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Itaewon Class: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

Okay, I am really starting to enjoy this shows message of seeing people as people and not as who they are based on any outside factor like their family, their status, their money, their gender or their looks. It is a really nice break from the normal Kdrama. Though the energy or something needs to pick it up a notch because it feels like Buddha wrote this.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with SRY and Soo-ah talking to each other. He asks why it is so difficult for her. Don’t be like that, whatever you do, I am fine.

Flashback to Soo-ah’s mother leaving her at the orphanage. She tells her to listen to the nun.

VO – She did not tell me that she would come back and pick me up.

In the school, other kids talked about Soo-ah being an orphan and pitying her. Her friends were nicer to her because of it. One of them asked her if she would like a snack and milk? Soo-ah took it happily but knew it was because she was an orphan. 

Then in the bathroom she stole her friends bag and threw everything int he toilet. Her teacher asked her why she did that? Soo-ah says that she didn’t do it. The teacher told her that everyone went to PE, but you. The girl told me that she was nice to you.

Soo-ah asks, was she nice to me? She threw a coin to a beggar, like that? Why do you not believe me? Because I am an orphan without a mother? The teacher tells her to leave and says that she lost her chance to regret her action. Soo-ah tells her that she does not need those kinds of chances.

She walks home teary eyed but not crying and sees a tree with blossoms on it.

VO – At 17, I was a poor girl who was abandoned. I should take good care of myself at least.

She takes a blossom off the tree.

VO – That poor girl who had never been loved by anyone. I should love myself.

An older Soo-ah sits with the chairman, he gives her a scholarship.

VO – After that day I am just justifying my actions.

She apologizes to SRY for accepting the scholarship.

VO – Even though I betray someone who gave me a favor. And betray my friend.

In the present she looks at him.

VO – I would feel better if he yelled at me.

SRY – You did the best in your life, nothing is wrong with you.

SA – Actually, Saeroyi…

SRY – Tell me.

SA – You to me…

She starts to walk closer to him….

SA – To…bright…

She closes her eyes and is about to kiss him. He closes his eyes too. But then YS comes up with her hand and pushes SA away by covering her mouth. She tells her that the law is not to kiss someone without their permission. That is sexual harassment.

Soo-ah pushes her hand away. Yi-seo glares at her. Saeroyi asks what she is doing. SY smiles and asks if she bothered them? Do you agree with this kiss, boss?

He looks back and forth from YS to SA. Soo-ah mutters that her alcohol just wore off. Yi-seo tells him that this is their first group dinner out so we should not be late. SRY says that he will call her a cab, you can go ahead.

YS tells him that she will call the cab and asks Soo-ah where she lives as she brandishes her phone about. Soo-ah tells them that she drank on an empty stomach, so can I join your group? Yi-seo says this is their company meeting, you should  not join.

Soo-ah mentions that she is asking her boss …. So? …. No?

SRY thinks about it and we cut to Soo-ah sitting with the team at a restaurant. It is awkward.

Soo-ah looks around bashfully and says that she does not know if she can join them. YS sarcastically says that she argued so much to join them, but you say that now?

Seung-known tells her that she is welcome since she is their bosses friend. Soo-ah thanks them. One persons ays that they think they have seen her before. She says that she worked in JangGa. Soo looks at her nervously. 

She says that she feels like she has seen him before? He says that he went to her place last year. But she says that she thinks she has seen him before that. Soo avoids the question and starts eating happily.

Yi-seo ays that she advertised this place on her blog as well. She gave it 4 stars out of 5. So tey are basically eating at their competitor place. SRY asks how many stars they have a Danbam. Yi-seo thinks for a moment and says 3 stars.

Then she explains that 3 stars is a restaurant that is way better than others. Soo-ah asks if there is a 5 star place in Itaewon? She says there is – JangGa. Location, service, interior, everything is perfect. But the best thing is the taste. I heard that your chairman made the recipe, that guy is great.

Saeroyi says that Hyun-yi will catch up. Yi-seo says that Hyun-yi eunnie is already good, but JangGa is a big company with a franchise. They have a different scale than us and our goal is also different. Saeroyi says that their goal is not different. My goal is to franchise Danbam. 

Hopeful music starts to play as Yi-seo says that franchise is not to open many stores. Saeroyi says that he knows it won’t be easy, but I have all you guys so we can do it, it will happen. All the team members look hopeful. 

Seung-kwon thinks back to jail and SRy telling him that they can do things if they try even if they are ex convicts. He tells the team that if hyungnim says that we can do it, then we can do it. Hyun-yi says that she will try 10 more times as well. They all put their cups in and look at Yi-seo, she happily puts her cup in as well and they toast that they can do it.

Soo-ah smiles but looks around hesitantly. 



She goes to the bathroom and thinks about the chairman telling her that she doesn’t say anything that people don’t want to hear. Why don’t you show it to me with your actions?

Yi-seo comes into the bathroom and asks Soo-ah why she did that? You didn’t call the police. Soo-ah ignores her. Yi-seo says something sarcastic and starts to wash her hands. Soo-ah asks what she cares? You dont’ like Saeroyi. 

Yi-seo tells her that she likes him super a lot. I am twisted, once I had a mental exam in middle school. The doctor said I am 79% sociopath. Soo-ah asks, oh, so, what you want to say is that you are crazy?

Yi-seo says that what she wants to say is, I have to have things that I have to have. If there is someone that is stopping me then I will destroy that person with whatever I do. I am that kind of person.

Soo-ah asks, so what~.

Yi-seo cuts her off and says, So, I am telling you again for you Eunnie. I like my boss.

Soo-ah casually nods and says okay, but as I told you, Saeroyi likes me. You know that right?

Yi-seo tells her that she has no choice. I have to break you. 

Soo-ah leans in and tells her to try hard, cutie.


Geun-won goes on his blind date with the daughter of another food group person. He looks a bit nervous. She looks bored. She asks if it is his first time coming to a place like this? Or do you not like me?

He mutters that she is their rival food company so of course not. She sighs. Then he is brought out a rotisserie chicken. He remembers his trauma from before when his father made him kill the chicken. The woman tells him that it is funny, the oldest son of the oldest franchise restaurant in Korea dos not like chicken. Can I see the menu.


Soo-ah goes to meet the chairman in his office and sees his family photo. Geun-soo is in it. So she asks about the photo. The chairman says that person is his youngest son. She asks if he put him at that place because of Park Saeroyi? 

The father asks what she is talking about? Put him where?

Soo-ah asks, your second son, the reason you put him at Danbam?

He asks, what? Geun-soo works for Park Saeroyi? 

Soo-ah says yes and apologizes for telling him like this. The chairman asks how his restaurant is going? She tells him it goes well. It is improving a lot and they even have a waiting list.

The secretary calls and says that a person came so the chairman tells her to let him in and give him tea. Then he asks why Saeroyi has good business.

Geun-won comes in right then so the chairman asks how the blind date went. He says it was nothing. The chairman tells him to sit, he should also listen to this.

Soo-ah has all he information on Yi-seo and gives it to the chairman as they all sit. The secretary lingers and looks like she knows that person. But then she walks out. Geun-won asks what Soo-ah is talking about.

Soo-ah continues and says she is talking about Danbam. The chairman asks, 20 years old? Geun-won thinks a 20 year old does not know anything. The chairman asks, so the reason his restaurant is going well is because of this girl?

Soo-ah says yes, she is an SNS star and power blogger. She markets well. She is young, but she knows the field well. She makes good decisions. She reads things quickly and makes decisions fast. The chairman thinks that is interesting. He also looks at Soo-ah the same way. You read things well and make decisions quickly.

The chairman asks, for you, what do you think of Park Saeroyi?

She sets her cup down and says that she thinks SRY is stupid and reckless. Geun-won says that he is always like that, people don’t change. Soo-ah mentions that SRY is soft, but hard. Normal people don’t hire a 20 year old girl as a manager. As a result, his business is booming. I think he can see people well. When he has a goal, he moves forward to the goal, even if it is slow. With that stubbornness and ability to embrace people, his employees trust him a lot.

Geun-won thinks that she is over evaluating him. How many people work there? Four or five? If you cant control that amount then you are not human. Then he asks his father why he cares about that tiny store?

The chairman tells his son that their store started out a small store. People with goals grow fast. Continue.

Soo-ah tells him that Park Saeroyi’s goal is to franchise with Danbam brand. Geun-won thinks he is crazy. But the chairman is taking this seriously. 

Later on, we see that Director Kang Min-jung has gotten a text from the secretary asking Soo-ah to look into the bar that Park Saeroyi opened.

Elsewhere, Yi-seo’s Mother’s employee asks her about her daughters part time job and shows her the internet photos. 




Two girls ask Soo for his phone number at the restaurant. But he turns them down and sys that he has someone that he likes. he looks at Yi-seo who goes upstairs to talk to SRY about the profit. They have around 3,000 in profit today. She tells him that’s not so bad. He says it is all because of you.

She wants to be on tv but the application does not mean that they will be on the TV show. He tells her that they can try it. She asks if he will change his word after being successful. She says that the condition she was hired is 20% of the profit.

He tells her that it is good now since they are actually making money. I thought I would have to pay you by some other means. She says, if we sell more than we need more people. On the weekend we will need kitchen help and another server. He tells her to do it so she goes about posting it online.

Her mother waits for her at home looking highly upset. She says that she called the school. You didn’t register so why are you getting a part time job without signing up for the school. She asks her mother what she is thinking? Then she tells her that she is not a part timer, she is the manager.

Her mother yells at her and asks why she won’t just go to college? Is it because of the thing you told me? You like someone? 

Yi-seo says yes, he is the boss. Her mother lets out a deep breath and tells her that she knows that she will never change her decision. So here is your luggage, get out. I wanted to say all the nice things to you and show you all the nice things. But I was born with nothing and raised you with people calling me crazy. But at least you grew up well and smart so I thought you were not like me. But why do you look after me for all the useless things?

She starts to tear up. Yi-seo tells her that she is not like her. I am smart and pretty. I can have love and success.

Her mother asks, so making your boss a success is your goal? You will be a restaurant bar owners wife?

She tells her that her mother didn’t raise her like that. I am not relying on someone else’s dream and I am also not carrying your dream. I am the owner of my life. Thank you for raising me well until now. It won’t take too long because I am a lot better than what you think.

She takes her luggage and rolls it out. But before she leaves she tells her mother goodbye and to only be sad a little bit.

Later on, Saroyi runs up to her on the bridge and asks what she is doing there, you are done for the day. She says that she was thinking of him. Why are you running over here? He tells her that running is his hobby. This is a good jogging course.

He sees her luggage and asks what happened. She tells him that she made her mother cry. He asks why. She says it is because she is not living the life that her mother wants. She did not go to a good college and meat a man from a good family. 

SRY says that Geun-soo told him. You got accepted but you did not go to college and work for Danbam instead. She asks why he did not stop her. SRY stutters a response and finally says that he needs her. Getting a good job is what your mom wants. Danbam can be like that one day. Am I too selfish? I never comfort other people before.

Yi-seo says that this comforts her more than anything else. But i did not expect you to say those corny things as if it is nothing. He says it is because she is here. Yi-seo reminds him that at dinner you said that you want to make Danbam bigger than JangGa. So you want to be the top of the franchise food industry.

He says, I will. She chuckles and tells him that there are people who say that the size of the dream determines the person. You will keep what you said right? You are not a mouth fighter who just says anything.

He asks, what?

She chuckles again and tells him that they can do it together. He nods and they both look out over the bridge to Namsan tower. They stay there until the sun comes up.


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