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Itaewon Class: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Our first Saturday live recap for Itaewon! It is a nice replacement for Saturday morning drama watching since Crash Landing on You ended. I am lookin forward to seeing how all these baduk pieces are laid!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Saeroyi calls the new owner of the building and finds out that it is Chairman Jang Dae-hee who bought the building. Saeroyi’s brow furrows, he asks if this is what he said?

The chairman tells him not to misunderstand, I heard that this spot is hot. The price of the building went up so i thought it was a good investment place. This is funny, you did everything to target me, it has actually ended up an investment for JangGa. Do you have something to ask me? Then come to JangGa tomorrow. he hangs up.

Yi-seo immediately asks if it is JangGa. SK asks why they would buy this building? Yi-seo thinks they are so sick to try and destroy the people that they do not like. Buy the building itself? I don’t understand how she can borrow ice here as if nothing is happening and how can Jang Geun-soo work here?

SRY yells at her to stop.

SRY – If you say one more thing you will be disciplined.

She storms outside and kicks the ice. SRY closes his eyes to think for a moment. Soo looks miserable. He says he will bring Yi-seo back. He leaves. Soo-ah apologizes and asks if he is always this emotional with Yi-seo? I didn’t know you two were that close to each other now. She is right, I can’t borrow your ice, I am sorry.

She walks out and goes to her building. geun-won is there and tells her to ask part timers to do your small work. Why are you carrying this? He takes it from her. Then he tells her that she can ask him things comfortably outside of work.

She walks away. he asks her what she is doing on the weekend? I have tickets to an art exibition. Would you like to go with me?

He asks, do you do this because you like me? I hate you. 

He asks why? Because of Park Saeroyi?

She says because of ajusshi. The ajusshi that you hit and killed. He was like a father to me. So please don’t hit on me.

Geun-won’s past comes crashing on him.


later on, Saeroyi puts on his best clothing and goes to see the chairman. He is dressed in all black head to toe. He is let into the chairman’s office.

DH – I see you often. Are you here to argue?

SRY – Are you going to run it from there.

DH – if you move out, you should move out quickly to get the premium.

SRY – Are you doing this for the premium?

DH – Premium? That is not bad. Renters law or whatever, in this situation what can’t I do? if we fight lawfully, who do you think will win in the courthouse? I can ask you to turn everything back to before. But I don’t care about those little things. Then my son Geun-soo, why do you let him work there? What is your purpose?

SRY – I need help. 

DH – Make him quit.

SRY – It is Geun-soo’s decision.

DH – If you put my son under you, does it make your ego high?

SRY – Chairman, do you hire employees to make your ego high?

DH – My son told me that you are a strong person. To teach him a proper lesson, I want to show him who is really strong.

SRY – So you bought my building to show off your strength?

DH – That is not it. I know how stubborn you are. Even if you are kicked out, you will open your store somewhere else. Isn’t that right? Then I will buy that building also. The buildings that you rent, I will buy all of them. 

SRY – That is your idea of strength?

DH – You don’t think so? I am so easily controlling everything that you built like this.

He stands up.

DH – Well, when I see you like this, it reminds me of the first time Ii saw you. You were kicked out of school because you couldn’t kneel due to your stubborness. That is enough right? Park Saeroyi. I gain nothing by ruining your life.

SRY – *sighs* What should I do?

DH – From the begining, properly, kneel down and apologize.

SRY – So if I kneel down once, can I continue my business?

DH – Yes, you don’t get loyalty without your heart. if you really kneel down and spologize with your heart then I will forgive you and I won’t take anything from you.

SRY – Loyalty is money? So if we just think like that simply then our bad relationship is a lot deeper than that. Our relationship is not on money. Because I am your enemy. I was kicked out of school because I could not kneel. My father told me I am his proud son when I was kicked out. My building? You didn’t take anything from me. The strength I have is from people. Those peoples trust makes me strong. Geun-soo told you I am strong. I am happy. I will be stronger.

DH – You can’t run your business, there are no people. 

SRY – Because I have people, I can run the business.

DH – Okay. *steps closer* Lets do it.

SRY – Try it.

Nods his head into a bow and turns to walk out.

DH – That was your last chance. You will regret it.

SRY turns back around.

SRY – You said you want to cut your bad relationship with me. There is only one way. Can I give you a tip. You kneel in front of me and repent. 

He walks out. His song plays.

♫ Hit me
and you will only hurt your hand
When I fall,
I will stand up again stronger
I am a rock ♫

He sees Soo-ah as he is walking out. She asks why he is here? he says that he met chairman Jang, I have to move my store. It is nothing, why are you so serious? She asks if he is okay? He says that it just bothers him to make her jobless. He smiles.

A man comes up and tells her that a document is ready. So SRY tells her to go back to work, see you in Itaewon.


Elsewhere in the company, Ho-joon meets with Min-jung. She says that she did not know that old man was that eager to buy his building. What happened if you cannot run the business?

Ho-joon says that he has to move out and get the premium before the contract ends. But the SRY I know will find another store.

Min-jung asks, what if we focus on my work than a store? The growth is slow while running a store. Ho-joon says that he also wants to convince him. Min-jung asks how his mentality is, is he okay? I guess he is depressed.

Ho-joon explains that no one else’s work is about chairman Jang. He will be angry, but he can take it okay. I’ve known him for ten years, a lot of things happened to him but I never seen him depressed.


Yi-seo walks to work. Seo runs up to her to walk with her but she says that she does not want to talk to anyone with the last name Jang, so can you stop talking to me.

He is slighted but he runs up and asks her what his family did to SRY. She tells him that he is happy because he does not know anything. Do you really want to hear everything?

Cut to Yi-seo going to work. Everyone else is already there sitting and yell at her about leaving work. Hyun-yi says that their boss worried about you. SRY is all like, huh? Hyun-yi smiles at him. SRY tells her that they can all eat first.

Meanwhile, Soo-ah goes to the chairman and asks why he is buying the Danbam building. May I ask why? He tells her that he knows why she is asking, so you should be careful in asking.

She tells him that this is not like him. He asks, is it not like me? She has his attention. She tells him, yes, I don’t know if I should say this, but I have seen you for more than 10 years. You often made a decision that does not meet common sense but benefited JangGa.

The chairman tells her that he is not happy right now. Are you telling me who is right or wrong right now? She continues and says that even though it is not a good decision, all your decisions give trust to JangGa. But this decision looks emotional. The chairman tells her to be quiet and leave.

She bows and lets herself out. In the hallway, she almost falls from emotion but braces herself against the wall.

Inside, the chairman thinks about what Saeroyi said about being his enemy. he wonders if he also thinks that Saeroyi is his enemy.


The team is all out drinking. Seung-kwon recounts everything that SRY told him when he started working with him, though very dramatically. Tony says he is cool. Yi-seo tells him to stop telling that story, I have heard it a million times.

SRY asks why Yi-seo and Soo are so depressed, did you two fight? Someone says that those two always fight, let’s go for a second round. Seung-kwon wants to go for a second round. The other team mates joke that SK went once and now he has to go all the time.

SRY asks if it is fun to go to one? I have never been to one. SK pulls out his phone to play some music and says that he will teach him a lesson. He starts to teach him how to dance with a lady and it is so awkward and funny. SRY tells him to just sit back down.

After that bar, the team all walks out back to their bar. SK tries to explain to Tony what to do in a club. SRY is more interested in how Yi-seo and Soo are interacting with each other. SRY asks Soo if he is still mad at something Yi-seo told him?

He says that he will talk to Geun-soo first, you guys can go. So he pulls Geun-soo away to talk to him and the others go back.

SRY – What happened? Because of something Yi-seo said to you?

Soo – I heard what my father and brother did to you. Why didn’t you tell me?

SRY – It is between your brother and your father and me. You are just you.

Soo – I knew that was your principle

SRY – Why did you decide to work in Danbam?

Soo – I told you, I came to make money.

SRY – Back then, to me you wanted someone to lean on (rely on). I know I am mattering in your life or maybe I went overboard, but Danbam can be a place you can rely on.

Soo – Thank you so much, but you don’t have to pity me like that

SRY – It is not pity. I saw myself in you. I thought we could have a good relationship. But I knew this would happen eventually. I didn’t think about how you would feel. I am sorry.

Soo – No, don’t do that to me. You shouldn’t apologize to me.

SRY – *puts a hand on his shoulder* Geun-soo…

Soo – Everything my family did to you, I am really sorry. *bows deeply* I will be punished *teary eyed*

Saeroyi gives him a hug. Soo cries into his shoulder.



The team went to a club. SK tells Tony that this is cool coming to a Korean club right? he says yes, it is the first time. This is cool!

They go through the bouncer and show their IDs. SK has a hard time getting in but he lets him in. Then he stops Tony from going in and says that people from Africa or the middle east are banned from coming in. That is the club law. Where are you from?

Tony says he is Korean. My appa is Korean. The bouncer asks for his ID. Tony says he is Korean. The bouncer calls someone on a walkie and says that they have a bad customer at the front. Yi-seo asks why he is like that, this is Korea.

SK tells the bouncer that if you say that to someones face, it will make them angry. The bouncer says that if he tells them nicely then they should go. SK asks, why don’t you just say it not so nicely. Yi-seo tells them to leave, let’s go. Tony is super upset because he says he is Korean. Yi-seo tells him he is not Korean, you have dark skin. So Tony yells that she is a bad person and runs off.

SRY gets there and asks what is going on. So Yi-seo tells him all that happened and that Tony argued that he is Korean but I wasn’t on his side so he left. SRY tells her she needs to watch her mouth, I don’t like you yesterday and today. But Yi-seo tells him that he is not Korean.

Meanwhile, Soo went home to his goshiwon and looks at his photos of Danbam and the team.


The SK, Yi-seo, and Hyun-yi stare at the club because it has been graffitied with “Racism is ruining Korea!” Yi-seo mutters, that crazy guy.


Elsewhere, SRY is meeting with Ho-joon about his current situation. he says that things are risky with JangGa targeting him. We should support Min-jung. Moving stores is not so sufficient. But SRY wants to continue with the restaurant.

Ho-joon explains that chairman Jang will keep purchasing the stores you move to. SRY says that there is one way. he gives him something and says that the will call Kang Min-jung executive director to meet with him. Then he apologizes to Ho-joon.


Soo gets to Danbam and starts to fix the place up. The three other employees show up. Hyun-yi and SK are happy to see him. Yi-seo ignores him again. Soo asks if he can talk to her?

So they go to the terrace to talk. he tells her that it is best to stay there than move, right? She says of course. He says that he will quit Danbam. She asks if that is what he wants to say? he says that he will try and tell abogi not to touch Royi hyun if I go back. That is the deal. Do you think that is best?

She holds his hand and asks if he can do that? I will be very thankful if you do that. He looks really touched. He says she is really bad. 


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