says that she is hungry so Hyun-yi goes off to make her something. The cop also tells SRy that he wants to talk to him. So they walk to the side. The cop asks him how his business is? SRY says that they are doing okay, but it is less than Itaewon. It is a little difficult here on this tiny street.

The cop says that he is surprised that h moved and bought the building. While they are talking, the daughter sees a cat and starts to follow it out. The father turns around and sees that his daughter is missing. She left her phone on the table.

They go outside and asks the staff members if they saw Haewon around? They all say that they did not see her. So they all go looking for her.

Haewon is lost, but she stops an ajumma, who happens to be Min-jung, and says that she is lost so can I use your phone. Min-jung lets her use her phone and says she is not an ajumma. the girls says that she is pretty so she should get married.

They meet at a park for kids. The cop is upset at her for leaving without telling him. She says that this big eunnie helped her. SRY introduces the cop as his supplier and this is his daughter. he asks Min-jung if she was looking for his place? So they start to walk back.

But the cop feels something and walks separately. He sees a man who is taking photos and stops him to ask what he is doing. The other three see him from afar. Min-jung is amazed that the girls appa can take that guy out. She tells her that her appa used to be a cop. She also tells her that her appa is single.

SRY runs to help but the man runs off when he gets there. The cop still has the camera though so they look through the camera at the bar and see that this person follows Min-jung around all day. they think the chairman is behind it. So SRY thinks that the chairman should know their relationship.

They all sigh. The cop thanks her for her help earlier. She says it is no problem, you raised your daughter well. She spoke so well about you, you are a very good appa. the appa is pretty bashful and tells his daughter that it is time to go.

So the daughter happily heads out and tells them all goodbye. SRY asks inspector Oh if he still wants to tell him something? Inspector Oh says he will tell him later so SRY tells him that he will wait for him.



Soo-ah fills in the chairman about how Danbam is doing. She says that they are doing okay. They did the entire interior themselves and were about to style the entire store for 2500. She says that she saw it herself and gives him photos from online.

She explains that they posted the entire process online. it is popular for those people who want to open a restaurant or for young people who are interested in business. She also shows him Yi-seo’s social media live stream and videos of the interior of Danbam.

The secretary comes in and sees Soo-ah there so he says he can come back later, but the chairman tells him to stay. So the secretary tells him that they found out that we are spying on Park Min-jung. Soo-ah is surprised to hear it though she tries not to show it.

The secretary says that they do not know that you are behind it. But the chairman says that they should know. I am the only one who is interested in Min-jung. The secretary continues and says that they are preparing the offer, when we are done, we will scout Jo Yi-seo.

Soo-ah does not look like she approves and looks abck and forth between the secretary and chairman.

The chairman says it is funny. She doesn’t fit Par Saeroyi, she is more like me. What about the other one? He says that the food supplier is Oh Hae Won foods. They have good quality. The chairman says that they have never heard of it. The secretary says he is ex-police so he might be meticulous. 

Ten years ago he quit being a police officer and became a food supplier. he is in the countryside and supplier neighborhood stores. But maybe he has a personal relationship with Danbam bcause he drives more than an hour to go there.

They think he couldbe Saeroyi’s fathers friend. Lets set up a meeting, I want to see him.

Soo-ha looks on concerned. After the meeting she asks the secretary what this is all about. Out company JangGa will destroy that tiny store? The secretary says that they do not need to know what he thinks. They work for the company. They get orders and they follow them.

Geun-won comes strolling up and asks what happened? Did you two fight? Soo-ah excuses herself and the secretary says it is nothing. Geum-won asks about abogi so the secretary says he is okay. Geun-won tells him to let him know if anything happens to abogi.

So the secretary tells him that the chairman likes Jo Yi-seo from Danbam. Why don’t you scout her in order to get the chairmans trust?


SRY and the famous gay restaurant bar owner sit and chat at SRY’s place, the bar owner tells him that street bars are difficult because of parking. You must be on a main street for traffic, not a side street. I asked the city to open parking. 

SRY says that is a good idea why not do it? The owner says that the government does not listen. SRy asks why they don’t listen? The owner explains that he suggests a lot of things but the government just does not listen. (The owners name is Hong Seok-cheon)

They let owner hyung out, the hyung tells him that he needs regular customer to survive. Right then the loan shark halmoni comes and tells the hyung that he grew up a lot since he is giving advice now. he greets her and asks if they borrowed money from her?

SRY says that she is their regular. The hyung says that is good, borrow money from a bank. The lady almost hits him, lol. Hyung tells them that seh has a temper and then strolls off. the halmoni says that she is here to eat. So Tony comes up to help her inside. But the owner says that she told them that this street has no customers and the building is cursed.

Yi-seo thinks that this old lady cursed them. The halmoni tells SRY that this street is already dark, see. This street is just dark. You need to close your store, that is how you make money. SRY thinks about this as Tony takes the Halmoni inside.


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  1. Stephanie Cameron
    February 29, 2020 / 1:16 am

    We are on opposite sides of the yi-SEO debate! It’s so annoying that Soo-ah is always hanging out in the bar listening to all of their business discussions! And she likes “rich men”? What exactly is her deal…. all I know is that she doesn’t deserve SRY – what a passionless relationship!

    • V
      February 29, 2020 / 4:03 am

      She definitely is wrong for all the spying. I feel her internal struggle, though!

  2. Renee
    March 3, 2020 / 5:20 pm

    Why does Yi Seo have to be a good person though? I feel like we’re so used to seeing female leads in a certain way, but Yi Seo is so different. Love her or hate her, she is who she is and she makes no apology for it. Her love for Saeroyi doesn’t change her. She loves him and she doesn’t empathize with anyone else. She might be a total sociopath, maybe not. But she’s a strong personality no doubt, and it’s refreshing seeing a “baddie” female lead. I love her.

    • V
      March 5, 2020 / 10:38 am

      She is definitely a great character. I love to watch her work her stuff when it involved getting the baddies. Not so much when it involves good people.

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