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Itaewon Class: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

We are up to live recaps with Itaewon Class! Whoo hoo! And not a moment too late because the end of the last episode left me wanting! So I am reading to dig in to today’s episode and see just what is about to happen with that huge twist at the end of the last episode. Go on then, Saeroyi!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The chairmans shows up to Danbam and walks up to Saeroyi.

DH – (Your goal is that you want to cut my throat. At my age, this is refreshing.)

SRY – Welcome to Danbam!

He bows deeply and stays there for a moment before looking the chairman in the eye again.

DH – You, I missed you. 

SRY – I missed you too, a lot.

The chairman sits at Danbam and watches Yi-seo take a customers order. Then she goes to the chairman and asks if he needs help with the order. Chairman Dae-hee asks her if she knows him? She tells him that they are in this business, everyone should know you. 

He nods and asks for whatever specialty Chigae (stew) and bokum (fried thing) and soju. So he is basically asking for whatever they are the best at making. She takes the order and goes back to SRY looking serious and worried as she tells him what he wants.

She also asks Geun-soo if he knows what kind of food his father likes. GS tells them that he likes strong seasoning. So SRY tells them to cook Soondubu chigae and bean sprout samgyupsal bokum (fried pork and bean sprouts). Yi-seo says that she will tell the kitchen to make the seasoning stronger.

But SRY says no, today listen to me. I do not want to show any weakness so do what you always do.

Soo gives the table some food. Geun-won aks him if he is crazy and what he is doing there. Soo says that he is working so Geun-won asks again, what are you doing here? The chairman tells him to quit. This is not the place for you.

Soo asks him where he should be then? Is JangGa the place I should be?

Chairman Dae-hee tells him that he is there to eat, so let’s talk about it later. His son bows and tells him to enjoy his time, then he walks off.

In the Kitchen, Hyun-yi tells SRY to concentrate on his soup. SRY snaps out of his thoughts and stars to prepare.

he brings the food out to the chairman and tells him to enjoy. The chairman then asks him, you bought our stock? SRY tells him it is good stock. The chairman tell shim, 8 years ago when JangGa’s stock value crashed. That was more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. That shuold have been your fathers death insurance money. You invested it to JangGa that was about to collapse. What was the reason?

SRY – I trusted it.

DH – Trust?

SRY – Your brand image was tainted, but the base and value of JangGa did not go down. I thought it was a long term investment.

DH – So you only did it for the profit?

SRY – No other reason.

DH – Okay, about 8 years, but this morning investment, what did that mean? Today he added another 600,000. 

GW – What? You invested that much money? You, Saeroyi?

DH – What is your purpose?

SRY – Am I bothering you? It is the same as 8 years ago.

DH – You are not good at lying.

Saeroyi walks away.

The chairman starts to eat the food. he eats it all. Saeroyi brings out a water bottle for him. The chairman tells him that he had high expectations. But after trying it, I want to tell you that whatever you plan to do against JangGa is not enough. You should think you are lucky. It means that I do not consider you as my opponent. I am saying this because of your father. So just give up and live normally. Let’s go.

They all stand up to leave.

SRy – Just give up and live normally? Is that good enough? I can’t do it. Stubbornness and recklessness, is my entire life.

He stares at DH and then walks up to him. Yi-seo looks concerned.

SRY – You said I am not good so I am telling you again. Even though I am slow, I am slowly progressing with the steps. You are at the end of it.

GW – Are you crazy?

SRY – *Yells!* You…just shut up. *quietly* Think of my father? F-you. The only thing you can do for my father is to kneel and be punished for your sins, so I will make it that way.

The chairman steps to Saeroyi.

DH – Stubbornness, reckless, and bluffing is all a dog barking. You need to be punished with a bat.

SRY – I am not only barking. Do you know that?

DH – The tiger does not bark. He just bites and kills. I will teach you what that means.

he starts to walk away.

SRY – Good bye! This was Danbam!

he bows deeply to the chairman and they all walk out, including Soo-ah.



Later on that night, Saeroyi searches tigers on his cell phone. Yi-seo tells him that tigers do that, of course. They make a growl sound. SRY says that that old man never saw a tiger before. Yi-seo explains that it means he will try and crush you himself.

SRY tells her that he does not care. Yi-seo explains that it matters because he is a big opponent. You should not start a fight like that. SRY says that he will think he is a young guy that cannot control his anger. That is actually a good image. He will try and crush me, but it will happen anyway. He won’t do his best because a young guy is his opponent.

Yi-seo asks what he is talking about.

SRY texts Ho-jin and says that chairman Jang came by. 

SRY – In a fight, the first punch is important. For the first punch, it is thrown at the back of their head.

Ho-jin texts back – okay. Then he looks out his high rise condo and we are sent into a flashback. Ho-jin is at the jail and says that he wants to have a meeting with someone. So the guard tells him to fill out a form and wait.

So he fills out the form to meet with Park Saeroyi. 

Saeroyi comes out and is surprised to see Ho-jin there. Ho-jin is pretty nervous to meet him.

SRY – Whats up?

HJ – I wonder something, on that day why did you hit Geun-won?

SRY – He just made me uncomfortable. You dont’ have to thank me.

HJ – Why should I? Don’t mistaken it. You were just mattering. You should not fight like that. I was just fighting my own battle by staying and enduring. You are in here because you could not control your temper.

SRY – *rubs head* Why are you so spiky? Well, what you say is all true, but don’t pretend like you know everything. Depending on people, there are some things that are difficult to endure. If you are done, hen go.

HJ – What are you going to do, do you have any plan after coming out?

SRY – I don’t want to tell you because you are an a-hole.

HJ – I am accepted to Gorea University management department (top top University). That is the result of enduring 3 years of hell.

SRY – Okay, forget about everything and live your life, that is good for you.

HJ – Can you do that? Can you forget about everything and live a happy life? That is the thing about people who have never been a victim say. *he thinks back to enduring punishment.* Jang Geun won is in my dreams, I wake up from sleeping. Many times I go to the rooftop at night to die.

SRY – I don’t know how to comfort you.

HJ – 3 years was too long. The only reason I could survive that hell was because I always thought about revenge. My dream is to be a fund manager. First, I am twisted so I wasn’t too honest. Actually, I am thankful to you, that you helped me.

SRY – After I get out of jail, I am going to open a restaurant bar. I will be the best in the field and destroy JangGa. That is my goal. 

HJ – It will be difficult.

SRY – I never thought it would be easy.

HJ – It is difficult – unless you have a good fund manager.

SRY – *pauses* What is your name?

HJ – Lee Ho-jin.

SRY – I am Park Saeroyi. Lee Ho-jin, would you like to be on my side?

He puts out his fist for a fist bump through the glass. He fist bumps SRY. Then we cut to Ho-jin putting “friend” in the relationship when he writes his application to meet SRY.

Cut to Ho-jin looking out the window and then Saeroyi shows up standing next to him. 

HJ – 1.9 Million, that was a little spontaneous decision. If we stayed one more year then it would increase 500,000. 

SRY – Why didn’t you stop me?

HJ – What about you? I was just a student 7 years ago. How could you give all your money to me?

SRY – Why are you asking that? You gave me a big profit.

HJ – Back then, you gave me your fathers insurance money. 

SRY – I didn’t know anything about the stock market.

HJ – So you should have invested in a professional fund manager.

SRY – I don’t know about stock, but I know about you. You said it was hell for 3 years. You survived that 3 years of hell and went to the best university in Korea. You have guts and are persistent.

HJ – *takes a drink* You say that, but you ask me to do a lot of things.

SRY – What?

HJ – When I think about that time with Executive Director Kang Min-jung, I still have goosebumps

We go into another flashback where SRY sits with Kang Min-jung and Ho-jin. She tells him that she has not seen him since his fathers funeral. This should be a pleasant meeting, but it is not. Did you put Ho-jun on me on purpose?

SRY – Sorry if it made you angry

MJ – I heard what happened between him and you. I liked and respected your father. I am sorry but I am not a person that you can move with jang or pity.

SRY – Your money that Ho-joon is investing. I heard that it doubled with ho-joon.

MJ -SO what?

SRY – I also heard that you want the prosperity of JangGa the most.

MJ – So what?

SRY – I want to give you more power.

MJ – How?

SRY – One day, whenever you have the board meeting for a decision. I know how good Ho-jin is for the last hald a year.

MJ – Yes, he is good, but what about you? I herad that you worked hard for 7 years and opened a restaurant bar. that is good, your father would be proud of you. But this is a different league. Your precious store was several hundred thousands of dollares. if you sell your precious store then it is just a decimal point of JangGa stock. You have nothing.

SRY – What if I get one percent?

MJ – One percent…Jang Ga has 200,000,000 shares. One percent of that is 2 million. that is big money that a young guy like you will never touch. And that is  not a big help at all.

SRY – It is a good evaluation point right? If it is possible then I am not a young guy. I will not be big help, but at least I can help you, right? And I want you to know that I do not need you much.

HJ – Royi…

MJ – *laughs* Wow, you don’t even have it but you say it like you already have it. 

SRY – I live my life like that.

MJ – What do yu want from me?

SRY – You are the second biggest shareholder after chairman Jang.

MJ – SO what?

SRY – You also have a long relationship with Jang Geun-won. Do you think JGW can lead JangGa? Do you think it will be successful?

MJ- What are you talking about?

SRY – JangGa, you should lead it. I will be on your side for firing Chairman Jang at the board meeting.

MJ – *takes a sip of her tea* So Your enemy is the old man right? To get your revenge. What do you think you are to the chairman? You are just a little fly. I know you open a tiny restaurant bar and you have high hopes. But I am too much of a peace lover to get excited hearing your B.S. 

SRY – *thinks* I came to the wrong place. Please excuse me. *stands up and bows*

HJ – Royi…

MJ – But you….should I have a little hope because you are your fathers son?

the beat picks back up and SRY turns around.

MJ – I believe more of chairmans Jang decision more than you or me. Your store Danbam, do you know those [other food companies]?

SRY – Yes, 2-3-4 in this restaurant field.

MJ – He goes there and eats at those places. One percent at 2 million is a big dream. But you cannot move with the numbers. Make him eat at your tiny restaurant, that is your mission. *stands up* If you become a person that bothers Chairman Jang…I will trust you and be 100% on you.

The story goes to Chairman Jang going to Danbam. The chairman thinks that he wanted to see his face. Saeroyi thinks that he can see the back of your head.




Saeroyi meets with Min-jung at an isolated outside location. She tells him that he cleared his mission. he says it was because of her. Ho-joon is with SRY. She tells him that it was lucky, if you did not invest today then the old man would not have even thought of you.

SRY says that he came because I did not invest in anyone else. You also bought JangGa stock after selling all other investments. I think you already decided.

She asks, do people say you are an a-hole? SRY tells her no. But Ho-joon says that you are. He looks at him and smiles. MJ tells him that it could be an attractive point. Okay, you and me, let’s hop on the same ship. The chairman and Geun-won, let’s kick them out. Let’s go.

She extends her hands to shake.

MJ – Partner, let’s do a good job.

He looks at her hand and shakes it with both of his.

SRY – Yes.


Min-jung plays baduk with Min-jung at his house. She asks if he only called her to play baduk. He says that he thought that he just didn’t care about her so much. So she says that she is over 40 now, you don’t have to care about me. 

He tells her that after getting old I don’t feel like I was before. Also I think about your father a lot. She tells him that he will have a full life, you are still healthy. He says he has no regrets if he dies, but he does worry about the company. Geun-won is not trustworthy.

She tells him that she heard that the trendy thing is to hire a good CEO. it is difficult to tell you this, I hope you do not consider family running the business. In JangGa there area  lot better people than Geun-won. 

He holds a baduk chip and asks her, will you be the best person for it? She does not answer, he says, I lost. Now we can play equally. She thanks him. He tells her that they should eat dinner. But she mentions that she has an appointment, please invite me next time.

She gets up to leave. He tells her that he thinks of her as family and is thankful that she cares about JangGa. You are the only one I trust. Please continue working hard.

She tells him that she always trusts him and always follows him. She walks out as the secretary walks in. The chairman looks at a photo of MJ and SRY meeting at their secret meeting. The chairman says that it does not look like they met each other for the first time. What should I do?


Yi-seo thinks about Saeroyi as he cleans his place. 

VO – It seems like he lives like a pushover and follows his emotions. But the stock and first punch, that was planned for 8 years. My bosses fight that I don’t know about. It makes me angry.

SRY starts to talk to Ho-jin on the phone and tells him that he will be there to his office. He tells YS that he will be back. She asks where he is going. He says he is meeting someone so she asks if she can go with him. 

He asks if she knows what he is up to? She asks, what is it. there is a long pause. SRY tells Soo to finish things up with YS and then go home. he leaves. Soo asks YS what the relationship is between his family and hyung?

She tells him that she does not know. He asks, do you really not know? She says no. But Soo says that she does. However she says that she really does not know, dont’ ask me about your family issues. SK asks what is going on. YS tells him it is none of his business and storms off. SK is so upset and frustrated and wonders what in the world he can do after only saying one thing.


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  1. stevens
    February 21, 2020 / 4:08 pm

    i mean isn’t Jo Yi Seo supposed to be like super smart, this show needs to let her show off her talent a lot more in a lot more ‘obvious’ ways, you know….

    • V
      February 21, 2020 / 4:14 pm

      I think she is supposed to be legit genius level smart. maybe they will start showing that off in the next episode. From the preview it looks like she is the first one to guess that the person who owns the building is JangGa Group.

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