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Itaewon Class: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





The team watches Saeroyi as he fixes other shops stores on the street. They don’t get why he is doing it. 

Soo-ah shows up and asks what SRY is doing? Yi-seo says that she does not understand why he is doing these stupid things. Soo-ah tells her that she is there to see her. The chairman says that you two are the same. Yi-seo tells Soo-ah that she hates her chairman.

Soo-ah asks, so you work here only for Saeroyi, but what if Saeroyi does not accept your heart? Will you still work here? Yi-seo says that will not hapen, I never lose.

SRY sees Soo-ah so they walk back to Danbam and talk about what Saeroyi is doing at those other places stores. Yi-seo really does not understand it.

So SRY says that he is helping those other shops out to survive. She still does not get it. He should be focusing on their store. SRY asks why they need more? What more can they do than this? They have good marketing, theinterior is good, the taste is good. What more can we do?

She asks if he is going to make the neighborhood people regular customers? He says that if only they do well in this dead street then it does not give them anything. They need to revive the street itself. Soo-ah smiles.

Yi-seo sighs and tells SRY that he is an idealist and dreamer, you really don’t fit me. She walks away.

Geun-soo mentions that SRY said it was us when you open the LLC. SRY asks, huh? Geun-woo explains that if we only take orders then it is easy. Is that the us you are talking about?

Soo-ah thinks about the secretary saying that they are just employees that do what the chairman asks.

Geun-soo says that they are just emplyees but Yi-seo is different. She is a manager and share holder. She put her life on you so you have to make her understand. SK and HY don’t understand why Soo is doing this.

Soo says that it looks like Yi-seo looks a little different than before in how she is treating Royi hyung.


Soo-ah and SRY go to a lounge to drink. He tells Soo-ah that Soo said everything right. Soo-ah asks SRY why Soo works in Danbam? Soo says that he might need money, I dont’ know. She asks why he thinks Yi-seo works there? She needs your success.

He asks why she is interested. Soo-ah says that for them, there are a lot of reasons why they couldnt’ make it. What kind of relationship do we have? If I dont’ work for JangGa, what do you think will happen to us?

SRY says that their relationship is not based on JangGa. She says that he always said that but never confessed. He tells her, I like you, I told you that in the jail. She says that was 10 years ago. he mentions the bus station and says that was not that long ago.

She asks if making her jobless was his confession? He asks what more he can do? I put my life on it and confess to you. Don’t be too stressed. I jsut want to let you know. You can decide our relationship.

She remembers telling Yi-seo that Saeroyi is that kind of person that does not change. So she tells SRY that she said that. I didn’t know that I had that kind of dumb person here. I told you that I like rich people.

He tells her that he owns a building. She chuckles happily. he says it is not that easy. She smiles and chuckles again.



The next morning, SRY is getting thebar ready. Yi-seo comes up on him and asks if he went out with her? Did anything happen? He tells her to not talk about nonsense and prepare. She says it is not a nonsense thing. Don’t date her.

He asks what she cares? Yi-seo says that she cares. If you date her then I will quit. 

He asks what she is talking about? Why do you hate her so much?

She asks if he really doesn’t know? Well, anyway, I am just letting you know. She goes to the register. SRy wonders what is up with her.

On the street, the loan shark halmoni, Soon-rye, collects monies from the street cafes. She asks what happened to her building? The lady says that the Danbam guy is helping her for marketing. He helped me with my tables and menu. Not only us, he takes care of a lot of places.

Soon-rye looks inside and says that it looks a lot better. That young guy knows a lot. that is funny, it reminds me of someone…


Cut to the chairman meeting with the cop in his office and talking about the cops supplier company. He says that the food eaten by the cops supplying company tastes fresh and nice. I wanted it. So now, are you the sole supplier of Danbam? How do you like that, would you like to work with JangGa?

The cop tells him that it is his honor that the biggest food supplier is courting him, but do you have any condition? The chairman says that he likes that he is cutting straight to the chase. As you know, we are big. If you work with us then supplying us will take all of your effort. You will need to end your contract with all the other suppliers.

Byeong-hun asks, so you want me to stop supplying Danbam? The chairman says that would be a result of this decision, but it would not be a bad deal for you.


Soo-ah is about to go to Itaewon. Geun-woo shows up and asks if she is going there? I can give you a  ride. Soo-ah asks why he is going to Itaewon? Geun-woo explains that he has to meet up with Yi-seo or whatever, so lets go.

Soo-ah is not interested and tells him that she does not like him, don’t you get that? He walks up to her and says that his dream is to put her in his passenger seat. It is so small right?

She wants to know why he is doing this? Because you are the heir of JangGa? Because you are rich? Should I say thank you so much? He tells her that he could not do it to her. She reiterates that she told him why she hates him.

He says that it was just an accident! I didn’t do it on purpose! Even if I did hate Park Saeroyi.

She asks, what about after that? After the accident you did not call the police and had someone else blamed for your crime. Was that also an accident? To me, I really really hate you. Before you asked me if I liked Saeroyi. I like him. So let me tell you one more time. Do not hit on me. Excuse me.

She walks off. He looks like he wants to cry but yells and bangs on his car hood instead.

Inside the chairmans office, Byeong-hun looks at the supplier contract and says that it is a really good deal. But I refuse your offer. The chairman says that he heard that he has a relationship with Park Saeroyi. Is this because of that?

Byeong-hun agrees and says that he owes SRY. The chairman asks how much? Byeong-hun says it is not with money. The chairman tells him that he will give him advice. You do not conduct business with your emotions. You told me that JangGa is he best restaurant in Korea. He says that he agrees for now. So the chairman tells him to catch his chance now.

But Byeong-hun tells hm that in ten years SRY and Danbam will grow. It is not about emotions, this is my investment for profit and the future. The chairman asks if he has kids? The supplier says yes. The chairman tells him that he behaves like he has nothing to lose. It is not good to make me angry in this field, you should think about your daughter. Go, if you change your mind then call me.

The suppier starts to head out and thinks about what Min-jung said about how kids look after their parents and that she said a lot of good things about him. You are a very good appa.

So Byeong-hun turns around and says that kids look after their parents. After seeing you, I know why jang Geun-won grew up like that. The chairman tells him not to make him angry. Byeong-hun tells him that he owes SRY. You are part of that as well. 10 years ago, Jang Geun-won’s hit and run. Unfortunately I was the policeman for the case.

The chairman thinks about what the secretary told him and then looks at Byeong-hun with new eyes He stands up and asks, are you…you…

Byeong-hun says that he did a shameful investigation back then. I did that for my daughter. Once is enough, chairman. Because of my daughter, I cannot bring shame anymore. He bows and walks out with his head high.



that night, Soo sees Yi-seo on the bridge and goes to talk to her. He tells her that she looks like an old woman sometimes. She whines for him to leave her alone. He asks what she is thinking. She says that she does not know what she is doing now. 

He says that he understands her, but what Royi hyung said is all true as well. Yi-seo asks him if he also has that idealism infection?


the secretary apologizes that his investigation into the supplier was not good enough. he also tells him that his first son went to Yi-seo to give her an offer. The chairman asks, Geun-won is doing that?


Yi-seo and geun-woo get back to Doldam and see Geun-won there. Geun-won tells Soo that he is not there for him. He is here for Yi-seo. He gives her his card and says that he wants to talk to her. So Yi-seo asks SRY if she can talk to him.

Yi-seo tells him that there is a cafe around the corner, so let’s go there. She heads out. Soo asks his hyung why he wants Yi-seo? GW tells him that he does not know things. Look at this guy. Soo tells him not to do anything to Yi-seo. GW is about to touch Soo-s head or something, but Soo stops him and holds his arm.

Soo thinks about what Yi-seo told him, that he needs to tak over JangGa. So Soo tells him not to instigate him anymore. I can have your position. Geun-wo taps him on his cheek and starts to head out. But he tells them that he is there to scout Yi-seo. This little store is no match for JangGa.

He leaves. 

SRY tells them not to worry about that. This will be Yis-seo’s choice, we will just wait for her.


Geun-won tells Yi-seo that she is just now 20 and has not gone to college yet. This is the best offer you can get so don’t think too much about it.

In Doldam, the team wonders what Yi-seo and Geun-won could be talking about. they think the money is a factor. Hyun-yi thinks she wont move with money otherwise she wouldnt’ work here. SRY sits quietly. Soo asks SRY if he is nervous?

SRY thinks back to Yi-seo telling him that they really don’t match. So he says, yes. Soo tells him it is because he needs Yi-seo for the company? I just wonder what you are thinking hyung. What is Yi-seo to you? Just and employee or a woman?

In the cafe, Yi-seo says that she invested in the store so she is actually earning a lot back. I think I make a lot more than what you are suggesting. You want me to go to JangGa but you are paying less than that tiny store, I would need to rethink things.

Geun-won asks how much? She says a 6 figure salary per year. Around 100k based on your figures right now. I am also confident in making Danban even bigger. I think you should at least offer me at least 200k, then I will think about it. Is that too much for you?

Geun-won thinks, 200k? I can add 50k to that.

Yi-seo is all like, wow, JangGa is great.

Geun-won tellsher that the store will be bankrupt anyway. Your life depends on what line you are on. Yi-seo says that she was so sick of SRY, she would already quit if she did not have her shares. geun-won says yes, right. Yi-seo is all like, yeah, he is fighting between you and your father. You plan on destroying Danban right?

Geun-wontells her that she is fast. She thaks him and says that she will save his phone number. Then she asks when she will go to work? He says one week later? Whenever you like.

She tells him that she has a question, why is SRY so against you? He says it is just the past. So she asks, what about the past? Ah, was it about that thing you said that the police station, SRY’s father died because of you. 

He looks away, ashamed. She asks, if that is so then you are super great. He is all like, huh? She tells him that he is above the law, that is daebak. He doesn’t really want to talk about it. She tells him sorry and says that she does not know what is right or wrong, are you mad?

He says no, people live like that. Law is actually a law to rule the poor. For rulers it does not apply.

She asks if he can tell her the details about it? He says it was nothing, just an accident. He hit his father and he died on site. That is the end. But how does SRy know this? He keeps talking but his voice turns muffled as Yi-seo looks at him. Her smile falls away.

She thinks back to all the wounds that SRY has on his arm and how he got them. 

VO – Whoever touches my man, I will kill them all. that is my vow.

Geun-won chuckles and says his drink is sweet. 

Yi-seo tells him to just stop.  She reaches for her phone and we see that she recorded it all on there. She plays it back for him. 

“Law is for the poor, not for rulers…so tell me the details….nothing, it was an accident, I hit his father and he died on site. I jsut put someone else and the case was closed.”

He looks at her nervously and asks what she is doing?

She tells him that seh has never seen suchh a stupid guy like him. then she puts her phone away and leans in to tell him that hse loves her boss so much. The problem is his head is filled with those f-ing JangGa people. I am jealous about it.

She grips her hot drink.

YS – You maggot.

He leans in and yells at her. She throws her hot coffee on him. He covers his face in pain. 

YS – So, I will break all of you.

She stands there looking at him and smiles.

Fade Out


Good Lord, do not get on the wrong side of Yi-seo in regards to her one-sided love or she will destroy you. Talk about problems. I almost feel like she belongs in jail, lol. She is the kind of person who is great to have on your side, but if she is not on your side then you need to walk around with lawyers all the time.

I wish they would just have Yi-seo as this die hard person who loves SRY no matter what and not have her as a person that does not understand anyone else or what they are going through and is so dead set against them because that really makes me roll my eyes at her character. But it does look like she is turning a corner this episode.


English Translation

SRY – Your father is my enemy. I will do anything to make him pay for what he did.

YS – Danbam manager Jo Yi-seo

HJ – This is an important meeting.

YS – Well, sorry to say this but we have to wrap things up

HJ – Nonsense, we already won but you want to wrap up here?

DH – We can open another store there?

VO – We can do it

SA – We have to fire Jang Geun-won

DH – Never say that I should abandon my own family in front of me again.

SRY – This is the best time to discuss firing the CEO

GW – What? Firing the CEO? Are you crazy?

DH – I will destroy you

SRY – With everything I have, I will give you the same promise.

SRY – It tastes bitter

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  1. Jane M
    February 28, 2020 / 5:10 pm

    But Yi-Seo’s lack of a moral compasss is what makes this story to exciting, isn’t it? Also, how much longer can Saeroyi remain so unflappable? I feel like we are in for a downhill turn on this roller coaster ride pretty soon! These actors are all so good together. This is like a drama from Shakespeare with all the twists and turns. Thanks for your recap.

  2. February 28, 2020 / 10:18 pm

    SRY has been so stubborn about his first love. I have not read the webtoon so I don’t know how this will end. But I am hoping that the story is not just about getting justice but about SRY falling for YS.

    • Stephanie Cameron
      February 29, 2020 / 1:20 am

      I agree! He needs to give up his boyish idea of love and realize it’s more of a give and take – and figure out he loves YS!

    • V
      February 29, 2020 / 4:01 am

      I think you are in luck! I also didn’t read the webtoon, but I have a feeling that is where it is going!

      • Mydith
        February 29, 2020 / 7:58 am

        We’re all jus shipping SRY + YS here. Lol

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