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Itaewon Class: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Soo goes to the bus stop and think about the dance lessons that happened at this bus stop before. Poor thing is so sad and yet smiles at the memory. 

That next morning, SRY walks down some steps and gets a call from Min-jung who is standing at the top of the wall. So he goes up to her and says that chairman Jung bought their building. She tells him that she heard it from Ho-joon, do you need money.

he sys no, I will take the money that I invested in JangGa. One million dollars. She mentions that it is not the one million that he said. He apologizes.

She tells him that this is a different plan than Ho-joon said, I thought you would be all in to me. Your store is not even a franchise, do you have to be obsessed with it? 

SRY says yes, because it is important to me. Because a store is people. 

Cut to the employees at work. SK is worried about Tony because he did not come to work. He tells Yi-seo that she should apologize to Tony. Yi-seo says that she does not want to. Then he sees Soo-ah come in with a huge package of beer. SK helps her hold it. 

Yi-seo asks why Soo-ah is here? I told you that I dont’ like you so why are you here? Then SRY comes out and greets Soo-ah. She says that she borrowed this so she is returning it. Yi-seo tells SRY that Geun-soo wants to tell him something. Soo turns around as if he is shocked that he is on the spot. 

So they close Danbam for a moment and SRY sits with Soo to ask what he wants to say. He says he will quit. SK asks, why! You also???

SRY asks what his reason is? Soo says that is the best. SRY asks, if the reason is your father or brother then can’t you just stay here? I like you, you are like my dongsaeng. Yi-soo steps up and says that the condition he is leaving is because he is going to talk to his father. 

SRY asks what that means.

Yi-seo says that they can keep working there. Even if we get the premium, if we find another store then we also have to decorate it and pay the premium. You will lose at least 100,000. If Geun-soo leaves then everything is solved.

SRY stands up and asks Yi-seo what she thinks? She says that she agrees with it, of course, Geun-soo should be really uncomfortable here…

SRY pulls her nametag away and throws it on the ground then stares at her. She asks what that means? He tells her that she is not qualified to be the manager. Soo-ah tells him to wait a moment. Soo-ah also stands up. SRY tells Soo-ah that this is their problem.

Yi-seo asks how long he is going to move with jung? You just give to this person and that person because of jung? Franchise? First in business? How can you do that? If you run a business like this do you think we can touch JangGa at all? You need to look at the reality! It is just firing one part-timer. How much money will you lose and then realize it?

He doesn’t say anything.

She tells him, business benefits…

SRY – To me! If business is like that then I won’t do business!

YS – Boss…

SRY – If I am the same as him then I won’t even start it!

YS – Look at us now, we are almost kicked out. I dont’ want you to lose.

SRY – So if I get kicked out then I will lose 100,000? JangGa is our enemy of course our enemy will attack me. It happens and it happens all the time. ii am angry because of you, I thought you were on my side, my ally.

YS – I am doing this all because of you, why…

SRY – Why is it that the things you do for me is fire my people!

he stops just short of getting so upset to cry.

SRY – I am sorry I yelled, I will get some fresh air.

YS – Even though that is something that you want, I am the manager of the store. You keep saying all those hypothetical ideal things. But in reality we are kicked out. You have no guarantee that it will not happen anymore. I put my life on you. You have to be responsible for it. So give me a realistic plan.

He thinks back to his talk with Min-jung at the wall. She told him he was an idealist. Chiarman Jang does everything that he says. If you move with your important employees to a new store then that will happen again unless you have a real plan. SRY told her that this is the reason he is withdrawing his investment, to protect my people and to not be handled by chairman Jang.


In the present, Yi-seo tells him that he has no other plan. He says that he is going to buy the building. She asks how? He says that is his realistic plan. Then he walks out.

Yi-seo mutters that he is lying. Soo-ah says that Saeroyi does not lie. Then she asks to talk to Yi-seo.

They go to talk at another bar. Soo-ah tells her that she wants to give her help. About Saeroyi. You work in Danbam because you like Saeroyi. Do you think you will still like him if he only moves for his own benefit? 

Yi-seo asks what she wants to say?

Soo-ah tells her that she knows Saeroyi’s past. It is only meaningful if he proves himself int he opposite way to chairman Jang. That way is difficult, for himself and the people who watch him. But Saeroyi will not change. No one can change him because he is so hard. If you really want to be on his side then don’t try to change him. You have to be ready to walk with him. You have to understand him.

Yi-seo asks if it is easy for her to understand that? She says that she did not do it, that is why she is on the other side of Saeroyi. Eunnie is leaving now.

Yiseo asks what the reason is that she is saying this now? Soo-ah says that perhaps it is because she does not want to work. I told you, I am confident, Saeroyi likes me. Yi-seo says that she really hates her. Soo-ah says, I know, cheer up, cutie.

Yi-seo walks back and thinks about what Soo-ah said. Does she think she would still like Saeroyi if he only works for his own benefit. Then she thinks back to SRY yelling at Geun-won about bowing one time and how that one time can change people.

She also thinks back to SRY keeping Hyun-yi on the team if she likes the store and giving her twice the paycheck so that she will try twice harder. She walks past the club and sees several people scrubbing off the spray paint. So she mutters to herself that he is really strange. I like him.

She starts to run and sees Geun-soo. She apologizes to him and tries to aegyo so that he will not be mad at her anymore. He says he is not mad. She tells him that he should be mad, I didn’t have any jung and we spent a lot of time together.

He tells her that she always does not have it. She does not have jung or consideration and is a selfish person. She asks if he was really mad?

He says that he likes her like that. She tells him that before she didn’t finish. I have to tell you that I love our boss. I tried to be close friends with you. I want to be close to my boss so don’t bother me, goodbye. She walks off.


Cut to Tony talking to a city hall person about getting personal information about someone. Tony says that he is his father, look at this. But the man says that a photo will not prove the relationship. bring me the family registry or your fathers documents that prove it, then I will search it.

Then we see that Yi-seo put the discrimination stuff on her SNS blog and showed the spray painted image of the front. She mentions that she went to this club with her Danbam family but they could not get in because Africans and Middle Easters cannot go inside. How can that happen in Itaewon, this is an international street. I am so sorry ti Tony. I hope discrimination disappears from Korea.

All the team members at Danbam see this. SRY reads all the comments which say that this is so embarrassing to the country. Yi-seo asks her if she wrote this? She says yes, you said that I should not harm your people so I will kill all the people that harm you. She asks where Tony is.

Tony shows up just then and shows her the article. Then he says that he is Korean. She tells him that he does not look Korean, how are you Korean? He says that his father is Korean. I came to Korea to see my grandmother and to find my appa. After I find him then I can get Korean citizenship. Ii am Korean.

She tells him that the fact is that he is not a Korean citizen yet. I can help you find your father. I will help you, okay. I am sorry I was not on your side. Tony is so touched he starts to sniffle and goes to the back. The team loves it.

Then Yiseo asks if SRY sprayed the door? You should use your brain. They all look around as if they didn’t do it and are caught. then she asks if she can have her manager badge back? And she telsl him to put it on for her.

So SRY does. Sk and Hyun-yi hit hands in solidarity that they knew it. Yi-seo tells SRY that his type is the most difficult in the world, but I will try and understand you. SRY jokingly plays with her hair and the team happily welcomes her back as an adult.



The chairman and geun-won and the secretary talk. the secretary tells the chairman that Danbam has a new tenant. GW nods along and says that they have to remove the root. You are going to buy the new building right?

The chairman asks where he moved. The secretary says that he bought a new building on another street in Itaewon. this street is called Gyeongridan Road. The chairman pauses.

Cut to Soo hanging a new sign at their new building that is just barely in Itaewon. the team starts to set up and Tony hands out flyers. A halmoni lady comes up to him and says that she shuoldnt’ buy this building young man, you really dont’ know? She tells him that all the businesses that have this building are bankrupt. If you need money, call me. She hands him her card and walks off.

SRY looks on the bright side and says that people go bankrupt every year.

In her office, Kang Min-jung thinks about what Saeroyi told her – business is people. Then she remembers that SRY’s father used to say the same thing. She wanted to have a big picture, but the father says that no one will trust a company that changes its word. If you lose peoples relationship then you are done.

She rubs her head and thinks that the son is just like the father.

In his office, the chairman broods and thinks that SRY took his investment back and bought a building with it.

Later that night, SRY talks to Moon-jung at that same wall. He says that he wanted to apologize to her in person for taking his money out of his investment. It affected your schedule.

She tells him, one percent and 2 million, that is just a number. My mission was making chairman Jung go to your store, not the money. Do you still want to fight with me?

He says of course. 

MJ – So your goal is to get revenge on the chairman and Jang Geun-won, right? So if we want to work together then we should have the same idea. What you want is only revenge?

SRY – After that, what I want is freedom. 

MJ – Freedom?

SRY – No one can affect me and my people. I want to have power in what I say and my behavior. No one can control me. I want to be the center of my existence. There is no price for following my principle. I want to live that kind of life.

MJ – Oh, so you are an idealist and are playing with words without any point – I like it. Your freedom, let’s taste it together.

SRY – Yes.

SRY smiles and looks out over the city.


The chairman sits with his son and talks about Saeroyi. he remembers that SRY said that the chairman did not take anything from him. GW asks, huh? His father says that he has gotten petty as he aged.

Elsewhere, Soo-ah talks to SRY and is impressed that she owns his own building. Now she says that she is not even surprised that he moves closer to his goal. SRY tells her that an ajumma said that this place goes bankrupt all the time. Soo-ah tells him that he does not look worried.

SRY says that he has kids (employees) so he worries about them. She mentions that she trusts him because he worries about his kids a lot. I know that you need Yi-seo to make me jobless, you need her right?

Cut to two people walking into the chairman’s office. One is the secretary and then there is another person. Another secretary says that the guest has come. Guen-won asks, who is the guest?

Then the guest comes in. Geun-won stands up…

SRY – She just joined us, but I cannot even imagine Danbam without Yi-seo.

Then we see that Yi-seo is the person that has gone inside the chairmans office.

Fade Out


Okay, I am hooked. Put another worm on that line because I’m here to stay. Who else is with me?

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  1. Jane M
    February 22, 2020 / 10:01 pm

    Wow – let the games begin, right? I love how fearlessly this show is covering current topics such as racism and transgender discrimination. This show has a big heart for sure.

    • V
      February 23, 2020 / 5:13 am

      I love that about this show! I also love how they don’t dwell on things. They touch on each thing in a heartfelt way and then move on. For instance, Its not an entire episode about Hyun-yi and her struggles or an entire episode about Tony struggling to get everyone to believe he is Korean.

      • Jane M
        February 23, 2020 / 8:50 am

        Yes! the individuals topics are just part of the cohesive view of people being the most important ingredient in success. I am so interested in where this drama is heading next.

    • Stephanie c
      February 25, 2020 / 10:51 pm

      Yes! Seems so current! Loving it!

      • V
        February 27, 2020 / 10:12 pm

        The games are definitely beginning! It’s hard to believe that another time jump should come.

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