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Itaewon Class: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Hyun-yi gets her hair died black and nervously shows it to everyone at Danbam. They all say it looks good on her as they prepare for their morning workout.

At JangGa, the chairman taps his fingers and thinks about Park Saeroyi.

At Danbam, they start to interview all the applicants for the job. But they don’t have any good ones. Then a pretty woman comes in and asks if the post is still open. SK hires her immediately. But then he has to back track and introduce her to Saeroyi and Yi-seo. SRY kind of knows her already. Se works in the famous gay bar. 

SRY asks why she quit? she says that she is going back to college so she does not have time for full time, she needs a part-time job. So can you pick me Oppa? Yi-seo blinks her eyes several times. SRY starts to say something but Yi-seo cuts him off and says that they will text her the results.

All the boys are mesmerized. But Yi-seo says that she is out. Just a feeling. SK tells her that her feeling is bad. There is no one better than that! He asks who else they could pick?

Cut to a man walking up the street. Then he enters the cafe. He is black so they all think that they hve to speak English to him. They ask him if he can come back at 5pm? But he only speaks Korean so they are so stunned.

They end up interviewing him and find out that his father is Korean so that is why he can speak Korean so well. He looks like such a happy person, lol. The other employees don’t think Yi-seo will pick him though because he has no previous job experience.

But Yi-seo says that they should hire him. She doesn’t want to be the only one that speaks English here. it is funny because this guys Korean is more contemporary than Saeroyi’s Korean so he actually speaks Korean better, lol. So he starts work right away.


Soo helps Yi-seo get settled in her new place. He asks why she moved out. She says that her mother found out that she worked in Danbam. So he is shocked and asks if she got kicked out?

But she has to cut him off and talk on the phone to a PD who saw her proposal to be on TV. She tells him that they are super hot in Itaewon, that is why I work there. I won’t work there without any good reason. Thank you PD.

She tells Soo that she got it! Then she calls SRY and tells him that they will be on TV! I am good right?

Soo starts to unpack her things as she talks to SRY and sees her apology letter from a year ago where she drew Saeroyi. It looks just like him.

Yi-seo tells SRY that the PD wants to see him. He says that is great, I will be there right away. Soo-ya sees him and asks what is so great? he tells her that they will be on TV. The cooking show. She congratulated him. SRY tells her that Yi-seo did it.

He asks her how she was after that night, she apologizes for being drunk but says that she feels good after that. Since you told me that I am just doing my best in my life. he nods, yes.

So she tells him that she will keep continuing to do her best in her life. I work for JangGa and I will work for JangGa in the future. Thank you so much for everything. But from now on, don’t like me anymore, really. She smiles.

Geun-won looks on in jealously.




Geun-won meets his father for a meal and asks what he is going to do with Saeroyi? It seems like you pay a lot of attention to him. The father says that a normal person would have been broken by being kicked out from high school, losing their father, and being an ex-convict, but he is totally fine. he may make a brand with the name Danbam.

Geun-won is about to say something. The chairman says anyone can work and make money. There is a next step from that. You have to make money rolling in without working. We either make that system or invest in it. The difference comes in how we think. Working hard is great for normal people. Ten years is a long time. With his clear goal, he only made a little store. He is not a threat for us.

Geun-won asks why he bothers him so much? The father tells him that he heard that Geun-won likes Oh.  I think she is worthy of it. He asks, really? The chairman says yes. If you can make her my daughter-in-law then I will not bother you with blind dates anymore.

Geun-won is happy with that and asks what the deal is with SRY and Soo-ah? He tells him that Saeroyi is the barometer as to if Soo-ah is on our side or not. that is it. Geun-won chuckles and asks, oh, that is it? Then he eats happily, but the father is not happy.


Saeroyi goes to the company where the producer of the reality show is located. The program is “The Strongest Restaurant Bar”. He is a bit nervous, but takes a deep breath and then goes inside. However, Geun-won is there as well. GW asks if this guy is on the other team?

The PD asks if they know each other?

Geun-won tells him that they have a certain brand, these little stores will lower our brand. Saeroyi glares at him. The PD asks if they really have a grudge? Geun-won says yes. SRY sits angrily and stares at Geun-won.

Afterwards, SRY waits at the elevator and tries to ignore Geun-won when he approaches him. Geun-won asks about the relationship he has with Soo-ah and tells him that he likes Soo-ah. But he didn’t think about marrying her due to their different lives. But my father likes her also, she has value. She talked to you because she pitied you. Did that make you soleda?

SRY keeps ignoring him.

GW asks, don’t you know that she pities you? Do you think that Soo-ah wants to be the wife of JangGa’s owner or a middle school graduate whose future is not bright?

SRY – I don’t know, she doesn’t want to marry a murderer either. Are you insecure because a middle school graduate and an ex-convict?

GW – Abogi told me another thing. He talked about you. He said a guy that barely opened one restaurant after working hard for 10 years will not be a threat to JangGa. Park Saeroyi is only the barometer for what Soo-ah thinks. That is it. Wake up Saeroyi. How dare you attempt anything.

The elevator doors open. Geun-won steps in.

GW – Soo-ah is having a hard time because of you. You should consider others and know yourself. SRY just glares at him but he also thinks a bit as the doors close.


Geun-won calls Soo-ah and asks what she is doing. Are you in Itaewon? Is it to see that guy? Well I saw him also. Do you know that TV program, “The Strongest Restaurant Bar”? That program I am taking care of? Well he also came. I want to teach him a lesson so he knows who he is.

Soo-ah is about to say something but GW cuts her off and tells her not to like him! it is not about me, what if my abogi knows?

She hangs up on him and calls him crazy.




Yi-seo is on the phone with someone and it is not going well. She keeps asking why? Tell me why? And then we find out that she was on the phone with the PD. She hangs up looking upset. Then she sadly tells everyone that the TV show is cancelled.

SRY comes in right at that moment so Yi-seo asks if anything happened at the TV company.

Cut to SRY drinking on the rooftop and overlooking Itaewon.

Flashback to the TV company, and Geun-won telling him Soo-ah has a hard time because of him. Then he thinks about Soo-ah having a hard time due to him as we see all his memories of her telling him that she is a JangGa person.

Yi-seo comes out and tells him that the broadcast thing is not a big thing. I have other channels. What happened, did the PD pick on you? Why do you look like that? What did he say? SRY asks her if she would like to take a walk together? She happily smiles like a puppy.

They go for their walk. She says that now is the time that he can tell her. But he says nothing happened. Then Soo-ah comes up to them and asks if they are on a date? SRY says no, we re looking around at other restaurants. Then he tells Soo-ah that she works all day and then all night in Itaewon, it must be difficult for you.

She tells him that her salary is higher. She mentions his TV thing. SRY says it is okay, I can do it next time. That is not the only broadcast company. Then he tells Soo-ah that her last bus will stops soon, so you should go back and we should go back too. He walks past her.

She looks shocked that he continued walking on. She turns to look at him leave, but then continues on her way.

Yi-seo asks SRY if nothing big happened? He says nothing big happened. But he think he is pathetic since he does not have that much room in his mind. She asks if he likes her a lot. Even though you know that she called the police, you still look the same.

He asks her if she is still talking about betraying nonsense? It is cold, let’s go.

Yi-seo tells him that her mom told her that studying well does not guarantee success. Sports and music and baduk…she made me learn a lot of things. I liked baduk so I stuck with that much longer. Even though I lost because the other person was better than me. Even though they had an advantage (jokbaduk).  He tells her, okay, you have been great since you were little.

She says, but now I feel like I am doing it, jokbaduk. That eunnie did not call the police. Someone else did it.

SRY thinks about this, his eyes grow big. Who was that other person?

Yi-seo explains that it was someone else who held a grudge on her. SRY tells her to go home first and runs back after Soo-ah.

VO – And whoever that other opponent was, I eventually one. I do not give up.

SRy keeps running after Soo-ah. While running, several conversations go through his head.

SA – (I know how Janga is to me, you can hate me).

SRY – (You don’t know how much trouble Soo-ah had because of you at work. Think about her, okay?)

Soo-ah is waiting for the bus. SRY runs and stops right in front of her.

SA – (Now, you can really not like me anymore.)

He walks right up to her, huffing and puffing. She stands up and asks what happened, why did you run so much? 

SRY – You didn’t call the police.

SA – What are you talking about?

SRY – Why did you lie? Do you want me to hate you?

SA – I told you, you are the chairmans target and I am a JangGa person.

He holds her hand and she stops talking.

SRY – I am sorry. I am sorry. I am the selfish one. I only thought about myself.

SA – I told you, don’t like me.

SRY – I am sorry to make you swing between JangGa and me.

SA – Let me go.

SRY – Just a little bit. Even though it is difficult, just a little bit more.

He keeps holding her hand. But then the bus comes.

SA – Bye.

SRY – I don’t are what you do to me. I told you, don’t care about me. Whatever you do, I am okay.

She gets on the bus, he follows her from outside.

SRY – I will finish JangGa so you will not suffer anymore.

He starts to run from outside along with the bus. He yells and says that he will make her jobless so she does not have to suffer anymore. The bus continues driving away.

Soo-ah starts to lightly tear up and mutters that SRY is stupid as a tear falls.



While still standing beside the street, SRY thinks about Geun-won saying that he is not a threat to him. So he gets out his phone and calls Lee Ho-jin.

Ho-jin answers from home and asks why he is calling this late? Hs house is pretty fabulous. SRY asks how his money is doing that was in the hedge fund? 

Ho-jin tells him it is a little down now, but it will go up soon. SRY asks, what if I add that to the JangGa stock I bought?

Ho-jin looks it up and tells him that the money he invested in 8 years ago and the current one all together is 1.9 million. 

SRY tells him to invest it all into JangGa.


The chairman walks inside the company with all his people following behind him, his secretary person runs to him and says that he found this after investigating all the stock brokers. He shows him SRY’s name. The chairman asks him how much? The secretary tells him 1.9 million. 

The secretary says that 8 years ago, when JangGa’s stock went down significantly plus he also bought 600,000 more today.

Cut to 8 years ago when Geun-won caused huge trouble in the news. That caused the stock market to crash for JangGa, there was even a ban JangGa movement.

The chairman starts to laugh and throws the stock paperwork. Then he tells them that he thought he was hungry. It is time to eat. He continues walking on.


The chairman goes to Danbam and walks in. Seung-kwon tells them that it is 15 minutes before opening, but the chairman keeps coming inside with this team behind him. Geun-soo stands up and asks, father?

Geun-won asks, why are you here? Seung-koo asks, is this your father? I work with him. he bows respectfully.

The chairman looks at SRY who is standing next to Yi-seo.  SRY looks like he wants to kick him out right now.

Chairman – (8 years ago, the insurance money for his fathers death, he invested in JanGa at that time and that point.) 

SRY – (It should be the most meaningful use.) 

Chairman – (I thought he was a cat, but at least he is a bobcat.)

SRY – (Do not judge me yet.)

Chairman – (That bothersome little kid.)

They walks to each other until they are right in front of each other.

Chairman – (i thought I crushed him by kicking him out of school and sending him to jail. But now I know when I see your eyes.)

SA_VO – When he has his goal, even if he is slow, he moves forward.

Chairman – (Is your goal, my throat? At my age and in this kind of emotions, it is funny.)

SRY – Welcome, this is Danbam.

SRY bows respectfully but stares at the chairman as if he could not care less.

Chairman – I missed you.

SRY – I missed you also.

Fade Out


Oh wow! This ending gave me chills! Finally, this show is getting me hooked. I love the themes and message that are going on in this drama so I’m happy that we have kept watching it.

What a twist for the chairman to show up at Saeroyi’s place and for Saeroyi to purchase almost 1% of JangGan! That kind of share of the company is enough for him to make money even when he isn’t working. And it definitely is enough to swing a vote towards Kang Min-jung.

Y’all, I am actually looking forward to watching episode 7, like, where is it? Lets get to it already!

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