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Itaewon Class: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Ho-joon tells SRY that he feels like they showed their fangs too early. There is a line that supports Chairman Jang and a line that supports Executive Kang. When I look at their shares, we are 12% short. It is because Chairman Jang has a lot of respect in JangGa.

SRY tells him that they need to ruin that respect. We have one card to play. Ho-jin asks, what policeman? Do you thin he is a hidden card? He always ignores you. SRY tells him that he should keep on it.


The chairman is in his office when Geun-won comes to see him. He asks him what if he knows that strongest restaurant bar? What is this spending? You should get paid to get in. 

Geun-won asks, ah, this. Saeroyi also wants to be in the tv show so I stopped it by investing some money. The chairman asks why? Geun-won says it is a competition, what if we lose? The chairman tells him, that is why people say that you are not good enough, you’re stupid. That makes it look like JangGa is not as good as his store. Use your head in a more polished way.

Geun-won apologizes. His father tells him to leave. Then he wonders about the next heir in line and how he is not good enough.

While Geun-won walks out he sees Soo walking in. He asks him, how dare you come here. Soo asks, should I not be here? Abogi called me. He walks past him. Geun-won asks why? And walks back up to him. Soo asks him, are you feeling insecure? GW slaps him. Soo tells him it has been a while since you hit me. I didn’t know why when you were little, but you hit me because you are insecure.

GW grips his jacket and asks if he is crazy? Soo pushes his hand away and tells him not to be scared, I don’t care.

Soo goes to meet the chairman. The chairman asks why he looks like that. (he has a busted lip). SOo tells him that he asked him thta a lot when he was little. 

The chairman throws a pamphlet on the table and tells Soo to go abroad to study. Soo asks what kind of relationship his father has with Saeroyi? Chairman jang tells him that he saw it, why don’t you ask him? Why are you asking me?

Soo says it is becasue he is scared. Scared because our family are the bad guys. Jang tells him not to worry, I am not the bad one. My favorite proverb…(only the strongest survive). Good, bad, who draws the line? The winner is right and I always won. The fish that grow up in fish tanks can only grow up so much. But the wild ones in nature can grow more than 2 meters. Your choice is to work at that tiny restaurant bar. You are my son. Even though you are not good enough, I do not want to see my own son become a tiy fish.

Geun-soo turns to leave.

His father tells him – quit that store.

GS – I don’t want to live like that *teary eyed* Excuse me. ALso, I don’t know what happened. But do you think that Danbam is a tiny fish tank? Royi hyung is stronger than what you think.

He bows and leaves.



Soo-ah drives her car and thinks about Saeroyi telling her that he will finish JangGa so you do not have to worry anymore. She calls Saeroyi. He is passing in front of her at that same time so she honks her horn.

They go to a park to walk around. He asks what happened. She says nothing, what about you? He says nothing. She asks him how he saved all that money? He says it is a secret. She asks, is it because I am JangGa’s person?

He tells her that is not it, I just don’t want to involve you between JangGa and me. She says he involves her anyway. When you told me that I would be jobless, I was so happy. I want you to stop, but I started to cheer for you also. What should I do between you and Jangga? Which side am I on? It is strange to tell you, I feel like I have a dual personality.

He asks, did I tell you why I like you? In high school when you ran for the college exam because you were late. You said that you didnt’ need my help so you just ran and ran and finally made it. I saw the feeling that you could take care of yourself. You were cool. Don’t be shaken. Just stay on your own side.


Foreigners come in to Danbam and start to speak English. Saeroyi looks at his new hire, Tony, but Tony does not know what the English people are talking about. He is all like, what? Tony tells them, I don’t know English. They all look at him like, so who knows English?

Cut to them all sitting at a table. SK asks, so how can you not speak English and yet you look like you can speak English? Tony tells them that he is Korean and he grew up in Guinea and speaks Korean and French. They think that Yi-seo will be upset when she finds out.


Yi-seo is currently sitting at the river with Soo. He asks her if she likes Saeroyi, I just wonder that since you work there and give up college. She asks, what if I say that I do? Does it matter? I know you like me. But you didn’t even want to date me at all. Do you know that? I hit on you because you were rich. It would be a helpful connection. But you, me, and your heir, you are just a pushover who is not greedy at all.

The tells her to write her own novel. She says that she is okay with that. Yes, I like our boss. But not like super in love. You know that human emotions always change. It changes on situations. You still have a chance. In case you really really want me. You should take over JangGa. But then she starts to laugh and says that she is joking. Let’s go.

He smiles and says that she is really bad.


Saeroyi asks Tony if he likes the restaurant? He says that he does. So SRY tells him to learn English. Tony sighs. 

Yi-seo comes back early, they all tense up as she walks to their table. SRY asks about the company. She says that they cannot d a showcase, but they helped us with another ice-maker machine. Hyun-yi mutters that it was embarrassing to borrow it on the weekend. 

SRY hops up to leave and do something. Yi-seo asks, today is a regular day so you do not need me right? She applies lipstick and tells them that she will be back. She runs out.

All the employees think that they were almost killed. Tony asks what kind of relationship the boss and manager has? They tell him to just learn English. But Soo thinks about Yi-seo and SRY.

Yi-seo runs to catch up with SRY and asks what his busy thing is, is ti about the company? He says it is personal. So she says that he always says those things. I don’t know anything about JangGa or your relationships. Am I really your manager? I want to help you. If this personal matter is burdensome to you, at least we can share a little bit.

He tells her that it is about the company indirectly. But it is far away and uncomfortable, but would you like to go with me? She tells him she will go anywhere and smiles as she takes his arm to walk off.


they ride a bus. He tells her this is a long and boring story. She tells him to tell her everything.

SRY – When I was little I lived with my appa only…

YS – (On the bus, the boss talked continuously without stopping. He talked about what his father meant to him and what he meat to his father and Jang Geun-won and the start of the bad relationship with chairman Jang and his fathers death because of them and the truth that is buried and the fall after that and his friend Ho-joon and the plan for revenge and all the time he spent for it. Just like that he said it all continuously and I listened to it all. Just listened.)

They get to a little town and go to a person’s house. 

YS – Why are you here?

SRY – To see someone.

The little girl knows SRY and runs to him. The appa leaves. But the appa is the cop from the past. His daughter asks why SRY Oppa comes all the time, he hates you.

They all sit inside with the appa and daughter to have a meal. the cop tells him to eat a lot and take some with him if he needs it. YS asks if this is their food supplier? The daughter says that appa made all this.

SRY tells him that because of his help, their store has gone well. The daughter is happy that SRY realized his dream. He asks her dream. She says that she will be a policewoman. The appa looks up a bit. SRY tells her that is a cool dream. When I was a kid I wanted to be a cop too. She asks why he didn’t become one?

But the father stands up and tells his daughter to help him with the laundry before it gets too dark. SRY tells YS that she should help the daughter, so she goes out to help her. SRY goes to talk to the cop.

SRY – She has grown up bright and good. Not like you detective.

Cop – I am not a detective anymore, don’t call me that.

SRY – When I first met you, you were the detective on my fathers case. (flashback to the past where the chief told the detective not to investigate this case and think about his own family). You didn’t solve it, right?

Cop – *kneels to his knees* I am really sorry. Please don’t come anymore.

SRY – Stand up.

Cop – *still kneeling* I will do anything for you, whatever you want. Money or time, I will pay for everything.

SRY – You will pay for it? *kneels as well* Detective, what you can do for me is turn yourself in and reveal the truth. At least you should be a proud father who can support your daughters dream.

Cop – No, no, without me, my daughter…

SRY – I am a business man, you should pay for what you did, do not try to run away. You shouldn’t say that to me. Yi-seo has gone to sleep in a room so he covers her with a blanket. It is raining outside. SRY sits.

YS – If he is the witness, then Jang Geun-won goes to jail. So you can take people on chairman Jang’s side, that is your idea right?

SRY – You are awake?

YS – How was the conversation?

SRY – Not good.

YS – I knew. If you could move him with kindness then you wouldn’t’ have had to [buy the stock].

SRY – Well see.

YS – She curls onto his leg.

SRY – What are you doing?

YS – I can’t sleep on the floor, just a little bit.

SRY – We have to go soon

YS – This wound, what is this?

It is a huge scar on his arm.

SRY – When I was working on the fishing boat

She traces her finger up his arm.

YS – What about these?

SRY – When I was working int he construction site.

YS – You had a hard life, it should be very difficult for you.

SRY – *long pause* …. A little bit.

YS – *starts crying* (When I feel pain about my bosses past)

SRY – Why are you doing this?

YS – *still crying* (I realize that this feeling I have towards him is love). *she holds his arm* (The bosses okay voice, the feeling I have where I don’t want to let him be alone anymore. My decision is – whoever touches this man, I will kill them all.)

He rests his hand on her back and pats her softly as she blubbers into his leg.

YS – (I love you. I love you.)

they ride the bus home. Her head bobs up and down as she sleeps. He chuckles a bit and rests her head on his shoulder. They sit like that the rest of the way back.



Yi-swo walks upon a samgyupsal restaurant. there is a long line outside. Soo-ah comes up and says that they are doing good business, right?

YS tells her that less than that amount would be trouble at this peak time of the year. Soo-ah nods and asks if she iw going to work? I want to borrow ice from Danbam so lets go together.

YS asks, what the f? I heard everything from my boss about the relationship between JangGa and him. Soo-ah tells her that he does not talk about himself often. Maybe he trusts you a lot. Did you also advice him to buy the stock?

YS asks, why why why? I know you hate me a lot. She walks away.

Soo-ah walks along and says I don’t don’t like you. Can I borrow ice? YS tells her no. Soo-ah smiles and keeps following her.

SRY is outside so Soo-ah asks to borrow ice. SRY tells her she can get it inside. then he talks to a man outside who says that this is his notice. This man is the owner of the building.

Inside he tells his people that the owner sold the building. The new owner wants an increase in the rent by 5%. Yi-seo starts to convert it in her head quickly. But Tony is actually faster and sys it is about a $300 increase. But the biggest problem is that we have to empty our store after the contract ends because he wants to open a store. It is half a year later.

Soo-ah looks at the contract and says that increasing the rent is not illegal. They can increase 5% a year. SK sys they are gangsters. Hyun-yi looks at him, lol. Soo-ah says that they can ask for a renewal and continue. they are kicking you out, but by law your rights are protected. But it is not good to argue against the building owner.

The problematic thing is that the new owner wants to run a store. Yi-seo says that this happens often, the owner of the building wants to run the business. they want to get the premium. SK thinks that they have more than 100 thousand dollars of premium there.

Soo asks, if they really kick us out then that means that they really want us out. 

SRY thinks that they did all the marketing, even if we get the premium, we will still lose. I will get the new owners phone number and convince them. 

He gets the phone number and calls. 

SRY – Hello, this is park Saeroyi who runs Danbam, I heard that you own the building, I just want to say hi.

Chairman – this is a coincidence. It is me, Jang Dae-hee.

Fade Out


Of course it was JangGa, people! Who else would all of a sudden buy a building to mess with you!

Do I love it, though? Yes!

This show is on fire. It feels like they finally kicked into high gear and have me wondering what the next moment will bring. I love the introduction of the fund manager that was the former school bully and is atually Saeroyi’s first ally and partner.

I also love that poor little Yi-seo is finally feeling the pain of emotions for the first time. Little thing did not know what was about to hit her.

And now the alliances inside the company are forming! Though the chairman aint no spring chicken and peeped the game from the begining. Which I looooove. it just makes him a hard person to get around, our team will need to think more and more.

But Saeroyi has been thinking of this and only this for years and years and years so I am sure he still has some more tricks up his sleeve. The preview is below!


YS – is it Jangga? So it is a big scale to just destroy the person he doesn’t like

SRY – Jo Yi-seo, if you say one more thing then you will be in trouble

SA – You and Yiseo, are you all that emotional?

HJ – Don’t you want to close the store? 

SRY – I have one way

SRY – What do you want me to do?

DH – You kneel and apologize

SRY – I was kicked out of school and the building, you can’t take anything from me.

GS – I am really sorry about what my family did to you.

YS – Geun-soo will tell his abogi his condition of quitting danbam

SRY – What do you think?

YS – Of course I am for it.

SRY – *throws her nametag on the table* You don’t deserve to be the manager.

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